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Touch Manifestations
How To Shape The Energy Field To Attract What You

By Richard Dotts

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - The Hidden Power of Taking a Light Touch

Chapter 2 - Understanding Your Internal Filing System
Chapter 3 - Unboxing The Black Box of Manifestations
Chapter 4 - How Physical Manifestations Really Happen
Chapter 5 - Breaking The Chain of Unconscious Manifestations
Chapter 6 - Dealing With Major Recurring Life Themes
Chapter 7 - Setting The Stage for Light Touch Manifestations
Chapter 8 - Light Touch Manifestation Points
Chapter 9 - Manifestations Involving Change
Chapter 10 - Light Touch Dropping Sequence
Chapter 11 - The Power of Focusing on the White Space
Richard Dotts 2015
1st Kindle Edition
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Chapter 1 - The Hidden Power of Taking a Light Touch

For most people, the thought of taking a light touch in their lives seems
unimaginable. What does it really mean to take a light touch? Does it mean
giving up and not trying so hard in life? Does it mean settling for less? Or does it
mean asking for things and accepting that we may not have it all? These are
some of the themes we will explore in this book.

We have been taught all through our lives that going after what we want
(with all our might) is virtuous. Just the other day, I was surprised by the
response given by one of my college students. I had asked him about his
philosophy in life and he replied that he was always looking for a bigger fight.
While he of course meant this metaphorically in terms of always looking for
better opportunities and bigger challenges in life, I could not help but wonder
who or what might have inculcated this mindset in his young mind.

Who instilled the idea in so many of us that life is about engaging in
constant battles with unknown enemies, problems and issues? Who even gave us
the idea that life is a struggle, that we have to try hard to get what we want
because we may not always get what we ask for? (That in itself is another
pervasive belief.) Implicit in his innocent response lay the hidden belief that life
is one long fight, or a series of problems and challenges after another. Sadly, that
is also the reality which many people experience on a daily basis as a result of
holding this fundamentally faulty belief.

Life always gives back to you what you strongly believe in. If you believe
(at a very deep level) that life is a struggle, a pain, and made up of one set of
challenges after another then that is what you are going to experience in your
everyday, outer reality. It does not matter that you relish a challenge or hold
some very positive attitudes about facing the various challenges in your life. Life
(the Universe) is just going to throw up more obstacles and problems in your

I am often sent inspirational stories of various individuals who have
triumphed against the challenges in their lives and emerged victorious against all
odds. If you look closely at the lives of many of these individuals, youll find
that their days are filled with one obstacle after another, whether in the form of
health, relationship challenges, business failures or some other catastrophic
event. Of course, they might have emerged victorious against these stumbling
blocks in their lives and even tackled them head-on with great determination.
Their spirit is commendable, but there is still a big question left unanswered
Why do these challenges keep occurring (or recurring) in their lives? Why is it
that when one crisis is solved or averted, the next one looms just round the
corner? Could something be faulty in their own belief system?

I have often taught (just as I discovered for myself) that anytime there is a
recurring pattern of positive or negative events in ones life it is likely caused
by a strong, underlying belief. Most of the time, these beliefs are unconscious
and not obvious to the person who holds them. One of the most pervasive beliefs
in our culture is that life is a struggle. An individual who believes so will be
faced with one major challenge after another in life because that is what he
expects and focuses upon. Another related belief is that there is some higher
being (for example, God) who is testing us by deliberately giving us all these
trials and tribulations. Therefore, we must endure these hardships in order to
prove our worth to God.

This is perhaps one of the most dis-empowering and self-defeating beliefs
that is common to believers of organized religions. One has to realize why it is in
the interest of religious leaders to perpetuate this belief. They themselves do not
know better. What else can you say to the throngs of followers who are facing
hardship and problems in their lives and knocking at your door? What better way
to explain their pain and suffering by telling them that it is a trial from a higher
being, and that it is only through these tests that they will be worthy of greater
things in life?

Anyone who has studied and examined these spiritual principles for
themselves will know that this is absolutely untrue. You do not have to take my
word for it. Neither do you have to take the word of the leaders of organized
religions. You can prove all of this to yourself and know the truth at a very deep
and intimate level through your own spiritual practice. No intermediary or
medium is necessary. In other words, you can know God, and know the nature of
divinity through your own beingness alone.

When you are aware of the nature of your own being through continued
focus on your inner states, youll quickly realize and understand that God is
omnipotent and that God is everything. There is no place or nothing that God is
not. As such, it follows that God knows everything and has no need to set things
up in order to test anyone. Why would God do so? Youll also realize that you
are inseparable from God, in fact you are God. You are Universal, divine source
energy projected through a physical consciousness. So why would God (or this
Universal divine force) need to set out to deliberately test itself? There is nothing
it is not, nothing it does not know, and nothing it needs to know. Once you see
the true nature of your being, many of these untrue beliefs perpetuated through
superstition or propaganda immediately fall apart on their own accord. But prove
everything to yourself.

Another common belief is that we need to face the challenges and
problems in our life positively. That is certainly a good belief to have, until you
stop and ponder why you have all these challenges to deal with in the first place.
Is it because you believe that life is about solving one problem after another? Is
it because you have come to expect human life as one filled with problems,
hardship and challenges? If so, facing your challenges positively only
compounds the issue. You are setting yourself up in an endless loop for some
really tough challenges in life so that they can then be handled positively by
you. Do you see the conundrum that most people unknowingly get themselves
into? By simultaneously believing that life is a struggle (belief #1) and that it is a
virtue to meet challenges head-on (belief #2), they have unknowingly set up a
life of struggle and strive for themselves.

Perhaps it is time to intend an alternative reality, in which your life is one
of ease and flow and drop the notion of challenges or problems from your mind
once-and-for-all. Youll be surprised at what happens once you adopt this new
intention in life.

For the first half of my life, I believed wholeheartedly that life was a
struggle and that it was a series of problems and challenges after another. I had
come to believe that everything, ranging from my finances to relationships, was
difficult. I adopted this belief unconsciously from my parents and from those
around me, who constantly complained that life was tough and that it is natural
to have problems in life. There are also various inspirational stories making
their rounds about how the only people who do not have problems in life are
those who are dead! While these stories certainly serve to motivate and inspire
us in tough times, they also unintentionally keep us trapped. These stories
perpetuate the mistaken belief that problems are to be expected in life, so we
must face them with gusto whenever they crop up.

My suggestion for you is to gently drop the notion of problem or
challenge from your consciousness entirely. I will show you an easy way to do
so in the second half of this book. Youll be surprised at what happens when you
do so. I spent the first half of my life worrying myself to depression and to the
verge of suicide because I saw no feasible way out of my problems and
suffering. Life just seemed to be one challenge after another. There was very
little joy in my life, and whatever joy I found was conditional and short-lived.

However, once I understood these spiritual teachings and applied them in
my own life everything turned around within a very short period of time. Even
I am amazed at my own progress as I look back! What happened here? Did all
the problematic people and events in my life simply fade away overnight? No,
they still remained (physically) in my reality for a while more, but my inner state
has changed drastically. I am no longer the same person on the inside. As I
continued to maintain my newfound inner state of love and peace, they became
vibrationally / energetically incompatible with my new inner state and hence had
to leave my life in one way or another, without my active intervention. This does
not mean that they all passed on physically (thankfully!), it just simply means
that we have become so vibrationally incompatible with each other that our paths
no longer crossed. We no longer attracted each other into our own experience.

The Universe has infinite ways to satisfy, delight and fulfill the destinies of
each and every one of us. This means that I can continue living in a way that is
in accordance with my highest intentions, and so can they. As I focused more on
changing myself and working on my own inner state, outer reality had to match
up to my new level of consciousness. This is Universal Law.

We are going to adopt a three-step approach in this book. The first step is
to deal with the current problems and challenges in your life with a light
touch. This is probably the last time we will mention the concept of challenges
or problems because what we are going to do is to drop them completely from
our consciousness. We are erasing this concept of problems from our mental
awareness. It is also the last time we will use the analogy of solving or
dealing with them. But for the ease of exposition and explanation, lets stick to
the old vernacular for the time being.

Once you have erased all the perceived problems and challenges in your
own life, it is time to move on to the second stage. The second stage is one in
which you consciously decide what you want to create as a conscious creator.
But it is important to return your consciousness to a blank slate first. It is
difficult to maintain your focus and purposefully create if your consciousness is
filled with worries and problems, which is why it is crucial that we drop them in
the first stage.

The third step is where you give everything up to the higher power within
you. In fact, this is when you realize that you are this higher power which you
have been seeking your whole life! The infinite being which you are seeking
is you! The good that you are seeking is you! This is what spiritual teachers
mean when they say: The good you are seeking is seeking you! This is the final
stage which I hope you will be at by the time you finish reading this book. Of
course, everyone starts at a different place and so will perceive this material
slightly differently. Each reader will have their own takeaways, but I am
convinced that you will at least gain some new understanding from this work if
you follow the general path I have sketched.

What I have attempted to do in this book is not to fit everything into a
rigid, step-by-step system. I have never taken well to a step-by-step approach for
spiritual growth or manifestations. Rather, I recognize that each of us start from
a different place and may have different preferences and styles for discovering
our inner worlds. As such, I have laid out a roadmap with broader principles.
You are welcome to invent your own rules or to make things up as you go along,
based on your own understanding and application of these broader principles.
My explanations in this book are meant to clarify and guide, and certainly not
meant to restrict. They are all intended to set you on a path of pondering and
higher self-realization.

This is an experiential book. As with all of my recent works, I have moved
from merely explaining concepts on paper to inviting readers to experience
what Im sharing for themselves. This is another way of saying that you dont
have to take me at the level of my words! You are always welcome to experience
exactly what I am writing and describing through these words. When you do so,
you reach an even greater level of understanding. When your own personal
experience matches up to what you have read, you will now be able to
confidently say, Now I know exactly what you are talking about! So this is how
it feels! This form of learning will stay with you. You will be positively
transformed as a result of this experience in more ways than one. Therefore, I
encourage you to have fun with all of this as you read. Dont just read and
memorize my words. Instead, read and apply my words. Act them out and live
them on a physical level. Only then will you realize their true power for yourself.

Life is meant to be easy. When you take a light touch and stop pushing so
hard against the perceived issues and challenges in your life, they stop pushing
back at you as well. A newfound sense of ease, flow and natural momentum
soon emerges. I am so excited and thrilled to be sharing this new way of living
with you in the pages that follow. Lets get started!

Chapter 2 - Understanding Your Internal Filing System

As one deepens his spiritual practice, he starts to realize a simple and
fundamental truth. This truth would have been unimaginable or even
unfathomable to him before, for his old way of operating in the world would not
have allowed for it. Yet as an individual deepens his connection with Source
(spirit / divinity), he begins to realize that all the problems in his world are man-
made. Put differently, problems are an artificial, man-made construct held in
place by our beliefs. Realizing this is the first step to ultimate freedom.

A construct is a theoretical concept which we have created in our minds
through our perception or understanding of a situation. Different people can look
at the same situation (the same set of facts) and come up with completely
different conclusions about the matter. As a result, they may hold differing
viewpoints and opinions about the very same facts, and be utterly convinced that
their viewpoints are valid! What our mind does when it perceives any situation is
to distort and organize the information in a way that fits our existing beliefs and
worldviews. It does so automatically by default, so much so that we often do not
realize the underlying filing process that has taken place.

Whenever we attempt to file or categorize something into broad
categories for ease of retrieval, we invariably lose a certain level of detail while
gaining an artificial structure that holds everything together. This structure is
one that has special meaning for us so we can always fall back on it when

Suppose that I have set up a filing system in my office organized by the
type of documents received. I may then have a file for my bills, another file for
my contracts, another file for my unfinished manuscripts and so on. When a bill
for my mobile phone subscription comes in, it immediately goes into the file for
all my bills. I do the same for my credit card and utilities bill for the month.
When I need to refer to my credit card bill from last December, I instinctively
know where to look as a result of my filing system. Having a filing system
speeds things up and allows me to make sense of all the information that is
thrown at me in a meaningful way.

If I had chosen to set up my filing system based on the corporation Im
dealing with, I would have one file for my mobile carrier, one file for the credit
card company, one file for the utilities company and so on. My mobile phone
and credit card bills would now end up in different files as a result of my new
way of classification. Note that the way of classification is completely arbitrary
and up to me. I can choose to set up my filing system in whatever way I choose,
so long as I stick to the same set of filing rules once they have been decided

This way of classification is similar to what happens in our own belief
system. In fact, the belief system that operates at the level of our mind is similar
to a physical filing system. We have set up various rules in advance to deal with
(interpret) each new piece of information that comes up. Unlike our physical
filing systems which may have been thoughtfully designed, this internal belief
system was built up with a large number of haphazard, often illogical rules over
a period of time. Some of these rules may have been put in place when we
were small children or by various authority figures in our lives. We often do not
closely examine the decision rules which we use to respond to various life
situations, and this can lead to unnecessary pain and suffering.

