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Barrons 333 word meaning with mnemonics

1. Sounds like rebate 11. All (all)+ evi (evil)+ ate monarchy)...so,
which means discount (has been eaten up) so absenceof government
i.e reducing the price you are relieved 19. In science we have
2. Ant and bear together 12. Amalgam is an alloy of studied
sounds mercury and alloy anomalous(strange)
strange/abnormal, means mixing things behavior of water
hence the meaning together. 20. Can remember it as
3. A+beyance, concentrate 13. Ambi(root word) opposite of sympathy.
on beyance, it sounds means multiple, guous Rhyming n opposite
like buoyancy which sounds like guess, hence words - antipathy n
suspends objects on the multiple-guesses sympathy
water. 14. Matches with 21. Lack of caring;
4. Gone in a second 'ambulance' . In case of indifference
5. Focus on 'abs' part of severe emergency, 22. Sounds like please, to
this word. To build a six- inside an ambulance, please/sooth someone
pack abs, eat n drink you have mixed 23. One who will inform
carefully emotions.. Bachega ya will get the prize
6. Remember monisha nahi! 24. Ap+probation: you get
from sarabhai vs 15. Ameli (imli) improves confirmation/approval
sarabhai, she was the taste of food. in your job after your
always warned by her 16. You know about probation period
mother-in-law chronometer- means 25. Propriate = a +
7. Dull+the+rate = impure, clock. Anything with property + iate.. I.e. To
means to decrease the 'chron' is related to make it your own
rate time. an+chron+ism> property, by force if
8. Opposite of pathetic here an is used in required.
9. We often ask for negative sense> so 26. Arduous = read it as:
aggregate score, means anachronism means 'hard to do for us'
total score something or someone 27. Without the art of
10. Take the suffix crity we that is not in its correct deception
can link it with time 28. Someone who leaves all
creativity.creative 17. Remember analogous aesthetics is an ascetic
people are so eager to from analogy 29. Sounds like industrious
learn n create things 18. Anarchy-sounds like which means hard-
differently. 'monarchy' (like tibet working or diligent
was ruled by
Barrons 333 word meaning with mnemonics

30. Ass-usage in the toilet you support when you 53. Split as common -
gives huge relief sit ensured -rate. Which
31. If tenu(=you) eat(ate) 44. Caco(root word) means means, our rate will be
less you will attenuate bad and phonous means equal to the cheapest
32. One who drives audi sound. So bad-sound product!
has a bold personality 45. Ca(car) + 54. Cum(hindi for less) pen
33. I steer away (from), pric(price)...price of cars use karke u can just
practice self-denial nowadays is becoming write summary of topic.
34. A very confident unpredictable 55. Sounds like come and
statement! 46. In olden days lower please someone
35. 'Ban all' those directors cast people were 56. One who never
whose movies are severely criticized... complains and obeys
'banal' (the same old 47. In chemistry we have everything is compliant
story lines are repeated) studied catalyst which 57. Sounds like consoling
36. Belie has lie. helps in bringing which means soothing
37. Simply think about chemical change in a 58. Condone =
beneficial which help reaction consideration + done ~
people. 48. Caustic soda is very you do not
38. Relate to bolt -- used to common and its consider(bother) that is
support or reinforce 'harmful ' for health if already done .i.e you
39. Bombs and firecrackers taken in large quantity, forgive them
are used to impress therefore caustic means 59. Confusion found ==
people and they cause harmful or burning confound
high sound 49. Sounds like china, made 60. Person competent to
40. Boor means rude, ill in china products are act as a judge of art, etc.;
mannered duplicates/deceptive a lover of an art
41. Burge+on sounds like 50. Colgate - think about the 61. Contention = contend is
bulge which means 'thick' paste to compete, but
growing big 51. Conclusive part of the contention has tension
42. Remember varnish - lunch ,is done by also, so a person cannot
used on wooden things soda(coda) by watching win a sport if he is full of
to make them shine music on television. tension.
43. Remember by your butt 52. Cogent - gent - a gentle 62. Contentious-
or buttocks! What do person is always the (contender+serious)
they do? They provide right person to convince one who takes
others. competition too serious
Barrons 333 word meaning with mnemonics

