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Campaign Kicks Off With an Afternoon of Fun in Falls Church

Upcoming Events: FALLS CHURCH—More than the grills, using umbrellas to many in the audience with
 July 31 150 friends and supporters shield them from the brief the story of his assistant
kicked off Congressman downpour, everyone was Maria, and the difficulties
ADC/ACDC Four Mile Moran’s campaign this June treated to a great meal be-
Run Cleanup, Softball with an afternoon barbeque fore gathering outside as the
Game and Cookout at at the Cherry Hill Park Pa- clouds cleared to listen to the
Four Mile Run Park vilion in Falls Church. The Congressman.
event was a resounding The Congressman spoke at
 July 31-August 1
success, filled with support- length about the need to de-
7th Annual Fairfax ers of all ages and featuring fend the recent reforms to she encountered before
Asian Festival at Isaac a passionate address by healthcare legislation, using earning her citizenship on
Newton Square in Congressman Moran. his own daughter Dorothy’s the “proudest day of her
Reston, Virginia The event began with a struggle with cancer to em- life.” The Congressman
photo opportunity with the phasize the need underprivi- closed with a denunciation
 August 18-21 Congressman, made all the leged families have for low of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t
Arlington County Fair
better by the face painting cost medical care. He Tell” policy and the de-
at the Thomas Jefferson booth and children’s games moved on to the importance mand for equality in our
Community Center going on seemingly every- of protecting the environ- armed services.
where. With Charley Con- ment, especially in light of The event wound down
 August 22 rad and friends manning the growing crisis in the Gulf with supporters offering
of Mexico, and more locally, their time to support Con-
Cambodian Commu-
inter-sexed fish in the Poto- gressman Moran in his fight
nity Day at 4800 Bren-
mac River. The Congress- for re-election and even
man Park Drive in Al-
man went on to speak about more people vying for one
the very real need for immi- last moment with the Con-
 August 28 gration reform, moving gressman!

Virginia Partisans
A Few Words from Congressman Moran to the 8th Congressional District
Fundraiser at Freddies
Beach Bar and Grill in “Fighting to improve the able to all Americans to re- eral government can and
Crystal City quality of life for everyone form of Wall Street so that should play an indispensible
in Northern Virginia is job the American peoples’ hard role in enabling individuals
number 1. The failed Bush earned savings will be bet- and their communities to
Thank you for your Administration left the ter protected from gross maximize economic and
interest in contacting American economy in financial negligence. educational opportunities,
Jim Moran for shambles. Over the past “In the 112th Congress, I while preserving an even
Congress. two years, we’ve worked plan to focus my energies higher quality of life for
hard to prevent a deeper on strengthening our re- their children and grand-
Mailing Address: decline and reverse the se- gion's economic vitality and children. We must also
311 N. Washington St.
vere economic downturn diversity through promot- tackle head-on the growing
Suite 200 L
Alexandria, VA 22314 that resulted from this mis- ing affordable housing, an national debt so that future
management. At the same efficient public transit sys- generations are not saddled
Phone: time, we’ve enacted historic tem, an educational system with this generation’s fiscal
(703) 299 0064 legislative achievements, that develops every child's irresponsibility.”
from passing health insur- full potential, and the pro-
www.JimMoran.org ance reform that will make tection of our natural envi-
affordable insurance avail- ronment. I believe the fed-
Moran for Congress Page 2

Jim Moran Secures Two More Endorsements in his

Campaign to Continue Representing Virginia’s 8th District

Congressman Continues to Garner Support from National Organizations

On July 12, 2010, Congress- is crucial in a District with a

man Moran secured the en- large number of transit
dorsement of the Amalga- workers, constituents in-
mated Transit Union, Local creasingly reliant on public
689. With over 190,000 transportation, and an ever McCarthy, announced that
members spread across the growing regional Metro Sys- the organization is extend-
country, the Amalgamated tem. ing their support “in light
Transit Union is the largest Another endorsement came of…[Congressman Moran’s]
union representing transit from the National Associa- commitment to the well-
workers in the United States. tion of Social Workers, an being of individuals, fami-
The Congressman is grateful organization working for the lies, and communities.”
for this endorsement, which highest uniform standards in Congressman Moran is
social work with over pleased to receive the sup-
150,000 members nation- port of the NASW, as he has
So long as we
wide. The organization been a long time champion
have enough strives for the protection of of the rights of those in
vulnerable members of soci- need. Additionally, he has
people in this
ety, as well as an expanded advocated for the need for
country willing focus on mental health is- greater mental healthcare,
to fight for sues, and increasing the especially for these often
number of qualified social disenfranchised members of
their rights, workers available. The our society.
we’ll be called NASW Chairman, Dr. Mary

