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Internship Proposal Template

Due January 31, 2017

Your Name: Rebecca Swanson

On-site mentors name & position: Glenda Frank: ACS HS Mathematics Learning Leader

Directions: Work with your on-site mentor to determine project that is applicable to Teacher
Leadership. The project must encompass at least four of the Domains of Teacher Leadership.
The Project should last from 8-16 weeks (or beyond) and your involvement in this project must
occur during the semester of the Internship course. This might include the planning stage,
implementation stage, and/or completion stage.

Describe the Project that you will be involved in: As part of the IB Curriculum, students are
required to write a mathematical investigation. In our current curriculum (9-12), we do not
explicitly teach our students how to write a mathematical paper. I would like to design and
implement a PLT learning cycle around mathematical writing to better prepare students for the
Math IA they need to do in their senior year.

How does this project relate to Teacher Leadership? I will lead the PLT cycle as the Learning
Leader for this topic. I will coordinate schedules, research papers for my colleagues to read,
and guide my team through the development of a curriculum to better teach our students to
write mathematically.

At what stage are you entering this project? This is the conception stage, but I hope to be able
to plan and completely implement the plan within the timeline of this course. Our team is
currently engaged in a learning cycle, so my ability to complete the implementation will be
dependent on when our current learning cycle ends.

What is your role in this project? I will plan and facilitate this project.

What is your mentors role in this project? Support

How will you assess the overall effectiveness of your involvement in this project? I will survey
my team members. As this is a long term plan for the 9-12 program, it will be difficult to see
immediate results in student work.

Which Domains most closely align with your project. (place X in the box)

Place an X
next to 4
that closely Briefly describe how this Domain applies to your project
align with
your project

Domain 1 X Within the learning cycle, the math department will work
Fostering a
together, building on what we already know, to enhance our
culture to curriculum and instruction.

for student

Domain 2 X I will be doing research on writing in secondary mathematics

Accessing and
using research
programs and sharing the quality papers I find with my
to improve department so that they can further understand what writing in
practice and
student mathematics should look like.

Domain 3 X I will be sharing my research results with my department. We

will discuss what we learn and how we can alter or enhance our
learning for current curriculum based on what the current research says.

Domain 4 X While our students do well on the written potion of the IB

program, their IA scores are usually lower than they should be.
in instruction My hope is that an extra focus in writing in the mathematics
and student
learning curriculum will improve these scores longitudinally.

Domain 5 X Within the PLT cycle, we will look at previous student work and
Promoting the
use of
scores on the internal assessment. I would also like to do an
assessments activity where we survey students, conduct a lesson on writing
and data for
school in mathematics, and then re-survey students to judge whether
improvement or not they feel they learning anything with the process.

Domain 6
outreach for
with families
and community

Domain 7 X As the scores indicate, our students clearly need support when
Advocating for
it comes to writing about mathematics. I am pushing the
learning and department to address this issue and make changes to improve
the profession
student learning.