always fights and who have black skin)no away from the path or
quarrels) racism plz.. subject of remorse.
63. Split as cont (count) - 74. De -ride -- riding a 84. Dirge - di means die, so
rite (right). Count the horse upside down.. Ppl when you die and have
cash right, else you will will make fun of you ( done good things for
regret it. ridicule) people in life, a song of
64. Drum ke andar kaun hai 75. Deriv - drive /ative - grief or lament will be
65. Co togetherverge- relativemng:obtaining sung for you.
become one from the other source. 85. Story: like a girl fall in
66. Convolution theorem 76. Desi cake is always love with a rascal, and
was very hard to dried up. her father comes to
understand!! 77. De-result...obviously a know. What he will do is
67. Craven -- is the haphazard or desultory abuse the boy and
opposite of 'brave'. approach will result to disabuse the girl about
68. Daunt = haunt = if you nothing. the boy. Simple naa.
are frightened you will 78. Deter + rent. A high 86. Read it as di-screening.
be discouraged to go rent is always a A dual screening person,
into the haunted house. discouraging factor for who keeps on screening
69. Propriety; orderliness tenants. everything around
and good taste in 79. Diatribe = di-tribe = twice( very observant,
manners two tribes alert)
70. Fault is a mistake and fighting...criticize 87. Focus on disco-rdant.
due to a mistake the 80. Can be think as di + cut Discos are always
person looses by _ ... So dichotomy is inharmonious. Same as
default. cutting into two parts cacophonous
71. If there is no difference 81. It is like opposite of 88. U will give the credit
between you and him, confidence means you card to that person
then you will respect his are shy not confident whom u have
wishes. 82. Wen there is a bomb in confidence.dis means
72. Delineate = (diligently the building we spread not having confidence
and neatly) portrayed this news widely and 89. Break into
painting. call the bomb dis+creep+fancy=this is
73. Focus on the 'nigrate' (diffuse)ing squad creep and this is fancy
part of this word and 83. Because of depression what an inconsistency
relate it to 'nigger' ...we move or wander with this item .i.e fancy
(which means people and creep are different
Barrons 333 word meaning with mnemonics

90. This crate (thats used 96. Dis(this) + 106. If you try to read
to keep cold drink parate(parrot) is 'dogmatic' from back to
bottles ) that keeps the different from the front, you will get 'i am
bottles separate n rest.but how?? It can god'. The person who
unconnected... So that talk!!! think that he is a god is
they don breakdis+crate 97. The word sounds like arrogant and stubborn
91. Ingenuous(can be 'resemble', the person of 107. See the word
remembered as that type can be in dormant, dorm is a
genuine) is sincere, disguise dormitory a place to
innocent and 98. Distribute; spread; sleep..so if you are
sophisticated.and scatter (like seeds) sleeping you are
disingenuous is not 99. Dissolution is the inactive or lethargic..
naive, insincere opposite of resolution. 108. Duplicates(in
92. Dis-interest...if a When you make a movies) are used to fool
particular issue is not of resolution you make a people....
any interest to me (dis- promise, when you 109. Your dad
interest), i'll pass a make a dissolution you purchasing you a new
biased free opinion break or dissolve the 'enfield bullet' so you
about it... promise. shpw ur 'excitement' ->
93. Dis (not) + jointed 100. Dis-sonance::dis ebullient! :d
(connected)...so resonance--not 110. Eclectic or elect
disjointed is resonant....so not in means, chosing the best
disconnected or harmony from many sources
scattered. 101. Try to relate it which is the meaning of
94. Dis(these)-miss(girls) with dis means distance the word eclectic
are careless drivers , and extend means to 111. Effic(efficient)+a
they eliminate from expand. c(y)..so just check out if
consideration the traffic 102. Distilled your ac has the
around & so are rejected water...distilleries... efficiency to produce
@ licence interview..!! 103. The driver desired cooling .
95. Dispa-rage can be read diver(ge)ted into 112. For every
as display a rage. When different directions discussion he comes to
you display your rage on 104. Opposite of the front and argues...in
your juniors you belittle invest a rude manner.
them in front of the 105. provide written 113. E(a)legy(legendr
others. evidence y).....so if a legendry
Barrons 333 word meaning with mnemonics