a democracy. Chesapeake Bay Organization Honors Congressman Moran

CHESAPEAKE - Congress- gressman and his opponent. shores of

Roger Baldwin man Moran has been hon- As Chairman of the House Virginia to
ored with the Official Cli- Appropriations Subcommit- drilling
mate Leadership Award by tee on the Interior and Envi- efforts. In
the Chesapeake Climate ronment, Congressman the 111th
Action Network, a not for Moran oversees the Environ- Congress,
profit, grassroots organiza- mental Protection Agency, Congress-
tion dedicated to fighting the Interior Department, the man
climate change and global US Forest Service, the Bureau Moran
warming. of Indian Affairs, in addition specifi-
“The ongoing oil drilling to the Smithsonian, the Ken- cally helped pass the Omni-
disaster in the Gulf should nedy Center, the Holocaust bus Public Land Manage-
serve as a wakeup call for Museum, and the National ment Act, the nation’s larg-
all Americans. It’s time to Endowment for the Arts. est conservation measure in
beat our addiction to fossil From this 15 years. Meanwhile, his
fuel and get serious about position, opponent would open US
conservation, efficiency and Jim shores wherever the poten-
moving towards a clean, Moran tial for exploitation arises,
sustainable-energy in the has stood especially in Virginia. It is
future,” Congressman time and differences like these that we
Moran said in his accep- again must consider in shaping the
tance speech. against future of Virginia and this
The award highlights a key opening country.
difference between the Con- the
Moran for Congress Page 3

Congressman Courts the Furriest Voters

W A S H I N G T O N — Chairs the House Animal on living things to think
Congressman Moran, along Protection Caucus with twice.”
with actress Wendie Malick Republican Elton Gallegly Priorities moving forward
and Humane Society Presi- (CA), a bipartisan organi- in the 112th Congress for
dent and CEO Wayne zation dedicated to raising the Caucus include legisla-
Pacelle, held a rally advo- awareness of animal wel- tion banning the slaughter
cating the rights and safe fare issues in Congress. In of horses, stronger and en-
keeping of our four legged the 111th Congress, the
friends as part of the Taking Caucus has been instru-
Action for Animals Confer- mental in the passing of
ence on the Capital steps stricter animal fighting
this month. legislation, as well as tight-
Congressman Moran has ening animal welfare regu-
long championed the rights lations in the 2008 Farm
of his non-voting, furrier Bill. Regarding the 2008 forceable regulations on
constituents. When not Farm Bill legislation, Con- Internet sales of puppies,
attending rallies, he Co- gressman Moran said, the closing of puppy mills,
“Abuse and torture are and legislation requiring
wrong, regardless if it in- the accurate labeling of all The ultimate measure of
volves a pet or an animal fur products. The fur legis- a man is not where he
being raised for food. lation is specifically aimed stands in moments of
All...creatures deserve hu- at closing a very large loop- comfort, but where he
mane treatment, whether hole in the existing legisla- stands at times of
in the home or on the tion which allows for the challenge and
farm. This legislation will importation and sale of controversy.
make those who might items containing dog and
inflict pain and suffering cat fur. Martin Luther King

Reports from the Field

Arlington in earnest this month.
Moran for Congress has
opened its campaign office Fairfax
in Arlington at the Arling- The Fairfax County Democ-
ton County Democratic ratic Committee and Moran
Committee’s offices located for Congress have begun
at 2009 14th St. North in phone bank operations tar-
Rosslyn. With a hearty geting new voters in in the
crew of volunteers and 8th District. The Get Out
staffers, it seems like mid- The Vote effort is focusing Alexandria
October already! on college students who Congressman Moran and
The Arlington location will may leave before Election daughter Dorothy at-
provide a central location Day and are in need of ab- tended the Fourth Annual
from which to mount cam- sentee ballots. Del Ray Music Festival on
paign operations, especially Congressman Moran also June 26th at the Mount
as canvassing efforts began attended the Reston Festi- Vernon Recreational Cen-
val at Reston Town Center ter. The event, always a
on July 10th and 11th to popular draw in Alexan-
celebrate Reston’s 46th dria, showcased local
Birthday. The day long bands from 10 am until 8
event was filled with activi- at night as well as some
ties from face painting, to great food courtesy of sev-
arts and crafts, food, music eral area restaurants.
and games.
National Association of Social Workers


 The NEA Fund for Children and Public

Amalgamated Transit Union Local 689

American Public Health Association

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The Virginia Partisans
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