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Burj Al-Arab

Burj Al-Arab Hotel is very famous. It's a tall building in Dubai. It's near
the sea. Burj Al-Arab Hotel is near the sea. It has got a tennis court.
You can play tennis there.

The lifestraw is a new invention. It's used for drinking safe water.
It's cheap. The lifestraw is made of plastic. We put chemicals inside it
to stop the bacteria. It could save a lot of lives. We can use the straw
to drink any water.

Ayoub Hussein
Ayoub Hussein is a famous Kuwaiti artist. He used to be a
teacher. He worked in the Kuwait Museum. He painted about 600
paintings. He painted about old Kuwait. You can see his paintings in
The Kuwait Museum.

Saving energy
tSaving energy is very important. We should use the lightbulb.
We should turn the lights off when we aren't in the room. We should
turn taps off. We shouldn't waste water on washing cars.
Inventions and inventors
Inventors are great people.They work hard. They invent new
things. Modern inventions are useful. They make our life easy. They
can help us study better.

The animal trainer

An animal trainer trains animalsto work. He has to be patient. He
should understand the animal behaviour. He has to work with actors
and the public. He has to be physically strong and fit. He doesn't
have to work in an office.

Jobs are very important. Everyone needs a job to live. I would
like to be a doctor. I want to help sick people. I want to treat people
who suffer from diseases. I feel happy when helping the poor.

Muslims in Spain
Muslims ruled Spain in the medieval period. Students from
Europe come to study in Spain. Qordoba was a cultural centre. The
Arabs introdused bananas and lemons. They, also, introduce
glassmaking and calligraphy to Europe.


Trees are very important. They give us food and

wood. They give us shade. They give us oxygen. They
clean air of pollution. They protect us from dust storms.
We use the wood of the trees to build houses. We , also ,
use wood to build ships and boats.We have to look after
trees. We should grow trees everywhere. We shouldn't cut
them down.

Communication is very important in our life. In the
past , people used to communicate orally. Later, they
learnt how to paint pictures on stones. Then, writing was
invented. Nowadays, we have radios, telephonesand
televisions as a way of communication. The latest way of
communication is the Internet. In fact, advances in
communication improve our life. Communication makes
our life easier and better.

Al Khiran

Al Khiran is in the south of Kuwait. People go there

to spend their holidays. It is an interesting place. You can
do many activities there. You can swim in the swimming
pools. You may play different kinds of sports. If you want
to relax, you can enjoy sitting on the beach. Many people
prefer going to restaurants and parks in Al Khiran.
The Internet

The Internet is a modern invention. It is one of the

best ways of communication. The Internet is full of
information. You can surf useful websites. You can chat
with your friends, too. Many people can get important
information about different things. You must keep away
from harmful websites. The Internet helps me do my

The Brain

The brain is one of the most important parts of the

body. It's called the boss of the body. It's made up of
about 100 billion neurons. It uses about 20% of our body's
energy. The largest part of the brain is called the
cerebrum. This part controls thinking. Below the cerebrum
is the cerebellum. It makes the parts of the body work
together. It helps you keep your balance. The brain stem
is another important part of the body. It controls actions
that happen without thinking such as breathing.
Children with disabilities:

In the past, children with disability were ignored. People didn't take care of
them. Their situation was bad. People believed that they were unable to learn.
Nowadays,children with disability are given specialised education. They have
their own schools.They learn, read, play and paint. They have exams, too. We
must treat them carefully. Children with disability will become important
members if we know how to deal with them.


A problem is a difficulty or an unpleasant situation. All of us

experience problems. We spend a lot of time trying to solve them. There are
many features for problem solving. One of these features is to look at
problems systematically. Another feature is we should be confident and
creative. Always try to solve your problems by yourself. If you couldn't , try
to consult your parents or friends.

( Volcanoes )

Volcanoes are holes in the Earth's surface. They push out lava. There
are 800 active volcanoes in the world. Volcanic eruption is very powerful. Its
gas and ash can change the weather. Crops can die, too. Scientists can
predict volcanoes. This helps to save many lives. Volcanoes are very
dangerous. They are destructive natural forces.

Smoke jumper
The smoke jumper is parachuted into areas where there are forest fires. He
has to cut trees down to stop the fire. His job is risky. He wears special protective
clothes. They have special pockets for equipment. His job is very rewarding. He
saves people's lives. He protects forests, too. The smoke jumper's job is very
challenging. I would like to be a smoke jumper in the future.