person dies......people 123. Equal+enemy(ity 130. Exculpate sounds

sing a mournful poem or ) seeeing enemy as a like ex-culprit =
people lament or regret friend i.e., with calmness culprit...but now he has
for his death..... of temperament. been cleared of the
114. Elicit ~ explicit 124. Equi(equal) charges.
115. Embellish--we vocal(sound)... If we 131. Exigency ~ exit +
add bell to the christmas make similar sounds emergency;you
tress to adorn it then it would be remember the
116. ~ practical ambiguous(unclear) to emergency exit, only
117. We use emulator distinguish!! when at the time of an
as to imitate our cell 125. Taken from urgent situation.
phone software in rude+ite...people who 132. During election
computer were highly educated time many news
118. Simple think of are very rude with channels show
epidemic as an epidemic illiterate people extrapole of elections
desease that spreads a 126. Sounds like they just try to make
vast area and endemic historic. Historic things predict who will going
disease as a disease that are known to few to win election based on
spreads only a confined people current known
area 127. Euler + information
119. Enerv(w)aste geometry; euler was extrapolation is similar
whwn you waste you very good at geometry; 133. Someone who
energy you become so we praise him, give makes funny faces;
weak him a eulogy facetious >>> face is not
120. When two 128. Assuming: serious
gender's male & female females are milder than 134. When you
end up together .. They males as they are more provide facilities(facilit+
produce or give rise to a emotionally inclined.it ate).. It makes things
child.. reads like e(xpress) less difficult.
121. When you are u(yourself) 135. Fallacious.split it
given a chance you try phemism(like like fallac+ious...if you
to improve more... That feminism). just concentrate on
is enhance 129. Acerb- means fallac..it look like
122. Sounds like e- bitter, harsh; so false,......so think that
funeral. Electric funeral exacerbate means to something is based on a
is short make bitter, to worsen.
Barrons 333 word meaning with mnemonics

false or incorrect wickets than do - so when you buy a pair

notion..... sledging..hope this ll of branded gouge, which
136. Remembles fat help are expensive, you think
ass an ass is considered 142. Flout... Foul + the shopkeeper is
foolish out. When a player is overcharging you.
137. Relate it with sent out by foul, the 151. Grand+eloquent -
fan..imagine of a crazy player shows his - only an eloquent
fan who always try to contempt to the referee. speaker can deliver a
exhibit his 143. Foam starts to pompous/bombastic
affection....and court a appear once you speech in front a
favor to be with you profusely foment (stir huge/grand crowd
whole day by flattering up) a soapy hot water 152. Remember
with you.. bucket(2nd meaning ). aggregation means
138. Felicitous sounds 144. Fore means gathering something
like felicitation... In before. Stall means to together...similarily
felicitation the person is stop. Hence forestall == aggregation -> gregation
praised with suitable, before stop. I.e to stop ->gregarious
apt , well chosen something before it 153. 'Guile' means to
remarks.. happens. deceive, guile+less
139. Fervor - relate it 145. Frugal means means no deception,
to exam fever. U become avoiding waste only honesty.
so much ardent and 146. Futile is not 154. Gullible = gull +
enthusiastic to study for fertile.. Hence not ible = girl/galli + able a
that one night to get fruitful girl who is able to be
good marks.. U have an 147. She has (gain)ed tricked or deceived
intense feeling to study.. weight but is not easily.
Hope this helps (say)ing it which means, 155. She gave an
140. Flag always she is denying the fact. aggressive speech
waves in the air because 148. (garrulous can be because of her anger
it is loosely hanged related to girls when 156. Of the same kind
(drooped) to rod pronounced)and girls 157. Hyper(beyond
141. Sounds similar to talk more than boys the limit)+bole(means
sledging in 149. Sounds like 'go speak)..so someone who
cricket...normally and do [it]' gives the statement
inexperience young 150. In slang language beyond his
players if unable to get we call goggles as gouge
Barrons 333 word meaning with mnemonics

