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Prizes (with IEM Certificates) Organizing Committee

1st Placing: RM 3000 Chair: Ir. Dr. Chong Chien Hwa

2nd Placing: RM 2000 Co-Chair: Ir. Razmahwata bin Mohamad Razalli
3rd Placing: RM 1000 Committee members: THE INSTITUTION OF
Ir. Prof. Dr. Dominic C. Y. Foo ENGINEERS,
Consolation Prize: RM 200 Prof. Dr. Denny K. S. Ng
Ir. Prof. Dr. Thomas Choong MALAYSIA, IEM
Ir. Prof. Dr. Tee Tiam Ting
Terms & Conditions Ir. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lee Tin Sin 6th IEM Chemical
Ir. Mohamad Anwar Ahmad
The design submitted shall be original and have not Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nooryusmiza Yusoff
Engineering Design
previously submitted or published. Only Pro II Ir. Ong Wei Rex Competition
software can be used for simulation. Free licenses Ir. Rafil Elyas
and training will be provided.
Mr. Lee Teck Lii
Mr. Derek Low
Registration Fee Dr. Teow Yeit Haan MONETIZATION OF
IEM members RM250 / team ASSOCIATED GAS FROM
Note: there will be additional charges of RM10 per
person for Non-IEM Members Chemical Engineering Design Competition SUSTAINABLE CHEMICAL
2016/2017 Secretariat
Deadlines Chemical Engineering Technical Division PRODUCTION
The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia
Submission of Progress Report Registration Closing Date
Bangunan Ingenieur, Lots 60 & 62, Jalan
16th January 2018 52/ 4, 46720 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul 18th November 2017
Submission of Final Design Report Fax No.: 603 - 7957 7678 Organized by:
Chemical Engineering Technical
23st March 2018 Technical enquiries:
Division (CETD)
Ir. Dr. Chong Chien Hwa
Training Email: iemdescomp@gmail.com Website: http://iemcetd.blogspot.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CETD.IEM
Non-technical enquiries (e.g. logistics, etc.):
18th & 19th November 2017
Ms. Siti Aisyah
Email: sitiaisyah@iem.org.my
Design Finale
Tel. No.: 6037968 4026
6 May 2018
Deliverables Name of Institution
STAGE 1 College)
The design competition is initiated by
Chemical Engineering Technical Division A. Progress Report ( maximum 30 pages)
(CETD) of the Institution of Engineers, Malaysia Institution address
Demonstration of sustainability concept
(IEM) with the objective of enhancing the
design competency practically and (5%)
methodologically. This competition will Process flow diagram and equipment Team Leader
provide an excellent opportunity for the selection (10%)
students to meet and exchange ideas Mass and energy balances (15%) Mobile No.
pertaining to the profession with practicing
engineers. Email Add.
B. Final Report ( maximum 30 pages)
Equipment design (10%)
Eligibility Process and instrumentation diagram (15%) 1
Team members &
All active chemical engineering students Economic performance (5%) IEM membership 2
at diploma and degree levels from public number 3
and private institutions are eligible. STAGE 2 (if and upon being shortlisted)
The participating team should comprise
DESIGN FINALE Name of Advisor
members from the same institution.
Tel. No.
Evaluation of final design
Management report Email Add.
Please (Note: Acceptance of participation is subject to
decision by the Organizing Committee)
Details of deliverables are made available upon
We enclosed herewith a crossed cheque/bank draft I
issued to The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia.
Criteria are subject to change without prior
We authorized you to debit my Visa / Mastercard.
Card No: ____________________________________
The number of pages of the progress report
Amount: ___________ Card Expiry Date : __________
and final report exclude appendixes.
Terms & Conditions I/ We understand that the fee is not refundable if I/ we
Maximum 50 pages for appendixes. withdraw after my/ our application is/ are accepted by the
The design submitted shall be original and
Organizing Committee. However, substitution of participants is
have not been previously submitted or allowed. If I/ we failed to attend the competition, I/ we will still
published. settle the registration fee in full. All payment must be received
by 16 January 2018
The Design shall exclude GTL( Gas to Liquid),
GTP( Gas to Power) and GTS (Gas to Solid Please email/ fax your registration form to IEM at
technologies. sitiaisyah@iem.org.my/ 6037957 7678.

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