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September 2011

The world is getting cooler



Lite Vision Plus
Air-to-air heat exchanger

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AIR-COND is always in movement

New faces at AIR-COND

BABY ALERT in order processing

TOSHI-BEAR is thinking about

100 per cent summer

TOSHIBA Digital Inverter

DATES fall-winter 2011/12

Photo competition

The world is getting cooler

he global economic upturn was largely responsi- Also AIR-COND laid until the end of June to plan, the mar- Fresh off the press, we present a new AIR-
ble for the significant increase in sales of air con- kets in Austria and the Czech Republic were performing COND information tool, which is still delivered
ditioners in 2010. Thus one reads in the special excellent and it would have been probably become a top in good old-fashioned way on paper and by
issue World Air Conditioner Market (JARN) about an summer, had it not been of July. Wet and so cold - also post: The AIR-COND journal The World of
increase of the world market in 2010 of amazing 20%! in the South! Toshiba Air Conditioning. Hopefully it is for
China reigns supreme, followed by the United States. Lets be surprised what is about the predicted JARN sales YOU a nice break from all the stressful and
Europe still struggles to connect with the top results for figures for 2011. Worldwide, it is indeed a market out of digital information overload from the Internet
the years 2007 and 2008. While there was a significant 94.5 million air conditioners. For Europe they estimate a and for US a good opportunity to share impor-
recovery after the market downturn in 2009, the peak in sales volume of around 6.6 million. That would mean a tant and interesting news with you.
2007, sold 8.6 million room air conditioners, could not growth of 3%, actually a realistic assumption, but maybe
be caught up by now. The best growth rates recorded in also difficult to realize facing a mad summer. Our goal is to compile a colourful mix of infor-
Europe as well as in many other countries concerned the mation from the company, industry, from the
VRF business. In 2009 there were sold in Europe around product management and our markets. Also
79.900 VRF outdoor units, in 2010 at least 96.600 - thats World market of air conditioners (Mio.) interesting Toshiba references should find
an increase of 21%. place in each issue. The World of Toshiba air
2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011*
conditioning is a joint product of the creative
It will be waiting to see the numbers of 2011, because China 19,5 20,2 24,5 23,2 28,2 36,2 39,8 minds of the AIR-COND and we all hope that
summer has almost gone. Once again it has shown the air USA 16.6 17,0 16,9 15,2 11,8 12,7 13,5 you are inspired by the one or the other post
conditioning industry in our region just how big the impact Japan 8,3 8,4 8,0 8,6 7,4 8,9 8,2 or even bring a smile.
factor weather is still on the summer business. Espe- Europe 6,0 7,4 8,6 7,8 4,9 6,4 6,6
cially in the Residential segment the stocks across Europe Rest ** 13,6 17,7 20,7 20,5 21,5 24,5 26,4 Enjoy reading!
are full, it beckons with actions and hopes to prettify the Total 64,0 70,7 78,7 75,3 73,8 88,7 94,5
balance a bit. Source: CCI
* *Jarn forecast for 2011
** Rest: Asia, Middle-, Latin- and South America,
Middle East, Africa and Oceania

Dagmar Unterrainer, Marketing

Growth in the VRF market
2009 2010

China 276.000 +70% 328.000 +19%

Japan 99.500 -5% 104.000 +5%

Europe 79.900 -8% 96.600 +21%

South Korea 45.100 +13% 60.000 +33%

USA 11.200 +24% 14.500 +29%

India 8.700 +38% 14.300 +64%

Rest 79.600 k.A.% 54.300 32%

Total 79.600 +25% 671.700 +12%

Source: CCI
Editorial team

Product News Better, clearer

and with a new look:

Elegant, clear and with lots of convenient

features. The new Lite Vision Plus.

LITE VISION PLUS intelligent and stylish

Lite Vision Plus, this is the new comfort remote
control, which is very successful not only in de-
sign but also in terms of features. Better known
under the name RBC-AMS51E-ES it offers an
extended energy-saving mode, a backlight
and a multilingual menu (including English and
German). Very practical is the function to name
individual rooms or the multiple programmable
weekly timer function.

With the new Lite Vision Plus, Toshiba has

launched undoubtedly a beautiful and intelli-
gent remote control that kicks on an excellent
response in the market.

