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Elementary wordlist: English to Russian

ENGLISH Pronunciation (UK) PoS RUSSIAN Definition

3D ridi adjective 3D {} in a 3-D film or picture, the objects look real and solid instead of looking like a normal fla

a e / determiner - used before a noun to mean one thing or person

a lot 'lt phrase very much or very often

account kant noun an arrangement with a bank to keep your money there

accountant kan.tnt noun someone whose job is to keep or examine the financial records of a company or organizati

ache ek noun pain which continues for a long time

actor k.t noun someone, especially a man, who performs in plays and films

actress k.trs noun a woman who performs in plays and films

address dres noun the number of a building and the name of the street, city, etc where it is

afternoon f.tnun noun the time between the middle of the day and the evening

ago adverb in the past

airport e.pt noun a place where planes take off and land

aisle al noun a passage between the lines of seats or goods in an aeroplane, church, or supermarket

all l determiner , the whole amount of something

along l adverb forward

alphabet l.f.bet noun a set of letters used for writing a language

always l.wez adverb every time, or at all times

amazing me.z adjective very good

American mer..kn adjective relating to the United States of America

an n / n determiner - used instead of 'a' when the next word starts with a vowel sound

animal n..ml noun something that lives and moves but is not a person, bird, fish, or insect

anniversary n.v.sr.i noun a day on which you remember or celebrate something that happened on that day in the pa

another n. determiner a different person or thing

answer n.s verb to speak or write back to someone who has asked you a question

answer n.s verb to pick up the telephone receiver (= part that you hold to your ear) when it rings

antibiotics n.ti.bat.ks noun medicine which cures infections by destroying harmful bacteria

app p noun A computer program designed for a particular purpose, often on a Smartphone.

apple p.()l noun a hard, round fruit with a green or red skin
April e.prl noun the fourth month of the year
Argentina .dnti.n noun a country in South America
Argentinian .dntn.i.n adjective coming from or relating to Argentina

arm m noun the long part at each side of the human body, ending in a hand

armchair m.te noun a comfortable chair with sides that support your arms

art t noun the making of paintings, drawings, etc or the things made

Asian e.n adjective relating or belonging to Asia

aspirin s.p()rn noun a common drug used to stop pain and fever
attractive trk.tv adjective beautiful or pleasant to look at
August st noun the eighth month of the year

aunt nt noun the sister of your mother or father, or the wife of your uncle

Australia stre.li. noun a country on the continent of the same name

Australian stre.lin adjective coming from or relating to Australia

autumn .tm noun the season of the year between summer and winter, when leaves fall from the trees

award wd noun a prize given to someone for something good they have done

away we adverb to a different place

awful .fl adjective very bad

baby be.bi noun a very young child

back bk noun the part of your body from your shoulders to your bottom

back bk adverb as a reply or reaction to something

bad bd adjective not good or pleasant
bag b noun a container used for carrying things

bag drop b drp noun the part of the airport where you leave your bags

baker's be.kz noun a shop where bread and cakes are sold and sometimes made

balcony bl.k.ni noun a small area on the outside wall of a high building where you can stand or sit

bald bld adjective with little or no hair

banana bn.n noun a long, white fruit with a yellow skin

bank bk noun an organization or place where you can save and borrow money
bar b noun a place where alcoholic drinks are sold and drunk

bath b noun the container that you fill with water and sit in to wash your body

bathroom b.rum noun a room with a bath, sink (=bowl for washing), and often a toilet

battery bt.()ri noun an object that provides electricity for things such as radios, toys, or cars

beach bit noun an area of sand or rocks next to the sea

beard bd noun the hair that grows on a man's chin (=the bottom of his face)

beautiful bju.t.fl adjective very attractive

become bkm verb to begin to be something
bed bed noun a piece of furniture that you sleep on

bedroom bed.rm /bed.rum noun a room used for sleeping in

been bin / bn verb have been to: to have gone to a place and come back

beer b noun an alcoholic drink made from grain

behind bhand preposition at or to the back of someone or something
better bet. adjective less ill than before

bicycle ba.s.k()l noun a vehicle with two wheels that you sit on and move by turning the two pedals (=parts you

big b adjective large in size or amount

bike bak noun short for bicycle
billion blin noun the number 1,000,000,000

billionaire bl.jne noun a person whose wealth is at least 1 000 000 000 in their country's money
bird bd noun an animal that has wings and feathers and is usually able to fly

birth b noun the time when a baby is born

birthday b.de noun the day of the year on which someone was born

biscuit bs.kt noun a thin, flat cake that is dry and usually sweet
black blk adjective being the colour of the sky on a dark night

blog bl noun a record of your thoughts that you put on the Internet for other people to read

blonde blnd adjective Blonde hair is yellow.

blue blu adjective being the same colour as the sky when there are no clouds

boarding pass bd ps noun a piece of paper you must show to get on an aircraft

boat bt noun a vehicle for travelling on water

book bk verb to arrange to use or do something at a time in the future

book bk noun a set of pages with writing on them fastened together in a cover

bookcase bk.kes noun a piece of furniture with shelves for putting books on

bookshop bk.p noun a shop that sells books

boots buts noun strong shoes that cover your foot and part of your leg

bored bd adjective tired and unhappy because something is not interesting or because you are doing nothing

boring br adjective not interesting or exciting

bottle bt.()l noun a container for liquids, usually made of glass or plastic, with a narrow top

bought bt verb past of buy

bowl bl noun a round, deep dish used for holding soup and other food

box bks noun a square or rectangular container

Brazil brzl noun a country in South America
Brazilian brzl.i.n adjective , coming from or relating to Brazil

bread bred noun a basic food made by mixing and baking flour and water

breakfast brek.fst noun the food you eat in the morning after you wake up

bridge brd noun a structure that is built over a river or road so that people can go across it

bright brat adjective full of light or shining strongly

British brt. adjective , relating to Great Britain or the United Kingdom

brother br. noun a boy or man who has the same parents as you

brown bran adjective being the same colour as chocolate

build bld verb to make something by putting materials and parts together

builder bl.d noun someone who makes or repairs buildings as a job

building bld noun a structure with walls and a roof, such as a house or school

built blt verb past of build

burger b. noun meat in a round, flat shape, that you eat between bread

bus bs noun a large vehicle that carries passengers by road, usually along a fixed route