For example, if you have always believed that people are generally unkind
and rude to others (your belief), then each encounter with a brusque individual
will be interpreted in a way consistent with that belief. This results in a belief
that is slowly but surely strengthened over time. Each new encounter becomes a
confirmation that people in this world are indeed selfish and uncaring. Now
suppose that your underlying belief is that people are kind and generous. What
happens when you have an unpleasant encounter with someone? Instead of
perceiving that individual as inherently rude and unkind, you may instead
attribute his behavior to a bad day at work, or to some valid reason which caused
him to be upset. Do you see what just happened here? The exact same set of
circumstances on the outside, but completely different interpretations on the
inside. Our mind does this filing process every single moment of every day,
interpreting and distorting what it observes to fit our innermost beliefs without
us realizing it.

If you understand my analogy above, it becomes easy to see why all
problems are actually man-made constructs. All problems in our world can be
traced to an originating, faulty belief. Once that belief is changed or dropped,
then the outer situation has to be restored.

The first individual in our earlier example has a problem. His problem is
that people in this world are rude, selfish and uncaring, and he therefore needs to
take extra steps to safeguard against them. Someone who operates with this
negative belief will then engage in lots of defensive and political actions at the
workplace, quite possibly leading the individual into even more unhappy
situations with his co-workers. Each additional unhappy situation further
reinforces his original belief and may even lead to the formation of additional
unresourceful beliefs. He has thus, by virtue of his own beliefs, attracted more
and more of the unwanted. This is the fundamental Law of Attraction at work.

The second individual who perceives people in this world as kind,
generous and caring does not have these issues. Because he perceives everyone
as kind and always willing to help, he responds in a similar fashion in the world.
He thus attracts himself to more and more happy situations that match his deeply
held beliefs. Even when he encounters a situation to the contrary, his belief
system classifies it as an anomaly and he dismisses it as contrary to his own
beliefs. This is why both positive and negative beliefs can be pervasive and
difficult to change once they are formed.

Each new input from the external world (each new document we receive)
either confirms or invalidates our previous beliefs. However, it is the job of your
belief system to assimilate these new pieces of information into your current
beliefs as much as possible. As such, our minds often distort and generalize the
information without us realizing it. Put differently, we do not have an objective
view of our own reality. Instead, we interpret reality in a manner that is
consistent with our existing beliefs without realizing we are doing so. Just as in a
physical filing system, a bill from the mobile phone carrier generalizes into a
bill so that it can fit into the right file. Similarly, an unpleasant encounter with a
rude service staff generalizes into people are rude so that the new encounter
can fit under an existing belief. Notice how we lose the full details of the
situation each time we classify or file it according to our beliefs. This is our
brains way of making sense of the information and world around us.

Once you have understood how our internal filing system works, we can
see the source of problems / issues / challenges in our lives. When your office is
in a disorganized mess, are the documents themselves the problem or is there
a problem with your filing system, and with how you handle the various
documents? Do you blame the various parties that send you letters and
correspondences in the mail, or do you attribute the problem to an inefficient
filing system that needs to be improved?

When there is a disorganized mess on our desk, we know better than to
blame the documents and pieces of paper themselves. We do not demand that the
companies stop sending us those letters. Instead, what we do is to fix the root
cause of the issue our filing system. We examine which aspect of the filing
system has resulted in this mess and rectify the oversight accordingly.

Suppose we find our desk always piled high with a certain document. This
makes us realize that we have no file set up to handle this particular type of
correspondence. The solution is to set up a new ring file in which all these
documents can be filed, instead of having them pile up on our desk in future.
What we have done here is to incorporate a new filing rule to deal with the mess.
Focusing on the individual pieces of paper (events in our lives) themselves will
be doing it the hard way, because we would not have dealt with the issue
completely. This means that the next time we receive the same document, the
same issue of where to file it or how to handle it crops up again. The issue is
a faulty filing (belief) system, not the events in our external reality. In fact, a
recurring event gives us a strong indication that something needs to be corrected
in our belief system.

I love this filing analogy because it provides an accurate representation of
how our emotional systems work. Our emotional (mental filing) systems become
overloaded when we do not have an effective belief / filing system to deal with
life. An individual with a weak, overridingly negative belief system is unable to
cope with the various inputs from the outside world in a resourceful and
empowering way. What often results is that this individual falls into a state of
depression, a state in which the mind cannot cope with external stimuli and seeks
to limit the amount of input received as much as possible. This is akin to trying
to reduce the number of documents we receive on a daily basis in order to deal
with the mess on our desks, which is a backward and unrealistic solution to the
issue. The real issue that needs to be addressed is the faulty belief system in

To an untrained mind, there is nothing more it can do other than to
deliberately try and reduce the amount of external stimuli received. Depressed
individuals often have very poor appetite and coop themselves up at home all the
time. I should know, because I was once depressed for a few years! During this
period of time, all I could do from morning to night was to stare at the wall and
cry. When I was not crying, I was asleep. What my mind was trying to do at that
time was to minimize the external stimuli from external events and from
interacting with others. Crying was a way for the body to release the emotional

Depression is a sad state of affairs which I certainly do not wish upon
anyone. But understand that even if you are there, it is not the end of the world.
The events which I perceived so strongly to be the unsolvable problems in my
life at that time were not the actual problems at all! In fact, the actual issue
was within myself. The answer was within me all along. Over time, I had
allowed myself to build and rely upon a faulty, unresourceful belief system that
was causing me great misery and suffering. This misery and suffering in turn led
to an overloading of my internal emotional system, to a point where I had so
much negative energy within myself that I could not deal with it effectively any

All I needed to do back then was to ease off a little, to realize that
everything originated from my faulty beliefs and not from the tangible events in
my outer world. When you realize that your beliefs are arbitrary and can be
changed at any time, just like how the rules of a filing system can easily be
changed, you are free.

Chapter 3 - Unboxing The Black Box of Manifestations

Why is it important to outline and clearly describe the inner workings of
our belief system? One thing I realized when reading self-help and spiritual
books early on in my journey was that they always talked about the power of our
beliefs and the subconscious mind. Despite delving into great detail on how
negative beliefs could sabotage our manifestations, not a single book ever
explained in a step-by-step manner how our belief system works and how it
relates to our physical manifestations. Instead, these books all viewed our
internal belief system as a black box and skipped straight to explaining the
consequences of having negative beliefs. As a result, readers are often left in a
lurch and end up forming mistaken concepts about our belief system. Without
understanding this black box, we can make very little progress towards changing
our unhelpful beliefs.

What I have attempted to do in the last chapter was to demystify our belief
system and explain it in a way that is relatable to most of us. Once you
understand how your own belief system works, youll be able to see exactly how
your beliefs have been holding up your manifestations. As most contemporary
books tend to take a black box approach and skip any detailed explanations of
it, readers are often left confused and bewildered when told to change their
negative beliefs into positive ones. How does one begin doing so?

To address this issue, let us first take a look at a few common
misconceptions about the belief system. Because so few teachers have ever
explained how the belief system works, students have gone on to form their own
uninformed views. The most common misconception is that our belief system is
a powerful, magical thing that somehow makes things happen in our lives.
Therefore, some individuals believe (due to a lack of understanding) that once
they instill a particular belief in their life that they can have something, that what
they ask for magically pops up into their external reality! Yet that is not the way
it works.

Consider this Does setting up a new file in your filing system titled
Business Orders automatically bring you more business? Does the file
automatically fill itself up? Absolutely not! The file will not fill itself up unless
you also make some changes in the way you operate to solicit those new
business. So no, just instilling a new belief in yourself will not automatically fill
up your reality with more stuff.

The second misconception is that our belief system is this powerful entity
that runs our life. This is a scary thought because it suggests that we are under
the whims and fancies of our belief system, and that we are somehow powerless
to change it. This is again untrue. Think about the filing system you have in your
office. It is a powerful system because it helps you make sense and organize all
your incoming information in a meaningful way. It may also help you make
some pretty good business and life decisions. But does it make those decisions
for you? Does it exert any physical control over you, to the extent of making you
act in a particular way when you do not want to? Absolutely not! Your filing
system is powerful because it organizes information and gives meaning to them,
but nothing beyond that. Even the rules which you ascribe to your filing
system are arbitrary and can be changed! The rules by themselves have no power
over you. It is how you have allowed yourself to abide by those rules over time
that has resulted in powerful, outer changes. So I often find it amusing that some
teachers ascribe great power to the belief system as if it is an overriding force in
our life that absolutely cannot be changed. That cannot be further from the truth.
We can choose to change our belief system at any time, and a belief is not
something that physically has influence over you. It is simply a thought that you
think over-and-over again.

It helps to think of your belief system in the proper framework because that
will give you the much-needed freedom and leeway to recognize your power as
a true creator. Instead of seeing your belief system as an adversary in the
manifestation process, see it as a friend that automates and simplifies things!
Once you recognize the role your belief system plays in your manifestations,
youll understand why most people keep getting the results they have been
getting in their lives.

Now that we have discussed what the belief system is not, let us talk about
what it is. Here is what our belief system is It is simply a set of rules which
we have allowed ourselves to follow over time. These rules determine how we
will respond to situations, how we will react to situations and what crops up in
our consciousness most of the time. It is very important to realize that these rules
/ beliefs are arbitrary and can be changed at any time.

This point is worth repeating: Your beliefs are arbitrary and can be
changed at any time, should you decide to. One is never captive to their beliefs,
unless a part of them chooses to do so. Also, it is not important why you came to
have that belief in the first place. I have never found the value in looking for the
source of our beliefs. Beliefs can sometimes be formed spontaneously and
with very little conscious intervention, such as during a traumatic event or when
we were young and under the influence of authority figures in our lives.
Therefore, there is very little value in looking for the source or origin of our
beliefs. What matters is that we can change our beliefs in an instant if we wanted

All through our lives, we have been unconsciously accepting input into our
belief system. This input comes in the form of events, people and circumstances.
The perfect example of this can be seen in the life of a young child. A young
child comes into this world and starts receiving input the moment he / she is
born. In fact, he receives this input every moment of the day with very little
control and influence over what he receives. At this stage of his life, his parents
(the authority figures in his life) supply most of his beliefs and he accepts them
without question. This is why a large portion of our beliefs about our worthiness,
deservingness and how to deal with others in this world are unconsciously
formed before the age of six. The child is powerless to prevent the downloading
or installation of these beliefs in his belief system. He simply accepts them as-is.
The issue is compounded when the child grows up in a family where the parent
has a substance addiction or relationship issues. In this case, the child tends to
grow up with a skewed worldview which may then manifest itself as problems
and issues later on in own life.

Even without training in any of this material, most adults are able to
identify certain aspects of their personality that match that of their parents. Why
do you think this is so? Thats right, we downloaded and accepted their beliefs
for ourselves when we were young. Since they were the authority figures in our
life, we mimicked their way of living and operating in this world, whether their
ways were beneficial, resourceful or otherwise. Knowing this is the first step to
personal freedom.

When we were young, we did not have the ability to accept or reject any of
these personal beliefs. We did not have the discerning ability to decide what was
good for us. As adults however, we have the ability to reject much of the input
which we receive around us. For example, when we see someone indulging in
fast food, we may think Oh that is an unhealthy habit! and thus prevent the
formation of that belief / habit in our belief system. A child does not have the
same power to reject any of this external input. One belief that I unknowingly
downloaded from my mother was that things could go wrong in life, and hence
I needed to plan ahead for every single thing that could go wrong. These
beliefs kept me always on the verge of breakdown and made me a worrywart for
most of my adult life, until I realized the underlying beliefs and made it a point
to drop them. The more you look at your own life, the more you will identify
certain beliefs that give rise to recurring behavior. If you look closely enough,
the beliefs will reveal themselves to you. Just becoming aware of these beliefs
by themselves can be a very liberating experience.

Once these beliefs are embedded in our belief system, we begin a process
of confirming them. The confirmation process means that we will interpret
external stimuli in a way that is consistent with our existing beliefs, thus
solidifying them. As mentioned in the previous chapter, this is the egos way of
making us feel safe and secure. The confirmation process also causes us to seek
out new experiences that match our long held beliefs. Thus an individual may
find himself in recurring situations over-and-over again, just to prove to
himself that his beliefs are valid.

The other component of our belief system is that we also engage in an
attraction process. This is where the fundamental Law of Attraction comes
into play. Every thought and feeling that we hold carries with it an emotional,
energetic charge. That is why we literally feel something in our bodies as we
think a thought or have a feeling! We are feeling this energy running through our
bodies. Fortunately or unfortunately, this energy does not just do nothing.
Although this energy is initially non-physical in nature, it actually affects the
Universal energetic field around us in tangible ways.

