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135 Matheson Boulevard East

Mississauga, Ontario L4Z 1R2

(905) 812-2923

Why NetSoft? Commented [CM1]: Should this be in the form of a

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NetSoft Can Lead You to Your Dream Job!

Get Started on the Right Path to Your New Career Without Draining Your Budget! Commented [CM2]: Is this a heading? Should it be
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NetSoft Offers Unparalleled Commitment to Your Success
At NetSoft, we provide students with all of the resources they need to develop the knowledge, confidence and
skills requirednecessary to obtainfor a well-paying job in the IT field. Commented [CM3]: Should there be a lead-in to this list?
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1. Build the Skills Youll Need in Your IT Career Through Real-World Applications Commented [CM4]: Just a suggestion, but perhaps this list
NetSoft combines formal educational methods with real-world application and hands-on experiences. While could be rearranged to be more logical and chronological. For
example, #14 would make more sense toward the beginning,
both approaches benefit skill development, many of our students find the best way to learn is by doing. At while #2 works better at the end. Basically, save the best for
NetSoft, you will take what you learn in the classroom and apply it to everyday career situations. last (students will get their dream career).

2. Graduate and Enter the Workforce in 12 Months or Less

We structure NetSofts programs are structured in a way so you can graduate with a diploma and be inenter
the workforce in one year or less after graduation, which allowings you to pay back debts faster and begin
your career. At NetSoft, you will notont be forcedhave to take elective courses that do not pertainfit with to
your chosen career and, so you can focus your time on the courses that are directly applicable toyou need
your field of study.

3. Learn from Industry-Experienced and Certified Instructors

At NetSoft, we only employs instructors who have knowledge, passion, creativity, flexibility and the ability to
connect with students. Our instructors have real-world experience, and insight and are traineding in to
coaching students toward their goals based on their abilities. As a NetSoft student, yourll find supportive
instructors are available to support you and who will providegive you the mentorship you need as youto
launch your career.

4. Create a Professional Network with Free Seminars and Events

NetSoft offers free seminars and networking events for our graduates to help themour graduates connect
with one another and jump-start their careers by exchanging job details, sharing professional contacts and
building lifelong bonds. Statistics show that most people will find their first job through a personal
connection, which is why NetSoft is committed to helping our students create rich, professional networks.

5. Industry-Recognized Curriculums
NetSoftWe at NetSoft update our curriculum is updated frequently to stay alignedcurrent with the demands of
the IT industry. NetSoftsOur instructors develop course programs that result in certifications, that leadinggive
graduates to have more credibility and recognition in the job market. Employers often give our Certified
graduates are often given priority, because as employers are confident that they have the skills necessary to
befor successful in the workforce.

6. Flexible Course Schedules to Fit Your Needs

The courses offered at NetSofts courses are offered are available in the evenings and on the weekends to
accommodate students who have full or part-time jobs, or who have families to tend to during the daybusy

7. Graduate with a Globally Recognized Diploma or Certificate

NetSoft is registered as a private career college under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005, and our
programs offered by NetSoft are recognized all over the worldwide.

1 Why NetSoft
135 Matheson Boulevard East
Mississauga, Ontario L4Z 1R2
(905) 812-2923
8. Get Trained by Industry Leaders
NetSoft isAs an IT Aacademy, andNetSoft has a partnership status with Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, Cisco and
Red Hat,. and sStudents can capitalize on the perksbenefits that come along withfrom these global

9. Gain Confidence with Free Course Repetitions Commented [CM5]: This was entered three times to keep
At NetSoft, we allows students to repeat courses at no cost. Students can solidify their knowledge or refresh the title and description together.
their skills by retaking courses or workshops, as needed, without incurring any additional cost. Please note
that in the unlikely event course prices or materials change, students are responsible for paying the

10. Get Exam Vouchers for Industry-Recognized Certifications

NetSoft is authorized to sell exam vouchers to our students. Students can purchase tThese vouchers to
receivegive students additional discounts on their exams. Some restrictions may apply. NetSoft is also a
Prometric and Pearson VUE Test Center member, which allows NetSoftus to schedule exams times as per
theconvenient for our studentss convenience.

11. Fund Your New Career with Easy Financing

In addition to various government programs, NetSoft can help you finance your education over the course of
your program. NetSoftWe can also recommend banks to assist you with loans and/or a line of creditfor tuition
fees. Most loans will be arranged as a student line of credit. NetSoft provides further financial support
options, and y You can refer to our Financial Aid (http://www.netsofttrainings.com/financial-aid/) guide for
more information.

12. Get the Job-Seeking Skills You Need to Launch Your Career
We at NetSoft knows that career development provides the foundation for lasting professional achievement.
That is why we offer a career preparation course, --Hire Me (Career and Employment Strategies). The Hire Commented [CM6]: Should this be italicized like the
Me course coaches students in rsum writing, interview preparation and other employment strategies. Its Financial Aid guide is? Or should it be in quotation marks?
designed to train students to handle the toughest interviewers in the industry.

When you choose to start your career training with training from NetSoft, know that we will guide you from
beginning of your education to the beginning of your careerend with exclusive services,. These services
includinge access to:
One-on-one consultations with career coaches.
Access to anA exclusive list of more than 10,000 recruitment agencies.
Access to an exclusiveOur job board for our graduates.
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NetSofts Hire Me (Career and Employment Strategies) course trains students to handle the toughest interviewers
in the industry, increasing their success rate. Commented [CM7]: I decided to move this section up, as it
fits better there. It seems out of place on its own.
13. Virtualized Labs tofor Working from Home
NetSoftsOur virtualized labs conveniently allowgive our students the ability to work on labs anywhere.

14. 100% Instructor-Led SmallCourses with Small Classes Sizes

NetSofts small classes encourage students to interact with their classmates and instructors and provideby
giving them more opportunities forto participatione.

2 Why NetSoft
135 Matheson Boulevard East
Mississauga, Ontario L4Z 1R2
(905) 812-2923

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