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All of us are free or none of us are

An urgent and important message

The premise
We are living in a false state of reality. I do not
believe in the matrix and I do not believe in
government conspiracies
Buddhismthe mode of ignorance
Technologyeveryone is currently expecting some
kind of enormous breakthrough to save us from an
apocalyptic future. I will be making a case that the
only truth path to a liberated earth is in the course of
using what we already have to manage our current
resources and knowledge to create a simple utopia
without anything but resource-based economics.
McKenna was right2012 was the
end of an era
Theorywe are at the tail end of a peak of
innovation within society. There will be no more
major technological breakthroughs that will
significantly improve the state of life.
However...this does not mean that life itself will not
improve. Quite to the contrary.
What everyone wants/expects
15/hr minimum wage is now on the table...which is
virtual communism. This, I personally believe
would lead to unsustainable consumer spending and
tax our resources tremendously.
Some kind of shift to socialism is generally expected
with new medical care regulations.
We have hundreds of charities which are supposed
to eventually alleviate the burdens of cancer, world
hunger/poverty, and all worldly issues.
Overpopulation is now a factor.
The cost of war
War can be put very simply. I like to use simple
examples free from the dogma of politics (to which I
bear no real association to). In essence two
competing parties lay claim to a pool of resources
and destroy each other until one party is wiped out
or admits defeat. Imagine two cave men who both
find a fruit tree at the same time. They may choose
to lay a claim to it for their own betterment
(especially being agriculture does not yet exist)
Today, many people cite oil as what is at steak
WWI/II; we should expect a WWIII, right? Many
people do. Looking at history, most wars the US has
involved itself in were caused in the name of
defense from external parties. Case in
point--national defense spending.
Nuclear armaments. Since their invention, most
countries have a good incentive NOT to go to war
with each other. Oddly enough, the invention of a
weapon seems to have created (temporary, and
perhaps tenuously) a state of world peace.
The state of the people
We have many freedoms available to use in terms of
personal choice, but many people still feel
repressed. Congress is bought and sold by lobbyists,
presidents fail to live up to their great claims, and
the law moves notoriously slow in any and all cases.
Though we all seem to hope for a true state of world
peace, many people will state we went to war for
oil. Or, rather than making our lives better leaders
are just playing politics. Indeed, it doesn't seem
like anything real happens between major world
powers today. As far as we are aware, anyway.
Beginning in the 60's many people openly spoke out
against the government, and took up differing
philosophies including anarchy, a more real form of
democracy (we live in a republic), and varying
degrees of economic reformatting in the name of
taking better care of the lower class.
Again more recently, there were the OWS protests in
the name of the current state of enormous wealth
discrepancies in the united states.
And, in fact...
Video--The 1%
Missing logic portal
People need things. People do not need high-tech
super-awesome things to survive and these things
are known to not lead to true happiness.
We have more than enough resources to survive as
one species. We do not and never will have enough
resources to survive in a continual state of greed.
Though I have just criticized the wealthy, the
important factor to acknowledge is not that there are
people who have outrageous excess, but that this is
what the culture actually encourages of everyone
(see: rap music).
Current World
The USA is notorious for its debt. We are making
use of foreign labor which is known to be inhumane.
We are spending 50% of our government money on
fueling wars and defense from other countries. It is
possible we have passed peak oil years ago. Many
people outcry about the state of our food which is
now poisoned with pesticides and tampered with
through genetic engineering. Our political game is
dominated by strange games of social control and
does not focus on any such issues but merely
modern social issues like gay marriage and gun
control. Overpopulation is likely nigh.
Where are we headed?
The (oddly) good news
There is no real indications today of a large scale
war to be happening, and with the advent of the
internet it seems ever more unlikely to me. The only
real threat currently stems from a religious conflict
in the middle east which has been going on for
centuries. Our problems are more economic in
nature. No one really wants to go to war right now.
Is it purely the matter of nuclear arms? Who knows.
What do we even want?
Most people in the US seem happy with their lives.
The path is simple enough once you do manage to
deal with your college debt and secure a
job...unemployment is real but people are for the
most part taken care of and able to get by. We live
in a first-world country, so we got first-world
When did everyone suddenly get an iPhone?
