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We Believe the Possibilities.

About Sysmex

Sysmex is a global market

Shaping Hematology
leader in the development
and implementation of
clinical diagnostic and health
IT products and services for
laboratories, hospitals and
healthcare organizations.

We delivers total solutions in

the field of clinical laboratory
testing, including hematology,
coagulation and urinalysis.
Supplying products and
services to customers in

Sysmex is the market leader in

haematology and coagulation
instrumentation worldwide.

By working together with

our customers and business
partners, Sysmex is committed
to our mission of shaping the
advancement of healthcare.

We Believe the Possibilities.

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Operational Excellence Customizable to Your Needs
The XN-series provides the ultimate in flexibility for
both routine and specialized testing in the hematology
laboratory. Technical innovation and design allows
laboratories to configure the analyser to match clinical
needs with a range of optional applications. Ecient
reflex and rerun capability can be achieved utilizing
user defined on-board rules which minimize the need
for operator intervention and improve laboratory
turn-around-time (TAT).

The XN-series can be supplied with either an

XN-10 or XN-20 analyser to suit specific
laboratory requirements, and is available in either
bench-top or floor-standing configurations. The
XN-20 instrument is supplied with an additional
new channel called the WPC (White Progenitor
Cells) which enhances abnormal result flagging
and blast detection capabilities.
Technology Made for You Good Design Award 2011
All XN-series instruments are available with
optional applications to perform Reticulocyte (RET),
fluorescent platelet (PLT-F) and body fluid (BF)
counting. The newly formulated reagent system
provides full dierential cell counting including
immature granulocyte (IG) and nucleated RBC
(NRBC) counts on every sample at no additional
cost. In the presence of NRBC, the WBC count is
automatically corrected to provide accurate counts.

Judges' comments:
"Medical equipment designs typically concentrate on 1) enhancing usability by medical
professionals, 2) improving patient peace of mind and 3) suitability with the hospital
environment. We accorded this diagnostic instrument particularly high marks in the first
category. The product caters to diagnostic instrument workflow diversity and specialized
field-specific clinical technologists. At the same time, in response to the recent increase
in people taking over responsibility for dierent fields owing to a downward trend in the
number of clinical technologists, the design provides consistency of form and dissimilarity
to prevent misoperation, making equipment more recognizable through its design.
Furthermore, the ultimate exterior design is a sophisticated expression of form that
symbolizes function and performance."

For press release, visit http://www.sysmex.co.jp/en/news/press/2011/111004.html

For information on Good Design Award, visit http://www.g-mark.org/english/
The New XN-Series:
Customizable Solutions for Every Laboratory

The XN-1000 and XN-2000 The XN-9000

XN-1000 XN-2000

The XN-1000 provides the ultimate in flexibility for both routine and specialized The combination of XN-10, XN-20 and SP-10 guarantees streamlined and automated
testing in the haematology laboratory. sample transportation from blood cell counting to blood smear preparation and staining.

Combining 2 analytic instruments, the XN-2000 oers the laboratory a unique mix of Ecient reflex and rerun testing is achieved with the integrated return line.
analytic capabilities and throughput required
The comprehensive combination of sample and data flow without manual intervention
Features: improves the safety and eciency of the laboratory and benefits the turnaround time
Clinically-valuable parameters providing full exibility for comprehensive diagnostics
Flexible congurations to suit the needs of every laboratory setting Improved flagging technology minimizes manual dierentials.
Integrated reex sampler and reex rule set for improved workow and turnaround
time (TAT) Features:
Optional wagons for each system for best organization of reagent storage and
reagent reserve tank for optimization of TAT Complete automated sample transportation from blood cell counting to
slide preparation
Flexible sample loading and unloading options
Streamlining the hematology workload
Ecient transporting and testing process for each analysis
Small footprint
Automatic workload balancing
Clinical Value Enhancement
A new reagent formulation and software The new WPC channel provides excellent cellular
development for the XN- Series CBC provides a sub-population separation which significantly
highly accurate and specific NRBC count on every improves the XN flagging capability. Blasts,
sample in addition to the standard parameters. abnormal and atypical lymphocyte populations
This fluorescent-based count provides additional are clearly identifiable and further clinical and
reassurance and clinical relevance especially for laboratory research with this channel will provide
intensive care patients where the presence of additional benefits to the laboratory. False posi-
NRBC is of prognostic importance. Automatic tive flagging is significantly reduced, translating
determination of NRBC in every blood count to further reduction in smears.
replaces manual WBC blood cell correction.