limit..overstating 167. Sounds like 176. Indica and zen

basically. impleasable -- some one cars are owned by poor
158. Icons-ideals; who cannot be pleased people.
clast is like clash... So or appeased -- not Antonym:'opulence'
iconoclast is someone pacifiable which means 'rich'
whose ideas clash with 168. Understood but mnemonic :opel
the traditional ideals. not stated astra(its a car owned by
159. Idol + adulatory. 169. Opposite of very rich people)
Adulatory means explode 177. Indolent sounds
excessive praising 170. In + like indoor and the
160. Mutation implies advertisements...withou person who stays
changes in genes, so t getting an idea from indoor are lazy.
immutable means the advertisement we 178. Inert gases
cannot change end up buying wrong hardly react, therefore
161. Opposite of product i.e. inert means lacking
repair. Repair is to Inadvertently ability to move or act.
mend or fix, impair is to 171. Choate sounds 179. In+genuine- in
injure like 'chote', means not genuine relationship
162. A person saying i fully grown up, in the people are naive and
am passive (not active), initial stage of life. trusting to each other.
that means he has no 172. Congress -- no 180. Firmly
feelings, emotions. unity established by nature or
163. In electronics, 173. Consequence habit
resistance is for dc and means result- we are 181. In(not) +
impedance is ac never worried about the nocuous(noxious)
requivalent result of means not noxious.
164. Impervious; not inconsequential or Something which is not
permitting passage worthless things. noxious is harmless.
through its substance 174. Introduce 182. Without sense
165. The person who something into a larger 183. Insinuate sounds
never babbles (talks whole; combine; unite like sign. It has
foolish) is a very cool, 175. Opposite of something to do with
calm and peaceful guy. determinate. signs .i.e. Hint
166. Impenetrable; Determinate means 184. When you do not
incapable of being precise, limited or fixed. sip it means the juice
damaged or distressed lacks flavor.
Barrons 333 word meaning with mnemonics

185. By insulating, we 195. A glass of lassi easily understand

isolate the wires from (buttermilk) induces everything
the environment. weariness, lethargy, 204. Luminous =
186. Opposite of languor luminance ~ bright
tractable 196. Regroup the 205. Magnanimaous,
187. Can be thought of words and spell it as nani ma in hindi, is
as in-transit, lacking talent.. Many people always 'generous' to us
movement when you have 206. Ma linger= child
are stubborn potential(talent..)But lingering around her
188. I+nun +date....i undeveloped..where as mom to avoid going to
asked the nuns for a some people hide their school.
date and i was flooded talent.. 207. Relate with
with letters from 197. O, lord! Let me meltable; so possible to
christian societies for laud you for all your reshapemave+'rick'
violating the social help, applaud sounds like ricky
norms. 198. Drowsy; dull ponting who is
189. Someone injured 199. Sounds like level. rebellious and non-
again and again will We level the land, with conformist as he does
become tough levee so that there is no not believe in umpire
190. Envy + active or flooding descisions during india's
active jealousy can 200. Lev(leave)+it+y(. cricket match
cause you to abuse the yaar)..you casually leave 208. Mave+'rick'
other person. things without any sounds like ricky
191. Concentrate on seriousness ponting who is
rasc- a rascal is one who 201. Every mobile has rebellious and non-
is irritable, choleric, a log file, in which all conformist as he does
shor-tempered & your call records are not believe in umpire
hotheaded stored. descisions during india's
192. (ir)not knowing... 202. It is derived from cricket match
How to make the root word 'loqua', 209. Mendacious =
resolutions. which refers to speech requiring mending
193. Generally plane or talk (correction)
ticket is referred as 203. Lucid has root 210. Meta means
itinerary 'luc', means 'light'. many + morp (derived
194. Lac..lack, so lack Under the light, we from morphic) means
of words in speech shape or form.
Barrons 333 word meaning with mnemonics

