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NIM : CO1414075

CLASS : A.KEP 2014



MOLONDALO (raba-raba puru)

If a woman is married and has been pregnant for 7 or 8 months, she will get
molondalo custom for sure. There are three kinds of customary use of molondalo
namely: first, there will be an announcement that she was married (formerly), in
other words she did not get pregnant at the first. Second, all prayer about her
pregnant, it may be safe in give birth. Third, encouraging that will give birth so
that she dares to face during the childbirth. Pateda, 2009: 28.

According to Farha Dualima (2006: 1-2) the basic ceremonies of Molonthalo are
as follows:

Customs are a complex of norms by individuals who embrace them upheld in life.

The customary system that has been handed down from the past to the present and
as there is a customary expression; "Maalo kakali, lonto butu asali, debo donggo l
wali-wali which means it has been fixed, from the beginning and until now still

Adjustment with the Islamic laws according to the Qur'an surah Al-Mu'minun
verse (12-14) which means "We have created human from the series of land then
We made them semen (which is stored) in the most place that so Sturdy (rahum).
Then we put the semen into a clot of blood, then a lump of blood We made a piece
of meat, then a piece of meat We made the bone, then We created another creature
(perfect human). So the most holy of Allah who created. The stages in this
paragraph are an element of change in the embodiment of the infant, which by
custom is termed the age of 1 month "MA TILOYONGA", 3 Months "MA
MOLONE'O, at the age of 6 months" MA MODU'OTO and this change is
grateful to be "NGADI SALAWATI ".

Molonthalo or "raba puru" for the wife who was pregnant for the first 7 months of
the first child, is a customary event in the framework of the birth and rejuvenation
customs, which has been standardized for the society of gorontalo.

Farha Dualima (2006: 2-3) claimed that the essence of the Molonthalo ceremony
is a statement from the husband's family that the first pregnancy, is a fulfilled
hope for the continuation of the derivative of absolute marriage

The event of Molonthalo is a notice to the family of both sides, that the wife is
truly pure, and another purpose for the other girls to always take care of
themselves and their honor as a pure women.

Molonthalo event is a statement of gratitude for the blessings of God that has been
given to a married couple through "NGADI SALAWATI" prayer salawat, so that
the birth of the baby bearing the ease well.

The Molonthalo event is the stabilization of life for a married couple when
welcoming the baby, as the successor of their descendants and the physical and
mental preparation of being a good parents by maintaining the continuity of the
household symbolized by eating bribe to bribe.

NIM : CO1414075

CLASS : A.KEP 2014



Cultural heritage is one of the forms of identity to preserve the culture and it can
be defined as one of the efforts to develop or enhance the existence of tourism in
the local area.

Regarding cultural heritage through oral by our ancestors. Efforts that we have do
is we need to make the culture to be our own and recognized by the government
who in the name of culture which is so beautiful.

How is our effort to stabilize Karawo? One way that the government have to do is
to hold a Karawo Festival which has been held for the first time in 2011 ago until
today. The festival that will be held once a year aims to attract people in wearing
Karawo products as well as strengthen the economy through the development of
regional culture

Not only karawo, but there are also many gorontalo cultures that we should admit
such as; Tumbolotohe, Tujai, Lohidu, Tonggobi, Paiyalohungolopoli, Heaven,
Longgo, and so on.