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1.1 Background

Sumedang is a district that is located in West Java Province which is famous for

its natural beauty and famous of various Art and Culture that make Sumedang known

as "Center of Sundanese Culture".

Sumedang is also tourism destination. They come there not only for recreation or

just vacation, many of those coming for a sense of curiosity of culture which is

owned by Sumedang, that is considered unique and only available in Sumedang or

also to see the existing art in Sumedang.

There are so many things that appeal in Sumedang. In addition to a rich cultural

heritage, Sumedang also has a wide variety of traditional foods that make Sumedang

has its own charm. One of traditional food in Sumedang is Pasireungit Oncom.

Pasireungit Oncom is the result of biotechnology in the food sector that has a lot of

benefits and it contains various nutrients. Therefore, the writer need to know how the

role of microbes in biotechnology process, how the process of making oncom and the

writer need to investigate the influence of microbes in the process of making

Pasireungit Oncom. Based on the reasons above the writer is interested in writing

scholarly paper entitled "The Influence of Microbes in the Process of Making

Pasireungit Oncom (Fermented Nuts)".

1.2 Problem Formulation

Based on the background, then there are some problem formulations will be of

discussion in this paper. The formulation of the problems are as follows:

1. How is the influence of microbes in biotechnology?

2. How is the process of making pasireungit oncom?

3. How is the influence of microbes in the process of making pasireungit oncom?

1.3 The Purpose of Research

The purpose of this research is to give an information accurately and clearly and

also give a benefit for the reader and the writer as follows:

1. To know how the influence of microbes in biotechnology.

2. To know how to make Pasireungit Oncom.

3. To know how the influence of microbes in the process of making Oncom


1.4 Time and Place of Research

The research is done from 25th to 27th March in Pasireungit Village that is located

in Subdistrict Paseh, Sumedang, West Java.

1.5 Method and Research Technique

1. Observation

The writer directly did the observation to the Pasireungit Village and saw the

process of making Pasireungit Oncom.

2. Literature

The writer collected data by reading from books or other sources such as

browsing from the internet, related to the issues discussed in the paper.

1.6 Systematic of Writing

CHAPTER I FOREWORD consists of the Background, Problem Formulation, the

purpose of Research, Time and Place of Research, and also Method and Research


CHAPTER II THEORETICAL BASIS consists of the meaning of microbes,

meaning of biotechnology, and also meaning of oncom.

CHAPTER III DISCUSSION consists of the study of problems to discuss the

influence of microbes in biotechnology, how to make pasireungit oncom, and the

influence of microbes in the process of making oncom.

CHAPTER IV CLOSING consists of the conclusion of the material that have been

described by the writer and also the suggestions from the writer.