What this means is that each thought we think and each feeling we feel
carries with it an equivalent energetic charge. The more intense the feeling, the
more powerful and intense the energetic charge. This energetic charge goes on to
attract thoughts and feelings of a similar nature, which eventually culminate in
physical manifestations.

In other words, a single unit of energy attracts more and more units of
energy of similar frequency and nature until it attracts so much energy that it
becomes a physically observable blob of energy, which is a physical object! You
can observe this readily in your own life. If you have allowed yourself to think
angry thoughts or stew over a negative issue in your life, you would have
become angrier and angrier. This is the first stage in which your thoughts
attracted more angry thoughts and feelings. If you held on to those feelings for
long enough, they would then result in some form of an unpleasant physical
manifestation or confrontation down the road. This is the second stage in which
the energy surrounding an issue is big enough to result in a physical
manifestation. This is manifestations explained in a nutshell!

You can also reverse the example above and substitute angry for
happy. If you allow yourself to think happy thoughts all day long, you would
attract more and more happy thoughts to your consciousness. You would have
more things to be happy about and life would be so perfect for you! Eventually,
you would have attracted so much happy energy that a happy physical
manifestation becomes inevitable! This is how the Law of Attraction works at
the most basic level.

And so, your belief system engages in the job of attraction and
confirmation all day long. You attract more of what is consistent with your
innermost beliefs. Once you understand this mechanism, youre now well on
your way to creating whatever you want in your outer reality within a very short

Let us talk about a third function of the belief system besides attraction
and confirmation. Our belief system feeds us with reference material. Think of
your filing system as a library. You have different documents filed in it which
you can refer to at will. When youre bored, you can just go over to one of the
files, pick it up and read the contents inside. This is a key point What you
read will depend on what is filed in your filing system. While it may seem
obvious, this is actually a crucial point when it comes to our belief system. What
you have accumulated in your belief system as a result of the attraction and
confirmation process determines your default consciousness, and what you
think about most of the time! For example, if I have the belief that I need to plan
for things that can go wrong in life, all of the documents in my belief system
will be of a similar nature. I would have attracted and filed a long list of things
that have gone wrong in my life and in other peoples lives. Therefore, when I
need any evidence to back up my belief, my belief system readily delivers that
information to me.

Right now, I am writing this in my library filled with beautiful
metaphysical and spiritual books. As a result, my consciousness is filled with the
teachings from all these books. I can go up to any bookshelf and pull out any
book at random, and it will either be a spiritual or self-help book. Why cant I
pull out a book about gardening? Its simple, books about gardening dont even
exist in this library of mine that I have built! The same applies to your belief
system. If you have filled your belief system with thoughts and beliefs of lack
and limitation, then every belief you pull out will be one centered on lack and
limitation. You will not be able to pull out anything on prosperity, and thus you
will never be able to attract anything that is counter to your currently-held
beliefs. This is another key point.

The interesting thing about our belief system is that it throws things up into
our consciousness based on what we have previously filed inside. These
thoughts arise spontaneously inside our mind. Think of it as a faithful librarian
who brings you a random book to read every once in a while, except that this
librarian of our mind does so every single moment, with every single thought
that passes through our consciousness. Where do you think it gets these thoughts
from? It gets them from what you have accumulated and filed in your belief
system throughout your entire life! And you had better make sure what you filed
is what you want to read, because it can never deliver anything to the contrary, or
give you anything that is not there.

Does it make sense now? If you have filled your belief system with beliefs
and confirmatory evidence about lack and limitation in your life, then that is all
your belief system (unconscious mind) can bring up to your conscious mind
every single day. It cannot bring up anything else that is not there! This is why
the inner work seems so difficult in the beginning. We are trying to work against
the tide of all our negative thoughts we have accumulated in the past!

It is easy to see the nature of all the unconscious beliefs you have filed in
your life. Just quiet your mind for a moment and see what thoughts
spontaneously arise without attempting to change them. Do the thoughts that
spontaneously arise make you feel good or bad? Are they positive or negative
thoughts? Are they thoughts of worry or thoughts of joy? These thoughts are not
emerging in your consciousness by accident or random chance. Rather, your
unconscious mind is throwing these thoughts up to your consciousness as a
result of your past conditioning, in an attempt to make you feel safe. It is
rehashing what you have always known to make you feel secure.

If you do the exercise above and find that your consciousness is
spontaneously filled with positive thoughts, then I am certain that most things in
your physical reality are pleasing to you. You will be leading a good and
comfortable life, and manifestations appear quickly for you in your physical
reality. However, if negative thoughts crowd your consciousness, then I am also
certain that your outer reality reflects the same. How can I be so sure? This is
Universal law and is the ultimate proof of what I am talking about. Prove it to

Fortunately though, all of that can be changed. If the thoughts in your inner
world do not bring you peace and joy at the moment, understand that it is the
underlying beliefs that are causing them. Once you learn how to disconnect the
emotional charge of your underlying beliefs, things will resolve themselves
accordingly on the outside.

Chapter 4 - How Physical Manifestations Really Happen

Why do individuals who learn about these spiritual techniques for the first
time find it so difficult to manifest their desires? The answer is simple. They are
working against the cumulative effect of all their existing beliefs that have
accumulated over the past few decades. If we could see the amount of junk we
are hauling around with us all the time, we would be absolutely surprised by the
enormity of it all! No wonder some people feel tired and drained all the time.
Our negative thoughts not only sap our energy and compete for our attention,
they may also lead to unwanted physical ailments down the road if the issue is
left unchecked. Fortunately, there is an easy way to reverse all this once you
understand these universal principles.

Your mind serves as a perfect filing mechanism, dutifully recording every
single piece of information and every new input received during your waking
moments. All these pieces of information are grouped and categorized according
to your beliefs. Therefore, your beliefs provide you with a framework through
which you organize your thoughts and make sense of the world. Without our
beliefs to hold everything together, we would not be able to easily assimilate
new pieces of information or make sense of the world around us. Unfortunately,
a consequence of this mechanism is that it also keeps us trapped.

When the mind is left by itself, thoughts will spontaneously arise in our
consciousness without our active intervention. Notice how you dont even have
to try and think a thought. Somehow, random thoughts will just float into your
consciousness, calling out for your attention. Some of these thoughts may be
related to recent or current events. Others may be from events that have long
passed. It is important to understand that these thoughts do not come from
nowhere. Instead, they originate from that unconscious / subconscious part of
your mind where all your unconscious beliefs are held. This is also the place
where all your memories have accumulated over time and are organized
according to the structure put in place by your beliefs.

There would ordinarily be no problem with these distracting thoughts
appearing in our consciousness. Some of us call it mind chatter or that inner
voice within. However, the main problem is that over time, we have come to
believe in these thoughts and identify strongly with them. This means that we
have come to associate with those thoughts and see them as a part of our true
being. This is the initial pitfall made by everyone believing in our own mind

I still remember my experiences with learning meditation. During the first
few years when I tried to meditate, my mind chatter would go on and on, feeding
me with one thought and imagery after another which I would chase like a fox
down a rabbit hole. I thought I was meditating whenever I closed my eyes, but
all I was doing was following and getting distracted by the mind chatter which
entertained me with some very interesting and vivid imagery! It was as if I was
watching a movie in my mind whenever I meditated.

This is also the reason why some individuals (especially beginning
meditators) wrongly believe that they are communicating with spirit or receiving
external visions when they meditate. They are not. It can be difficult for a
beginner to distinguish between actual visions (from the divine) and imagined
phenomenon produced by their overly-active minds. In fact, I have found that
when a beginner claims to see visions or receive pieces of information during
their meditations, it is almost always due to their mind chatter and not due to any
divine intervention. I will come back to this point in greater detail later.

Another key point to note here is that there are some meditation teachers
and traditions that encourage students to talk about and share their visions with
the class. As a result, some students may go into great detail describing what
they see during their meditation practice. It is important once again to not fall
into this pitfall as what is typically seen during meditation by a beginning
student is nothing more than the false projections of our unconscious mind.
When our mind is given free rein to think in whatever direction it wants, it
usually combines various elements and pieces of unrelated information from our
unconscious to give us seemingly new pieces of information. This information
is not from the divine. Instead, it is rehashed information that we are feeding to
ourselves. The second mistake is to believe in all these visions seen during
meditation. While there is nothing inherently bad about doing so, an individual
can spend an inordinate amount of time chasing these delusional thoughts, and
even believing in the power of these delusional thoughts over their lives. This
path can lead one further and further away from the spiritual freedom that we

Even when we are not meditating and in our waking states, we have come
to believe in our mind chatter. When our minds throw up an unwanted scenario
of something bad happening, we usually feel worried in response to that
thought. When our minds throw up the thought that I am not good enough,
most individuals believe in it without question and allow themselves to get
carried away by those negative feelings. The first step to becoming an effective
creator and manifestor of your own reality is to disassociate yourself from all
these thoughts that appear in your consciousness. Stop believing in them and
stop engaging in them. Simply observe them for what they are, as thoughts
arising from your unconscious storehouse of memories and gently let them go.
This may be difficult to do in the beginning, but the value will be immense the
more you engage in this practice.

Some people spend their whole lives believing in their own false thoughts.
Do you now see why it can be difficult for an individual to change his physical
reality? The cycle goes like this: Our embedded beliefs in our unconscious
causes us to attract more people, things and events that match those beliefs.
When these events happen, we interpret them in a way that is consistent with our
beliefs, which confirms and deepens them even further. This leads to an
enormous unconscious storehouse of thoughts and beliefs which occupy our
consciousness during our waking hours. When we accept everything which our
unconscious throws up for us and believe in our mind chatter, we go on to
perpetuate existing reality even further This cycle repeats itself all through our
lives until we finally become aware of it.

The slow way to work through all this would be to attempt to find every
single negative belief we have, and then begin the process of changing it into
something positive. This is the method which has been advocated by some. The
downside of this method is that we have so many beliefs to deal with that going
through all of them manually and changing each of them takes a long time.
Besides, many of our beliefs are unconscious and not immediately apparent to
us. We do not even know that we have them. How then do we deal with our
unconscious beliefs in the first place?

Another way to work through all this would be to flood our mind with
positive beliefs, and do so consistently enough such that we eventually have
more positive than negative beliefs in our consciousness. This is also the reason
why affirmations and other repetition techniques can be useful. But as I have
outlined in my other books, the forceful application of these techniques can often
compound the problem and perpetuate it even more, simply because we are
focusing so much on the problem or lack in the first place.

I tried the first and second methods with very little success during the first
ten years of my spiritual journey. Readers of my other books will know that I
tried one manifestation technique after another with no results. I also attempted
to flood by subconscious with positive beliefs by writing out carefully-worded
affirmations by hand hundreds of times daily! All of that led to little results for
me, mainly because I did not know what I was dealing with. Back then, I still did
not have a complete understanding of our belief system as I do today. Even if we
manage to flood our subconscious with positive beliefs, our attempts would
still be puny compared to the mass of negative programming and beliefs that we
have unknowingly accumulated over our lifetimes.

The answer that I eventually found (thanks to several spiritual masters and
teachers along the way) is this Stop trying to deal with your individual
beliefs. Stop trying to undo the social conditioning that you have received. You
are doing things the hard way because what you are trying to do is to clear out a
storehouse that contains decades of accumulated memories and beliefs. Instead,
there is only one thing that needs to be done. All you need to do is to break the
link between your thoughts and your feelings, and everything will be restored
to normal.

Unconscious memories organized according to our deeply-held beliefs give
rise to our mind chatter, which is thoughts that appear in our unconscious. This is
the first link:

Unconscious memories / beliefs ==> Conscious thoughts (mind chatter)

These conscious thoughts give rise to our feelings and emotions (our
emotional response) when we think them. For example, if a thought arises in
your consciousness that I am not good enough, you immediately feel saddened
and discouraged. This leads to unwanted negative feelings of sadness and
discouragement. This is the second link:

Unconscious memories / beliefs
==> Conscious thoughts ==> Feelings and emotions in our inner state

Unconscious belief: Unworthiness ==> Conscious thought: I am not good
enough ==> Feeling / emotion: Sadness, discouragement, negativity about life

The above sequence repeats itself every single waking moment of our life.
As a result, we are literally held hostage by the nature of our thoughts! We are at
the mercy of whatever floats into our conscious awareness. If our conscious
thoughts are of a negative nature and we believe in them long enough, we end up
in a state of depression, which is a state of overwhelming sadness and negative

I have also mentioned that all our feelings and emotions are energy.
Therefore, they dont just do nothing. These feelings and emotions when held for
long enough with sufficient intensity actually lead to outer, physical
manifestations! This leads to the third link:

Unconscious memories / beliefs ==> Conscious thoughts ==> Feelings and
emotions in our inner state ==> Physical manifestations

These physical manifestations which happen in our external world
confirm our existing beliefs, and hence the whole cycle repeats itself again.

