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Criteria Level 5 Level 4 Level 3 Level 2 Level 1

80% -100% 70 % - 79% 60 % - 69% 50 % - 59% <50%
Reflection Submission (10%) /100
Demonstrates Sophisticated Well-developed Clear use of main Basic attempt to use No or minimal
application of course application of core presentation of key theoretical principals; theoretical principles; relationship to
theory (25 marks) theoretical principles; theoretical principles; Preliminary Some connection appropriate
Key course concepts Strong and thorough connections between between material theoretical
demonstrated through relationship between material presented presented and critical principles; No
approaches used. theory and course and critical content of content of theory; application of theory.
content. Few errors in theory; Some gaps Substantial gaps
reflection content. evident in demonstrated in
understanding of understanding of
theory and various theory, significant
errors in course theoretical errors in
content. course content.
Clear summary of Excellent presentation Good inclusion and Inclusion of basic Generic background Little or no
relevant background and interpretation of presentation of relevant background information included. background included
information significant background background facts in a facts, providing
(15 marks) facts. well-organized sufficient information.

In-depth analysis of Excellent integration of Good summary of Clear presentation of Some basic analysis in Little or no analysis
situation and course course concepts into findings, analysis and reflection; Basic the reflection situation. in the reflection. No
concepts. the reflection. Analysis interpretation of interpretation of Basic attempt at identification of
(30 marks) is extensive. course concepts. course concepts. identifying course course concepts.

Evidence, support and Evidence provided is Evidence is carefully The supporting Ideas presented are No evidence
examples provided. convincing, focused on explored and is evidence linking the sometimes relevant, provided towards
(30 marks) the reflection appropriate. reflection is and but consist mainly of the reflection..
objectives, and show relates to the unsubstantiated
independence of situation presented. generalizations
thought. unrelated to the key
reflection objective.
Criteria Level 5 Level 4 Level 3 Level 2 Level 1
No deductions -2.5 marks -5 marks -7.5 marks -10 marks
Formal use of Language is clear, Language is Language is Language is Language is rarely
language varied, and precise; consistently clear and generally clear and sometimes clear and clear and coherent.
(maximum 10 mark No significant lapses coherent; Only a coherent; Some coherent; Although Short forms,
deduction) in grammar, spelling, couple of lapses in lapses in grammar, sentences are used, incomplete
or sentence grammar, spelling, or spelling, and there are many lapses sentences often
construction sentence construction sentence in spelling, grammar, used.
construction and sentence

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