business card bz.ns kd noun a small card that has your name, company name, and the job you do printed on it

busy bz.i adjective full of activity or people

butcher's bt.z noun a shop that prepares and sells meat

buy ba verb to get something by giving money for it

by ba preposition near or next to

cable car ke.b()l k noun a vehicle that hangs from thick cables and carries people up hills and mountains

caf kf.e noun a small restaurant where you can buy drinks and small meals

cake kek noun a sweet food made from flour, butter, sugar, and eggs mixed together and cooked

calorie kl..ri noun a unit for measuring the amount of energy food provides

camel km.l noun a large animal that lives in hot, dry places and has one or two humps (=raised parts on its

camera km.r noun a piece of equipment used to take photographs

camping kmp noun when you stay in a tent for a holiday

cap kp noun a hat with a flat part at the front

car k noun a vehicle with an engine, four wheels, and seats for a few people

careful ke.fl adjective giving a lot of attention to what you are doing so that you do not have an accident or make

carefully ke.f.li adverb to do something with a lot of attention so that you do not have an accident or make a mist

carpet k.pt noun thick material for covering floors, often made of wool

carry kr.i verb to hold something or someone with your hands or on your back and take them somewher

castle k.s()l noun a large, strong building that was built in the past to protect the people inside from being a

cat kt noun a small animal with fur, four legs and a tail that is kept as a pet

cats kts noun small animals with fur, four legs and a tail that are kept as a pet
CD player sidi ple. noun a machine that is used for playing music CDs

cell sel noun a small room where a prisoner is kept

century sen.t.ri noun a period of 100 years

cereal s.ri.l noun a food that is made from grain and eaten with milk, especially in the morning

chair te noun a seat for one person, with a back and usually four legs

channel tn.l noun a number on a television that you choose in order to watch a programme

charge td verb to put electricity into something

chat tt verb to talk with someone in a friendly way

cheap tip adjective not expensive, or costing less than usual

check-in tek.n noun the place at an airport where you go to say that you have arrived for your flight, or the act

cheese tiz noun a yellow or white solid food made from milk

cheeseburger tizb. noun a hamburger with a slice of melted cheese on it

chemists kem.sts noun a shop where drugs are prepared and sold

cheque tek noun a piece of paper printed by a bank that you use to pay for things

chicken tk.n noun the meat of a chicken

chicken tk.n noun a bird kept on a farm for its meat and eggs

children tl.drn noun young people who are not yet adults

chilli tl.i noun a small, thin, red or green vegetable that tastes very hot

China ta.n noun a country in Asia

Chinese taniz adjective , coming from or relating to China

chips tps noun long, thin pieces of potato that are cooked in oil
chocolate tk.l.t noun a sweet, brown food that is usually sold in a block

choose tuz verb to decide which thing you want

cigarette s.ret noun a thin tube of paper filled with tobacco, that people smoke

cinema sn..m noun a building where you go to watch films

city st.i noun a large town

classes klsz noun a period of time in which students are taught something

classroom kls.rum noun a room in a school where students have lessons

clean klin verb not dirty

clean klin adjective to remove the dirt from something

cleaner kli.n noun someone whose job is to clean houses, offices, and other places

clothes klz noun things such as shirts and trousers that you wear on your body

cloud klad noun one of the white or grey things in the sky that are made of small water drops

cloudy kla.di adjective with many clouds in the sky

clubbing klb noun when you go to clubs where there is music and dancing

coach kt noun a comfortable bus used to take groups of people on long journeys

coast kst noun the land next to the sea

coat kt noun a piece of clothing that you wear over your other clothes when you are outside

coffee kf.i noun a hot drink made from dark beans which are made into a powder, or a cup of this drink

coffee table kf.i te.bl noun a low table in a room where people sit

cold kld adjective having a low temperature

cold kld noun a common illness which makes your nose produce liquid
college kl.d noun a place where students are educated after they have stopped going to school

colour kl. noun using or showing all the colours, not only black and white

comfortable kmf.t.bl adjective making you feel relaxed and free from pain

company km.p.ni noun an organization which sells things or services

competition km.pt.n noun an event in which people try to win something by being the best, fastest, etc

computer kmpju.t noun an electronic machine that can store and arrange large amounts of information

kmpju.t sa.nts noun the study of computers and how they can be used

concert kn.st noun a performance of music and singing

conference kn.fr.ns noun a large meeting, often lasting a few days, where people talk about a subject

Congratulations! kn.r.t.le.nz exclamation ! something that you say when you want to congratulate someone

contract kn.trkt noun a legal agreement between two people or organizations

cook kk noun someone who prepares food for people to eat

cooker kk. noun a piece of equipment used to cook food

cooking k.k noun , preparing food for people to eat

coral reef kr.l rif noun an area of coral, the top of which can sometimes be seen just above the sea

cost kst verb If something costs a particular amount of money, you have to pay that in order to buy or d
cough kf noun when you make air come out of your throat with a short sound

country kn.tri noun an area of land that has its own government, army, etc

countryside kn.tr.sad noun land that is not in towns or cities and has farms, fields, etc

couple kp.()l noun two

couple kp.()l noun , two people who are married or having a romantic relationship

course ks noun a set of lessons about a particular subject

cousin kz.n noun , the child of your aunt or uncle

cow ka noun a large female farm animal kept for milk or meat

crash kr noun an accident in which a vehicle hits something

cream krim noun a thick, white liquid that is taken from milk

credit card kred.t kd noun a small plastic card that allows you to buy something and pay for it later

croissant kws. noun a soft, curved piece of bread, eaten for breakfast

crowded kradd adjective very full of people

cupboard kb.d noun a piece of furniture with a door on the front and shelves inside, used for keeping things

curtains k.tnz noun material which hangs down to cover a window, stage, etc

customer ks.t.m noun a person or organization that buys things or services from a shop or business

cycle sa.k()l verb to ride a bicycle

cycling sa.kl noun the activity of riding a bicycle

damage dm.d noun harm or injury

dance dns noun when you move your feet and body to music
dancing dns noun when you move your feet and body to music
dangerous den.d.rs adjective If someone or something is dangerous, they could harm you.