Most methods attempt to deal with unwanted physical manifestations by
trying to eradicate the unconscious memories and beliefs (the first component in
the chain). We can see why this would work, because once the belief is dealt
with, then there would be no conscious thoughts and feelings related to that
belief, and hence no physical attraction. However, I have found this manual
approach to be time-consuming in most cases, although there can sometimes be
value in dealing with one or two major beliefs we have identified in our lives
that are preventing us from moving forward.

The second component in the chain (conscious thoughts) is literally
impossible to deal with. There are millions of thoughts passing through our
conscious awareness every day that it would be impossible to artificially
control and change them one by one. This is why attempts at positive
thinking seldom work. We are attempting to do the impossible, which is to
control the nature of our millions of thoughts!

The third component in the chain (feelings and emotions) are a response to
our spontaneous conscious thoughts. Again, we can attempt to feel happy or
force ourselves to feel happy, but our efforts will be short-lived if we still allow
ourselves to believe in all our conscious thoughts.

An easy way around all this is to simply break the second link: The link
between our conscious thoughts and the feelings / emotions we feel as a result of
those thoughts. I am grateful for teachers like Lester Levenson for their
pioneering work in this area because of its immense effectiveness. When you
break the link between your conscious thoughts and your feelings, you are no
longer at the mercy of your unconscious beliefs. The beliefs can still be there.
The thoughts can still be there. But because you are now no longer affected by
your thoughts and no longer believe in them, the buck stops there. These beliefs
and thoughts no longer go on to affect your outer manifestations.

This is the first time Im explaining the whole chain of events in this
manner although I have often talked about the importance of letting go of
ones negative feelings in my previous books. When one lets go of all his
negative feelings and emotions, he is essentially breaking the chain between his
thoughts and how he feels. When he does so, he stops creating an undesired
reality. But more importantly, he disconnects and frees himself from the
influence of all his previous negative beliefs and memories. He becomes free
from all his past conditioning. This is why this method is so effective and once
mastered, will allow you to create your desired reality within a very short period
of time. Lets look at how to apply it next.

Chapter 5 - Breaking The Chain of Unconscious Manifestations

Lets recap the manifestation sequence we covered in the previous chapter.
I like to call this the chain that binds us, although once an individual
understands how this chain can be so easily broken it is like holding the keys
to manifesting anything you want in the palm of your hand! How wonderful is
that! By understanding the manifestation sequence and how it works, we can
move towards any reality we desire and live life as the powerful creators we
were meant to be.

(1) Unconscious memories / beliefs ==> (2) Conscious thoughts ==> (3)
Feelings and emotions in our inner state ==> (4) Physical manifestations in our
outer world

The link between components (3) and (4) of the chain is dictated by the
Universal Law of Attraction. This is the nature of our Universe and we cannot
change it even if we tried. However, the link between (2) and (3) can be easily
broken. Our conscious thoughts do not always have to lead to spontaneous
feelings and emotions in our inner state that we have no control over. The
beautiful thing about being a creator is that we can always choose the way we
want to feel and have full autonomy over our thoughts. Therefore, breaking the
link between (2) and (3) is actually easier than we think.

It all starts with having a greater awareness over what takes place on the
inside. Most beginning students of this material have lived their whole lives with
an outer-directed focus. They are constantly preoccupied with what happens in
their outer world that they very seldom turn inwards to look at what is inside.
This is why individuals can be gripped by an irrational sense of fear when they
try a spiritual practice such as meditation for the very first time. Meditation
requires that we adopt an inward focus and take a look at what is happening in
our inner world. It requires that we withdraw our attention, at least momentarily,
from outer reality.

In a similar vein, manifestation is an inner exercise. I have often taught that
our inner states dictate the effectiveness of our outer manifestations and you will
observe this to be true once you start putting these techniques into practice. Most
people who have been living unconsciously all their lives have no idea how
tumultuous their inner states are! Their inner states (the thoughts which they are
think automatically and by default most of the time) are making them feel
uncomfortable without them even knowing it! Therefore, the very first step to
reversing this negative cycle is to gently turn inwards and notice what is
happening on the inside.

You can do this by closing your eyes and sitting quietly by yourself in a
comfortable spot where you will not be interrupted. At first, all will seem to be
black and dark. But notice the thoughts that float pass your consciousness.
Notice the thoughts that arise spontaneously. Without labeling or judging your
thoughts, just notice how they make you feel. Do these spontaneous thoughts
make you feel good? Do they make you feel light and happy, or do they make
you feel negative and worried? The way you feel spontaneously is the dominant
vibration of your inner state. This dominant vibration then goes on to attract and
create your outer reality.

One insight youll gain from this exercise is that the dominant vibration
which you hold on the inside will closely approximate your outer reality. If you
feel that your inner vibration (feeling state) has a slightly negative overtone to it,
then your outer reality will also have parts and portions which you consider to be
slightly negative. Similarly, if you feel a sense of spontaneous joy and happiness
when you do this exercise, then I am certain that your outer reality is one of
happy manifestations, fulfillment and joy. Your outer reality always matches
your inner state.

The purpose of this exercise is not to change anything. It is to make you
notice and realize, quite possibly for the first time in your life, that you are the
creator of your own reality. Until you stopped to do this exercise, you would
have lived life by default. You might have believed in luck or chance, and that
things happened to you randomly influenced by factors beyond your control.
However, an individual who does this exercise immediately realizes that he is
the creator of his own reality. He can now clearly see the direct correlation
between his dominant inner state and outer reality, which is the link between (3)
and (4) we have outlined above.

The link between our inner state and outer reality is not our work. It is the
nature and work of our Universe. Our work is to tend to our inner states and to
ensure that we are immersed in feelings of peace, joy and fulfillment most of the
time. When we do this, the Universe does its part by filling our external world
with people and events of a similar nature. When our inner state is filled with
angry or depressed thoughts, our outer reality reflects the same.

Most people are at the mercy of their accumulated negative conditioning
and thoughts. This causes their inner states to be filled with worry and fear
thoughts without them realizing it. An individual who is in a state of depression
will be constantly thinking negative worry thoughts. He thinks that these
thoughts are beyond his control, and that they arise spontaneously in his
consciousness when in fact these thoughts are the result of cumulative past
conditioning and beliefs.

Therein lies the solution to break the chain, or to disconnect yourself from
the thoughts that run through your consciousness all day. It is a simple method.
So simple in fact that Im afraid you will dismiss it at first glance. But it is a key
part of this entire manifestation sequence Im talking about, so stick with me for
a moment.

For the first few years of my spiritual journey, I had limited success with
manifesting anything using the various manifestation techniques and methods
that I tried. The reason for this was because my inner state was filled with lots of
worry and fear thoughts. These thoughts arose spontaneously in my own
consciousness and it seemed I had no control over them. While I did not know it
then, these thoughts were caused by my own underlying beliefs and
programming accumulated over a lifetime.

When I tried to apply the manifestation techniques taught, for example to
feel as if my manifestations have already happened, this technique was met
with limited success because my consciousness was overwhelmed by the
negative thoughts that were present. In other words, I was trying to add my good
feelings into a vibrational state that was overwhelmingly negative! Little wonder
that things did not work since the Universe always picks up on the sum total of
our thoughts and feelings.

The first step in the Light Touch Manifestation sequence is to return your
inner state back to one of peace and nothingness. When you return your inner
state back to zero, a state in which you feel neither positive nor negative
thoughts this is the state where miracles happen. This is the zero state where
your consciousness is clear, from which you can finally receive signals and
inputs (inspiration) from the divine. Even if you did nothing at all and just
remained in this zero state for the rest of your life, everything will still be done
unto you. This is a counter-intuitive aspect of these spiritual teachings that is
difficult to grasp unless you personally experience it for yourself. And it is
possible to experience this state for yourself with just a little focus and practice.

This is what the great spiritual master Lao Tzu meant when he wrote, The
great master that is the Tao does nothing and leaves nothing undone. One can
just as easily substitute the Tao for the Universe, Spirit or the Divine. What Lao
Tzu was trying to convey is that if one tends to his own inner state and remains
in the state of nothingness and pure beingness, then one does not need to do
anything. Effort is no longer necessary. One no longer needs to exert any effort
and things will still occur spontaneously in his external reality. He will be swept
along by the beautiful flow of the Universe and become a wonderful observer in
all of life. This does not mean that an individual becomes lifeless and not take
any physical action at all. It simply means that if and when there is physical
action to be taken, he will receive such a clear impulse and signal to take it that
all paths will be opened for him to do so. Taking action will then seem like the
most natural thing to do in the world, for it springs from Universal impulse!

The first step to achieving this state is to stop believing in the thoughts that
arise spontaneously in your consciousness all day long. You do not have to force
the thoughts to go away or replace them with positive ones. That would be doing
it the hard way. Instead, all you have to do is to stop believing or mentally
engaging in the thoughts that crop up for you! If youll only take this first step in
the manifestation sequence, youll find your life drastically changing for the
better. Maybe you have already taken this direction as a result of reading my
other books, in which case youre well on your way.

Whenever a fear thought crops up for you that causes you to feel
corresponding emotions of fear, or whenever worrying thoughts crop up for
you you must have the initial focus and discipline to let them go at once
without believing in them. Drop them gently. Understand that there is no truth or
basis to those thoughts other than the meaning you have given them based on
your beliefs.

Here are a few examples of thoughts arising spontaneously in our
consciousness so you can see how pervasive and persistent our ego is.

Suppose you are interacting with a co-worker and you suddenly get the
notion that She does not like me. That is a thought which arose spontaneously
from your unconscious, possibly supported by one or more related beliefs in the
area of interpersonal relationships and self-worth. If you choose to believe in
that thought and engage in it, then the resulting train of thoughts can only get
more and more negative, resulting in an extremely negative inner state caused by
that single originating thought. For example, the initial thought of she does not
like me may generalize to no one likes me, and other equally depressing
thoughts such as no one has ever liked me, no one wants to be my friend, I
have no friends, only people who take advantage of me and so on.
Understand that all these thoughts have no truth in them, apart from your own
belief in them.

When the initial negative thought arises, the first step is to let it go gently
from your consciousness. Check within to see if there are any negative feelings
resulting from that initial thought. You may feel a slight sense of discomfort or
uneasiness. If so, let that feeling of discomfort or uneasiness go at once. It is
easier to deal with a feeling in its initial stages than with a stronger feeling that
has been added unto by the Law of Attraction.

It is helpful to take a deep breath and feel that energy leaving your body.
Do this as many times until you have feel the feeling leave your body, until your
inner state is restored to one of peace and ease. In the beginning, it may be
necessary to do this letting-go process several times until the feelings are
completely gone from your consciousness. Over time, youll realize that feelings
can be let go of in an instant just like that!

I recommend that you try this first step of restoring your inner state to zero
over the next week or so. Forget about manifestations and everything you have
learned up to this point. Instead, focus on getting your inner state centered on
love and peace. Focus on dropping your negative feelings the moment you feel
them, and gently let the intrusive thoughts go from your consciousness once you
have them. Dont even blame yourself for them or try to find where these
thoughts came from. Dont engage in them. Instead, gently let your intrusive
thoughts go each time they arise. Do this every waking moment. Make it your

It will be difficult in the beginning, but the more you do it, the more you
realize that you can easily be free from the thousands of thoughts that pass
through your mind every hour just like that. You are no longer subject to their
negative influences, and they no longer carry any emotional charge over you.
While you may still think the same thoughts, they no longer affect your inner
emotional states. Over time, youll find these thoughts cropping up less and less
for you, until you eventually reach a point where theyll just stop presenting
themselves to you.

Chapter 6 - Dealing With Major Recurring Life Themes

Restoring your inner state to one of love, peace and nothingness is the key
to effective manifestations. It has also been the focus of my previous sixteen
books, in which I talk about various ways to tend to your inner state and return it
to that state of zero from which we are once again free to create.

I must remind the reader here that unless you take the initial effort
necessary to return your inner state to one of peace and love nothing that you
read from this point will work effectively for you. I know this from my own
experience. You cannot have these manifestation techniques work for you while
simultaneously holding on to worry or fear thoughts. Your consciousness cannot
be clouded with negative thoughts most of the time if you want to be an effective
manifestor. This does not mean that you do not experience any negative feelings
at all. It simply means that you drop your negative feelings the moment you
realize they are there, and absolutely refuse to immerse yourself in them for
extended periods of time. If youll just keep to these basic rules, then your outer
manifestations have to appear for you quickly.