The weird part (transitioning to the
Human history has been going on for...a long time.
It was a while before we were able to secure
boundaries throughout the world. Now, things look
to be unchanging. No country is really set out to
conquer the world and all land and...why would
they? There's no sufficient incentive to strive for
such a purely egoistic achievement such as that.
Fact iswe are not suicidal as a species or inclined
to violence once we feel happy in our lives and all
our needs are accounted for.
Much of the world has not evolved into the modern
world you have come to know.
Poverty is the norm for most people on earth.
Most people still struggle paycheck to paycheck.
Illegal immigration is a continual issue.
We source an enormous amount of manufacturing to
Still have loads of people dying from cancer and bad
medical treatment. Also, depression is rampant.
Simple logic
Imagine by John Lennon. All people have the
same needs and none of them involve war. This
statement alone SHOULD be enough, but I can
In essence, today it is all a matter of resources. How
can a society maintain itself is the main question,
NOT how can we attain world peace. Although
this is justifiable and rational, let's consider this
from a new, modern perspective which may have
not been possible in the past...
Suppose we could cut back on resources
significantly, all while maintaining standards of life
for all people? This is possible. The current
paradigm is the only reason we cannot achieve this.
The 40-hour workweek. The bane of all man and,
ever since WWII came and passed, all woman as
well...is it necessary?
What is it that we don't know?
I'm going to drop a knowledge bomb on you right
now. Culture is the disease which has infected you.
Wait, listen. Listen. Everything you do, believe,
feel, and think is mostly (if not quite entirely) a
fictional narrative which is damaging to your health,
well-being, and ability to be and express your true
will of happiness. Name any individual thing and I
can tell you how you have been lied to and even
how the culture itself has fooled itself in such an
enormous and unchanging lie.
I am Literally Telling You This
Be lazy. Have sex. Eat unhealthy food.
In essence, the entire hedonism/asceticism is a
fallacy because all that you feel comes down to
biology and a few inherent principals of it. What I
have do (quite convenient for you) is identify
everything that is necessary to be as healthy and
happy as possible from a standpoint of pure
biological processes.
One must eat such, exercise in a way, obtain the
amount of money, follow this path in life.
Everything you have ever wanted has been drawn
out and dictated for you since you were a child and
is reinforced by the culture you live in daily.
Here is the fact thoughmost of the things you do
that you think are helping you and improving you
life are in fact hurting you and hindering you ability
to experience reality the way nature originally
intended. So here it is--
You're stressed (I mean really)
Work is stress. Raising children is stress. Cooking
is stress. Driving is stress. Managing your bank
account is stress. Furtheryou have insomnia,
cancer to worry about, headache and stomach aches,
constipation, loss of libido, etc. And to make sure
you live a healthy, happy life you must...stress
yourself out more? Eat a painfully boring diet and
commit yourself to a daily exercise routine?

Guess what?
All of that is wrong.
To put it simply--
Exercise--fruitless waste of bodily resources
eating healthy--misguided attempt to reconcile our
disconnect from natural law
reading--fine if you like it but does not hold more
merit than tv
positive thinking--compensation for ignorance that
ultimately leads to denial
religion--magical/delusional thinking
When you were young...
None of this existed! Ha! That was when you were
truly happy! But yes, sorry this is a bit aside from
the point.
This is your new favorite word--anabola. The
opposite is the state in which you are exerting
yourself mentally or physically catabola. You know
metabola, which is your self-sustained state. It is
the natural balance you create for yourself and it is
centered around the way you sustain the other two
states (primary sleep and movement respectively).
Start doing nothing
I heard a podcast once by Joe Rogan. It was about
immortality and some of the points he made were
that breathing is bad for you and that healthy
eating did not significantly increase lifespan.
Now...I'm not gonna tell you how to be immortal or
if you should want something like that or not. But I
CAN tell you how you are missing out on your
entire life by simply barreling through it in a pure
catabolic state.
Your bad metabolism is killing you because you are
not giving your body time to repair the way that it is
meant to.
In fact, let's go further
Never exercise another day in your life.