dark dk adjective nearer to black than white in colour

daughter d.t noun your female child

day de noun a period of 24 hours

December dsem.b noun the twelfth month of the year

decide dsad verb to choose something after thinking about the possibilities

degree dri noun a unit for measuring temperatures or angles, shown by the symbol written after a numbe

degree dri noun a qualification given for completing a university course

delayed dled adjective late

dentist den.tst noun someone who looks at and repairs teeth
dpt.mnt st noun a large shop which sells different types of things

depressed dprest adjective very sad, often for a long time

desert dez.t noun a large, hot, dry area of land with very few plants

designer dza.n noun someone who draws and plans how something will be made

designer clothes dza.n klz noun clothes with the name of a famous designer.

desk desk noun a table that you sit at to write or work

dessert dzt noun sweet food that is eaten after the main part of a meal

diary da.ri noun a book in which you write things that you must remember to do
dictionary dk.n.r.i noun a book that contains a list of words in alphabetical order with their meanings explained or

die da verb to stop living

different df.r.nt adjective used to talk about separate things or people of the same type

difficult df..klt adjective not easy to do or understand

dinner dn. noun the main meal of the day that people usually eat in the evening

director drek.t noun someone who tells the actors in a film or play what to do

dirty d.ti adjective not clean

diving da.v noun the activity or sport of swimming under water, usually using special breathing equipment

divorced dvst adjective married before but not married now

do du / d verb to perform an action or job

doctor dk.t noun a person whose job is to treat people who are ill or hurt

door d noun the part of a building or room that you open or close to get inside it or out of it

double db.()l adjective made to be used by two people

download dan.ld verb to copy computer programs or information electronically, usually from a large computer t

dream drim noun a series of events and images in your mind while you are sleeping

dress dres noun a piece of clothing for women which covers the top of the body and hangs down over the l

drink drk noun alcohol, or an alcoholic drink

drive drav verb to travel somewhere in a car, or to take someone somewhere in a car
DVD di.vidi noun DVD {} a small disc for storing music, films and information

DVD player di.vidi ple. noun DVD a machine that is used for playing DVDs

early .li adjective near the beginning of a period of time, process, etc

easily i.z.li adverb with no difficulty

easy i.zi adjective not difficult

eat out it at phrasal verb to eat at a restaurant

egg e noun an oval object made by a female chicken, that you eat as food

Egypt i.dpt noun a country in Africa

Egyptian idp.n adjective , coming from or relating to Egypt.
eight et number the number 8
eighteen etin number the number 18

elephant el..fnt noun a very large, grey animal with big ears and a very long nose

eleven lev.n number the number 11

email i.mel noun a way of sending messages electronically, from one computer to another

empty emp.ti adjective with nothing or no one inside

engineer en.dn noun someone whose job is to design, build, or repair machines, engines, roads, bridges, etc

English .l noun the language that is spoken in the UK, the US, and in many other countries

enjoy nd verb If you enjoy something, you like doing it

enter en.t verb to do an exam or competition

envelope en.v.lp noun a flat paper container for a letter

escalator es.k.le.t noun moving stairs that take people from one level of a building to another

evening i.vn noun the part of the day between the afternoon and the night
every ev.ri determiner each one of a group of people or things

exam zm noun an official test of how much you know about something, or how well you can do somethin

excellent ek.sl.nt adjective very good, or of a very high quality

excited ksa.td adjective feeling very happy and interested

exercise ek.s.saz noun activity that you do with your body to make your body strong

expensive kspen.sv adjective costing a lot of money

explain ksplen verb to make something clear or easy to understand by giving reasons for it

eye a noun one of the two organs in your face, which you use to see with

fail fel verb to not pass a test or an exam

fair fe adjective having pale skin or a light colour of hair

false teeth fls ti noun teeth that are not real, but are made to look or seem real

family fm..li noun a group of people who are related to each other, especially parents and children

famous fe.ms adjective known by many people

fantastic fnts.tk adjective very good

farm fm noun an area of land with fields and buildings that is used for growing crops and keeping anima

fashion f.n noun the most popular style of clothes and appearance at a particular time

fast fst adjective quick

fast fst adverb quickly

fast food fst fud noun hot food that is served very quickly in a restaurant because it is already made

fat ft adjective Someone who is fat weighs too much.

father f. noun the man that a woman is married to

favourite fe.vr.t adjective Your favourite person or thing is the one that you like best.

February feb.ru..ri noun the second month of the year

feel fil verb to have an emotion or a physical feeling

ferry fer.i noun a boat that regularly carries people and vehicles across an area of water

fifteen fftin number the number 15

film flm noun a story shown at the cinema or on television

find fand verb to discover something or someone that you have been looking for

finish fn. verb to complete something

first fst adjective coming before all others

fish f noun an animal that lives only in water, swims, and can be eaten as food

fit ft adjective healthy, especially because you exercise a lot

fitness ft.ns noun the condition of being physically strong and healthy

five fav number the number 5

flat flt noun a set of rooms to live in, with all the rooms on one floor

flight flat noun a journey in an aircraft

flight number flat nm.b noun

floor fl noun a surface that you walk on inside a building

fluent flu.nt adjective able to use a language naturally without stopping or making mistakes

fly fla verb to travel through the air in an aircraft

fog f noun thick cloud close to the ground or sea that makes it difficult to see

foggy f.i adjective with fog

food fud noun something that people and animals eat to keep them alive

foot ft noun If you go somewhere on foot, you walk there.

football ft.bl noun a game in which two teams of players kick a round ball and try to score goals
forest fr.st noun a large area of trees growing closely together

four f number the number 4

fourteen ftin number the number 14
France frnts noun a country in Europe
French frent adjective , coming from or relating to France

