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Unit 5

Kompetensi Dasar:
Menjelaskan secara sederhana kegiatan yang sedang berlangsung.

1 Kegiatan yang sedang berlangsung dapat dijelaskan dengan kalimat yang benar
2 Tujuan/arah dapat diminta dan atau ditunjukkan dengan benar
3 Ijin dapat diminta atau diberikan dengan cara yang benar

Study the dialogue below

Mr. Budi : What are you doing, Annie?

Annie : I’m typing a letter, sir. It’s a letter you are waiting for.
Mr. Budi : Oh, yes. Yes, it’s very important. Oh, look out!
You are making a mistake
Annie : Where?
Mr. Budi : Look at that! Right there no, no, I’m sorry. It’s all right. Go ahead. What’s
Jenny doing?
Annie : She is checking the outgoing correspondence.
Mr. Budi : Well, and what are Farid and Amat doing?
Annie : They are preparing the room for the meeting.
Mr. Budi : And that new clerk? What is his name?
Annie : Nurdin. He is taking his coffee break. What do you want Mr. Budi?
Mr. Budi : I’m looking for someone to take dictation.
Annie : Well, I’m finishing this letter right now. Here it is. Now I can take your

Study the sentences that showing something that being happening.

- I’m typing a letter
- The letter you are waiting for
- You are making a mistake
- She is checking the outgoing correspondence
- The are preparing the room for the meeting
- He is taking his coffee break
- I’m looking for someone
- I’m finishing this letter
- What are you doing?
- What is Jenny doing?
- What are Farid and Amat doing?

Now learn how to tell what is happening.

Miss Annie is a secretary of Mr. Budi. Now she is typing a letter for her boss. She is a good
typist and she can type well and neatly. Sometimes she makes mistakes she always correct it
directly. At that time Mr. Budi comes and talking about some clerk and then at last he wants
someone to take his dictation
Read the dialogue then answer the questions

Tom : Oh, John!

John : What is it, Tom?
Tom : Come over here for a minute. This is Edy. He is the new typist. He
types well
John : How do you do, Edy?
Edi : How do you do?
John : My desk is in the corner over thee. I’m in charge of
correspondences. If you need any help just call me
Edi : Thanks a lot.
Tom : Come on Edi, the boss wants to see us right away.
Edi : All right. But I’m a little scared of the boss.
Tom : Mr. Budi is a very nice person. He is always pleasant to his staff.
His office is over there.
Edi : Who is that girl?
Tom : That’s Mr. Budi’s secretary. Her name is Miss. Annie.
(Source; English for vocational school, book 1, Armico, 2006)
1. Who is Edi?
2. Where is John’s desk?
3. What is John’s charge of?
4. Who are Tom and Edi going to see now?
5. What is the boss’ name?
6. How does Edi feel about the boss?
7. Who is Mss Annie?
8. What is Edi’s job?

Task 2
Look at the picture and tell your friends about;
1 what Tom is doing
2 what John is doing and
3 what Annie is doing
Task 3
Read the passage and then answer the questions
Mr. Jasmini is a factory worker and Mrs. Jasmini is a teacher. She teaches English in a
Vocational school in Mataram. They have been home, and at the moment they are
relaxing with the family. Mr. Jasmini is sitting in a sofa, watching some News on TV.
Mrs. Jasmini is beside her husband reading a woman magazine. Their son, Rifky is
drawing on the computer. Their daughter, Ayu, is in her bedroom. She is practicing a pop
song with her piano. Their other daughter, Susi, is in the kitchen now. She is preparing
her favorite instant noodle. Their other son, Rusbin, is in the bathroom. he is taking a
bath. Their pet, meong the cat, is in the yard running after a grasshopper, and Klinchy the
rabbit is chewing carrots in its cage.