211. It sounds like 219. Ob+dura (relate 227. Read it as

matriculation(admissio it to word durability). stuntatious (stunts), you
n to a college).to get So, anything which has perform stunts to
matriculation we should durabilobse(ssed)- attract attention, showy.
be as a qui(yes in frech)-ous = 228. Sounds like
meticulous(careful) always obsessed with pentagon. The pentagon,
aspirant to clear the saying yes to allity is headquarters of the
exam. stubborn. united states
212. 'Misien' in greek 220. Obse(ssed)- department of defense
means 'to hate' and qui(yes in frech)-ous = is model of perfection
'anthropos' means always obsessed with 229. Parti(think of a
'mankind'. So saying yes to all political
misanthrope means one 221. Viate sounds like party)+san(son)...so a
who hates mankind deviate. We deviate father who is favouring
213. In i.t. It is always ourselves from his son's political party,
used with risk. Risk unnecessary things. instead of a good party.
mitigation is the process 222. Sounds like 230. Relating to
of reducing risk conclude. Means close pathogens (viruses,
214. Mollify sounds or shut something. bacterium or micro-
like nullify...so just think 223. Sounds similar to organisms)
of nullifying office. Imagine a office 231. When you pause
something...nullifying where people are a production line, there
your temper intrusive in a meddling would be scarcity of
215. If you give 'sad' or offensive manner, goods
person a 'rose', he will interfering 232. Sounds like
be happy 224. Sounds like 'on 'pundit', pundits are
216. Monday, tuesday, us'. When something is usually very bookish.
wednesday....everyday on us, we feel 233. You have a
217. Cancel out; burdensome strong liking for
nullify; deny 225. If you take something that
218. Neo = the matrix opium(banned drug) enchants(attracts) you
hero' and 'phyte = fight'. you will be criticized, 234. I have only one
Neo fights in matrix humiliated & put to penny and a rupee
movie as a beginner or shame. 235. Perennial rivers
new comer to save the 226. Vibrate; are rivers that has water
revolution pendulum-like; waver
Barrons 333 word meaning with mnemonics

throughout the year i.e. 244. Flat + overstep your

They never dry up attitude:something flat boundaries by boldly
236. Per+fid+ious, fid does not attract us as it presuming/assuming
stands for fidelity i.e. is very common. So you something..
Loyalty. Hence will obviously give trite 254. Pre+var(truth)+i
perfidious is the remarks. cate(fabricate) ==
opposite 245. Plenty (root fabricate the truth.
237. If you perform word) 255. Sounds like
your functions in hurry, 246. Plummet rhymes priest, they are pure,
means you lack interest with 'comet' which falls unspoiled.
238. Penetrable; so sharply. 256. Probe(investigati
porous; allowing liquids 247. Full of pores; like on) is done to verify
or gas to pass through a sieve probity.
239. Sounds like 248. Pra + gma + tic = 257. (doubt)you
invasive. When you pra + c + tic + al always have doubts
invade, you spread 249. Constitution of with while solving
throughout india has a preamble, problems.
240. When we hoist a which is a brief 258. If you want to be
flag we have the introductory statement pro among gals, you
reaction to be calm and 250. Pre+care+ious -- need to waste money.
unexcited. we have to take care 259. Whatever
241. Pie+tea if we get while doing something professional or
a pie and a tea when we risky. researchers found has
are hungry we thank 251. Pre + anticipate. to be deep.
god and devout to him. You don't 260. Prohibit means
Or else when we need think/anticipate before restrcit.
them we devout to god... you do something. You 261. Life rate=its
242. A plate full of do it in rash or haste.. always increasing.
tasty food to please(root 252. 'Precursor' = 262. Now a days
word) someone. pre(before) + people are inclined
243. Plasticity-plastic- cursor(that points out) towards 'city' dats y
by heating plastic we == something that thery r migrating from
can mould it to any points out in advance == villages.
shape pretty easily forerunner :). 263. Prof+piti- if you
without any breakage. 253. Focus on want professor's pity
'presum' (presume) ~ to
Barrons 333 word meaning with mnemonics

then you would have to calcium make bones 279. Reprobate:

appease him/her. strong/stubborn. rep(repeatedly)+rob+at
264. Divide the word 272. Re (again) + cant e.. A person who again
as propr+iety (cannot) = i have told and again robs other
..propr(sounds like you this again and again, peoples food and eats it
proper)..hence it refers it cannot be done, it has up has no moral values..
to being proper or been rejected. 280. He ate the
correct in conduct. 273. Sounds like pudding again.. When
265. When you want a seclude(keep away from his mother asked him if
magazine, you other people). he ate the pudding, he
prescribe(subscribe) it. 274. Read recondite tried to repudiate (deny
Similarly when you as 're conduct'. The eating it)..
want to stop it, you will professor re 281. Sounds like
have to proscribe.so coducted(repeated) the 'resign', where resign is
proscribe = prohibit. topic as the students to cancel your
266. Remember pug could not understand appointment and
dog of vodafone. It's properly.. rescind is to cancel an
very stingy. 275. One who doesn't agreement..
267. Primary meaning refract(bend) at all, 282. New year
qualified :above a given meaning stubborn. resolution, we are
standard(quality)secon 276. Sounds like determined to achieve
dary meaning:limited in refuse, we refuse new year goals.
quality(just the something that is 283. If u r solving
opposite. proved wrong. problems in a chapter
268. Query + babble 277. Sounds like again & again, then u
(minor delegate which mean have determination to
objection/murmuring). you assign a task to your do that chapter in
269. Quite + silent. juniors.. exams.
270. Rare(very less) + 278. Re(again..)+proa 284. Cent (saint) is
fied(like field which ch(..approach).. You ask stereotypically reluctant
means environment), someone to approach to speak or draw
hence environment again & again since you attention to themselves.
where gas is very less disapprove of his 285. Reverent-divide
dense. work..(eg during as river end i.e we bath
271. Re+calcit(sounds submissions). in the rivr end as a part
like calcium)+rant, of worship.
Barrons 333 word meaning with mnemonics