One question I often ask is this: Would you rather manifest your deepest
desires or would you rather hold on to your negative feelings? For me, I would
rather receive my good and everything I have asked for rather than suffer the
adverse effects of holding on to those negative feelings. A person who allows
himself to hold on to negative feelings is penalizing himself twice, first in terms
of how miserable he feels when experiencing those feelings, and second in terms
of his delayed manifestations! Therefore, it is never worth it to hold on to any
negative feelings at all in your life! Let all of them go at once, no matter how
justified you feel about the matter.

A common example of how we tend to hold on to negative feelings can be
found in the area of interpersonal relationships. Suppose that you had a quarrel
with your partner and felt angered by something he / she said in the heat of the
moment. Most people hold on to this anger for days or weeks, refusing to speak
to the other party! But why? In all of the quarrels Ive had in the past, I always
reconciled with the other person sooner or later. The only difference was how
long it took for us to be speaking again. Therefore, if we know with the benefit
of hindsight that were going to put that unpleasant encounter behind us sooner
or later and be friends again why not do it now? Why not skip all that
unnecessary part in the middle? There is nothing good to be gained from playing
the silent game anyway. Why not drop those unpleasant feelings and recover
from them now? Once you realize how silly it is to play the game of I dont feel
like speaking to you, you start dropping your negative emotions faster than
before. Holding on to them is optional.

A common objection is, I want to hold on to my anger so I wont feel like
speaking to him. I dont want to appear to give in by making the first move.
Does this sound familiar? Again, thats such a foolish game to play! Would you
rather receive your good and all your desired manifestations, or would you rather
stew in your feelings of anger so as to teach the other party a lesson? You are
teaching no one else a lesson but yourself! Holding on to your negative feelings
does not affect the other person in any way, but it does have the tangible effect of
delaying your positive manifestations in life. If the other person does not feel
like patching up or speaking to you, then so be it. Make peace with the situation
and be at one with it. Drop all your feelings of anger, resentment or blame and
let the other person be as he likes, while you tend to your own inner state.

Once you understand this principle, you see why it never makes any sense
to hold on to feelings of anger, fear, jealously, resentment, frustration or irritation
about another person no matter how justified you may be! The Universe does
not care about how right you are. All it cares about is the way you feel in each
moment. The way you feel in each moment is creating imprints and impressions
on the energetic field around you, which will subsequently attract people and
events of similar nature (vibrations) into your reality. Suppose you feel jealous
upon seeing the achievements of another person. The more you stew in those
feelings of jealously and think about how unfair the world is, the more you draw
to yourself reasons and experiences to feel that way! Remember the attraction
and confirmation role of our beliefs? Soon, youll find your outer reality filled
with many examples of injustice and things for you to be jealous about. This is
Universal Law. It always gives you more of what you feel and focus upon.

Always remind yourself that there has never been a good reason to hold on
to any negative feeling. Instead, what you want to do is to drop them in the
moment they arise without analyzing or engaging in them. Dont even try to
analyze your feelings and figure out where they came from. I have found this
form of analysis to be counter-productive. In my early days, I was always
interested to find out the source of my feelings, or the reasons as to why I always
felt so miserable.

Remember that the mind is never able to give you an answer that is
different from what it knows. All the mind can draw on is its collective
storehouse of memories and beliefs. Therefore, if you ask your mind an open-
ended question such as, Why do I always feel so lousy?, it can only give you
an answer supported by your own memories and beliefs. If your unconscious is
filled with self-defeating beliefs, then your mind would most likely respond
with, Oh thats because youre a loser and can never get anything right!

Is this response given by your mind the absolute truth? Nope. But it is the
only response it knows. It is the only response your mind can give as a result of
your subconscious programming and beliefs. Therefore, trying to ask why
something happened or why you are thinking in a particular way is unlikely to
lead to productive outcomes. Youre just falling into the trap of the ego mind and
believing further in those baseless thoughts that are offered to you. You reclaim
your power the moment you learn to see those thoughts for what they are (as
rehashed memories) and ignore them.

This is why it is important to take a light touch when solving the perceived
problems and issues in your life. If you take a heavy-handed approach, you
solidify and embed the issue even more firmly in your unconscious. Let us first
explore how this works in relation to an addiction. When you see how this
applies in one case, youll be able to generalize the principles to other areas in
your own life.

It does not matter what an individual is addicted to. It can be an unhealthy
substance or an unhealthy behavior such as over-eating. Often, the individuals
involved do not think they have an issue and do not see their behavior to be the
issue. These individuals are still unconscious about the issue because they have
come to associate so strongly with their behaviors and thoughts over time.

A good example of this is an addiction to worrying. I was addicted to
worrying for a few decades without even realizing I had this unhealthy addiction
in my life! The addictive behavior felt so natural to me because I had come to
perceive those worried feelings as normal. One individual I met had an addiction
to spreading vile gossip and talking maliciously behind other peoples backs. His
own behavior seemed perfectly normal to him and he never once questioned how
it affected his own reality.

While there may be some addictions we are unconscious about, there are
others we may be aware of. Usually, these are the addictions for which the
downsides have become acutely apparent to us. I did not see my worrying as an
issue previously because I did not see all the negative downsides of worrying.
Similarly, the individual who spreads malicious gossip does not see the ill-
effects of talking bad behind other peoples backs. To him, everything is just
harmless gossip. But once you understand these Universal principles, you realize
how all of these self-defeating behaviors lead to unwanted feelings which can go
on to affect your outer manifestations.

The basis of any addiction is an addiction to a particular feeling. Once
again, it does not matter what you are addicted to on the surface. The behavior or
substance on the surface does not matter. It is the underlying feelings we are
interested in here. All forms of addictive behavior result in a pay-off which
comes in the form of feelings. Although these feelings may often feel unpleasant
to us, we still become addicted to them in a perverse way as they are familiar
to us and are the feelings we have come to associate with deeply.

An individual who is addicted to sexual behavior outside of marriage (or
any kind of seemingly deviant behavior) may be addicted to the feelings of
guilt or guilty pleasure he gets. An individual addicted to gossiping behind
other peoples backs is addicted to the feelings of indignation, injustice or
self-righteousness. An individual who likes to over-eat may be addicted to the
happy feelings he gets from consuming large amounts of food. The physical act
itself is seldom where the issue lies. Rather, it is the underlying feelings that
have to be addressed. The physical actions are just a bridge used to get to those
feelings which we crave. In the case of substance addictions, the substances
ingested may help to create, reinforce or enhance those feelings felt.

Think about your own life for a moment and see if there are any addictive
behaviors that have become a recurring theme for you. These can be innocuous
behaviors such as constant worrying, gossiping, complaining or jealousy over
other peoples achievements. What most people do is to blame themselves for
their addictive behaviors without seeing the underlying truth. The underlying
truth is that they are not addicted to the action or substance itself. Rather, they
have become addicted to the underlying feelings derived from the addictive
behavior. Each time they repeat those actions, they access that state of feelings
that have become so familiar and pleasurable to them.

Take some time to list down the feelings you have become addicted to in
your own life. You do not have to share this list with anyone else so feel free to
be honest with yourself. You do not have to describe the addictive behavior on
paper either. All we are going for are the feelings behind that addiction.
Sometimes, it is necessary to invent your own words and phrases to describe the
underlying feelings (e.g. the I want to have it but I cant feeling, the Im
worried but I do not know what I am worried about feeling, the guilty pleasure
from doing something taboo feeling).

Doing this exercise is an eye-opener for many. If you take the time to try
this exercise out for yourself, youll realize that the feelings you have listed form
recurring themes in your own general life experience.

Suppose that guilt has been listed as one of the underlying feelings
behind your addiction. What youll likely find is the feeling of guilt
resurfacing itself in several other aspects of your life, not just from the addictive
behavior itself. For example, you may have a tendency to feel guilty about
things, or you may frequently attract situations which make you feel guilty. In
other words, we literally attract situations which give us similar feelings.
Shame was one of the feelings I identified with. I was surprised to find that not
only was the feeling of shame associated with my addiction, it was also a
common theme in my own life back then! I frequently felt a sense of shame and
inferiority when I interacted with others. Doing this exercise allowed me to bring
those negative feelings to light and drop them. When I did so, the addictions
resolved themselves on the outside as well.

The greatest value of this exercise is that it allows us to identify the major
feelings and themes that are shaping our lives. Remember the manifestation
sequence we discussed earlier?

(1) Unconscious memories / beliefs ==> (2) Conscious thoughts ==> (3)
Feelings and emotions in our inner state ==> (4) Physical manifestations in our
outer world

These major themes form the third component of the chain. If left
unconscious and unchecked, they will go on to attract outer circumstances and
result in our physical manifestations. Addictive behaviors are caused by the link
between (3) and (4), in which our addiction to particular feelings (3) causes us to
engage in certain actions (4) in order to experience those feelings thus
strengthening our addiction even more. The root cause of our addictions is in our
unconscious memories and beliefs (1), but dealing with addictions at this level is
seldom effective because these beliefs have become so pervasive and rooted in
our unconscious. Instead, a different approach is needed in the beginning.

Now that you have identified the feelings which you may be addicted to, it
is time to practice the same technique as before. We deal with addiction to
feelings in the exact same way as we deal with negative feelings by simply
letting them go.

Each time you feel an urge to engage in an addictive behavior, simply ask
yourself whether you can let that feeling or urge go. Remember that the urge is
nothing more than a feeling in your body which you have come to identify so
closely with. You may see it as a compulsion or impulse to do something, but
that in itself is also a feeling. It is a feeling to engage in that addictive behavior!
Therefore, each time you feel like engaging in your addiction, allow yourself to
stop and pause for just a moment.

In the past, you would have felt the urge / compulsion and went ahead to
engage in the addictive behavior immediately. But what I suggest here is to
create a small space, a little gap between having that compulsion within yourself
and engaging in the behavior on the outside. During those few seconds or
minutes, turn inwards and notice how you feel on the inside. Feel this urge or
compulsion strongly and notice how it is just another feeling to you. You may
have thought this was something beyond your physical control, but this urge is
nothing more than a feeling you can drop, just like any other feeling you

Take a deep breath while noticing this compulsion in your body. You can
do this exercise each time the urge arises, so try these steps the next time you
feel the urge to engage in your addiction.

Ask yourself if you can let this compulsion (compulsive feeling) go. It
does not matter what your answer is, and whatever answer you give will result in
you letting go of some of that feeling. This is based on the release technique I
have learned from the Sedona Method, for which I have found to be the most
effective in letting go of unwanted feelings from our body. Remember that these
feelings are not a part of our true nature. They are merely added unto (and
therefore cloud) our consciousness.

The next question to ask is when you can let the compulsive feeling go.
Youll recognize that you can let go of the compulsive feeling right now, and that
there is no need to hold on to it for any longer. As you realize that you can let go
of this urge right now, breathe out slowly. It may be necessary to repeat this
process several times until you release the feeling (urge) from your body.

Heres how this works when applied to a real-life situation: Suppose you
feel an urge to gossip about another person. In the past, you would just have
engaged in the addictive behavior straightaway. But now, with this new
awareness within yourself, you allow yourself to feel this urge to gossip fully
without fighting it.

Notice how this urge feels like in your body. Notice how intense the
feeling is. Next, ask yourself whether you can let this urge go (Can I let go of
this urge to gossip? Yes / No). Take a deep breath, and then ask yourself when
you can let it go (When can I let go of this urge to gossip?). As you realize that
the answer is right now, breathe out slowly. Repeat the above sequence a few

Note that this is not a philosophical or reasoning exercise. We are not
looking for deep answers here. Rather, the questions are a way to help you
release some of those compulsive feelings from your body.

Heres the important bit If you still feel like engaging in the behavior
after you have let go of some of your urges, then feel free to do it. The purpose
of this exercise is not to stop your addiction all at once, but rather, to make you
gradually realize that you can drop the feelings surrounding your addiction and
restore your inner state to one of peace and joy. Therefore, do not beat yourself
up if you still feel like engaging in the behavior even after you have let some of
the feelings go. Just letting-go is an achievement in itself. You would have
gained a level of self-awareness achieved by very few.
Chapter 7 - Setting The Stage for Light Touch Manifestations

We have just spent the first half of this book talking about ways to return
your inner state to zero. The zero state is the starting point of all manifestations.
Just as an artist always creates a new piece of art with a fresh, blank canvas
we start our manifestation process from a fresh state, untainted by negative fears,
worries, expectations or past disappointments. Attempting to manifest in spite of
these negative feelings will be like trying to create a new art piece on a used
canvas. Youll be able to paint new stuff on there, but what you draw will be
obscured by the ink that is already on the paper. You will never be able to have
the final painting turn out as pictured in your minds eye. You will be under the
influence of everything that has already been drawn on the paper.

