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DIRECTIONS: Below are literature taken from various sources that are all related to
the research, The Effect of Classical Music on Grade 11 Students Math Text Anxiety.
Compose a short but cohesive Review of Related Literature using all five of these,
follow correct in-text citation, and state the references in APA style, 6th Edition using
MS Word referencing feature. Output must be submitted on October 11, printed on a
A4-sized paper.

NOTE: Copy/paste the scoring table at the end of your output, right after the
references. Also, some of the references are fictitious and will be used only for the
purpose of this activity.

1. All five of the available literature was used. 3
2. Each literature has been correctly paraphrased. 5
3. The literatures have been organized to form a cohesive whole. 3
4. The RRL follows correct in-text citation. 5
5. References follow correct APA style. 5
6. The paper follows prescribed format: Arial-12, double spaced,
normal margins, justified orientation.
7. The RRL does not have more than three grammatical/
typographical errors and other errors in technical writing.
8. The paper is at least 50 percent similar to the output of another
9. The output was submitted on or before the deadline. 3
Highest Possible Score / Total Points Earned 30

There is a significant relationship between students anxiety and their academic performance
along key subject areas i.e. English, Science, and Mathematics.

This is from a journal article entitled, Anxiety: How It Affects Academic Performance by Marissa M.
Apurillo published in 2015 in pages 50-55 of the International Journal of Modern Education, Volume
10, Issue 5, Quezon City, Philippines

The table that follows shows the National Achievement Test results in the last three years.

Year Elementary Secondary

2016 73.24 71.12
2015 68.32 69.70
2014 71.74 70.18
NAT Result for Mathematics, 2014-2016
This was retrieved from the official website of the Department of Education with the url:
http://www.gov.ph/k-12/. The website name is Republic of the Philippines Official Online Gazette. The
information was released February 16, 2017 under the title: National Achievement Test Results:

Kindergarten pupils exposed to suitable music in school coped with separation anxiety faster
than their peers who were not.

This is by John A. Royo published as an article of the online journal (URL:

http://journalofeducation.org/resources/cmsx1212), International Journal of Modern Education,
Volume 5, Issue 1 published in 2015. The title of the article is Factors affecting attitude towards
academic subjects: Inputs for intervention.

The secretion of serotonin, a hormone that helps elevate mood and reduce depression,
significantly increases as one spends more time listening to music he prefers.

Written in 2011 by Alimangohan, J.P. and Matutes, N.M., this was taken from their study Listening to
classical music and the production of serotonin published as part of the conference proceedings of
the 5th International Conference in Biochemistry Research entitled Biochemistry for the Future pages
10-15. It was published by the Philippine Society of Biochemists, Quezon City.

Many students feel most anxious in their mathematics subject.

Lifted from the book Conquering the Fear of Math by A.A. Collins published in 2012 by Fearson
Publishing House, New York