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Dear _________,

Good day!

We are writing to place a request in your office in our capacity as heir of the late Pontio Pilato.

Sometime this year, it came to our knowledge that a building is being constructed in the property
of our deceased ancestor, located in Heavens Street, Angels Province of the Sky. Upon checking
the veracity of the information, we have confirmed its authenticity; thus this request.

The property on which the building stands is a part and parcel of the undivided portion of the
estate of the late Pontio Pilato. It has neither been legally settled by his children nor by the
remaining heirs alive.

As children of the late La Trinidad and Lo Benguet, two of the direct descendants of Pontio Pilato,
we would like to request your good office to check the legality of the construction and or cancel
and revoke any permits issued which allows the construction of any works on the said property.
The unconsented action made, and, the lack of prior consultation to all other parties in interest
have caused great prejudice or encroachment on our rights which we are legally entitled to under
the law.

We are hoping that the cessation in the construction will allow the living heirs to fully discuss on
the matter and settle this issue to prevent any future misunderstanding that might arise on the
occasion of this unsolicited construction.

I am positive and hopeful that a prompt action on this request will prevent any further damage
and misunderstanding among the legal heirs.