Improving air quality and efficiency by use of

air-to-air heat exchangers
With the Toshiba air-to-air heat exchangers of the
VN-series all rooms are well supplied with fresh
air, which is highly efficient preconditioned with
the energy of the exhaust air. There are hardly
noticeable additional costs, the rooms can be

supplied with fresh air and the air can be even fter the revision of the partner web page these
moistened if necessary. Toshiba currently offers days the new global TOSHIBA air conditioning
seven models from 150 m3/h to 1000 m3/h air flow website went online. The contents were lightly
volume. The systems can be configured with the slimmed down, mainly not to overstress end users and
TCC Link control system or alternatively control- prospective customers. The internet performance on
led with a separate remote controller. www.toshiba-klima.at presents itself in a brand new look
and informs about Toshiba air conditioners in a compact
Fresh air is important to increase the efficiency way. Besides the overview of the product portfolio it has
and well-being of people. been tidied up with the most common misconceptions
and we tried to make clearer the added value of heating
and dehumidification.

All products are explained briefly, more information man

or woman can get over the datasheet or contact form.

Currently the website is available in German and English

language. The languages Czech, Croatian, Hungarian,
Slovenian and Slovakian are still in progress and expect-
ed to be online in October.

Maybe you would like to risk a click into the Web at

www.toshiba-klima.at to convince yourself about the
new Toshiba website.

AIR-COND is always in movement

fter some internal changes at the beginning of ments by additional staff. The marathon of interviews
this year there has happened a lot at AIR-COND. has finally paid off and new employees are already part
Much energy was spent to fill the vacated posi- of the AIR-COND team.
tions competently respect. to strengthen various depart-

Name: Christian Rumpl My job: everything around technics
Born on: 04.12.1970 Thats important for me: good coopera- is thinking about
Zodiac sign: Saggitarius tion with customers and colleagues
Family: not married now, soon father I am sociable, open and adjustable to
As a child I wanted other people
to become somebody who does a handi- That reminds me more difficult: 100 % SUMMER
craft work dealing with the computer
I became: a service technician, refrig- My hobbies: Family, meeting friends &

eration master and now technical supervi- driving my Enduro and Trial ith temperatures above 30C, we are
sor at AIR-COND Motto: Never give up. just in the last days of summer, the
At AIR-COND since: 11th April 2011 morning fog foreshadows the immi-
nent fall and thus it is time to take a conclusion
of the summer, of this strange summer. One
particular word I found remarkably often this
Name: Bernd Taucher sales dep. summer: per cent (Italian/Latin - per cento - of
Born on: 23.08.1990 Thats important for me: positive work hundreds.) On the front page we read about an
Zodiac sign: Leo environment increase of 21 per cent in the air conditioning
Family: dating I am friendly, reliable and flexible market in Europe, we were glad about partially
As a child I wanted to become a po- That reminds me more difficult: 3-digit percentage turnover increase in the first
liceman or a professional soccer player waiting months of this year, but the enthusiasm needs
I became: a technical employee, but my My hobbies: Sports (soccer!), going out to be stopped suddenly, when we needed to
career has only just begun so lets see with friends follow the weather scientist who reported the
At AIR-COND since: 14th February 2011 Motto: Live each day as if it were your worst July since 100 years. With higher per-
My job: Back office for technical and last. centage of cool and rainy days, the air condition
industry put their heads into the sand symboli-
cally. Nevertheless the last days/weeks made
it also for the toughest percentage analysts to
Name: Eva Rogi Thats important for me: a pleasant an average one, anyway, our business after
Born on: 30.06.1980 working atmosphere & that the job is fun times of global economic crises has cancelled
Zodiac sign: Cancer I am committed and reliable its optimism together with its summer vaca-
Family: related, one son six years old That reminds me more difficult: tions. The daily fight for percentages is omni-
As a child I wanted to become a being patient present, starting with the end user, who wants
singer My hobbies: Music, relaxing, sports and to see the air conditioner always cheaper, the
I became: commercial employee spending time with my son air conditioner, which changed its character
At AIR-COND since: 1st August 2011 Motto: If you stand for nothing, you will from a luxury good to a basic commodity long
My job: Sales department I deal with fall anything. ago. He is disorientated because of internet
your orders! and do-it-yourself stores and he doesnt reco-
gnize global price increases, milk and flour as
well as apartments and petrol, so why the air
conditioner needs to become cheaper? We are
proud to sell a product for which percentage is
used for quality and energy saving, more than