1. What does Mr. Jasmini do?
2. What does Mrs. Jasmini’s job
3. What TV program is Mr. Jasmini watching?
4. Is Mrs. Jasmini reading a sport magazine?
5. Is Rifky playing games on the computer?
6. Where is Ayu practicing a singing?
7. What is Susi doing in the kitchen?
8. What is Rusbin doing?
9. Who is running after a grasshopper?
10. Where is Klinchy, the rabbit?

Task 4

Write 5 sentences telling about what the people in your school are doing now!

Task 5
Answer the questions below in your own words
1. A : What is your teacher doing now?
B : __________________________
2 A : What are your friends doing?
B : ________________________
3 A : Do you know what your principle is doing now?
B : ______________________________________
4 A : Can you imagine what your mother is doing now?
B : ________________________________________
5 A : What are the students next to your class doing now?
B : _________________________________________
A. Study the dialogue below

A : Excuse me, can you tell me how to get to the post office?
B : Of course. It’s near here. Go to the corner and turn right. Walk about 100
meter and turn right again, go across the street the post office is on the
corner. You can’t miss it
A : Thank you very much. I’m sure I’ll find it
B : There is one think I forgot to tell you
A : What’s that?
B : Today is a holiday. The post office is closed

Answer the questions:

1 Where does the man want to go?
2 Is he sure that he can find the place?
3 Is he going there after getting information about direction? Why?

After answering the questions, now learn how to tell what was happening based on the
dialogue above.
A foreigner is going to the post office but he doesn’t know where it is, he is asking
someone how to get there. After getting the information, he is so sure that he can
get there easily.

B. Study the words or sentences used in asking and giving direction

1 Excuse me, can you tell me how to get to the hospital?
2 Can you tell me where SMK1 is, please?
3 Which direction is to the airport, please?
4 How far is it to go to Lembar? I want to go to Bali by ship
5 Is it a long way from here to East Lombok ?
6 How can I go to Bima?
7 Could you tell me where the nearest money changer is?
8 Could you show me where the nearest restaurant please?
9 Which direction is to the nearest bank?
10 Where is the post office, should I go this way or that way?
The responses can be:
1 Sure, go straight a head, turn right it is on the right side
2 Of course take this car and get off at the crossroad, turn left and walk for about
400 meters it is on the left side
3 It is not far from here, just go ahead until you get to the juncture, the hospital is
on the left side
4 Certainly, you can go through this way, you will find the police station and then
you can ask someone there the way to the harbor
5 Get on to this public transportation; it will pass by the Bank then ask the driver
to get you off there.

Task 6
You are at the front of your school, a foreigner asking to get to some places. Please give
him/her information about the place

1 Excuse me, can you tell me how to get to a nearest supermarket?


2 Good morning, How can I get to the nearest money changer, can you show me
the way to go there?
3 I’d like to go to Bali by ship. Could you tell me the way how to get to the
harbor, please?

4 I want to visit my friend at the hospital; will you please tell me how to get

5 Excuse me; I want to get this address. Could you where it is?
C. Giving response negatively

1 Larry : Excuse me, which way is to the

Post office, please?
Man : The post office? Sorry, I’m not
Really sure
Larry : Well, thanks anyway...

2 Paul : Good morning, which way is to

the nearest Bank?
Man : Pardon me
Paul : How to get to nearest Bank?
Man : The Bank, sorry I don’t know I’m
A new comer here
Paul : All right, thank you anyway

Task 7
1. Complete the dialogue by listening to your teacher.

Foreigner : Excuse me_______ you tell me how to get to Senggigi Beach Hotel
Man : _________ me?
Foreigner : How can I get to Senggigi Beach Hotel please?
Man : I’m sorry, sir I’m________ Will you ask that woman, please?
Foreigner : Good morning, ________ show me the way to Senggigi Beach Hotel,
The Lady : Sure, ________. until you get to the traditional market, _______ on the
traffic ______ and go through that way _____ you get to Senggigi
village. The hotel is on the _______.