Friday fra.de noun the day of the week after Thursday and before Saturday

fridge frd noun a large cupboard that uses electricity to keep food cold

friend frend noun someone who you know well and like

friendly frend.li adjective behaving in a pleasant, kind way towards someone

fruit frut noun things such as apples or oranges that grow on a tree or a bush, contain seeds, and can be e

fun fn noun enjoyment or pleasure, or something that gives you enjoyment or pleasure

funny fn.i adjective making you smile or laugh

furniture f.n.t noun things such as chairs, tables, and beds that you put into a room or building

gate et noun the part of an airport where you get on or off an aeroplane

generous den.r.s adjective often giving people money or presents

German d.mn adjective , coming from or relating to Germany

Germany d.m.ni noun a country in Europe
get et verb to obtain or buy something
get et verb to arrive somewhere
get et verb to receive something

get fit et ft verb to become healthy, especially because you exercise regularly
get on (sth) et n phrasal verb to go onto a bus, train, aircraft, or boat

get up et p phrasal verb to wake up and get out of bed, or to make someone do this

glamorous lm.r.s adjective attractive in an exciting and special way

glass ls noun a container made of glass that is used for drinking

go verb , to move or travel somewhere

go out at phrasal verb to leave a place in order to go somewhere else
gone n verb past participle of go
good d adjective enjoyable or nice

good-looking dlk. adjective attractive

gorilla rl. noun a big, black, hairy animal, like a large monkey

Global Positioning System: a system of computers and satellites (=equipment that is sent
GPS di.pies noun GPS {}
together to tell a user where they are

grandchildren rndtl.drn noun the children of your son or daughter

granddaughter rndd.t noun the daughter of your son or daughter

grandfather rndf. noun the father of your mother or father

grandmother rndm. noun the mother of your mother or father

grandparent rndpe.rnt noun / the parent of your mother or father

grandson rnd.sn noun the son of your son or daughter

great ret adjective very good
green rin adjective being the same colour as grass
grey re adjective being a colour that is a mixture of black and white

guide book ad.bk noun a book that gives visitors information about a particular place

guided add adjective with the help of a guide (=someone whose job is to show interesting places to visitors, or t

gym dm noun a building with equipment for doing exercises

had hd / hd verb past of have

hair he noun the thin, thread-like parts that grow on the head and body of people and animals

haircut he.kt noun when someone cuts your hair

hand luggage hnd l.d noun small bags that you can carry onto an aircraft with you when you travel

happiness hp.ns noun the feeling of being happy

happy hp.i adjective pleased and in a good mood, especially because something good has happened

hp.i n.v.sr.i exclamation ! something friendly you say to someone on the date they got married in a previous year

Happy birthday! hp.i b.de exclamation ! something friendly you say to someone on their birthday

Happy New
hp.i nju j exclamation ! something friendly you say to someone on the first day of the year
hard hd adverb with a lot of effort

hardly ever hd.li ev. phrase almost never

hard-working hdw.k adjective doing a job seriously and with a lot of effort

hat ht noun something that you wear to cover your head

hate het verb to dislike someone or something very much

have hv /hv verb , to eat or drink something

have hv /hv verb used with nouns to say that someone experiences something

have hv /hv verb If you have a particular illness, you are suffering from it.

headache hed.ek noun pain inside your head

healthy hel.i adjective not ill

heavy hev.i adjective Heavy objects weigh a lot.

helicopter hel..kp.t noun an aeroplane which flies using long, thin parts on top of it that turn round and round very

hero h.r noun a very brave man that a lot of people admire

hill hl noun a high area of land that is smaller than a mountain

holiday hl..de noun a time when you do not have to go to work or school

home hm noun , the place where you live

home hm adjective the place where you live

home number hm nm.b noun the telephone number of the place where you live

homework hm.wk noun work which teachers give students to do at home

horse hs noun a large animal with four legs, which people ride or use to pull heavy things

hospital hs.p.tl noun a place where ill or injured people go to be treated by doctors and nurses

hot ht adjective very warm

hotel htel noun a place where you pay to stay when you are away from home
hour a noun a period of time equal to 60 minutes

house has noun a building where people live, usually one family or group

housewife has.waf noun a woman who stays at home to cook, clean, and take care of her family

housework has.wk noun the work that you do to keep your house clean

hundred hn.drd number the number 100

hurt ht verb to feel pain in a part of your body

husband hz.bnd noun the man you are married to

ice cream askrim noun a sweet, cold food made from frozen milk

ID card adikd/ noun an identity card

ill l adjective not feeling well, or suffering from a disease

illness l.ns noun a disease

important mp.tnt adjective valuable, useful, or necessary

in n preposition inside a container or place

in front of n frnt v phrase close to the front part of something

instrument n.str.mnt noun an object that is used for playing music, for example a piano

interesting n.trst adjective Something that is interesting keeps your attention because it is unusual or exciting.

internet n.t.net noun a system that connects computers around the world so you can share information with oth

island a.lnd noun an area of land that has water around it

Italian tl.i.n / tl.jn adjective , coming from or relating to Italy

Italy t.l.i noun a country in Europe
jacket dk.t noun a short coat
jam dm noun a sweet food made from fruit that you put on bread

January dn.ju.r.i noun the first month of the year

Japan dpn noun a country consisting of a group of islands near the east coast of Asia

Japanese dp.niz adjective , coming from or relating to Japan

jazz dz noun music with a strong beat that people often play without looking at written music

jeans dinz noun trousers made from denim (=a strong, usually blue, material)

job db noun the work that you do in order to get money

journey d.ni noun when you travel from one place to another

juice dus noun the liquid that comes from fruit or vegetables
July dla noun the seventh month of the year

jumper dm.p noun a warm piece of clothing which covers the top of your body and is pulled on over your hea

June dun noun the sixth month of the year

keys kiz noun pieces of metal cut into a shape and used for locking things such as doors, or for starting a

kids kdz noun children or young people

kilos ki.lz noun short for kilograms

kind kand adjective Kind people do things to help others and show that they care about them.

kiosk ki.sk noun a small building with a window where things like tickets or newspapers are sold

kitchen kt.n noun a room used to prepare and cook food in

lake lek noun a large area of water which has land all around it

lamp lmp noun an object that makes light

language l.wd noun the words used by the people of a country

laptop lp.tp noun a small computer that you can carry around with you

last lst adjective the most recent

late let adjective after the usual time or the time that was arranged

launch ln verb If a company launches a product or service, it makes it available for the first time.

lawyer l. noun someone whose job is to explain the law to people and give advice

lazy le.zi adjective Someone who is lazy does not like working.

leave liv verb to go away from a place

left left adverb on or towards the side of your body where your heart is

left left noun the left side

leg le noun one of the parts of the body that is used for walking

less les adverb not as much

letter let. noun some writing that you send to someone, usually by post

lift lft noun a machine that carries people up and down in tall buildings

light lat adjective Light colours are pale.