Health = dogma. You believe it's as such because
that is the conditioning. In reality, the function of
the body is to always become better at whatever it is
being stressed out to do. If you run, you'll get better
at running; if you play cards, you'll get better at
sorting that data in your head; if you play a video
game, your reflexes will get better. The simple act
of burning calories in no particular fashion will not
improve your well-being or happiness in any way
except to make you better at what you were burning
them with.
A quick note
Sex is something you exercise to get better at. No
one is just naturally good at it (any more than any
activity) and if you are failing then it is because you
are simply occupied with other things and cannot
allocate enough of your metabolic processes to it.
So that's righteverything you do is working within
the finite ability of your body to manage it in
relation to everything else you do.
Also video games work the same way as exercise
with stress but it's mental rather than physical.
So basically
He's wrong. Breathing is not bad for you. Burning
calories is. Not doing what makes YOU happy is.
We need to collectively get over this notion of
exercising for its own sake. If you are overweight,
it's something you are doing wrong (yes, some
people are inclined to be a certain weight) and your
metabolism is failing you. So yeah...exercise is
gonna correct that pathway in a roundabout way but
there's no connection between running fast and
being healthy. You don't NEED to be able to run
fast and have strong muscles just to look healthy.
This activity is hurting you and you need to stop.
And furthermore
There are some complications that are easily
resolved when you know the proper methodologies
and principals behind how health works. Its really
not hard to understand at all but for the sake of
making things 100% crystal-clear I have some very
long writings explaining how it works but most of it
can be simply surmised bythe better it is for you,
the more quickly it will go bad.
But uh...
Because I know you have about a billion questions
about weight loss I'll tell you there's gonna be more
to healthy eating later on...
More rest = healthy immune system = greater
Stressing yourself is NOT the cure. Only stress
yourself on things that you care about and want to
get better at.
Okay but...
Stop. There's another facet to this whole thing and
that is the structure of society. Or, as I like to look
at it, the re-structuring of it.
We are so caught up in meeting the demands of this
culture that we have lost ourselves. You were alive
as a child and now you are deada living machine
designed only to work and create profits for
someone who isn't you.
Resource-based economy, baby
Ohhh yeah. This is the good part. This is the scary
part. This is where...you finally get to connect the
dots and realize that you are a human being and not
a trained monkey.
No matter who you are, what you're capable of, or
what you enjoy, you deserve to live a full and true
life. Today, all we have is a system of hierarchy
designed to keep us busy and in line. Yes, I am
talking Fight Club now but the fallacy of that
movie is that fighting is somehow more of a real
experience than anything else you want to do.
Why not Brony Club?
Oh right because we're all men here.
You don't want what you want
Materialism. Hello. Even mention of the words
either materialism or society is reason to
question. These words draw up quite a connotation
for themselves. But I mean...you want that car,
right? And that big house, right? Ha!
This is the biggest lie. It's as such because the
society is designed around these facets and so you
naturally gravitate to wanting it bigger and better.
It's not your fault, really. Everywhere you look,
there's something telling you this is what you need
to be a real person. The real truth is that as a
human being, you don't need much to be happy.
Organize and account for all
When I break down the measure of society, it really
falls into a small pile of things that are necessary.
Sad, but trueyour job does not really do anything
to make anybody happy. It's just management of a
system which is construed around itself in order to
maintain the endless flow of cash. Things can be
simpler, so much simpler...and everyone can have
their share at an extremely minimal work output. If
only we can overcome our attachment to
materialism and endless corporate idealism via
marketing and advertisements.
But world conflict tho
My view is simpleeveryone just wants a piece of
the pie. Their own slice of life to be comfortable.
So we should not be judgmental of people born in
other circumstances...
When you clear away all the egregious need for
things to satisfy you and realize your biology and
relationships (very cheap in comparison) are the
prime modalities for determining your happiness,
life becomes 100x easier.
Your BS (belief system)
Capitalism or communism are neither solutions to
the world issues we face. The problems are real
things bound to actual resources and people that
exist, not a temporary abstraction like money.
Yes, you can improve overall states of life by giving
people both incentives and some equalizing
economic treatments.
Think in terms of efficiency and value of labor and
Your iPhone was made in China. By a person who
makes barely a coin. Your labor is worth grossly
more than him simply by virtue of where you do
your business at.
