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Flywheel Effect or Polar Moment of Inertia Search

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The flywheel effect, sometimes also referred to as "Mass Momentum", is a term used to
describe the property of a system to remain at a given velocity or kinetic energy. It is Home
generally applied to rotating mass, such as flywheels or clutch plates. Engineering Book Store
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The following equations and calculator will estimate the Flywheel Effect or Polar Moment Excel App. Downloads
of Inertia. Online Books & Manuals
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Description Equation

Flywheel Effect or Polar Moment of Inertia

Mean Angular Velocity

Coefficient of Steadiness


S ymbol Description Units

Flywheel Effect or Polar
Wk2 kN (lbf)
M oment of Inertia

W Weight of Flywheel N (lbs)

E Excess energy J (ft-lbf)

9.8 m/s2
g Acceleration due to gravity
(32.16 ft/s2)
n1 M aximum speed rpm
n2 M inimum speed rpm
Average speed rad/s
M aximum and minimum
angular speed, respectively
m Coefficient of Steadiness -
Coefficient of Fluctuation
Cf See Table
of Rotation

Coefficient of Fluctuation of Rotation Table, Cf

Driven machine Type of drive Cf
AC generators, single or parallel Direct-coupled 0.01
AC generators, single or parallel Belt 0.0167
DC generators, single or parallel Direct-coupled 0.0143
DC generators, single or parallel Belt 0.029
Spinning machinery Belt 0.020.015
Compressor, pumps Gears 0.02
Paper, textiles, and flour mills Belt 0.0250.02
Woodworking and metalworking machinery Belt 0.0333
Shears and pumps Flexible coupling 0.050.04
Concrete mixers, excavators, and compressors Belt 0.1430.1
Crushers, hammers, and punch presses Belt 0.2

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