286. Resembles saga, 299. Sporadic== 308. Subsidies/discou

meaning any legend. A opposite of periodic, we nts given to employess
saga will be a wise, know periodic things 309. Provide
sensible person. occur regularly. substantial evidence.
287. (related to 300. Stigma (stick + 310. When a super
bollywood) remember maa)imagine someone new thing arrives, we
salman khan and his hitting his maa with a replace aside the old
brothers, all are healthy. stick. How disgraceful it thing because it is
288. Approve; ratify. will be !!! obsolete..
289. I sat & ate till i 301. You perform 311. Akin to 'suppose'.
was full!. stunts for limited period 312. Sounds like
290. Soak thoroughly. of time implicit, hence the
291. Sounds like 302. Staple+it-- staple meaning
flavor. You savor (feel the documents, so that it 313. A tangent is a
the taste) the flavor guarantees that they line that touches a circle
(taste) of the food you stay together with a 90`degree angle.
eat.. permanently! So the meaning comes
292. Secret+e which is 303. Sounds like solid, from there, slightly
to be concealed or having solid / stone like connected, peripheral
hidden. heart 314. This word sound
293. S + hard..it is 304. Marked with very close to
very hard to join the parallel bands; grooved tennis....and most of the
broken fragments of 305. Rhymes with slut female tennis players
pottery.. - imagine the way she are very slim and thin.
294. Should i keep walks...pompous, with 315. Sounds like
this? In a doubt. head erect and chest tired.. Your mom gets
295. Worried, thrown out. tired after a tirade..i.e.
concerned. 306. Rhymes with slut Long angry
296. Watching "soap - imagine the way she denunciatory speech..
operas" makes u sleepy walks...pompous, with 316. Well its quite
297. It sounds like head erect and chest opposite to what is a
'suspicious'. thrown out. topper who is naturally
298. Colored band 307. Its pretty diligent
produced when a beam simple... Read it as court 317. A tortoise does
of light passes through a mein 'saboot post not move in straight
prism karna'!!! line... It keeps twisting
Barrons 333 word meaning with mnemonics

and turning making 325. Survivable 333. Zealot -- zeal +

path complicated. 326. Sticky, gluey lot one who shows a lot
318. Tractable sounds 327. You are always of zeal
like tractor ,which pissed off with
makes it easy to manage itoperator, so you abuse,
a field . scold him
319. Trans + 328. Volatile memory
aggression, imagine the is a computer memory
army aggressively which gets erased when
crossing the line of power is turned off, i.e.,
control (loc) and hence changed suddenly like
violating the law ram, so volatile means
trans(=across) border. lliable to change
320. Sounds like 329. Justified;
truck, trucks are authorized
aggressive on roads 330. Sounds like
321. Sounds like worry, you become
oscillate..so something wary (cautious) if you
which moves from one have too many worries
position to another in life.
position. 331. I would
322. Ven(..when)u remember it as 'world
rate someone higher.. tour'.so you are
You treat them with planning for a world
respect . tour, but 'confused' as
323. The root word where to start from,
'ver' refers to true.. because there are quite
Hence we can frame a lot countries to be
words like:veracious - covered.
truthful and 332. In your
verisimilitude - an childhood, it was
appearence of truth. unpredictable 'which
324. Ver for verbal cycle' you will get on
bose for boss; so you your birthday
may say that your boss
is excessively verbal.