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All 8DIO libraries are watermarked with your

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Do not distribute, resell or torrent.

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The download utility should generally work for all download purposes, however please use
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This library does NOT use the add library function in Kontakt and all files must be
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Please contact us at support@8dio.com - if you encounter any other unforeseen issues.

Welcome to Polyphon

8Dios Polyphon hails from Switzerland, and is very much a true antique. We found it at a
recording label auction, and rumor has it that when Dutch electronic manufacturer Philips
went into the world of music, (yes, they bought a few labels shortly after the 2nd world
war, and sold them again in 1999, while producing a large volume of blank recordable
CDs), they acquired Polyphons as a sign, to be placed in each of their offices around
the world. Our instrument came with a huge collection of discs, and given the age, it is
actually in a pretty mint condition.

As such, the instrument works with no velocity, as each hammer is played with the same
level of pressure when the plectra hits the notes, but the notes do sound different all the
time, as there is something truely anarchistic about the way the machine works.

Even though its totally mechanic, each note responds differently every time its being
touched, and we have aimed to reflect just that creating the library.

8Dios Polyphon is a 5 octave library. Each note has been recorded numerous times, and
we have selected the ideal matches for each note, to make sure the instrument absolutely
comes alive.

Check out our demos & get a feel for how scary this instrument can be.

It can be pretty, as well as pretty claustrophobic Why not try it for yourself !
The Polyphon is a mechanical music box built in the late 1800s, originally made in
Germany and Switzerland, and often ornately decorated in hard wood.

On the inside theres quite some machinery, including a hand driven engine that
turns around a huge 24 disc. This disc in turn can play a rather large scale of notes,
triggered from the discs plectra. The plectra sticks out from the back of the disc, so
as the disc rotates they connect with a ratchet mechanism that in turn plucks the reeds.
A large sounding board amplifies the sound, and as such, we are talking about a late
1800s answer to the gramophone.
For Polyphon we decided to include 8 carefully hand crafted presets to help you get









These presets use a range of our custom designed

convolution reverbs, as well as a selection of morphed
sounds to help sit the Polyphon in to a mix, or make it cut
through and stand out.
Polyphon contains a variety of different controls, including several Presets, EQ, Attack and

Toggle the 8 included preset switches to choose between 8 different
custom presets.

Use the included 3 band EQ to help shape your sound, with High,
Mid, and Low.

Attack controls the fade in of any given note. Allowing you shape
the dynamic response to your preference.

Release controls the fade out of any given note. Allowing you shape
the release and tail to your preference.

Inside Polyphon, you may find yourself noticing a small easter egg
we included. Just remember, the Polyphon was built to be played.
Effects Rack

Included with this library is an extensive

effects rack. Including a variety of effects
you can use to shape and mould your

Included are

Delay (tempo sync)





Convolution I (designed impulses)

Convolution II (acoustic impulses)

Convolution Reverbs

You can find both reverb units towards the bottom of the effects page. The left most unit
contains several dozen designed impulses responses (inc. metallic hits, synthetic drones),
which are great for creative sound design. The right unit contains acoustic impulses
captured from some of our unique recording locations (inc. churches, cathedrals, halls,
rooms). To select a new impulse simply click on the impulse name or button, and select a
new impulse from the drop down menu.

By installing POLYPHON you accept the following Downloaded libraries can't be returned, so we
product license agreement: can't provide refunds. We may choose do so at our
own discretion,but please be aware that as soon as
LICENSE GRANT you've downloaded it, you can't return it.

The license for this product is granted only to a RESPONSIBILITY

single user. All sounds and samples in this product
are licensed, but not sold, to you by 8DIO, Inc. for Using this product and any supplied software is at
commercial and non-commercial use in music, t h e l i c e n s e e s ow n r i s k . 8 D I O h o l d s n o
sound-ef fect, audio/video post-production, responsibility for any direct or indirect loss arising
performance, broadcast or similar finished content- from any form of use of this product.
creation and production use.
8DIO allows you to use any of the sounds and
samples in the library(s) you've purchased for This license agreement is effective from the moment
commercial recordings without paying any the product is installed by any means. The license
additional license fees or providing source will remain in full effect until termination. The
attribution to 8DIO, Inc. This license expressly license is terminated if you break any of the terms
forbids any unauthorized inclusion of content or conditions of this agreement, or request a refund
contained within this library, or any any 8DIO for any reason. Upon termination you agree to
library, into any other sample instrument or library destroy all copies and contents of the product at
of any kind, without our express written consent. your own expense.

This license also forbids any re-distribution method VIOLATION

of this product, or its sounds, through any means,
including but not limited to, re-selling, trading, This product uses a form of copy protection, user-
sharing, re-sampling, mixing, processing, isolating, specific watermarking. Users who attempt to
or embedding into software or hardware of any circumvent this copy-protection systems or
kind, for t he pur pose of re-recording or otherwise violate the terms of this licensing
reproduction as part of any free or commercial agreement are subject to criminal and civil
library of musical and/or sound effect samples penalties and liable for monetary damages. If
and/or articulations, or any form of musical sample you've done any deep sampling and the labor-
or sound effect sample playback system or device. intensive programming that comes with it, you
Licenses cannot be transferred to another entity, know that it is very hard work. Remember, the
without written consent of 8DIO, Inc. more you support us, the more awesome libraries
we can afford to make for you.

8DIO retains full copyright privileges and complete

ownership of all recorded sounds, instrument
programming, documentation and musical
performances included in this product.
We would like to thank you for purchasing Polyphon

And also a special thanks to Martin, Cam, Jan, Magnus and Tawnia for
keeping it together and dealing with my mad brain. You guys are the

If you have any questions, concerns, love-letters or hate mail feel free to
send it to: support@8dio.com

Troels Folmann

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