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Brandman University TCP Symposium Guidelines

During the June 2017 final Immersion, all Delta students will participate in an exciting and
anticipated event, the Transformational Change Symposium. The Transformational Change
Project (TCP) provided the opportunity to integrate change theory and course learning
objectives in a real world setting. Students will showcase the culmination of two years of
intense coursework and practical application of their TCP highlights to colleagues, faculty and
community members through a poster presentation/demonstration. Students will be required
to submit an abstract in advance of the symposium in Module 3 of EDOL 724-Leader as Change
Agent. Poster presentations should include the topics included in your abstract at a minimum
and should reference your change model.

On Day 2 of the June Immersion (June 24, 2017) all Deltas will set up their poster presentations
in one of two rooms and in the outside hallways of Costa Mesa Hilton. Tables will be arranged
around the rooms in an orderly fashion to accommodate student poster presentations. Power
stations will be sent up in various corners of each room for computer powering and
presentation capability. You will be assigned a table number in advance and will find your
location in your Immersion handout folder. Please do not switch your table with someone else
since we have developed a TCP map with project titles for attending students and guests.

Students will be required to set up their poster boards and display materials from 1:15-1:45
PM. The following schedule will prevail:

1:45-2:30 Half of the Deltas will viewed Delta TCPs

2:30-3:15 Remaining Half of Deltas will view Delta TCPs
(Assignments in folder)
4:30-6:00 TCP SHOWCASE RECEPTION- All Deltas will present their TCPs to the
Students, Invited Guests, Community Partners, Faculty

Please invite your families, friends, prospective students, and work related colleagues to the
Symposium. The 4:30-6:00 timeslot would be an excellent time for their attendance; light
refreshments will be served.

At the TCP Symposium Epsilon students will be assigned to view several TCP presentations as
part of an assignment for EDOL 709 Evaluation. They will select several TCPs of interest and will
ask you targeted questions to fulfill their assignment and learn more about the TCP process.
You will receive these questions in advance for your review.


It is critical that students present their TCPs in the best manner possible. The size requirement
for your TCP Poster Boards is a 36 X 48 tri-fold. Students should also preview the following
resources to maximize their poster boards:

Brandman University TCP Symposium Guidelines
Academic Tasks-Poster Presentations (PDF)-located in 724 Blackboard Shell
Dos and Donts of Poster Presentations (PDF)-located in 724 Blackboard Shell

Students will also be required to have their TCP Abstracts available as a handout for those
people attending their TCP Poster Board Presentation (about 30 copies). The following
components are required for the student abstract (EDOL 724) and should be incorporated into
your poster board (see EDOL 724 Abstract Rubric):

Purpose: The abstract briefly states the transformational change and purpose of project and its
Project Goals and Strategies: The abstract identifies strategic goals and strategies that were at
the core of the TCP effort.
Results: The abstract has provided an explanation of what was accomplished using concise,
and specific detail.
Conclusions & Recommendations: The abstract provides an analysis of the Results of the TCP
effort and gives relevant clearly stated recommendations for future efforts.


At your discretion additional materials may be displayed that were part of your
transformational change project (brochures, handouts, photos, strategic plans, communication
plans, etc.). Students may also set up their computer as a mini-projector on the table to
showcase any important backup videos, interviews, or project overviews. It is recommended
that each student have at least one additional display material for viewing in addition to the
poster board and abstract.

Professional dress is prerequisite for this exciting event. Students must also prepare to deliver
a 1-2 minute Elevator type speech providing an overview of key components of their TCP to
interested viewers. This is also an excellent opportunity to have your business cards available
to share with those visiting your presentation as a way to network and make connections.
Cohort Mentors will provide time during the May/June meetings to review your Poster Board
Components and practice your TCP Elevator Speeches.