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2nd DAN - JKA Shotokan Karate
s +65 9107 0360 _ cyrmartins@gmail.com
5 https://www.linkedin.com/in/cyrilmartinssg + Singapore

Shotokan Karate practitioner since 2011. > 1st Place - Senior Kumite
Aikido practitioner for 3 years. JKA Singapore Championship 2017
2 years experience in teaching Karate and Martial Arts to kids.
Experience in assisting and leading training for adults.
Experience in preparing members for grading. > 3rd Place - Senior Kata
JKA Singapore Championship 2017
Warm and positive person.
Emphatic, patient, understanding and a good listener.
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
Singapore Squad
Full of energy and enthusiasm. Participated in the Karate World
Represented Singapore in the JKA World Championship 2017. Championships and represented
Singapore in Kumite and Kata.

2000 participants, 50+ countries.

EDUCATION Location : Limerick, Ireland.

M.B.A in Procurement : Top Honors

PSB Paris School of Business (PSB) > 2nd Place - Senior Kumite
JKA Singapore Championship 2016
r 2011 - 2012 + Paris - France

Engineering Degree in Supply Chain > 3rd Place - Senior Kata

FESKOM Karate Championship 2015
University of Technology of Troyes (UTT)
r 2008 - 2011 + Troyes - France > 3rd Place - Senior Kumite
FESKOM Karate Championship 2015

Bachelor in Logistics : Upper Second-class

> 2nd Place - Senior Kumite
Honors KUS Karate Championship 2014
University of Versailles (UVSQ)
r 2007 - 2008 + Versailles - France
> 3rd Place - Junior Belt Kata
JKA Singapore Championship 2014
H.N.D. in Logistics & Transport
Management : Upper Second-class Honors
University of Cergy-Pontoise
r 2005 - 2007 + Cergy-Pontoise - France
English French 2017 JKA World Karate
Spanish Portuguese r 08/2017 + Ireland

Participation of the World Karate Championship

PASSIONS in Ireland.

Karate / Martial Arts Coaching

Karate Kids
+ Singapore

Fitness Travelling Launched a weekly Karate class for kids aged

between 4 to 8 years old.
Objective : Discovering Karate, teaching respect,
Electronic Music Cinema self control, discipline, fitness improvement.

5 https://www.shotocamp.com/

2nd DAN Karate Black Belt ShotoCamp is a Karate project based in

Singapore, that aims to attract people that are
Japan Karate Association (JKA).
willing to discover Karate by organizing

JKA Instructor D level

Qualified to instruct at branch level.

JKA Judge - D Level

Main judge for branch dojo or group level tournaments.
Assistant judge for National tournaments.