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‘TEACHER-STUDENT ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP: KNOW THE LEGAL ASPECT According to research, the more you see and interact with a person, the greater the chances that you will be emotionally attached or “fall” to that person. However, is it really love if a teacher “falls in love" to his student? The humble conclusion of this author will be known as you read this article For now, let us first know the legal consequences of a teacher and student romantic relationship. Imprisonment of 6 months and 1 day up to a maximum of 4 years and 2 months The romantic relationship of teacher and student falls under Article 337 of the Philippine Revised Penal Code (RPC) called Qualified Seduction Qualified Seduction, Definition It is qualified seduction when a teacher or any person who, in any capacity, was entrusted with the education of a air, entices that girl to untawful sexual intercourse without the use of force. Itis no material if the girl expressly consented to the said act. Qualified Seduction, When To be considered guilty of the said felony, the following elements should be present. (Trivia: Acts and omissions punished by the RPC are called felony while acts and omissions punished by a special law are called crime.) 1. Thet the offended party is a virgin Virginity is presumed if the woman is unmarried and of good reputation. In the case of US vs. Casten, the accused, in an effort to cast doubt to the good reputetion of the victim, told the court that he had prior intercourse with the girl, The Supreme Court considered her a virgin under the context of the law. On the other hand, when a girl had carnal relations with other men, her chaste character is now questionable (US vs. Suan), 2. That she must be over 12 and under 18 years of age 3. That the offender had sexual intercourse with her 4. That there is abuse of authority on the part of the offender Teachers are considered persons in authority with respect to his students, Qualified Seduction, Sample Cases Santos vs. People Facts: ‘A teacher had a romantic relationship and sexual intercourse with a girl student of the school where he works. However, the accused is not the teacher of the girl student he seduced, Question: Is the said teacher guilty of qualified seduction? ‘Supreme Court Decision: The accused is guilty of qualified seduction. The fact that the offender is a teacher in the same school is already sufficient to prove that he abused his authority, He was able to carry out his ill motive because of his moral influence as a member of the faculty over the student, It is easier to prove the case of qualified seduction when the offender is a teacher that is in charge of the education and instruction of the victim, such as a subject teacher or adviser. (People vs. Cariaso) Parting Words Considering the circumstances surrounding in a romantic relationship between a teacher and his girl student, the author strongly believes that this kind of relationship, generally, is more of lust rather than love. Real love is rational and does not take advantage of the weakness of another. Real love knows how to wait for the right time.