Most manifestation studies neglect this first half of the process which is so
crucially important. It is of utmost importance that you always start your
manifestations from a zero state. This is a state of love, peace and non-resistance
on the inside. If you are not yet in a state of non-resistance, this means that you
are not in a state that is conducive to your manifestations. Attempting any
techniques from this point will only be a waste of your time and effort.

Do you now see why so many people fail at using these manifestation
techniques? It is not because the techniques do not work, but because most
people have an incomplete understanding of the whole manifestation process. To
them, the manifestation process is what they do to make things happen on the
outside. It is the actual act of drawing and painting on the canvas. But they do
not realize that the preparation of the canvas is equally (if not more) important.
The canvas (consciousness) which you create from has to be free from the
interference and encumbrances of your past thoughts, addictions, negative
beliefs, other events and worries.

Getting to the state of a blank canvas takes a certain amount of time and
effort which most are not prepared to spend. They just want to get to their
manifestations right away! But please understand that if you took the time to
practice the techniques in the previous chapters and return your inner state to
zero your manifestations would happen even without trying any of the
techniques in the next half of this book. Miracles and manifestations would then
happen spontaneously for you.

When I talk about the importance of having a non-resistant and uncluttered
inner state, I am talking about the inner state which you hold most of the time.
Therefore, it is the inner state which you hold during most of your waking hours.

What is your waking consciousness like? Do you feel worried or flustered
most of the time? Are you negative and cynical most of the time? If so, your
outer reality is likely to reflect this inner state.

In my own experience, things happened very quickly for me once I
managed to let go of the majority of my negative thoughts and worries. I did not
drop all of them overnight or even over a few weeks, but I did let an
overwhelming majority of those thoughts (around 50% of them) go within the
first few weeks I adopted this practice. My life (outer reality) started improving
from that point on, once I had let go of a sufficient portion of my negative,
contradictory thoughts that were holding my physical manifestations back. Do
not feel discouraged if you are unable to stop worrying all at once. You are
asking too much of yourself. Instead, stop engaging in negative thoughts /
feelings one bit at a time. A little bit goes a long way

The good thing about this practice of clearing your canvas is that you can
do it all the time! You spend sixteen waking hours with yourself every single
day, and all of those sixteen hours can be used to drop negative feelings from
your consciousness.

Remember the manifestation sequence which we discussed earlier? We are
not interested in dropping the individual thoughts from our consciousness or
erasing the beliefs. That would be too much for us to deal with at once. Instead,
all we are doing when we let go is to disconnect the power those thoughts
have on our inner feeling state. If youll take a few hours to do this every day
(while you are engaged in other activities), you would have made considerable
progress even in a single day!

Note that you do not have to spend extra time on any of this. I have turned
my daily commute of two hours into a time when I turn inwards and restore my
inner state to one of love and peace. Those two hours have reaped tremendous
rewards for me. I also let go of any negative feelings that arise spontaneously
during the day, there and then. No one knows that Im just quietly letting go of
resistance on the inside.

You may think that letting go is only a mental exercise and that nothing
tangible happens on the outside. This cannot be further from the truth because as
explained earlier, our feelings go on to create and affect our outer manifestations.
When you do not let go of unwanted feelings on the inside and allow yourself
to hold on to them intensely, these are the feelings that will go on to create
unwanted, undesired manifestation in your outer world which you then have to
undo physically. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to stop your unwanted
future manifestations at the level of your feelings instead of at a physical level.

Alright. Hopefully I have convinced you about the importance of doing the
inner work. So lets assume that you have done all the inner work necessary up
to this point. It is now time to practice some light touch manifestations.

The questions I ask myself before I start are these:

Is my inner state conducive for manifestations?
Is my inner state non-resistant?
Is my inner state free (from negative thoughts, worries and fears)?

After I ask these questions, I immediately turn my conscious attention and
focus inwards. Close your eyes if necessary and feel what is happening on the
inside. I also take three deep breaths, breathing out slowly each time. You dont
have to strain or search too hard for your feelings. Your inner feelings will
present themselves readily to you the moment you focus inwards. Notice what is

Sometimes I notice that I have a lingering negative feeling, which feels
like some sort of an uneasiness or an unsettling feeling. It is important that you
do not ignore any of these feelings in your inner state. They are there for a
reason, so we should address them in order to let them go.

There are some manifestation teachings that ask you to conjure up and
flood yourself with positive feelings that are so intense, they overwhelm any of
the negative feelings you feel on the inside. But those feelings are still there. You
just cannot feel them in the moment. It is of greater value to acknowledge and let
those negative feelings go rather than to distract yourself with those conjured
positive feelings.

Suppose that you feel a sense of uneasiness on the inside. Gently place
your awareness on this sense of uneasiness. Youll become more aware of this
sense of uneasiness, and at the same time silently ask yourself where or what this
feeling is from. Once again, do not strain to get an answer or allow your mind to
throw up different logical possibilities. This is not an academic reasoning
exercise here. We are not trying to throw up possible reasons as to why we are
feeling this way. Rather, we are going for that sense of inner knowing.

You will realize when you ask gently that you can immediately tell where
that sense of uneasiness is from. It can either be due to a specific event that is
occurring in your life or from a general sense of worry about something. In
either case, your mind will reveal to you the information you need to know
perfectly. After all, it is the mind that is causing you to feel this sense of worry.
Sometimes, the mind will let you know it is worried about nothing in particular,
and that it is just a general sense of worry. Thats a possibility as well since our
ego minds have been conditioned to keep us safe by worrying about the future.

Suppose you realize that the sense of uneasiness is about your financial
situation. What you can then do is to ask yourself the questions from the
previous chapters and let go of the worried feelings in the moment:
(1) Can I let go of this uneasiness about my financial situation? Yes / No

(2) Would I let go of this uneasiness about my financial situation? Yes / No

(3) When can I let go of this uneasiness about my financial situation?

Once again, these three questions are from the Sedona Method and I have
found them to be very helpful in guiding me to let go.

I have also found that it helps to be specific about the feelings we are
trying to let go of, which is why I usually add the source of those feelings as
well. It may necessary to go through a few rounds of the questions to release
those negative feelings and restore my inner state back to zero. I only proceed
when I have let go of all my feelings of uneasiness in the moment. If there is
more than one negative feeling in your inner state, you repeat the process above
with each negative feeling by first asking where that negative feeling is from,
and then by letting the feeling go.

On certain occasions, I have found my negative feelings to be a general
sense of worry about the future. In that case, I would identify it as this general
worry about the future. Your question would then be: Can I let go of this
general worry about the future? and so on. Do not rush through this initial stage
as it is important to get your inner state down to zero before proceeding.

These subtle negative feelings which you detect in your inner state are
commonly referred to by Abraham-Hicks as resistance in our physical
vibrations. Sometimes this resistance can be very subtle, in which they present
themselves as slight, lingering feelings of uneasiness or discord that we barely
notice. At other times, these resistant feelings are more obvious in the form of
negative thoughts running through our heads. It is important to let go of any
resistance once we detect them. If this resistance is allowed to linger in our
consciousness, they will go on to affect our physical manifestations and may
even result in various physical ailments.

The most magical thing happens once you pinpoint and let go of all the
lingering feelings in your inner state. When your consciousness is clear and
pristine, you immediately feel an inner sense of spontaneous well-being and joy.
Its the feeling that everything is well, and that everything is so wonderfully
perfect in the moment. With your eyes still closed, bask in these wonderful
feelings of warmth and happiness.

I often feel this as an intense yet gentle feeling of joy and excitement
welling up inside of me, with goosebumps breaking out all over my body. When
you return your inner state to one of zero, unclouded by negative feelings, you
start to perceive your world from the perspective of the Universe.

This is a state of pure beingness being the magnificent being that you
are supposed to be without the restrictions imposed by your negative limiting
beliefs. This is an unlimited state where you are not restricted by any of your
negative thoughts and beliefs from the past.

A natural consequence of being in this state is that it is an extremely
manifestative state, one in which your intentions and desires become physically
manifest very quickly. But you have to first make the effort to get there, and the
Universe will take care of the rest.

Chapter 8 - Light Touch Manifestation Points

Congratulations! You have reached an important milestone in this book. If
you have followed along as I described the various exercises to let go and
return your inner state to zero, you are in a very good position to continue that
inner work as we move on to the second part of the book. None of what we
cover next will work if your inner state is not mostly free from your negative
feelings and thoughts. You really have to cultivate your inner state first before
magic and miracles can happen on the outside.

Please understand that if there are any shortcuts to manifestations, then
the steps described in this book will be the closest to what you find. After trying
literally thousands of techniques over the years and wondering why nothing was
happening in my life I finally realized the importance of our inner state, and
the role it played it our outer manifestations.

Are you ready? Lets begin. First, we will cover the basics of Light Touch
manifestations in which Ill illustrate the broader principles. After you have
understood these broad principles, you are free to make your own rules as you
go along, in line with your desires and preferences. The broader principles are
here to provide some structure to our discussion so you will understand what
happens along each stage. Lets get started.

We have established earlier (in the first half of this book) that it is
important to first get yourself into a manifestative state. This is an inner state
where you feel a profound sense of peace, love and joy. However, this sense of
peace is not conjured or forced. It arises spontaneously by itself when your inner
state (your inner consciousness) is free from the usual worrying and fear
thoughts that plague it.

The moment your mind chatter stops, a sense of profound beingness and
peace starts to flood your awareness. At the same time, you will feel that
everything is perfect in this world (all is well) and that nothing needs to be
changed. Suddenly, all the things that seemed to bother you in the past seem so
distant to you now. They just gently fade away and drop out of your awareness.
You cant even recall or bring them to mind, try as you might! I have described
this stage previously in some of my writings as a state in which one forgets how
to worry.

This is the blank canvas which we will be creating from. All of our
creations and manifestations start from an intention. As Ive described in my
book Dollars Flow To Me Easily, the Universe keeps perfect records of our
intentions and desires. Thus, there is no need to repeat our intentions over-and-
over again to the Universe in the hope that we will send a clear signal. There
are no signals to send, simply because the Universe keeps perfect and precise
records of all our intentions and desires waiting to deliver them to us at the
precise moment.

When our canvas is not blank, we are creating unconsciously. What we
create unconsciously is often negative, as we will create in line with the fear /
worrisome thoughts that appear spontaneously in our awareness.

When our canvas is blank and when we are in a zero state, we are also
creating unconsciously but positively so as we are in a light state of joy and
peace. Just staying in this state alone will resolve lots of problems and issues
in our life. Just staying in this non-resistant state will cause lots of the things
which we have previously asked for to come true for us. Our desires have
already been picked up by the Universe and now is the perfect time in which
the Universe can finally deliver it to us.

However, beginning students of this material tend to want something more.
They tend to have specific intentions or desires which they want to fulfill using
this method. Youll find that while this is necessary in the beginning, the need
for using such pointed techniques gradually fade away after a while. When I first
started applying these manifestation techniques into my own life, I found the
need to use various techniques and methods to state my intentions. However, as I
became more proficient at the application of this material, the need for me to
state my intentions consciously gradually disappeared. The Universe picked up
on my intentions perfectly and delivered them to me without my active

Lets suppose right now that there are a few intentions you would like to
bring to fruition in your life. I would suggest that you work on only one or two
major intentions at a time and not cloud your awareness with all of them.

Your higher self will automatically present what is just right and important
for you at this time if you let it. Therefore, while being in that quiet and peaceful
state (still focused on the inside with eyes closed), ask your higher self to gently
bring one of your intentions to mind. Youll find this intention floating to the
forefront of your conscious awareness easily, as it is something which you would
have placed much attention on in your daily life. If you have always had the
intention of creating or attracting something new into your life, that intention
will come to you fairly easily. Focus on that intention lightly in your conscious

The wonderful thing about being in a light and manifestative inner state is
that your consciousness is completely pristine and clear. Therefore, whatever
conscious intention that you hold stands out boldly against the blank white
canvas. The singular intention that you hold while in this state creates a powerful
imprint on the energy field around you, which is all that is necessary. I repeat:
Once you let go of all the negative fear thoughts and worries in your inner state,
what remains is the pristine state of beingness and nothingness. It is from this
state of nothingness through which everything becomes manifest.

Broadly speaking, there are two kinds of intentions which you can hold.
The first are intentions to create something totally new in your life. For
example, if you have never been on a trip to the Caribbean before and would like
to manifest a cruise trip there. This is creating something totally new in your life
which you have never experienced before. The second type of intentions are for
a certain condition in your life to be different. These involve changing an
existing condition or situation in your life into something more desired. Perhaps
your current financial situation is undesirable and you would like to change it
into something better. This belongs to the second type of intentions. Perhaps you
are in a less-than-favorable relationship and would like to find a new life partner.
Again, this involves changing a situation which you perceive as undesirable.

