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Check the adjacent existing footing

The Hoarding Type 2 is embedded and 0.5m below ground level.

Thickness of Hoarding Type 2 is 500mm
Unit Weight of removed soil = 20kN/m3
The net pressure (surcharge) due to Hoarding Type 2
= 0.5m x 24.5kN/m3 - 0.5m x 20.0kN/m3
= 2.25kPa

The level difference of concrete plinth of hoarding type 2 and existing footing
= 54.13mPD 0.5m - 50.67mPD
= 2.96m (Say 3.0m)

The spreading pressure to the existing footing is only 0.15kPa (see following page).
The impacts can be negligible.