Your car is powered by oil which comes from across
the ocean.
This system will fail by the very fact that there is no
world equality. What is happening in other
countries to power your gadgets is nothing short of
slave labor via economic dominance and it will be
the death of society given enough time.
From Player Piano
What do you expect?" he said. "For generations
they've been built up to worship competition and the
market, productivity and economic usefulness, and
the envy of their fellow men-and boom! it's all
yanked out from under them. They can't participate,
can't be useful any more. Their whole culture's been
shot to hell.
All vertical no horizontal
The most important thing we must do (and perhaps
my main point) is organize ourselves for efficiency
of labor. This mean, rather than attempting to give
everyone a job, we should actually attempt to make
it so there are less jobs that need be worked.
Over time, our technology has reduced the need for
physical labor to almost none.
We can very, very easily produce enough for
everyone's needs if we can change our idea of what
is an isn't necessary.
My social philosophy
In a resource-based economy where our first priority
is taking care of everyone's basic needs, survival
would be an extremely easy, almost effortless task.
Most of the expensive, hard-to-make technology we
have today actually centers around not a need for
entertainment but a need to be constantly on the
move and gravitating around our busy careers.
Vicious cycle of work to live, live to work.
If we take out the jobs which do not actually
produce any goods or resources, we can free
ourselves tremendously.
My health theories actually eliminate an enormous
part of the job sector when you realize that the body
is only capable of healing itself. All you need is a
place to rest in good homeostatic principals and a
healthy supply of food with the correct principals of
storage. Then, just choose to heal yourself.
The only jobs that would be necessary with enough
automation would be maintenance jobs.
[make small doc details new society structure
(including TLDR doc)]
I've been telling people this for ages: automation of
jobs is the future. Hell, it could be the present in
most aspects already!
Automatic grocery checkout
elimination of fast food jobs
Were getting closer
Renewable resources
Absence of conflict
None of this would have happened. Humans would
not have gone through continual stretches of
warfare, slavery (in all its forms) would not have
existed, we would not be dominated by those who've
accumulated excessive money and power, etc etc
etc: the entire span of human history is a span of
human suffering (and technology advancement).
Even our current way of distributing resources is a
terrible transgression against natural law. You see a
skyscraper, I see vanity
My system
There really isn't much to say because of its
simplicity. There is much more to be said of what
the deal is with why we seem to want this current
system of egregious desire of more and more power
when on the inside we are all experiencing the same
All needs are accounted for first at a local scale and
secondly at a centralized manufacturing scale.
Everyone will be enjoying products made not where
we would today choose for economic benefits, but
purely by law of straight lines and what is needed.
The biggest, most unrecognized
Are we really helping other countries as much as we
believe? youtube.com/watch?v=Oj8eFu72_fc
We have institutionalized a subtle form of
economic-based slavery in the form of devaluing
the labor of other countries (IE hire-an-indian
(warrior forums).
It is very important that we implement as single
currency system and it should be as digital as
possible (please reserve any complaints about
security until after I have explained).
Language = economic barrier
Brass taxes
As innovation comes to an end, so does the
revaluation of currency.
We are expending enormous resources on things that
not only do we not need (and I do believe everyone
should have access to such things as video games
that require no physical manufacturing), but exist
only for the sake of marketing and drawing in big
money. Culpritscomputers/gaming and cars.
This cannot and will not continue and if we are to
Priority #1: Make Everyone Happy
In my concept of a resource-based economy,
everyone's needs are accounted for at a bare
minimum of labor. Technology is at the core of this
for all it has done to reduce human effort in
production. Imaginea 10-hour work week. a
I can easily outline this for you in another
presentation, but what must be understood is that we
cannot function as a society when everyone is
aiming for a lifestyle which wastes enormous
resources and serves only to keep us separated
We are finite
In my model, not only will most forms of
transportation and technology become unneeded, we
will choose to share what is required on a as
needed system.
Centralized computer systems
All needs at an immediate local level
Internet communication to keep us all connected
Free will to live and be anywhere, anytime
Resources are infinite
Consider: is it really possible for a single country to
run out of oil? No, because all developed countries
have an economic stake and unless we are going to
break peace such a thing cannot happen.