Most people do not make this distinction when they intend something.
Understanding this simple difference can make things easier. It is usually easier
to manifest the first type of intentions and desires. When I say easier, I mean
easier from our physical perspectives because we carry less emotional baggage
and attachments about them. We have no preconceived notions and beliefs about
how things should be, our past efforts, or how things should turn out. As it is
something totally new in our lives, we usually approach it with a sense of
eagerness. When we are dealing with the second type of intentions, we are
dealing with two sides of the same coin. First, we have the undesired reality
which we intend to get rid of. Next, we have the desired reality which we want
to create. Very often, the opposing nature of these two sides often cancel each
other out, leading to no physical results.

For a start, pick an intention that belongs to the former that of creating a
totally new experience in your life. This involves manifesting something which
you have not manifested before, be it an experience, relationship, tangible object
or intangible situation. In other words, the first type of intentions do not involve
changing anything in your life right now in order for your desire to be manifest.
These are usually easier to work with in the beginning.

As mentioned, we make an imprint on the Universal energy field by first
becoming very still, getting our inner states down to zero and then holding an
intention lightly in our minds. It is important here to take a light touch.

Heres the difference between taking a light touch and using a heavy-
handed approach: If you are using even the slightest force, then you are not
taking a light touch. If you are trying, then you are not taking a light touch. If
you are trying hard, then you are certainly not taking a light touch. When one
takes a light touch, there is no effort or trying involved. You just do it very
lightly. Therefore, when we hold an intention in our consciousness with a light
touch we just bring it to mind very gently and hold it there without forcing
things one way or another, and without expecting things to be one way or

How do we represent an intention in our conscious awareness? There are
several different ways to do it, so experiment to find one that works best for you.
Abraham-Hicks has taught that you can choose any point / stage in the
fulfillment of your desire and then just visualize that. Lets suppose that you
wish to manifest a Caribbean cruise trip. The end result (final manifestation) is
seeing yourself on board the cruise ship itself. Therefore, you can hold a mental
picture of yourself having a good time on the cruise. But that is not the only
manifestation point which you can use. There is an infinite number of
manifestation points available, one of which will feel right and appropriate for

For example, how about walking out of the tour agency with your tickets
in hand? That is another possible manifestation point which you can use. How
about telling your friend that you have booked your tickets, and are setting off on
a particular date? How about marking the date on your calendar and setting an
auto-reply on your email? If you look closely enough, youll find a myriad of
manifestation points which you can use to represent your intention.

Therefore, there is no need to always use the final end result as the starting
point for the creative process. Any point in the middle will work just as well.
Sometimes, choosing an end state may feel too distant for us. I have found that
very often, I do not know the exact details of how things will look like when the
physical manifestation happens so I may actually add a sense of confusion
into the vibrational mix if I attempt to imagine how things will look like when
they are finally manifested. Remember that anytime you feel that youre trying
(hard), for example trying hard to come up with the details youre not taking a
light touch. That is when you should choose an alternative manifestation point
that feels right for you.

Once you have selected an appropriate (or a few) manifestation points, feel
the feelings of completion and assurance that you will feel at each of these
manifestation points. Again, if you need to try hard to conjure up those
feelings then you are not taking a light touch. So what you can do is to select
another manifestation point (probably closer to the present moment) that feels
more realistic to you.

Can you see what we are doing here? Instead of always stubbornly
visualizing the end result of our manifestations, we can just as easily pick an
intermediate point that lies in between our now moment and the manifestation
point. Any one of these points will work as long as you can associate with them.
Weve all had the experience of booking tickets with the tour agent and being in
their office, so why not use that as your manifestation point instead of the
Caribbean cruise experience which may be totally new to you? Choose any
manifestation point that suits you best.

Once you have identified a manifestation point, feel the feelings associated
with that point. How will you feel when you reach that point? How will you feel
when you are there? The feeling state is what we are going for here. This feeling
state gives you inner confirmation that the physical manifestation is inevitable
and on its way. Pick an appropriate manifestation point that evokes these feelings
for you.

What you do to make an imprint on the energy field is to gently bring this
intention to mind, and then feel the feelings associated with that manifestation
point. At the same time, it helps if you hold a mental picture (or play a mental
movie) related to that manifestation point. Once again, if you feel a need to try
hard to picture any of these, youre trying too hard! Let go and take a lighter
touch. There should be no effort needed in any of this. The images and feelings
should come spontaneously to you.

After you have immersed yourself in the feelings associated with your
manifestation point, drop the intention from your mind. The few seconds or
minutes of pure, focused mental activity would have set off powerful universal
forces that can now go on to fulfill your desire without your intervention. There
is nothing more you have to do except to drop the intention completely from
your mind and go back to a state of zero. If you find yourself clinging on to your
earlier intention or worried about whether you have held that intention long
enough, then youre trying too hard and probably still attached to the outcome.
Let all of that go!

Here are a summary of the steps to shape the energy field around you:

(1) Pick an intention that involves creating something totally new for you, one
that does not involve changing / replacing something in your existing reality.

(2) See if you can sum the intention up in one feeling. To do so, you may first
need to identify a suitable manifestation point. There is an infinite number of
manifestation points you can use. A manifestation point is any step along the
sequence of events leading up to the final manifestation.

(3) If you feel yourself straining hard to fill in the details associated with that
manifestation point, then you may have selected a point that is too far out into
the process, such that feelings of confusion and uncertainty are starting to set in.
If thats the case, just pick a manifestation point that is closer to your current

(4) Once a manifestation point is selected, feel the feelings associated with that

(5) Hold the feelings and immerse yourself in them until you feel you are ready
to let it go. This It Is Done! feeling will come up spontaneously for you.

(6) Let the intention / associated feelings go from your conscious awareness and
return your inner state again to one of peace and beingness. It is done!

I think of the series of steps above as a Light Touch manifestation
sequence. First, you enter a state of profound peace and stillness. Second, you
hold your intention lightly. Third, you return yourself back to that initial state of
peace and stillness again. What this does is to imprint your intentions clearly
without any unintended feelings or emotions. If you were to go directly from one
intention to the next, or from your intention back to your waking consciousness,
there may be residual feelings and emotions that are carried over to your
intention or even back to your waking state. Remember that it is just as
important to return to a state of peace, as it is to begin from a state of peace
when doing this inner work.

Chapter 9 - Manifestations Involving Change

Manifestations that involve changing circumstances or situations in our
lives are tricky, largely because most people do not realize the deep emotional
baggage they have attached to these intentions.

While your intention may seem straightforward on the surface (for
example, your intention to drive a new car), this intention is actually tied to a
few related intentions. In order to drive a new car, youll first have to sell the old
car which you are currently driving. Your old car may have given you
considerable headache in terms of upkeep and maintenance. Therefore, without
even realizing it, you would have attached all of this emotional baggage to the
manifestation of the new car as well. Next, there is the issue of how to get rid of
the old car. You may feel that you are stuck with the old car because of your
finances, in which case the thought of manifesting a new car is clouded with
worries about how you will find the money required.

As you can see, there may be considerable worry and negative feelings
unknowingly attached to the current circumstances. These worries keep the
current situation deeply ingrained in your reality.

It is helpful to think of manifestations involving change as consisting of
two parts. The first part is your current unwanted reality which you are trying to
drop. The second is your desired reality which you are trying to create. Note that
each is a separate intention that both often cancel each other out and work in
opposite directions. This is the exact reason why some people have so much
trouble manifesting their desires. They are unknowingly setting positive
intentions and then canceling them out later through their focus on the negative

Lets suppose that you are having issues at the workplace with your co-
workers. This is the undesired reality which you are trying to get rid of. The
desired reality is a harmonious workplace where everyone gets along well with
everyone else. By lumping these two intentions into one, we often cancel any
physical manifestations out which leads to no change in our outer
circumstances. This is because each time we think of our second intention (for a
more harmonious workplace), we automatically call to mind the first intention
(that there are interpersonal issues at our workplace). Although we are trying to
move away from the undesired situation to a more desired one, the Universe
doesnt work this way. Our Universe works on the basis of attraction and not
exclusion. This means that we can never think about something and then say
no to it. The very fact that we are thinking about something unwanted means
that we are attracting it to our reality because of the energy / focus /
awareness we are feeding into the situation.

If you understand this paradox, youll immediately understand why some
of your manifestations have been so long in coming for you. For example, if you
say, I want more money (a positive intention) but at the same time say
because I do not have enough money (a negative intention) then these two
intentions are going to cancel each other out. Regression to the same spot is
often a sign that we are engaged in this form of thinking and operating in the
world. Note that it does not matter whether you are saying yes or no at the
level of your physical words. What matters is how you feel as you say yes or
no. That is what is going to be delivered to you.

What I have found useful when handling perceived problems and
issues in our life is to first drop the perceived issues completely from our
consciousness. Therefore, do not try to manifest the desired end result at once.
Recognize the situation for what it is and do it one step at a time. We do so by
first identifying the undesirable circumstances which we are trying to drop from
our lives. I use the word drop because that is exactly what we have to do to
let it go completely from our lives to stop talking about it and to stop paying
any attention to it. In other words, we must first withdraw our conscious
attention from the perceived problem completely.

Please note that your manifestation success will be in direct proportion to
how well you can withdraw your conscious focus from the perceived issue at
hand, no matter how serious it seems.

Let me repeat this key point again: Your success will be in direct
proportion to how well you can withdraw your conscious focus from the
perceived issue at hand, no matter how serious or undesirable it seems. You must
be willing to give up the need to talk about the current circumstances as they are,
and instead focus entirely on how you want things to be.

I have realized that most people cant do these two steps at once, which is
why it is helpful to break them down into two separate steps. First, drop the
issue completely from your consciousness and return to the void. Second, focus
purely on the new, desired reality which you would like to create in its place
until it is manifested. Lets first take a look at how to drop an issue from our

Chapter 10 - Light Touch Dropping Sequence

Dropping an issue from your consciousness is easier done with the heart
than with the mind. I have already explained that our Universe works on the
basis of attraction and not exclusion. We cannot drop something from our
consciousness by affirming that it does not exist, or by thinking that it is not
there. The very mere act of affirming or thinking about it (the issue) perpetuates
its continued existence in our lives!

Therefore, a more effective way is needed to drop an issue from our
consciousness (and hence reality) entirely. This is something counterintuitive
and not easily grasped by our intellect, since we have been so used to saying
no to things in order to push them away from us. But understand that while
saying no may work at a physical level, saying no to something (especially
with great intensity) does not work at a spiritual level. One can never say no to
sickness and keep it away, but we can say yes to wellness and health. One can
never say no to lack and hope to push it away, but we can say yes to
prosperity and abundance.

Understanding this principle will clear things up very quickly in your life
because the moment you drop something from your consciousness, you instantly
erase it from your physical reality with an astonishing speed that will surprise
even you! Longstanding problems, issues, addictions and dramas in your life just
fall away on their own.

We do so through the use of dropping sequences. I first became interested
in these sequences ever since I learned about them from several healing
modalities. I noticed that several healing traditions deal with the erasing or
deletion of problems and issues, and this made me curious.

For example, the Hawaiian Hooponopono spiritual healing tradition
(popularized by Dr. Ihealeakala Hew Len and his co-author Joe Vitale from The
Secret) revolves around the use of strange, or even seemingly absurd clearing /
cleaning processes. One such clearing process is to repeat the phrases Thank
you, I love you, I am sorry and Please forgive me over-and-over again.
These phrases are not repeated or said out loud to anyone in particular. Instead,
they are repeated silently over-and-over again to oneself to erase the source of
the problem in our subconscious. Another cleaning procedure (which many find
absurd) is to simply use the eraser end of an unsharpened pencil to tap on
whatever we are trying to clean while mentally repeating the word dewdrop.
This will clean everything that is associated with the object and issue. Other
healing modalities such as Matrix Energetics and the Yuen Method work along
the same lines.

The first issue that most people come up against when they learn about
these healing modalities is the counter-intuitive manner in which they work. The
results simply cannot be explained by logic, or can they? To the uninitiated, the
results are magical. How can longstanding problems and issues be resolved
overnight or how can physical manifestations come into our lives in an
instant? But to someone who understands the spiritual principles and laws
behind these phenomena, you will understand that they all happen in accordance
with Universal Laws. How can things be any other way? When you understand
the true nature of your own being and of this Universe, miracles are abound in
your own physical life experience and you no longer feel surprised by them.

The focus of the healing modalities above have been more on the healing
of physical ailments and diseases. However, I have been more interested in the
use of these techniques for physical manifestations. But understand that there is
really no difference between a healing and a physical manifestation. A healing is
a manifestation! It is a physical manifestation of wellness and health! Therefore,
everything in our life is a process of manifestation and creation. We are always
manifesting whether we know it or not.

