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Its interesteng to see the analogy of long roads and the bridge.
We have see the problem and the possible solution. However, we also realize that there have been many
people doing that. So, making a bridge is not a sexy solution anymore
What s the novelty?

Literature review?
From whats going on noe globally?
Or from where it began, it origins?

Guest Lecture
Dr Gautam Kumar Jha
U to U partnership within the last 3 years.
What Issue rely? Target?
Edutation system in India? How different from Indonesia? (more Diverged) More Ethnic..
A bridge to solve the problem?
How to make our project proposal good for long term?
Imagine like making a bridge for the 2 moutains
The problem: the very long way if no bridge
The solution: the Bridge

Literature review:
See how people have made bridges
What materials needed? How different one another?
Until finally decided which bridge Im ganna make

Vernacularism = socio ethnicity

Nationality = socio political economic