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Lexi Sittenfeld Parkhurst

STEM 1 and 2 period


DNA Lab Report

We performed this lab to gain experience, track history of our DNA using
techniques like PCR and Gel Electrophoresis.

If we perform this lab correctly I should see my alu repeat, this should show
that Im mainly German and African American.

The procedure we used was from the Bay Area Biotechnology Education
Consortium (BABEC) from their Alu PV92 PCR report.

Data/ Observation:

2% agarose gel ran at 150u for 20

minutes and stained using red gel
for 72 hours. Lane L is the ladder
and has 100bp. Lanes 7 to 1 in
rows A and B have 20 ml of a 50ml
DNA/ 10ul loading dye solution.
Lane 7A had the sample I worked
with. Our data was inconclusive.

hypothetical result and calculation:(because our real result where


2 alleles/students x 37 students = 74 students

Genotype # of students # of + alleles # of - alleles

+/+ 15 30 0
+/- 10 10 10
-/- 12 0 24
Total: 37 40 34

Allele Frequencies:
40/74= 0.541=p 34/74= 0.459=q
p=0.541 +
q=0.459 -

Genotype Frequency:
+ p^2= (0.541)^2= 0.292681
+/- 2pq= 2(0.541)(0.459)= 0.496638
- q^2= (0.459)^2= 0.210681

37 x 0.292681= 11 + (number of students)

17 x 0.496638= 18 +/-
37 x 0.210681= 8 -

Genotype Expected Genotype Total # of students Expected # of

Frequency in class students with
Specific Genotype

+/+ 0.292681 37 11
+/- 0.49668 37 18

-/- 0.210681 37 8

Actual +/+= 15
Actual +/-= 10
Actual -/-= 12

I'm not sure exactly why we don't get any results but if we try it again we should follow
the instructions more closely.

I discovered that staying accurate and keeping materials is very important. I have
been lead to believe that the only reason we had no results was because we did not
perform the lab accurately and cleanly. We had to use the pipette and there were
multiple times that we were not sure if we had it at the right measurement, if the tips
were sterile, and handling the pipettes n general was difficult. We also had to keep the
tube with our solution in ice and sometimes the melting ice was hard to deal with. Our
data was inconclusive so hopefully next time we will handle future labs more carefully.