* Available on XN-20 only.

The WDF channel on the XN- Series features Reticulocyte analysis on Sysmex analysers has
world leading diagnostic performance and flagging been recognised for many years as class-leading
with its newly formulated reagents and software. technology with clinically valuable results. The
The presence of a reportable Immature Granulocyte XN- Series analysers continue those capabilities
(IG) count in addition to the standard dierential providing detailed insight into erythropoietic
results gives a clinically important 6-cell dieren- abnormalities and monitoring of treatment
tial on every sample. therapies.

PLT-F is a newly developed parameter available Body Fluid analysis has become increasingly
on Sysmex XN-Series analysers. The specially important for laboratories since its introduction
developed and unique reagents used in the on the Sysmex X-Class analysers. The XN Series
dedicated PLT-F channel provide unprecedented analysers provide improved BF counting by
specificity and count accuracy utilizing Sysmexs introducing extended counting cycles which
proven flow-cytometry counting method. PLT-F improves accuracy especially in low counts.
provides highly reliable results especially in the The dedicated BF mode option is available on
clinically critical range where platelet transfu- all XN Series analysers.
sions may be required.
XN-Series Technology

Flow Cytometry, using a semiconductor laser, counts and classifies cells by The intensity of the side-fluorescent light mainly reflects the type and amount of
illuminating them with a 633 nm laser beam and analysing their forward scattered light nucleic acids and cell organelles.
(FSC), side-scattered light (SSC) and side-fluorescent light (SFL).
These three signals are used to dierentiate and count white blood cells, nucleated red
The intensity of the two types of scattered lights (FSC and SSC) reflects cell surface blood cells, reticulocytes, and platelets, and to detect abnormal cells and immature
structure, particle shape, nucleus form, refractive index and reflectivity of cells. cells with the help of unique technology and algorithms.

In general, the FSC signal is stronger for larger cells, and the SSC signal becomes
stronger as the intracellular structure becomes more complex.
Technical Specifications for

XN-1000 XN-2000 XN-9000

XN-10 and XN-20 CBC (+NRBC) CBC (+NRBC) CBC (+NRBC)
Standard Parameters DIFF DIFF DIFF

XN-10 only RET*, BF*, PLT-F* RET*, BF*, PLT-F* RET*, BF*, PLT-F*

XN-20 only WPC, RET, BF*, PLT-F* WPC, RET, BF*, PLT-F* WPC, RET, BF*, PLT-F*

Throughput Example XN-9000

XN-20 + XN-10 + XN-10:

Up to 300 samples per hour

CBC (+NRBC) + DIFF 100 samples / hour 200 samples / hour
Up to 120 samples per hour

645 x 855 x 755 960 x 855 x 880 Approx. 4,02 x 1,55 x 1,15 (m)
W x H x D (mm)

Data Storage 100,000 samples 200,000 samples 300,000 samples

Wagons Wagons Error Indicator Lights for XN module

Error Indicator Lights for XN module Error Indicator Lights for XN module Error Indicator Lights for SP-10
Reagent Reserve Tank with Wagons Reagent Reserve Tank with Wagons Reagent Reserve Tank
*RU-20 Reagent Dilutor

Note: * RU-20 may not be available

in some countries

Ambient Temperature 15 to 30C 15 to 30C 15 to 30C

Power Consumption
XN-10 or XN-20 270 VA or less 540 VA or less XN-10 / XN-20 x 3: 810 VA or less
Pneumatic Unit 230 VA or less 230 VA or less Sampler x 3: 375 VA or less
Sampler 110 VA or less 110 VA or less SP-10: 650 VA or less
Pneumatic Unit x 3: 220 VA or less
Transport Unit x 6: 720 VA or less
BT- 40: 150 VA or less

Heat Generation 9,974 BTU / hour or less

XN-10 or XN-20 920 BTU / hour 1,840 BTU / hour
Pneumatic Unit 750 BTU / hour 750 BTU / hour
Sampler 388 BTU / hour 388 BTU / hour