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Support on project teams, which will include coordinating with the

process licensor to ensure the compliance of the process design of the

plants in all project execution phases (E, P and C), participating in
design review meetings and inspection of the EPC work.
Lead a variety of process engineering duties in the petrochemical plant
which includes monitoring performance of plants and facilities, preparing
daily performance summary and recommending corrective actions to
deal with abnormalities.
Lead the developing equipment and process standards, operating
procedures, diagrams, training materials, and job aids as required to
properly documents, teach, and control site operations.
Lead production and process optimization, troubleshooting, data
analysis, and technical support to the operations organization.
Lead the troubleshoot process control problems. Identify causes and
make recommendations for improvements and/or implement
Lead the Implementation and sustain Automation and Process Control
(APC) applications, performing detailed engineering activities,
collaboration with various stakeholders.
Execute the process engineering responsibilities and tasks during
shutdown and major turnarounds to ensure optimum.
Schedule for downtime of the plant facilities without cost and time over
Check compliance of process design against Vietnam law/regulation
including authority interpretation/instruction
Coordinate with contractor to complete the preparation and ensure the
correctness of the process design/operation related documents required
for authorities appraisal/approval
Provide cascade training to junior engineers and operators to
understand plant design and operation
Other tasks as assigned.