like lak verb to enjoy something or think that someone or something is nice

lion la.n noun a large, wild animal of the cat family, with light brown fur

listen to ls.n tu verb to give attention to someone or something in order to hear them

litre li.t noun a unit for measuring liquid

live lav verb to have your home somewhere

live TV lav tivi noun live TV is seen as it happens.

living room lv. rum noun the room in a house where people sit to relax and watch television

long l adjective having a large distance from one end to the other

lose luz verb to have less of something than you had before
lose luz verb to not be able to find someone or something

lottery lt..ri noun a competition in which people buy tickets with numbers on them and then win money if t

love lv verb to like something very much

love lv verb to like something very much

lucky lk.i adjective having good things happen to you
lunch lnt noun the food that you eat in the middle of the day

magazines m.zinz noun thin books published every week or month, that have shiny, colourful pages with articles a

make mek verb to create something

manager mn..d noun someone in control of an office, shop, team, etc

map mp noun a picture that shows where countries, towns, roads, etc are

March mt noun the third month of the year

market m.kt noun a place where people go to buy or sell things, often outside

married m.rid adjective A married man or woman has a wife or husband.

May me noun the fifth month of the year

mayonnaise me.nez noun a thick, cold, white sauce that is made from eggs and oil

meat mit noun the soft parts of animals, used as food

mechanic mkn.k noun someone whose job is to repair machines

medicine me.d.sn noun something that you drink or eat when you are ill, to stop you being ill
meet mit verb to see and speak to someone for the first time

meeting mi.t noun when people come together for a reason, usually to talk about something

member mem.b noun a person who belongs to a group or an organization

message mes.d noun a piece of written or spoken information which one person gives to another

met met verb past of meet

Mexican mek.s.kn adjective coming from or relating to Mexico.

Mexico mek.s.k noun a country in North America
middle md.()l adjective in a central position
middle-aged md.ledd adjective in the middle of your life before you are old

mile mal noun a unit for measuring distance, equal to 1609 metres or 1760 yards

milk mlk noun a white liquid that babies and baby animals drink that comes from their mothers' bodies

million ml.jn noun the number 1,o00,000

mineral water mn.r.l w.t noun water which is taken from the ground

minute mnt noun a period of time equal to 60 seconds

mirror mr. noun a piece of special glass in which you can see yourself

missing ms. adjective lost, not in the usual place

mixed mkst adjective made of a combination of different people or things

mobile m.bal noun a mobile phone

mobile phone m.bal fn noun a telephone that you can carry everywhere with you

Monday mn.de noun the day of the week after Sunday and before Tuesday

money m.ni noun the coins or pieces of paper that are used for buying things
monkey m.ki noun a hairy animal with a long tail that lives in hot countries and climbs trees

month mnt noun one of the twelve periods of time that a year is divided into

morning m.n noun the first half of the day, from the time when the sun rises until the middle of the day

mosque msk noun a building where Muslims say their prayers

mother m. noun your female parent

motorbike m.t.bak noun a vehicle with two wheels and an engine

mountain man.tn noun a very high hill

mouse mas noun a small animal with fur and a long, thin tail

moustache mst noun a line of hair that some men grow above their mouths

move muv verb If a person or an organization moves, they go to a different place to live or work.

move muv verb move house: to leave your home in order to live in a new one

MP3 player em.piri ple noun 3- a piece of electronic equipment or a computer program for playing music that has been st

museum mjuzi.m noun a building where you can look at important objects connected with art, history, or science

music mju.zk noun a pattern of sounds that is made by playing instruments or singing, or a recording of this

musical mju.z.kl adjective relating to music

musician mjuz.n noun someone who plays a musical instrument, often as a job

name nem noun the word or group of words that is used to refer to a person, thing, or place
nationality n.nl..ti noun If you have American/British/Swiss, etc nationality, you are legally a member of that coun

need nid verb If you need something, you must have it, and if you need to do something, you must do it.

never nev. adverb not ever, not one time

new nju adjective different from before
New Years Eve njujziv noun 31 December, the last day of the year

newsagents njuze.dnts noun a shop that sells newspapers, magazines, and things like sweets and cigarettes

newspaper njuspe.p noun large, folded sheets of paper which are printed with the news and sold every day or every

next to nekst tu preposition very close to something or someone, with nothing in between

nice nas adjective pleasant

night nat noun the time in every 24 hours when it is dark and people sleep

nine nan number the number 9

nineteen nantin number the number 19

noisy n.zi adjective Noisy people or things make a lot of noise.

notes nts noun words that you write down to help you remember something

nought nt noun the number 0

November nvem.b noun the eleventh month of the year

number nm.b noun a group of numbers that represents something

observatory bz.v.tri noun a building that is used by scientists to look at stars and planets

October kt.b noun the tenth month of the year

off f adverb away from a place or position

often f.n / ft.n adverb many times or regularly

old ld adjective having been used or owned for a long time
old ld adjective having lived or existed for a long time

olives l.vz noun small green or black fruit with a bitter taste that is eaten or used to produce oil

on n preposition in a particular place

on n preposition on a surface of something

on time n tam phrase not early or late

once wns adverb one time
one wn pronoun the number 1

online nlan adjective connected to a system of computers, especially the Internet

opposite p..zt preposition in a position facing something or someone but on the other side

or / conjunction used between possibilities, or before the last of many possibilities

orange r.nd noun a round, sweet fruit with a thick skin and a centre that has many parts

orange r.nd adjective being a colour that is a mixture of red and yellow

Oscar s.k noun one of several prizes given to actors and people who make films every year in Hollywood i

outgoing at. adjective Someone who is outgoing is friendly, talks a lot, and enjoys meeting people.

