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Network Deployment Testing for Up to 2 Mbit/s

Victor Plus is a tester with all the features you need to check that your network
and data interfaces up to 2 Mbit/s work correctly, both in and out of service.
With all its advanced features, Victor Plus is very ergonomic and easy to use.

You can forget about the endless menus and innumerable function keys of
conventional testers. With Victor Plus, you have a touch screen with an intuitive
graphical user interface, which makes it quick and easy for you to access the
menus, configure the tester and display results.

Analog, digital mux/demux and
DXC tests
Telephone MUX 2 Mbit/s
2 Mbit/s BSC
BTS Generation and Analysis Mode,
DXC Through Mode, Monitoring Mode
Victor Plus
2 Mbit/s Drop/Insert of channels into the
BTS 2 Mbit/s framed signal
n x 64 kbit/s ISDN Regenerator replacement, with
or without DC bypass

G.703 codir
X.50 network testing
V.35 V.36
DTE DCE/DTE emulation
2 Mbit/s X.50
Programming, monitoring and
V.11 activation of DTE/DCE circuits
WLL Clock selection: internal, recovered
Victor Plus is an ideal tool and external reference
for a variety of applications
VF measurement: Tone generation
2 Mbit/s Remote Control and analysis via analog interface
or in a 64 kbit/s channel
Easy to Use and ergonomic

Victor Plus is extremely flexible. Victor Plus includes a variety of

It comes with a number of interfaces, functions, results and configuration Printouts of events and reports
independent Generator and Analyser storage, printing and downloading
and the ability to Drop & Insert on information onto a PC, Remote Storage of up to 10 configuration
and result files
any interface. It can be used in Control and a multilingual interface.
Through Mode and High Impedance The tester has internal batteries, Transfer of results onto a PC
Mode. Victor Plus can monitor any which means that it can be used even
Large colour touch screen
signal up to -43 dB, at any point on after a power failure.
the network.

With Victor Plus, you can analyse

cross-connects, synchronous and
asynchronous data interfaces, as
well as any type of digital, analog or
data mux/demux, including X.50.

Intuitive Graphical User Interface

Testers with touch screens are more

intuitive and easy to use, which is why
they are also more suitable for field

Victor Plus has a large full-colour touch

screen that makes configuring the
tester really easy. Tricolour SoftLEDs

Results and events are displayed Automatic Start/Stop

clearly, and they can be viewed as
time graphs or histograms. Rechargeable batteries with up
to 11 hours of battery life

Auto-configuration to identify
unknown signals

Any DTE/DCE exchange circuit

can be programmed and monitored.

V.11, V.24, V.25 and V.36

Advanced Functionalities and ease of use

Performance Analysis
Victor Plus can verify that all your E1
and data circuits work correctly. This
is done by testing performance
according to ITU-T Recommendations
G.821, G.826 and M.2100.

Round Trip Delay

Victor Plus can measure Round Trip
Delay in all interfaces, as well as transit
Frame Display Frequency Offset
delays found in network elements.
FAS, NFAS and CAS is monitored in With Victor Plus, you can easily pro-
real time, and the CAS printout utility gram frequency offset, both in Hz and
Channel Mapping enables you to see any changes in ppm, up to 20 000 Hz in the binary
This feature of Victor Plus provides status, either on paper or on your signals transmitted by G.703 interfaces.
you with a complete overview of both computer screen.
channel activity and signal status.

Programming and analysis of all

the bits (Si, Sa, E-bit, CAS)

Remote Control from your PC

Line level measurements

Alarm and error insertion

Channel activity map

Wintor is a software application that
enables you to control your Victor Plus Co-directional G.703
remotely from a PC, using the RS-232
serial port. Line frequency measurement
with a resolution of 0.1 ppm
Wintor has a familiar, WindowsTM
based user interface, which makes it Performance analysis according
to G.821, G.826 and M.2100
easy for you to configure Victor Plus
and access all its functions.

Event trace

Time slots: total flexibility in pro-

gramming structure and content

Advanced features at your


Interfaces 75 unbalanced G.703 2 Mbit/s, 120 balanced G.703 2 Mbit/s
n x 64 kbit/s G.703 Co-directional, analog interface
V.11, V.24. V.35 and V.36 data interfaces
Frequency offset generation up to 20.000 ppm in steps of 1 ppm

2 Mbit/s Modes Terminal, Monitor through Protected Monitoring Points (PMP), High impedance (bridge)
Transparent with overhead edition and TS Add/Drop

Datacom Modes Terminal with DTE or DCE emulation, In-service monitoring

E1 Functions Framed PCM-30/PCM-31 with/without CRC and unframed signals

Edition and display of all the overhead bits in the E1 frame (Si, Sa, E-bit)
Edition and display of CAS signalling, time-stamped signalling changes log
for 16 channels
Channel map: display of all TS with Busy/Free indication
External drop and insert of n x 64 kbit/s signals

Datacom Functions Programming/display of DTE/DCE interchange control circuit status

Selection of timing circuits
Programming of data interface binary rates

Measurements Line level and frequency analysis

Soft LEDs, all events at a glance
In-Service (ISM) and Out-of-Service (OoS) Measurements
Insertion and analysis of errors and alarms
Bit Error (BER) testing
Performance analysis (G.821, G.826, M.2100)
Round Trip Delay (RTD)
VF measurements: tone generation and analysis (frequency, level, peak codes)
Graphical display of all events as time plots and histograms

Other Functions Auto-configuration

Automatic Start/Stop
Storage of results and configuration files
Printout of reports and transfer to a PC in CSV format
Built-in loudspeaker for VF listening
Remote control

Safety and Environmental Radiated EMI: EN55022, Immunity to EMI: EN50082-1

Immunity to electrostatic discharge (ESD): IEC801-2 (4 kV contact)
Electrical safety (through AC/DC adapter): IEC348

Ergonomics Size: 257 x 147 x 59 mm

Colour touch screen 120 x 90 mm
10 external tricolour LEDs
Weight (with 1 battery pack) 1.5 kg
Power supply by AC/DC adapter or NiMH battery.
Maximum autonomy: 11 h with 2 NiMH battery packs

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