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2. My brother works at a bank.

3. I never get up before 9 on Sunday mornings.
4. I hate people who are rude to their subordinates.
5. I like this music.
7. I am seeing the dentist at 11 am.

1. Suddenly we noticed that the clock had stopped.
3. The woman led me to her hut and told me to remain there for the night.
4. We climbed higher that we might get a better view of the procession.
5. Euclid proved that the three angles of a triangle are equal to two right angles.
6. I will nurse him so that he may live.
7. I will call you when I arrive.
8. He went to the city so that he might find work.
9. Wherever he preached, people gathered to listen.
10. The thieves stole whatever they could find in the house.
11. He came oftener than we expected him to.
12. He stayed at home because he was feeling ill.

1. He spent all his childhood in a quaint village in China.
2. I was reading all day yesterday.
3. Mozart died while he was composing the Requiem.
4. I have done the cleaning. What shall I do now?
5. I lived in India for ten years when I was a child.
6. I cant play tomorrow because I have broken my leg.
7. My puppy has died.
8. I have traveled a lot in Asia and Africa.
9. Once upon a time there lived a beautiful princess.
10. He has worked hard for years.
11. Did you see Romeo and Juliet on TV last night?
12. My late grandfather did a lot for me.

1. I am doing my homework.
2. She works as a receptionist.
3. He is staying with his parents at the moment.
4. I always get up at 6 oclock.
5. He is busy at the moment. He is talking to a friend.
6. Im sorry but I dont understand what you mean.
7. You eat too much fat food.
8. Which TV channel do you usually watch?
9. What time does the train arrive?
10. How often do you go to the movies?
11. What are you doing at the moment?
12. I usually get up early on Mondays.

1. My father joined the cavalry because he loved horses.
2. Bears often hibernate in caves.
3. His caustic remarks hurt our sentiments.
4. Cowboys tend herds of beef cattle.
5. Her laughter was so catching we all joined in.
6. The social services department has specialists for each welfare category.
7. The doting husband caters to his wifes every wish.
8. The politician made a categorical denial of the charges that he had taken bribes.
9. Let him who is without sin, cast the first stone.

4. I am seeing your dad tomorrow.

1. The wind blew furiously.
2. He writes to his mother every week.
3. My patience wore out at last.
4. In a fit of rage, she tore up the letter.
5. We couldnt have chosen a better day for organizing the party.
6. The old man was bitten by a mad dog.
7. We swam across the sea.
8. A portrait of the founder of the company hung on the wall.
9. She neatly lays her books on the table.
10. The seeds of dissension had already been sown.