over .v adverb from one side of something to the other side

overweight .vwet adjective fat

pack pk verb to put your things into bags or boxes when you are going on holiday or leaving the place w

painkiller penkl. noun a drug which stops pain

parent pe.rnt noun your mother or father

park pk noun a large area of grass, often in a town, where people can walk and enjoy themselves
party p.ti noun when people come together to enjoy themselves by talking, eating, drinking, and dancing

pass ps verb to succeed at a test or an exam

passenger ps.n.d noun someone who is travelling in a car, aeroplane, etc, but not controlling the car, aeroplane, e

passport ps.pt noun a small book with your photograph in that you need to enter a country

past pst adverb further than

pen pen noun a long, thin object that you use to write or draw in ink

pencil pen.sl noun a long, thin wooden object with a black or coloured point that you write or draw with

person p.sn noun a human being

pet pet noun an animal that someone keeps in their home

phone fn noun a piece of equipment that is used to talk to someone who is in another place

phone fn verb to speak to someone by telephone

photos f.tz noun pictures produced with a camera

physics fz.ks noun the scientific study of natural forces, such as energy, heat, light, etc

picnic pk.nk noun food that you take from your home to eat outside

pie pa noun a type of food made with meat, vegetables, or fruit which is covered in pastry and baked

pink pk adjective being a pale red colour

pizza pit.s noun a flat, round piece of bread covered with tomato, cheese, etc and cooked in an oven

place ples noun someone's home

plan pln noun a drawing that shows how something appears from above

plane plen noun a vehicle that flies and has an engine and wings
plant plnt noun a living thing that grows in the soil or water and has leaves and roots

play ple verb When you play a sport or game, you do it.
play ple verb to make music with a musical instrument

point pnt noun the mark (.) that is used to separate the two parts of a decimal

Poland p.lnd noun a country in Europe

police officer plis f..s noun someone who is a member of the police
Polish p.l adjective , coming from or relating to Poland.

poor p adjective having little money

popular pp.j.l adjective liked by many people

post office pst f.s noun a place where you can buy stamps and send letters and parcels

postcard pst.kd noun a card with a picture on one side that you send without an envelope

postcode pst.kd noun a group of letters and numbers that comes at the end of someone's address in the UK

poster p.st noun a large, printed picture or notice that you put on a wall

press pres verb to push something firmly

prince prns noun the son of a king or queen, or one of their close male relatives

princess prnses noun the daughter of a king or queen, or one of their close female relatives

prison prz.n noun a place where criminals are kept as a punishment

prize praz noun something valuable that is given to someone who wins a competition
pub pb noun a place where you can get drinks such as beer and usually food

pb.lk trn.spt/ noun a system of vehicles such as buses and trains which operate at regular times and that the p

purple p.pl adjective being a colour that is a mixture of red and blue

put pt verb to move something to a place or position

Pyramids pr..mdz noun stone structures in Egypt of a pyramid shape which were built in ancient times as places t

qualifications kwl..fke.nz noun what you get when you pass an exam or a course

queue kju noun a row of people waiting for something, one behind the other

quiet kwa.t adjective without much noise or activity

quite kwat adverb a little or a lot but not completely

rabbit rb.t noun a small animal with fur and long ears that lives in a hole in the ground

radio re.di. phrase the programmes that you hear when you listen to the radio

rain ren noun water that falls from the sky in small drops

raining ren. verb If it is raining, water is falling from the sky in small drops

read rid verb to look at words and understand what they mean

reading rid. noun the activity or skill of reading books

really r.li adverb very or very much

receive rsiv verb to get something that someone has given or sent to you

receptionist rsep.n.st noun someone who works in a hotel or office building, answering the telephone and dealing wit
record rkd verb to store sounds or pictures using electronic equipment, a camera, etc so that you can liste

red red adjective being the same colour as blood

reliable rla..b()l adjective able to be trusted or believed

rent rent verb to pay money to use something for a short time

rent rent noun the money that you pay to live in a building that someone else owns

report rpt noun a description of an event or situation

restaurant rest..rnt noun a place where you can buy and eat a meal

retired rta.d adjective having stopped working, often because you are old

revise rvaz verb to study a subject before you take a test

rice ras noun small grains from a plant that are cooked and eaten

rich rt adjective A rich person has a lot of money.

ride rad verb to travel by sitting on a horse, bicycle, or motorcycle and controlling it

right rat adverb to the right side

right rat noun the right side of your body, or the direction towards this side

right rat adjective correct or true

river rv. noun a long, natural area of water that flows across the land

road rd noun a long, hard surface built for cars to drive on

robot r.bt noun a machine controlled by a computer, which can move and do other things that people can

rock rk noun loud, modern music with a strong beat, often played with electric guitars and drums

room rum / rm noun a part of the inside of a building, which is separated from other parts by walls, floors, and
run rn noun when you move on your feet at a speed faster than walking as a sport

running rn noun the sport of moving on your feet at a speed faster than walking

Russia r. noun a country in Europe

Russian r.n adjective , coming from or relating to Russia

sad sd adjective unhappy

sadness sdns noun the feeling of being unhappy

safe sef adjective not dangerous

said sed verb past of say

sail sel verb to travel in a boat or a ship

salad sl.d noun a cold mixture of vegetables that have not been cooked

sales assistant selz ss.tnt noun - someone whose job is selling things in a shop

same sem phrase exactly alike

sandwich sn.wd noun two slices of bread with meat, cheese, etc between them

Saturday st..de noun the day of the week after Friday and before Sunday

sausage ss.d noun a mixture of meat and spices pressed into a long tube

save sev verb to stop someone or something from being killed or destroyed

say se verb to speak words

school skul noun a place where children go to learn things

scientist sa.n.tst noun someone who studies science or works in science

scooter sku.t noun a small motorcycle

script skrpt noun the words in a film, play, etc
sea si noun a large area of salt water

search engine st en.dn noun a computer program which finds information on the Internet by looking for words which

seat sit noun something that you sit on

second sek.nd noun one of the 60 parts a minute is divided into

seen sin verb past participle of see

selfish sel.f adjective caring only about yourself and not other people

send send verb to arrange for something to go or be taken somewhere, especially by post

send back send bk phrasal verb to return something to the person who sent it to you