2. after filling up the dialogue above, tell your friends, what is happening. Start the
sentence with; A foreigner is going to Senggigi beach Hotel ............
Task 8
Getting information about someone’s family
(Natalia has just won a gold medal in the Olympics)

Write some sentences about

the picture telling what the women are
doing now!


Sentences used in asking permission:
- May I sit here?
- May I come in please?
- Can I go now?
- Do you mind if I leave now?
- Could I .........., please?
- I wonder if I could..........

Giving permission (positive response):

- By all means
- Go ahead
- Yes, why not
- All right, please do
- Yes of course
- Yes that’s fine
- Yes, certainly
- etc

Refusing permission (negative response):

- I’m afraid you can’t do that
- You are not allowed to......
- You should not.......
- No, I’m sorry you can’t
- etc
Task 9
Write the response to the sentences below (positive or negative response)
1 Customer : Excuse me, could I see this blouse, please?
You : _________________________________
2 Customer : May I try this one?
You : _________________________
3 Customer : Do you mind if I use my credit card?
You : ______________________________
4 Guest : May I sit here, please?
You : ____________________
5 Some one : Do you mind if I turn on the TV?
Task 10
Write sentences about asking and giving permission based on the statement below.
1. Your camera is broken. You want to borrow your friend’s camera
2 It’s hot inside the room. You want to open the window
3 You want to turn on the fan.
4 It is late. You should leave your friend’s house
5 Your friends are discussing something and you want to come in
A. Present continuous tense
1 Present continuous tense is used to tell some thing that is being happened
-. The students are studying English
-. Mr. Rudy is teaching English
- The boy is crying
- The children are playing football in the yard
- I am doing the home work

2 The predicate of the sentences above are:

BE (am/is/are) + (verb + ing)

....are studying
....is teaching
....is crying
....are playing
....am doing

3 To make negative sentence, put not after be (am/is/are)

- I ‘m not studying English
- Mr. Rudy is not teaching English
- The children are not (aren’t) playing football

4 To make questions, put be (am/is/are) before subject

- Are you studying English?
- Is Mr. Rudy teaching English?
- What are the students doing now?
- Where are you going?

Task 11
Make question and answer about what your friends are doing.
1. A : What is Mr. Rudy doing now?
B : He is teaching Mathematics

2 A : _________________________
B : _________________________

3 A : ___________________________
B : ___________________________.

B The use of to be

1 Be is used with ...ing form (for present cont. tense)

Mother is cooking in the kitchen
The children are studying
2. To be is used to replaced a verb
The teachers are very busy
The baby is hungry
I am tired
3 To be is used to make Passive Voice (Kal. Pasif)
Be + Past participle
Is cleaned = dibersihkan
Are typed = diketik
The room is cleaned every day
The letters are being typed
The books is bought last week
4 There + be (Existence)
There is / there are means ada
There is a pen on the table = ada sebuah pulpen di atas meja
There are some books in the beg = ada beberapa buku didalam tas

Task 12
1 Fill in the blanks with the correct to be
a. There ......a dictionary on my desk
b. There ......some students in the class
c. There .......chairs in the room
d. There ...... a typewriter over there
e. There ...... a car in front of the house
f. There .......some water in the glass
g. There .......a lot of women in the office
h. There .......a telephone in my office
i. There .......a pretty girl in the living room
j. There .......some letters in the box

2 Write 5 sentences telling about things you have in your class. Begin your sentences
with there is or there are!

1 Look at the pictures then, write a sentence about the picture

A : What is the lady doing?

B : .....................................

A : What is the man doing?

B : ....................................

A : What are the men doing?

B : ......................................

2 You are in front of your school. Some one asks you the way to the bus station. Show him
how to get there!

3 Tell your friends how to get to your house from your school!

4 When you are studying in the class your pen is out of ink, you want to buy one. Ask
permission to your teacher to buy a pen!

5 You come late and you want to attend the lesson. Make a short dialogue between you and
your teacher!