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NAME: Demetrio B. Dela Rosa Jr. ___ DATE: September 24, 2017
AGE: 39 POSITION APPLIED: Sales Supervisor

INSTRUCTIONS: Below are sixty partially completed sentences. Read each one and finish it by writing the first
thing that comes to your mind. Work quickly as you can. If you cannot complete an item, encircle the number and
return to it later.

1. I admire most is my mother.

2. as a student, I read a lots of book.
3. Earning a living is when you worked hard to your family.
4. I look forward to my career opportunities
5. Its very hard to live without my family supports.
6. My father and I love each other.
7. I have the ability to sells a product.
8. In giving orders, I respect my subordinate
9. When I have a problem I try find a solutions and try to solve it.
10. My family treats me like a member a family.
11. I work best with my co-employee
12. A leader should know the needs of his member.
13. I like men who are hardworking person
14. To cooperate in company rules and regulations.
15. In spare moments, I read a lots of book.
16. What people need most is the money to supports their family needs.
17. My mother is loving persons.
18. When other people do better than I try myself also to make it better.
19. My weakness is impatience to other persons.
20. During vacation my family spent in beach resorts.
21. I am afraid of bad persons.
22. I feel that sex is a serious matter towards relationships.
23. When they put me under pressure, I try myself to be calm and being patience-minded.
24. I get along with my friends.
25. Our family is loving each others.
26. The job I prefer is to sell a products.
27. My childhood is with my friends when play at the backyards.
28. The management is to know the needs of their employees
29. The best measure of personal success is when person work hard.
30. People under me I respect them.
31. My mother and I loving each other.
32. For people, I know are very kind.
33. I enjoy a lot with my friends.
34. Nothing is so frustrating as
35. When I go home I try myself to relax.
36. My job is like most.
37. I like to work with my team-member.
38. I remember when I was child.
39. To me the future looks is easy when I work hard.
40. My superiors and I respects them.
41. If I were the boss im a team-leader
42. It is hard to work when Im sick.
43. Compared to others, I follow orders.
44. I hope I never will become lonely
45. I don't like men who are bad persons.
46. My father are loving each others.
47. Once, I work hard.
48. People on the job, are curious about their task.
49. To relax and to lessen my stress.
50. When I think of the work ahead, I find it easy.
51. A real Friend is honest persons.
52. When I feel the sexual tendencies I try to be calm.
53. A real in-charge is respect his co-employees.
54. I cant stand without my friends.
55. someday, I become a successful person.
56. I don't like to work with not respectful.
57. I wish I could forget I was child.
58. Taking order to other I do what is right.
59. At home I try myself to find relax.
60. I cannot live without my family.
61. My ambition is to become successful career and happy life.
62. Five (5) years from now I become a manager in a certain company.
63. Ten (10) years from now I have my own business.

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