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Surveillance System

Intelligent engine of visual surveillance system

Ex ante, concurrent & ex post technical support service
Applicable to security, missing people & suspects search

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Functions Software & Hardware Architecture Core Component Dynamic
Comparison Server
Real-time Surveillance Records Research Comparison analysis:
supercomputing server
Face tracing SenseBox
& capture results statistics
Head & shoulder
detection & tracing Face captured Acquisition: images
history & videos acquisition
Multi-attribute terminal
recognition Alarm history

Intelligent Alarm
Output: integrated
management platform

Multi-channel video Multi-surveillance

analysis alarm
Dynamic video analysis
& face capture algorithm
Client terminal Third-party
management platform Core face recognition service

Easy-to-connect Smart mobile device

standard interface synchronization Applicable Scenarios

Features The entrance & exit to customs, Entertainment Venues including

subways, railway station, airports, etc. Hotels, shopping malls, netbars, etc.
Deep Learning


100+ AGE

Deep learning platform with a parallel Highly abstract face model out of High-precision face recognition when lighting,
connection of hundreds of GPUs 10 million+ data facial expressions & poses and age vary

1000+ Channels Video Surveillance Instant Search & Archive

Real-time face capture Compare results
& recognition in available within Archive
Key arteries including crossroads, street intersections, etc.

System architecture
1000+ 300ms 2 million
channels video in 10 million+ face images per hour
based on GPU cluster targets database

Flexible Surveillance Real-time Recognition

Single server to detect, align & track of

Cooperative Partners
16-channel 1080p videos
Settings of Surveillance tasks by time period,
at 25 frames
location, target library, etc. and recognize from 1 million+ targets database.

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