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Marks Develop ideas Refine work by Record ideas, Present a personal and
through research and exploring ideas, observations and meaningful response that
investigations, selecting and insights relevant to realises intentions
demonstrating critical experimenting with a your work and (complete what you have
understanding of your range of appropriate intentions (what do planned to complete)
sources. media, materials, you plan to do). and demonstrates your
techniques and understanding of visual
Evidence: Artist study processes. Evidence: Drawings, language.
sheets, artist based shoot and edit plans,
shoots and Evidence: Photo experiment step-by- Evidence: Final edits or
experiments, shoot shoots, physical steps, annotated experiments, final project
plans, image experiments, digital contact sheets, outcomes, evaluations, a
analyses. editing experiments, annotated images, clear connection
drawing/sketches, image analyses, between your research
make-up and shoot evaluations, mind and your final outcome.
designs. maps and mood
24 An exceptional An exceptional ability An exceptional ability An exceptional ability to
Convincingly ability to effectively to thoughtfully refine to skilfully and competently present a
develop ideas ideas with rigorously record personal and meaningful
through creative discrimination. ideas, observations response and realise
and purposeful and insights through intentions with
23 Clearly
investigations. An exceptional ability drawing and confidence and
to effectively select annotation, and any conviction (explain WHY
All artist study and purposefully other appropriate and back it up).
22 Adequately sheets are experiment with means relevant to
completed; all with appropriate media etc. intentions, as work
high quality art progresses (e.g. Clear and developed
copies, and all A wide range of high blog, vlog etc.). connection to research.
21 Just
artists have been quality, refined digital A clear yet branching
recreated and and physical Accurate, confident (explore lots of different
interpreted experimentation, with and expressive use ideas) and developed
creatively and consistent of technical and path from research to
confidently through development and descriptive language. final outcome. An
high quality shoots redevelopment Annotation is exceptional ability to
and experiments. throughout. detailed, critical and demonstrate
insightful and understanding of visual
Engaged and annotated steps for language.
demonstrates a all edits.
critical Evaluation is insightful,
understanding of A wide range of critical and confidently
their sources. creative and high uses technical and
quality drawing descriptive language with
methods, used accuracy.
creatively and
20 A highly developed A highly developed A highly developed A highly developed
Convincingly ability to effectively ability to thoughtfully ability to skilfully ability to competently
develop ideas refine ideas. A highly record ideas, present a personal and
through creative and developed ability to observations and meaningful response and
19 Clearly
purposeful effectively select and insights through realise intentions with
investigations. purposefully drawing and confidence and
18 Adequately experiment with annotation, and any conviction.
All artist study sheets appropriate media, other appropriate
are completed; some materials, techniques means relevant to Clear and developed
with art copies, and and processes. intentions, as work connection to research.
17 Just all artists have been progresses. A clear yet branching
recreated and A range of high quality (explore lots of different
interpreted through digital and physical Consistently accurate ideas) and developed
high quality shoots or experimentation and confident use of path from research to
experiments. present with technical and final outcome.
development within descriptive language.
A highly developed each experiment. Annotation is detailed A highly developed
ability to demonstrate and often insightful ability to demonstrate
critical understanding and steps for all understanding of visual
of sources. edits. Drawing is of a language.
good quality.
Evaluation is insightful,
critical and uses
technical and descriptive
language with accuracy.
16 A consistent ability to A consistent ability to A consistent ability to A consistent ability to
Convincingly effectively develop thoughtfully refine skilfully record ideas, competently present a
ideas through ideas. A consistent observations and personal and meaningful
purposeful ability to effectively insights through response and realise
15 Clearly
investigations. select and drawing and intentions.
purposefully annotation, and any
14 Adequately All artist study sheets experiment with other appropriate Clear and developed
are completed, and appropriate media, means relevant to connection to research.
most artists have materials, techniques intentions, as work A clear and developed
been recreated well and processes. progresses. path from research to
13 Just through shoots or final outcome.
experiments. A range of good Consistently accurate
quality digital and use of technical and A consistent ability to
A consistent ability to physical descriptive language. demonstrate
demonstrate critical experimentation Annotation is present understanding of visual
understanding of present but not on all sheets and language. Evaluation is
sources. enough development steps for most edits. consistently critical and
within each frequently uses technical
experiment. Drawing is and descriptive language
inconsistently good (with mostly consistent
quality. accuracy).