The simplest way to explain how this works is through the common
admonishment: Dont think of a pink elephant! In the moment you heard that
statement, what did you unconsciously think of? Thats right, a pink elephant!
Your attention was immediately drawn to that imaginary pink elephant, even
though you may not have seen a pink elephant in your minds eye.

This is the same issue we are facing here. We are trying to drop something
unwanted from our lives without thinking about it. But how are we supposed to
drop something without thinking about it in the first place? How do we drop lack
and limitation from our life, without first thinking about that lack and then
proceeding to drop it? Or is there a way to drop it straightaway without having to
think about it?

This is more than just a mental exercise. As mentioned earlier, if you
successfully master this new way of living you would have found a way to
sidestep most of the perceived problems and issues in your life. They would just
fall away by their own accord. Let me explain how.

This is the dropping sequence I have designed for use with Light Touch
Manifestations. The first step is to trust that your higher self already knows what
you want to drop from your current reality. Through your past experiences and
preferences, you already have a clear idea of what is unwanted in your
experience. Therefore, there is no need to keep reminding yourself of the
unwanted / undesirable parts of your life. The second step is to get to that
conducive and manifestative inner state where you feel a sense of lightness and
peace. Once you are there, it is time to start the dropping process.

The prerequisite of using a dropping sequence is that you have to be in a
conducive inner state, free from the influence of any negative thoughts or
worries. You do not have to consciously believe that this works, but you must
be in a state of non-resistant peace and joy first such that you are not pushing
against yourself. Only in this state can you take a light touch and make an
impression in the energy field around you. Once you are in this state, you need to
start a sequence that automatically drops the unwanted issue from your
consciousness entirely. Note that this sequence cannot remind you of or be
related to the issue itself. This is why several healing modalities have come up
with seemingly illogical methods which involve totally unrelated and strange
imageries. There is a method to their madness. It is to start the dropping process
purely without calling up the problem or issue itself.

You start the dropping process by gently bringing to mind a word which
you have come to associate with dropping or letting go. For me, I like to use the
word drop as it represents a sense of ease and effortlessness. There is no effort
needed to drop anything. We just simply let go and it falls away. You can just as
easily use any word that evokes the same feelings for you, so long as they do not
remind you of the problem / issue itself. Pick a word that is totally unrelated to
the perceived problems / issues in your life.

Once I am in my peaceful inner state, I gently bring the word drop to my
consciousness. This is all you have to do. What you have just done is to start the
dropping sequence of dropping everything that is unwanted / undesired by you at
this time. You do not even have to physically direct the process or think about
what has to be dropped. Do not bring up anything about the perceived issue /
problem which you are trying to solve. Do not think about any of it, or imagine
the issue fully resolved in your minds eye. That will not be necessary. Instead,
just mentally think to yourself drop and thats it.

Note that there is no need to feel the issue dropping or resolving itself,
because that would bring up the vibrations of that issue in your own inner state.
This is the key. Drop, drop, drop! Just the word drop is necessary to start the
dropping process. You can also use the phrase I drop what needs to be dropped
to start the process, and it is done!

Take note of how you feel on the inside when you use the dropping
process. You should feel a sense of peace and lightness, just like how you felt
when you first started. Therefore, introducing the word drop into your
conscious awareness should do absolutely nothing to you. If you suddenly feel a
sense of fear or worry, or if your mind suddenly drifts to thinking about the
problem itself and consciously trying to drop it then youre trying too hard.
You are no longer taking a light touch. You are allowing your conscious
attention and conscious thoughts to flow back to the very issue which you are
trying to drop. This is not the direction we are trying to move towards! You
should think drop purely and then let it go at that. You should feel nothing
different as you think it.

Feeling a constant sense of peace and love in your inner state while you
silently think drop! is an indication that things are happening in your inner
state. We are going to the stuck energetic patterns that have kept things in their
places and resetting them. Therefore, the words zero, reset and erase will
work just as well. Experiment to see which word you like best.

Unlike most of the processes I have offered in my books, this dropping
sequence is not a feeling process. There are no good feelings you have to feel,
although I have felt a spontaneous deepening of my sense of lightness and peace
when I use the dropping process. Feeling more peace is positive proof that the
dropping sequence is working, and that you are freeing up more of your

Resist the urge to check your physical reality for signs of change after you
have emerged from your peaceful state. The very urge to check whether
something has worked puts your focus right back on the issue. What you should
do instead is to silently think of the word drop several times throughout the
day when you are going about your daily activities without reference to anything
in particular.

Your use of the word drop has to stand purely by itself. You cannot be
thinking of the word drop as part of the phrase dropping my lack, or
dropping my problems. The thought of the word has to be purely by itself -
drop! That is the only thing you have to do. The Universe takes care of the rest.

The very next thing you know, you realize that the issues which have
bothered you for the longest time have disappeared. They are no longer in your
life. The things that have tormented you and caused you sleepless nights have
straightened themselves out automatically without your active intervention. But
resist the urge to look for signs of change! Let those signs present themselves to
you! There is no need for you to look out for them. Just drop, drop and drop!

Why does this work? It is certainly not a magical process, although the
results can sometimes appear to be. When you mentally think drop to yourself,
you let go of your continued focus on the unwanted and undesired. Instead of
fighting so hard against the perceived challenges in your life, you take a light
touch. By loosening your grip on all these perceived problems, you are letting
them fall away on their own. You no longer insist that they are there. Instead,
you free up the energy to return to the void and let it become something else.
This is the power of the dropping sequence.

Chapter 11 - The Power of Focusing on the White Space

There is tremendous power in dropping the unwanted in each moment.
Unwanted thoughts, feelings and beliefs eventually lead to unwanted physical
manifestations. You can invoke the dropping sequence everywhere and
anywhere you are. While driving along the freeway or on your daily commute to
work simply repeat the word drop gently and let the Universe do the rest.
Your higher self knows exactly what is no longer the best for you and what
needs to be dropped in each moment. When you think of the word drop, you
give yourself permission to transmute all your negative beliefs, thoughts and
memories that no longer serve you back to nothingness. As a result, you no
longer perpetuate undesired reality the way it is.

What can you expect from a continued use of the dropping sequence? The
greatest value of the dropping process is that you are taking an extremely light
touch and not actively fighting the issue at hand.

Think about dropping an issue as focusing on the white spaces on a piece
of paper. The issues are the words that are printed on the paper with black ink.
When we want to drop the perceived problems or issues from our lives, we do
not focus on the words printed on the paper (as many people do), but should
instead focus on the white spaces and seeing this white space as engulfing
everything. When you think drop, you focus on the white spaces instead of the
unwanted words on the paper.

You are making an imprint on the energetic field around you yet at the
same time not consciously doing anything. So in a sense, the dropping process is
the perfect example of letting go and letting God. You are stepping out of your
own way and letting the magic happen without resisting it. If youll keep at the
dropping process for a few weeks, youll feel lighter and freer. But most
importantly, youll find that your perceived problems and issues in life no
longer bother you as much. All the things that bothered or troubled you in the
past seem to straighten themselves out or fade away into the background. Thats
because you have taken a light touch and gently dropped them from your

There is no need to worry about what you are dropping when you use the
dropping process. There is also no need to worry about whether anything is
happening. If you keep worrying about whether you are indeed dropping what
needs to be dropped, then you do not reap the full benefits of this technique. The
whole purpose of this technique is for us to turn away and completely loosen our
grip on the perceived issues in our lives. Therefore, you dont have to
consciously think about a problem or bring a problem to mind in order for it to
be dropped. Your past intentions for positive changes have already set things into
motion, and you are now allowing these changes to happen when you think
drop. Thats the beauty of the dropping process. All you need to do is to say or
think drop, and let go of the issue one bit at a time. I love this technique and do it
all the time.

After you have kept at the dropping process for some time, youll feel a
sense of inexplicable lightness and joy as if what has bothered you in the past
has just faded away. It is as if the cause of what has been bothering you for a
long time has been taken away, and you will know it deeply in your beingness.
Youll know and feel it so strongly that there is no need to look to the outside for
physical evidence or proof. You just know that it is so, and that it is done! This is
when you are ready for the next step of the process, which is to follow the steps
in Chapter 8 to lightly intend a new reality for yourself. However, I can assure
you that profound changes will still occur even if you do not follow the active
manifestation steps in Chapter 8, if you are diligent in your application of the
dropping sequence. Just dropping unwanted negative thoughts and issues from
your life will automatically allow for positive changes to enter your life with
very little effort.

Let us take a look at the manifestation sequence and see how everything
fits together. Recall that:

(1) Unconscious memories / beliefs ==> (2) Conscious thoughts ==> (3)
Feelings and emotions in our inner state ==> (4) Physical manifestations in our
outer world

What does the dropping sequence drop or clean up in our lives? When we
start the dropping sequence, we are actually cleaning up unwanted memories,
thoughts and beliefs in our unconscious. That is the very first component of the
manifestation chain. Therefore, we are going to the root of the issue and
returning the root cause of any perceived problem in our lives (the unwanted
manifestations) back to zero. Once you have dealt with the root cause, they can
no longer lead to (2) conscious thoughts and subsequently (3) feelings and
emotions which lead to (4) outer physical manifestations. Thats why the
dropping process is so powerful. It dissolves the root cause of anything

The only downside of this process is that most people do not use these
techniques consistently because their logical left brain cannot grasp or
understand the concepts logically. To them, they cant understand how we can
possibly let go of something without first calling it to mind or paying attention to
it. That would be falling into the same trap as before. The moment we bring a
problem to mind, we hold conscious thoughts (2) about the very issue we are
trying to push away. However, since the Universe does not work on the basis of
exclusion, these (2) conscious thoughts will lead to (3) feelings and emotions
which eventually lead to (4) outer manifestations! Therefore, while it seems as if
we are saying no to something and actively trying to come up with ways to
work around the issue our attention to it is what causes the very issue to be
perpetuated in our reality! This is why millions of people around the world stay
trapped in these negative manifestation cycles.

In the early days of my spiritual journey, I had an extremely difficult time
trying to manifest more money in my life. I tried every single trick in the book
and applied every technique I learned, but still nothing happened. It did not
dawn on me that the problem was due to my continued fixation on the financial
lack in my life. I thought I was trying to push away the lack by saying no to
it and thinking of ways to overcome it, when in fact my conscious attention to
it was perpetuating the lack.

If I had applied this dropping sequence back then and withdrawn my
consciousness entirely from the perceived lack, the situation would have
straightened itself out in a few days or weeks at most! I know this to be true, for
this was what happened when I finally understood the true essence of these
manifestation principles. My outer reality turned around and everything I asked
for so badly all my life came to me in a matter of weeks! It can be the same for
you too so long as you give this new way of thinking and acting in the world a
try. Always take a light touch.

Now that we know how to handle (1) the unconscious memories and
beliefs in our lives, lets summarize how we can work with the other parts of the
manifestation sequence to achieve our desired outer manifestations.

Recall that it is impossible to control our (2) conscious thoughts, since so
many of them race through our minds every moment! Therefore, the trick here is
not to control and monitor every single thought of ours, but to simply disconnect
the chain between (2) our conscious thoughts and (3) our feelings and emotions
as a result of these thoughts. You do so by using the letting go process taught
in Chapter 5. Once you have mastered the letting go process, these thoughts
would no longer have any power or emotional charge over you. You would have
stopped your unwanted manifestations in their tracks, like disconnecting the
wires from the terminals of a battery. The battery may still be there with its
massive capacity, but the electrical current is no longer flowing and can no
longer inflict damage because you have disconnected the wires. This is a
wonderful shortcut to freeing yourself from the influence of all your negative

The end result of all this is that you return your inner state back to one of
beingness, as it has always meant to be. This is your natural state. Your inner
state is no longer clouded with frivolous worries and thoughts that occupy your
attention all day long which caused your negative feelings to go into overdrive.
Instead, you are now free to perceive and create from the Universes perspective.
It is a wonderfully liberating state to be in when you finally realize that you are
free, and have always been. Free from your negative problems and worries, but
most importantly, free to create reality in whatever way you desire.

If you apply the techniques taught in this book consistently for the next
few weeks, youll gradually come to realize the true cause of both the wanted
and unwanted manifestations in your life. Youll no longer be a victim of
circumstances or blind luck. Instead, youll know what exactly is causing reality
to be the way it is on the outside and how to correct it on the inside. With this
new understanding, no situation in life can faze you for you can always pinpoint
their exact cause and work to drop anything unwanted from your life experience
at once. It is my intention that youll be able to reach this easy, effortless state in
just a few weeks of intentionally applying this material.

There is truly no limit to how good life gets and I invite you to experience
the power of light touch manifestations starting today. Drop, and it is done!