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Date: 8/31/17 Content: Social Studies Grade: 8th grade Teacher: Mr.


Academic Standard S1C1PO2: Introduce the events that led up to World War II

Content Objective Today I will describe how the war effected the American people by completing my Atlas

Today I will be able to describe how the event that brought the United States into the war made the American
Language Objective people paranoid that paved the way for Japanese internment camps

Anticipatory Set/ Have bellwork based on Pearl Harbor (who, what happened, why, when where) and then students will
answer questions about the Japanese internment camps and watch a brief 2-minute video about it once they
Building Background are finished,
I Do: Discourse/Questioning
Explain and reinforce my rules and expectations, Strategies:
explain and discuss bellwork, worksheet of Atlas
WWII Homefront assignment Can you locate and label
places that Japan invaded in
We Do: World War II?
Lesson Implementation Watch video, do bellwork, answer questions, What role did the Japanese
begin to work on worksheet play in World War II?
What kind of nation is
You Do: Japan?
Watch video, do bellwork, answer Atlas text What happened at Pearl
based questions, students will finish Harbor?
Differentiation Shorten assignments, give more time, focus on vocabulary
Assessment Bellwork based on dictators, checks for understanding, class discussion, completion of
(Formative/Summative) Atlas assignment
Always keep in mind the PLC guiding questions:
1. What do we want students to know and be able to do? 2. How will we know if they have learned it? 3. What will we do if they dont learn it? 4. What do
we do when they do learn it?