The cost of war is so much greater than what could
be gained. Is it not plain as day? You never know
your luck when it's a free-for-all. The world must
sustain itself, not just individual countries or we are
doomed to anarchy and chaos.
End all war spending and instead put it into the
development of sustainable resources.
Do Make Say Think
We live in a stasis-like state of concerning ourselves
with things that aren't realthe city you live in,
your portfolio, your political party, while we lose
out on life's infinite potential for real love and
Abolish all borders save for ones we want
Currency is optional and only exists as an agreement
between two parties
The prime focus must be freeing humanity to
entertain and create as it pleases.
And the kitchen sink
Name any job and I can tell you how it will be made
obsolete in a world free of corporate influence.
Simple example: a video camera. There will be
provided a center where you can request a video
camera and use it just as a library book.
Technology will be repaired and reused.
No one owns anything because everything is
temporary. You are ofc responsible for your own
failures to maintain a product's safety.
Simply put, reduce the need for so much energy
consumption and produce green energy sustainably.
You can't not discuss it
I believe we have at most 10 years to continue what
we are doing before we face a 1984-style reality.
I for one applaud Britain for leaving the EU because
they're the first ones to realize and act upon the
simple truth that our shit ain't working.
No politician can save us. Nearly all of them are
subject to intense lobbying interests.
Your political party can't save you.
Your religion doesn't matter to me. WE ARE ALL
End poverty end war free humans end stress and
disease create art cultivate happiness shape the
world as we see fit!!!
You don't know what you really want. Continual
war and menial labor are not necessary to life!
Politics is a losing game and wasteful expenditure in
Raising the sparks
We are worth so much more as a single, unified
creative force than stuck in endless conflict!
That, indeed, the home front is something of a
fiction and a lie designed (not too subtly) to draw
them apartto subvert love in favor of work,
abstraction, required pain, bitter death.
-Thomas Pynchon
Another note on health
The main factor in a food's healthiness is freshness
and purity. Nothing should deviate from the natural
product the earth made. There should be no
poisonous use of pesticides. There should be no
food being shipped 10,000 miles before you finally
eat it. There should be no food processed from its
natural state (sugar cane is good for you! fat-free
milk is bad! taste indicates quality!). We could all
very easily be eating a 100% nutritious and delicious
diet if we were doing it ourselves using an
automated by-need system rather than factory
And yes,
All the toxins in your food, household products,
water, and so forth are main contributors to physical
and even mental illnesses! I can speak for myself in
this regard as my immune system has become quite
sensitized. What you have is less an immune
system and more and oblivious system because
you don't know how much pain you are in until you
wind up with cancer or a cold! I don't get sick. In
fact I don't even drink water (no joke, only ever if
I'm in the heat) but I will explain that in another
context and document...what had happened to me.
On doing nothing
Improved sleep/dreams (deep REM)
Re-obtain child consciousness/happiness (baby's
experience of reality but with adult knowledge)
Sleeping is enjoyable, working/stress isn't (what are
you gonna do with endless free time?)
You are cognitively biased towards needing conflict
(see: entertainment) and being a human doing
Everything from inner peace and joy to creativity to
freedom from illness and loss of libido/aging
De-complicate your life: be an animal.
Is there really any
difference between this
and being a squirrel?
Connect with yourself,
nature, and reality!
Conflict is not your
natural state of being
any more! Survival is
stream-lined and easy!
Willpower = Life Force
Your immune system is constantly burning fuel to
repair, protect, and improve itself.
Any time you do drugs, you are splurging an
enormous amount of your body's built up defenses.
You need long-term (fat) and short-term (sugar)
energy to survive. These things are not bad for you.
The more you adhere to correct health guidelines the
more energy you will have in all aspects emotional
mental physical.
A nice fact
Cancer is a function of your immune system. It is
something that happens to you at a small scale ALL
the time. Same deal with heart attacks. I am no
expert on weight loss but I can tell you that healthy
people ALWAYS look better than unhealthy.
Living should not hurt! But you have to understand
pain/negative symptoms for what they really are
healing! Things like chemo and liposuction are
really, really disastrous to your health.
