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LJH 7th grade Math | 2nd Six Weeks Calendar

2017-2018 School Year

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9 10 11 12 13
TEKS 7.6(A) TEKS 7.6(E) PSAT Testing (8th grade) 7.6(I) 7.6(I)
Probability of Simple Probability of Simple Determine experimental Determine probability of
Events using lists and tree Events and its complement 7.6(I)(C)(D) and theoretical compound events.
diagrams and describe relationship Determine experimental probabilities of simple
of the two and theoretical events. Lesson 5-3
Lesson 5-1 probabilities of simple and
Lesson 5-1 compound events. Lesson 5-2
Sample Spaces, Tree
Diagrams & The Counting

Lesson 5-1
16 17 18 19 20
7.6(A)(D)(I) 7.6(B) Review for Test 1 Test #1: Probability Reteach & Reassess
Making predictions of Select and use simulations (7.6ABCDEI) Test 1
solution based on to represent events
theoretical probability;
independent and Lesson 5-4
dependent events

Lesson 5-5

23 24 25 26 27
7.4(B)(D) 7.4(B)(D) 7.4(B)(D) 7.4(D) Progress Reports Due
Calculate unit rates from Simplify complex fractions Convert rates using unit Identify proportional and 7.4(D)
rates and calculate unit rates. rates and dimensional non-proportional Solve problems involving
analysis. relationships. ratios and rates
Lesson 2-1 Lesson 2-2
Lesson 2-3 Lesson 2-4 Lesson 2-6

30 31 Nov. 1 2 3
7.4(A)(D) 7.4(A)(C) Review for Test 2 Test #2: Proportions Reteach & Reassess
Represent and identify Determine the constant of (7.4ABCD) Test 1/ Review for Test 3
constant rates of change proportionality in a direct (1st and 2nd six weeks
variation content: rational numbers,
Lesson 2-8 probability & proportions-
Lesson 2-9 unit rates, rates, ratios,
constant rate of change)

6 7 8 9 10
Review for District Test Test 3: District Review/ Reteach & (Backup date-- Test 3: Early Release Day
(1st and 2nd six weeks Assessment (1st and 2nd Reassess District Test District Assessment) (12:15pm)
content: rational numbers, six weeks content: rational (1st and 2nd six weeks
probability & proportions- numbers, probability & content: rational numbers, Review/ Reteach & End of 2nd Six Weeks
unit rates, rates, ratios, proportions- unit rates, probability & proportions- Reassess District Test
constant rate of change) rates, ratios, constant rate unit rates, rates, ratios, (1st and 2nd six weeks
of change) constant rate of change) content: rational numbers,
probability & proportions-
unit rates, rates, ratios,
Enrichment constant rate of change)

(4) Proportionality. The student applies mathematical process standards to represent and solve problems
involving proportional relationships. The student is expected to:
(A) represent constant rates of change in mathematical and real-world problems given pictorial, tabular, verbal,
numeric, graphical, and algebraic representations, including d = rt;
(B) calculate unit rates from rates in mathematical and real-world problems;
(C) determine the constant of proportionality (k = y/x) within mathematical and real-world problems;
(D) solve problems involving ratios, rates, and percents, including multi-step problems involving percent increase and
percent decrease, and financial literacy problems; and

(6) Proportionality. The student applies mathematical process standards to use probability and statistics to
describe or solve problems involving proportional relationships. The student is expected to:
(A) represent sample spaces for simple and compound events using lists and tree diagrams;
(B) select and use different simulations to represent simple and compound events with and without technology;
(C) make predictions and determine solutions using experimental data for simple and compound events;
(D) make predictions and determine solutions using theoretical probability for simple and compound events;
(E) find the probabilities of a simple event and its complement and describe the relationship between the two;
(I) determine experimental and theoretical probabilities related to simple and compound events using data and sample