12 A moderate ability to A moderate ability to A moderate ability to A moderate ability to

Convincingly effectively develop thoughtfully refine skilfully record ideas, competently present a
ideas through ideas. Most shoots observations and personal and meaningful
purposeful have basic planning, insights through response and realise
11 Clearly
investigations. with some detail. drawing and intentions.
annotation, and any
10 Adequately Complete artist A moderate ability to other appropriate Clear but simple and
studies but only some effectively select and means relevant to underdeveloped
shoots show a clear purposefully intentions, as work connection to research.
9 Just connection to the experiment with progresses.
artist. appropriate media, A moderate ability to
materials, techniques Mostly accurate use demonstrate
A moderate ability to and processes. of technical and understanding of visual
demonstrate critical descriptive language. language.
understanding of Both digital and Annotation ijki9s
sources. physical present on most Evaluation is
experimentation sheets and basic inconsistently critical and
present but not very steps for the more uses some technical and
refined and complex edits. descriptive language.
sometimes low quality. Drawing is adequate
for recording ideas.
8 Convincingly Some ability to Some ability to refine Some ability to Some ability to present a
develop ideas ideas. Inconsistent record ideas, personal and meaningful
through purposeful planning for shoots. observations and response and realise
7 Clearly investigations but insights through intentions but a weak link
some incomplete Some ability to select drawing and and unclear path
artist studies and and experiment with annotation, and any between research and
6 Adequately
weak connection appropriate media, other appropriate final piece.
between artists and materials, techniques means relevant to
5 Just shoots. and processes. intentions, as work Some ability to
Limited variety. progresses. demonstrate
Some ability to understanding of visual
demonstrate critical Some inaccurate use language.
understanding of of technical and
sources. descriptive language Simple evaluation.
but it is there. Some
basic annotation.
Some steps and
some simple drawn
4 Convincingly Minimal ability to Minimal ability to Minimal ability to Minimal ability to present
develop ideas refine ideas. No record ideas, a personal and
3 Clearly through planning for shoots. observations and meaningful response and
investigations. Lots of Minimal ability to insights through realise intentions. No
2 Adequately
incomplete study select and experiment drawing and connection between
1 Just sheets, very few with appropriate annotation. research and final piece.
shoots, no use of media, materials, Inaccurate or no use Very limited or no
technical language. techniques and of technical or evaluation.
Minimal ability to processes. Not many descriptive language.
understand visual experiments and very Very little annotation.
language and few different ones. No steps. Minimal
sources. drawing.

0 Work not worthy of any marks

What does Convincingly, Clearly, Adequately, and Just mean?

Convincingly: This students work is confidently and consistently in this mark band and with small
improvements, they should be heading into the next band shortly.

Clearly: The students work is obviously highly developed or clearly shows moderate ability (depending on
the mark band) but does not satisfy ALL of the criteria within that band. With more development and
refinement, this student should push into Convincingly and beyond.

Adequately: The student has met some of the criteria for this mark band but their work is not as developed or
confident as other students in this band. They need to challenge themselves with harder experiments, develop
and refine, and complete more work.

Just: The student has just reached this mark band but the work is currently lacking many of the criteria
needed and during marking with another marker, could drop down into the previous mark band.

What does Exceptional and Highly Developed look like?

A wide range of well-presented artist study sheets including images, detailed shoot plans (with sketch
thumbnails), personal opinions and both technical and descriptive language used accurately.
In-depth written and drawn analyses of artist styles and individual works, considering the meaning, message
or purpose of the work.
Exploration of artist work through high-quality recreations and interpretations (photo shoots and art copies).
Collecting primary (taken or created by you) and secondary (found, created by someone else) inspiration from
a wide range of sources, including art and craft work, magazines, the news, personal environments etc.
Competent and confident use of the camera and computer software.
A wide range of high quality physical and digital experiments and edits.
Sustained experimentation with critical evaluations and annotations dont settle, keep refining, go back to
research improved techniques or methods if something doesnt work.
Demonstrate a confidence with making mistakes, taking risks with your work and making improvements.
Develop a focus on a specific and more advanced process, technique and/or material as the experimentation
goes on (refining).
Purposefully (rather than randomly) experimenting with materials, processes and techniques why are you
using them? To what purpose? What is your aim? How does it achieve your aim? Could something else be
Shoots: A wide range of high quality shoots, experimenting with camera angles, perspectives, composition,
framing, modes including shutter speed, aperture and manual mode, different subjects, lighting etc.
Engagement with film, animation and alternative photographic methods (where possible, these are provided
as additional workshops at school).
Independently developed, complex experiments e.g. merging of several methods and processes to create
unique, creative outcomes (without prompt or suggestion).

Creative, professional and easy to follow presentation of all work - Would someone be able to understand
your project without you there to explain it to them?
Critically annotated contact sheets for every shoot.
Annotated step-by-steps (visual screen grabs) for every advanced or 'first try digital experiment.
Annotated step-by-step photographs for physical experiments e.g. printmaking, clay, painting, weaving.
In-depth drawn and written recordings of ideas, intentions, plans etc. What do you think was successful? How
do you intend on improving?
Written work (analysis, annotation, evaluation) makes accurate use of technical and descriptive language to
clearly express your critical opinions, thoughts and feelings.

Clear connection with your research. There should be a clear path from your initial research and ideas,
through your developing ideas and experiments, to your final outcome. Your project should not have an
unrelated final outcome.
Several test outcomes before the final piece is started, and potentially, a second or third version (refined) of
the final outcome before submission.
Ambitious, well-developed and refined final outcome (more relevant for Year 10 and 11 when there is more
choice over final outcome format) for example: an installation piece, a photographic sculpture, a photographic
textile piece, a cohesive and high quality collection of large photographs (mounted and exhibited), a video or
animation outcome.