It's ALL homeostasis
A not-so-nice fact
Terrorism: though the USA often fights against this
in the name of world peace, we then end up
committing act of terror ourselves against the
opposing faction in question! Yes, 3,000 of our
civilians were killed in 9/11, but if you are to
research the number of civilians we went on to kill
in Iraq/Afghanistan from then on, you would see
that we are not always a force of good!
It's unreasonable to assume a separated government
will always have it's people best interests at heart.
Save yourself
I have personally reduced my myopia by half.
Originally 4.25/4.5 prescription, now it's 2/2.25.
I believe the same principals as used in this site can
be applied to any long-term or so-called permanent
impairment: (I am not advertising).
There is nothing worse for your immune system
than constantly taking in chemicals and poisons that
kill your cells and eating food which has been
stripped of its nutrients and enzymes.
New world, new problems...
The reason we have gmo foods is because of a lack
of understanding of the correct principals of health
and how it has corrupted the philosophy of the
world into cutting itself short. I am not a gmo
researcher but I can tell you with a lot of confidence
(being that all medical knowledge they are deriving
is wrong anyway) that there is always a consequence
to every action or change within biology. Once
things are cleared up, you can see more plainly what
we have to do to fix things.
Don't Be Fooled!
Pink Floyd, Burning Man, Ron Paul, Aesop Rock
there is hope for the freedom of humanity!
Male-centric dominator culture that says I will
build the highest tower, conquer all land, defeat all
opposition, etc.
Many things that exist are temporary fixes for the
failing state of the world.
Potential for growth of human consciousness.
We've come this far
Much of the conflict between human has been a
matter of our growth into the current state of
technology and current divisions of land/resources.
We now have the chance to make the world a perfect
utopia. Do not spoil it!
Although it would have been better if we have
developed like this naturally with labor gradually
weening off, there is so much already done that all
we need to do is localize! We can convert what is
already built very easily to a real and greater
Living is EASY
Everyone can and should be entitled to fresh,
abundant organic food.
Aesop Rocks Water
Everyone can and should be entitled to large
quantities of free time and safe shelter.
only killer. Your body needs rest and repair to fight
off all of the poisons in your food and all the stress
your job puts you through, not more stress.
All science class can be summed different states
are different/different states exist. All real science
is anecdotal.
History is a timeline of failures
Math is a waste of mental energy
Reading is just making you do something you'd
already enjoy
English is teaching you a skill that is mostly
unnecessary given a free human society.
Memorizing info via school is 100% obsolete.
Shouldve stopped with advent of internet
Result is school is just conformism work to create a
malleable populace
So tell me--
Are we or are we not at the end of an era of
technological and political development?
Our current vision of the future is completely stupid
and unfeasible with a finite planet. Technology
must be designed by and for function, not glitz.
Everyone wants to rule the world because no one
understands how it works! Fighting for resources is
irresponsible and inhuman.
The dogma of seperatismwhy support love and
prosperity if your mission is destroying peace?
There is no human game, no human narrative; there is
foolhardiness guising itself as the solution to all
problems. Stop poisoning yourself and rid yourself of
the conflict mentality that is wrecking us! All of us are
mad because all we know and understand is the
concept of ownership! No matter what happens,
structure of society must change!
There can be no righteous war not fought in defense!
We must fight WW0the creation of sustainable,
totally modernized planet!
For want of a nail the shoe was lost
For want of a shoe the horse was lost
For want of a horse the rider was lost
For want of a rider the battle was lost
For want of a battle the kingdom was lost
And all for the want of a horseshoe..
Republican or democrat,
It doesn't matter which way you look at it.

One believes things because one has been conditioned

to believe them.
Most human beings have an almost infinite capacity
for taking things for granted.
We don't want to change. Every change is a menace to
A love of nature keeps no factories busy.
The optimum population is modeled on the iceberg-
eight-ninths below the water line, one-ninth above.
Aldous Huxley
Masdar City
The Flaming Lips, LCD Soundsystem, Ween, Death
Grips, Busdriver, Mike Ladd, Primus, Of Montreal,
Gorillaz, Animal Collective, AJJ, Akron/Family,
Kasabian, Radiohead, Yeasayer, Zach Hill, Aesop
Terence Mckenna, Ram Dass, Jordan Peterson, Joe