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Acknowledgement i
Certificate ii
1. Hindustan Machine Tools 1
1.1. HMT Ajmer 2
1.2. Products Range 2
2. Foundry 3
2.1. Pattern 4
2.2. Pattern Allowances 5
2.3. Plants Used in Foundry 7
2.3.1.Omega Machine 7
2.3.2.Automatic Moulding Machine 8
2.3.3.Electric Induction Furnace 8
2.4. Basic Procedure For Casting 9
3. Manufacturing 10
3.1. Heavy Duty Machine Shop(HDMS) 10
3.1.1.Double Housing Plano-Milling Machine 10
3.1.2.WD-130 Horizontal Boring Machine 11
3.1.3.CNC 3-Axis Plano-Milling Machine 12
3.2. Medium Machine Shop 12
3.2.1.Knee Type Milling Machine 13
3.2.2.CNC Trainmaster Machining Centre VMC 200T 13
3.2.3.Milling Machine FNR 14
3.2.4.VMC 200T PC 15
3.3. Tool Room 16
3.3.1.Coordinate Jig Boring Machine 17
3.3.2.Studer S-30 RHV 650/125 C 18
3.4. Rounds 18
3.4.1.Centre Lathe LB 18
3.4.2.Pre-Selector Turret Lathe L22 19
4. Assembly 20
4.1. CSG 20
4.2. GDS 20
4.3. K-130 22
4.4. GCL 23
5. Inspection 24
References 25

I would like to thank the entire HMT Limited who has provided me this eight weeks training. I
am thankful to the HRD officer of training center who organized my training schedule and also
the DGMs and AGMs of various shop departments who enriched me with their own
experiences about their respective shops.

I also thank the workers of their respective departments, who were always ready to clarify our
doubts and helped us to increase our knowledge by illustrating us to the finer points.

I wish to express my deep gratitude to all the concerned persons, whose cooperation and
coordination have given me the success to complete my training in the organization.

I hope that my report will reflect our technical knowledge and innovativeness, which we gained
at HMT Ajmer.