September septem.b noun the ninth month of the year

seven sev.n number the number 7
seventeen sev.ntin number the number 17

sheep ip noun a farm animal whose skin is covered with wool

shelf elf noun a board used to put things on, often fixed to a wall

shirt t noun a piece of clothing worn on the top part of the body, fastened with buttons down the front

shoe u noun a strong covering for the foot, often made of leather

shop p noun a building or part of a building where you can buy things

shopping p. noun the things that you buy from a shop or shops
shopping p. noun when you buy things from shops

short t adjective having a small distance from one end to the other
shorts ts noun a very short pair of trousers that stop above the knees

shower a. noun a piece of bathroom equipment that you stand under to wash your whole body

shy a adjective not confident, especially about meeting new people

sick sk adjective ill

sightseeing sat.si noun the activity of visiting interesting or beautiful places

sign san verb to write your name on something to show that you agree to it

sing s verb to make musical sounds with your voice

single s.()l adjective for only one person

sink sk noun a bowl that is fixed to the wall in a kitchen or bathroom that you wash dishes or your hand

sister ss.t noun a girl or woman who has the same parents as you

sit st verb to be in a position with the weight of your body on your bottom and the top part of your b

six sks number the number 6

sixteen skstin number the number 16
ski ski verb to move over snow wearing skis

skiing ski. noun the sport or activity of moving over snow wearing skis

skirt skt noun a piece of women's clothing that hangs from the waist and has no legs

sleep slip verb to be in the state of rest when your eyes are closed, your body is not active, and your mind

slim slm adjective Someone who is slim is thin in an attractive way.

slow sl adjective moving, happening, or doing something without much speed

small sml adjective little in size or amount

smoking sm.k noun when someone smokes a cigarette
snake snek noun a long, thin creature with no legs that slides along the ground

snorkelling sn.k..l noun the activity of swimming using a snorkel

snowing sn. verb If it is snowing, snow is falling from the sky.

socks sks noun something that you wear on your foot inside your shoe

sofa s.f noun a large, comfortable seat for more than one person

sometimes sm.tamz adverb on some occasions but not always or often

son sn noun your male child

sore s adjective painful, especially when touched

soup sup noun a hot, liquid food, made from vegetables, meat, or fish

space spes noun an empty area which is available to be used

Spain spen noun a country in Europe
Spanish spn. adjective , coming from or relating to Spain

sparkling sp.kl adjective A sparkling drink has bubbles in it.

speak spik verb to say something using your voice

spend spend verb to use time doing something or being somewhere

sport spt noun a game or activity which people do to keep healthy or for enjoyment, often competing aga

spring spr noun the season of the year between winter and summer, when the weather becomes warmer a

square skwe noun an open area with buildings around it, often in the centre of a town

stamp stmp noun a small piece of paper that you buy and stick onto a letter before you post it
star st noun a ball of burning gases that you see as a small point of light in the sky at night

start stt verb to begin doing something

station ste.n noun a building where a bus starts or ends its journey

stay ste verb to continue to be in a place, job, etc and not leave

stay ste verb to spend a short period of time in a place

stay in ste n phrasal verb to stay in your home

still stl adjective A still drink does not have any bubbles in it.

stomach stm.k noun the part of your body where food is digested

stop stp verb to finish doing something

storm stm noun very bad weather with a lot of rain, snow, wind, etc

strawberry str.b.ri noun a small, red fruit with small, brown seeds on its surface

street strit noun a road in a town or city that has houses or other buildings

stressed strest adjective worried and not able to relax

student stju.dnt noun someone who is studying at a school or university

study std.i verb to learn about a subject, usually at school or university

successful skses.fl adjective very popular

sugar . noun a very sweet substance used to give flavour to food and drinks

suit sut noun a jacket and trousers or a jacket and skirt that are made from the same material

suitcase sut.kes noun a rectangular case with a handle that you use for carrying clothes when you are travelling

summer sm. noun the warmest season of the year, between spring and autumn
sun sn noun the light and heat that comes from the sun

Sunday sn.de noun the day of the week after Saturday and before Monday

sunny sn.i adjective bright because of light from the sun

supermarket su.pm.kt noun a large shop that sells food, drink, things for the home, etc

surf sf verb to ride on a wave in the sea using a special board

surname s.nem noun the name that you and people in your family all have

survey s.ve noun an examination of people's opinions or behaviour made by asking people questions

sweet swit adjective with a taste like sugar

swim swm verb to move through water by moving your body

swimming swm. noun the activity of moving through water by moving your body

table te.b()l noun a piece of furniture with four legs, used for eating off, putting things on, etc

take tek verb to travel somewhere by using a bus, train, car, etc,

take an exam tek n zm verb to do an exam

take photos tek f.tz verb to use a camera to take pictures of somebody or something

take the day off tek de f phrase to not go to work or school for a day

tall tl adjective having a greater than average height.

taxi tk.si noun a car with a driver who you pay to take you somewhere
tea ti noun a hot drink that you make by pouring water onto dried leaves

teacher ti.t noun someone whose job is to teach in a school, college, etc

tell tel verb to order someone to do something

temperature tem.pr.t noun If you have a temperature, you are hotter than usual because you are ill.

ten ten number the number 10

tennis ten.s noun a sport in which two or four people hit a small ball to each other over a net

terrible ter..b()l adjective very bad

text tekst noun a written message from a mobile phone

that t pronoun used to mean something that has already been talked about or seen

the i / determiner - used before nouns to mean things or people that have already been talked about or are alr

the i / determiner - used before nouns when only one of something exists

theatre .t noun a building with a stage where people go to watch plays

these iz pronoun plural of this

thin n adjective A thin person or animal has very little fat on their body.

thing noun an object or activity

thirteen tin number the number 13

this s pronoun used to mean something or someone that is near you or that you are pointing to

those z pronoun plural of that

thousand a.znd noun the number 1000

three ri number the number 3

throat rt noun the back part of your mouth and the part inside your neck

Thursday z.de noun the day of the week after Wednesday and before Friday

ticket tk.t noun a small piece of paper that shows you have paid to do something, for example travel on a b

tie ta noun a long, thin piece of cloth that a man wears around his neck with a shirt

tiger ta. noun a large wild cat that has yellow fur with black lines on it

time tam noun Time is what we measure in minutes, hours, days, etc.

