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Hilti DX 450-SCT

sprayed concrete
testing system

Gain more from acceleration.

Hilti. Outperform. Outlast.

Hilti DX 450-SCT
sprayed concrete
testing system


Quick measurement of the early

strength of sprayed concrete

Advantages Dont wait a

Simple and practical method minute longer.
Highly reliable thanks to use of a
standard procedure in accordance Maximize your time
with EN 14488-2
Well proven in use worldwide for
savings with the
decades Hilti DX 450-SCT
Complete system contained in a handy
Hilti toolbox system.
In todays fast-paced civil engineering
jobs, sprayed concrete curing time is often
critical. A practical and reliable means of
determining the early strength of young sprayed
Highlights concrete is therefore essential.
The Hilti DX 450-SCT system lets you take full
The Hilti DX 450-SCT system has been in- advantage of the time savings and productivity
dependently evaluated and documented gains made possible through use of accelerators
in a guideline issued by the Austrian in sprayed concrete.
Association for Concrete and
Construction Technology*

*sterreichische Vereinigung fr Beton-

und Bautechnik: Guideline Sprayed
Concrete (2006), www.ovbb.at

8 30 mm
F DX 450

The time factor is critical with sprayed Using a Hilti DX 450-SCT tool, ten threaded The threaded studs depth of penetration
concrete in tunneling. Knowledge of its studs are driven into the young concrete with directly influenced by the strength of the
strength thus allows big productivity gains. a precisely defined driving force. concrete can be accurately measured.
Hilti DX 450-SCT
sprayed concrete
testing system

Results with your

boots on.

The whole system fits comfortably in a Hilti

toolbox. The only other thing youll need is
your pocket calculator. Easy-to-follow ta-
bles and graphs indicate immediately
whether the concrete has achieved the re-
quired strength and if the work can move on
to the next stage.

Quick statistics for

fast decisions.
Penetration depth (N/mm)
Pull-out force /

Cube compressive strength, fc (MPa)

The calibration curve provides an accurate

reading of early concrete strength.

Tester Mark 5

2 Years

Lifetime Lifetime


The Hilti Tester Mark 5 allows accurate The complete system neatly fits into a Anything but business as usual:
measurement of the force required to pull rugged and practical Hilti toolbox. First-class service for all Hilti tools
threaded studs out of the concrete. for the tools entire lifetime!
Hilti DX 450-SCT
sprayed concrete
testing system

DX 450-SCT

Ordering designation Item no.

DX 450-SCT 233871
Comprising a Hilti DX 450-SCT powder-actuated tool (long version) including 45/SL 1 base plate,
45/FL1 fastener guide, L140 piston guide and 45/M6-SL piston. This kit also includes the cleaning set,
safety equipment and operating instructions. Packed in an impact-resistant plastic Hilti toolbox.
Please note: This item number does not include the tester, tester accessories, threaded studs or cartridges.

Accessories, consumables and spare parts for DX 450-SCT

45/SL1 base plate assembly 000732

Hilti = registered trademark of Hilti Corp., Schaan | W3636 1208 0-en | 1 Printed in Liechtenstein | 2008 | Right of technical and programme changes reserved S. E. & O.
45/FL1 fastener guide 000730

L140 piston guide 000787
45/M6-8L piston 088058

X-M6-8-52D12 threaded stud (100 pcs/box) 306050
X-M6-8-72D12 threaded stud (100 pcs/box) 306051

X-M6-8-95D12 threaded stud (100 pcs/box) 306052
6.8/11 green cartridge 050351
6.8/11 yellow cartridge 050352

Tester Mark 5

Tester Mark 5 236442

Comprising Hilti Tester Mark 5, 0-5 kN force gauge, M6 adapter set and operating instructions,
packed in an impact-resistant plastic Hilti toolbox

Accessories and spare parts for the Tester Mark 5

Tester Mark 5 body only 285523
0- 5 kN force gauge 285525
0-10 kN force gauge 285526
0-15 kN force gauge 285527
0-20 kN force gauge 285528
0-25 kN force gauge 285529
0-30 kN force gauge 274311
6/M6 adapter set 285562

Productivity plus

Rebar detector system Powerful combihammers Injection mortars for versatile, User-friendly, cost-efficient dia-
providing high-resolution for tough drilling and secure fastenings in concrete mond coring machines featuring
images of steel reinforce- chiseling jobs and masonry compact design and advanced
ment in concrete engineering

Hilti. Outperform. Outlast.

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