BABY ALERT 40 per cent less energy consumption thanks

to our inverter driven systems compared to fix
speed units, lots of percentages in savings of

in order processing heating costs thanks to our air-to-water heat

pump ESTIA compared to conventional hea-
ting systems or 100 per cent inverter control
in our SMMSi VRF system, but also less than
0,5 per cent warranties these are the values

ts obviously convinced to 100 per cent TOSHIBA quality.
how big the Were all in the same boat, for that we are ready
pleasant anticipation of to discuss about one or another per cent of
Ms. Margrit Fuchs of her new role as discount, but we will not offer 30-per-centac-
a mother is! She left us (temporarily) in late August for tions, because our partners economic driven
maternity leave after more than 15 years at AIR-COND. wouldnt see us in the same boat. Yes we
Its her first child and the baby is expected for January are making business, we all want to earn one or
2012. If the ultrasound is not wrong, it should be a girl. The another per cent, we will have better and wor-
entire AIR-COND team is really happy for her and wishes se months, but for one thing our partners, the
Margrit even in this way all the best, good health and TOSHIBA-family can be sure: We as AIR-COND
a very good time with the baby. will always do 100 per cent for our customers,
every single one of us.

She shines brighter than the sun

Ms. Fuchs becomes a mother.

fall-winter 2011/12

Advanced ESTIA Training

27th, 28th, 29th September German
3th, 4th October - English
One-day event

Advanced Controls Training

10th 13th October,
Toshiba Training centre in Leatherhead / UK
** fully booked **

Train-the-Trainer AIR-CONDTIONING
Workshop Export,
focusing on distributors
Dates scheduled for November / December 2011


TOSHIBA Digital Inverters are extremely reliable, designed for continuous operation and very efficient. 27th December 2011 5th January 2012


DIGITAL INVERTER 23rd 25th January 2012, Nightrace Schladming


a class of its own! 1st 8th February 2012, Bangkok

riginally, for the shopping centre recently The maximum total cooling capacity is 1,200 kW and
opened in Eisenstadt there was planned a 1,400 kW the maximum total heating power. As indoor
rather conventional heating and cooling sys- units of the monovalent system there were installed
tem for the 13.200 m2 area. The heating of the sales Toshiba 4-way cassettes. Depending on the architecture
floors should happen with natural gas, a water chiller they have been installed suspended or mounted in the
and fan coil units should provide for adequate cool- ceiling construction. Four individually adjustable louvres
ing in the summer. It was probably Mr. Peter Staris provide a perfect air distribution and prevent unpleasant
intervention, Managing Director of MS Klimatechnik temperature variations. The outdoor units supply also
Holding GmbH, that nothing came of it. Just in time air curtains and the ventilation systems with cooling or
during the late planning phase he introduced the high heating upon demand.
efficient air-to-air heat pumps. The facts spoke clearly Haushamer Strae 2
for TOSHIBA: lower installation costs, lower operating Furthermore, the different requirements for controlling the A-8054 Graz-Seiersberg, Austria
costs, independency from fossil fuels, only one system devices could be solved professionally by Toshiba. The Tel.: +43 316 80 89
and an environmentally friendly solution. majority of the plant was equipped with individually ad- Fax: +43 316 82 63 71
justable cable controls, while two shops have preferred E-mail: office@air-cond.com
After all, his arguments were so convincing, that the control over their headquarters. No problem for the new
project was rescheduled again and the Shopping Park comfort remote control that implements the program after www.air-cond.com
is now cooled and heated with Toshiba Digital Inverters. a predetermined time all the requirements.

We are looking for the best photos of installed BONUS:
Toshiba air-conditioners and reward them! Our docu- One AVANT INVERTER free of charge for each refer-
ments and websites should be improved by photo ence (one image or multiple images of a series), which
materials of real installations, and we hope for your is used by us.
We would like to point out that only the team of
THE CRITERIA: AIR-COND will decide about the photo materials!
Installed devices in a stylish/interesting surrounding
(indoor & outdoor units) SEND YOUR PICTURES DIRECTLY TO:
300 dpi Deadline: end of February 2012
Short comment to the plant
Consent that the picture can be used from AIR-COND