time tam noun an occasion when something happens

times tamz noun occasions when something happens

tissue t.u noun a soft piece of paper that you use for cleaning your nose

to t preposition in the direction of somewhere

toast tst noun bread that has been heated to make it brown

toilet t.lt noun a bowl that you sit on or stand near when you get rid of waste substances from your body

told tld verb past of tell

tomato tm.t noun a soft, round, red fruit eaten in salads or as a vegetable

too tu adverb used before adjectives and adverbs to mean 'more than is allowed, necessary, possible, etc

toothache tu.ek noun a pain in one of your teeth

top tp noun a piece of women's clothing worn on the upper part of the body

tour t noun a visit to and around a place, area, or country

tourist t.rst noun someone who visits a place for pleasure and does not live there

town tan noun a place where people live and work which is larger than a village

traffic trf.k noun the amount of cars on the roads

train tren noun a long, thin vehicle which travels along metal tracks and carries people or goods

trainers tre.nz noun a soft sports shoe

tram trm noun an electric vehicle for carrying passengers, mostly in cities, which moves along metal lines

travel around trv.l rand phrase to make a journey to or in different parts of a place

travelling trv.l noun the activity of making journeys

trip trp noun a journey in which you visit a place for a short time and come back again

trousers tra.zz noun a piece of clothing that covers the legs and has a separate part for each leg

try tra verb to attempt to do something

try on tra n phrasal verb to put on a piece of clothing to see if you like it

T-shirt ti.t noun a piece of cotton clothing for the top part of the body with short sleeves and no collar

Tuesday tjuz.de noun the day of the week after Monday and before Wednesday

tuna tju.n noun a large sea fish, or the meat from this fish
Turkey t.ki noun a country in Asia.
Turkish t.k adjective coming from or relating to Turkey
turn tn verb to change direction when you are moving, or to make a car do this

turn off tn f phrasal verb to move the switch on a machine, light, etc so that it stops working, or to stop the supply o

turn on tn n phrasal verb to move the switch on a machine, light, etc so that it starts working, or to start the supply

TV tivi noun {} short for television

TV programme tivi pr.rm noun a show on television

TV show tivi noun a programme on television such as a chat show

twelve twelv number the number 12

twenty twen.ti number the number 20
twice twas adverb two times
two tu number the number 2
ugly .li adjective bad to look at
UK juke noun United Kingdom

umbrella mbrel. noun a thing that you hold above your head to keep yourself dry when it is raining

uncle .k()l noun the brother of your mother or father, or the husband of your aunt

under n.d preposition below something

unemployed n.mpld adjective not having a job

unfriendly nfrend.li adjective not friendly

unhappy nhp.i adjective sad

university ju.nv.s.ti noun a place where students study at a high level to get a degree (=type of qualification)

unlucky nl.ki adjective having or causing bad luck

USA ju.ese noun United States of America

use juz verb If you use something, you do something with it for a particular purpose.

usually ju..li adverb in the way that most often happens

vanilla vn.l noun a substance that is used to give flavour to some sweet foods

vegetable ved.t.bl noun a plant that you eat, for example a potato, onion, etc

very v.ri adverb used to make an adjective or adverb stronger

video vd.i. noun a recording of moving pictures and sound

video games vd.i. emz noun games in which you make pictures move on a screen

village vl.d noun a place where people live in the countryside which is smaller than a town

villain vl.n noun a bad person in a film, book, etc

visit vz.t verb to go somewhere to see someone or a place

voicemail vs.mel noun an electronic telephone answering system

waiter we.t noun a man who works in a restaurant, bringing food to customers

waitress we.trs noun a woman who works in a restaurant, bringing food to customers

walk wk noun a journey that you make by walking, often for enjoyment

walk wk verb to move forward by putting one foot in front of the other and then repeating the action

wallet wl.t noun a small, flat container for paper money and credit cards (=plastic cards used for paying w

want wnt verb to hope to have or do something

warm wm adjective having a temperature between cool and hot

wash w verb to make something clean using water and soap

washbasin wbe.sn noun a bowl in a bathroom, used for washing your face or hands

washing w. noun clothes, sheets, etc that are being washed, or when you wash these

w. min noun a machine that washes clothes

watch wt noun a small clock on a strap that you fasten round your arm

watch wt verb to look at something for a period of time

weather we. noun the temperature or conditions outside, for example if it is hot, cold, sunny, etc

website web.sat noun - an area on the Web (=computer information system) where information about a particula

wedding wed. noun an official ceremony at which a man and woman get married

Wednesday wenz.de noun the day of the week after Tuesday and before Thursday

week wik noun a period of seven days

weekend wikend noun Saturday and Sunday, the two days in the week when many people do not work

weight wet noun how heavy someone or something is

well wel adjective healthy

well wel adverb do something in a good way

whale wel noun a very large animal that looks like a large fish and lives in the sea

white wat adjective being the colour of snow or milk

wife waf noun the woman that a man is married to
Wi-Fi wa.fa noun Wi-Fi {} a system for connecting electronic equipment such as computers and electronic organizer

wild wald adjective something in its natural state

wildlife park wald.laf pk noun a large park where wild animals are kept and can move freely, and can be watched by visit

win wn verb to get a prize in a game or competition

wind wnd noun a natural, fast movement of air

window wn.d noun a space in the wall of a building or car that has glass in it, used for letting light and air insi

windsurf wnd.sf verb to sail across water by standing on a board and holding onto a large sail

windy wn.di adjective with a lot of wind

wine wan noun an alcoholic drink that is made from the juice of grapes (=small, green or purple fruit)

winter wn.t noun the coldest season of the year, between autumn and spring

without wat preposition not having, using, or doing something

wolf wlf noun a wild animal like a large dog

wonderful wn.d.fl adjective very good

wood wd noun a large area of trees growing near each other

work wk noun the place where you go to do your job

work wk verb to do a job that you get money for

work number wk nm.b noun the telephone number of the place where you do your job?
working wk. verb doing a job, especially the job you do to earn money

would like wd lak / wd lak phrase used to say that you want or wish something

would love ('d

wd lv / wd lv phrase used to say that you would very much like something

write rat verb to create a book, story, article, etc or a piece of music

written rt.n adjective past participle of write

wrong r adjective not correct

year j noun a period of 12 months, or 365 or 366 days, especially from 1 January to 31 December

yellow jel. adjective being the same colour as a lemon or the sun

yesterday jes.t.de noun the day before today

yoghurt jg.t noun a thick, liquid food with a slightly sour taste which is made from milk

young j adjective having lived or existed for only a short time and not old

zero z.r number the number 0