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November 15-17, 2010

Sheraton Premiere
at Tysons Corner, Vienna, VA
Advancing The HR Strategic Plan 2010-2015:
Improving The Quality Of Human Resources Management Practices

Keynote Speaker:
Do not miss the opportunity to hear important
John Berry updates on hiring reform, leadership
Director of the OPM, Chief People Person development, and how the Federal workforce
can meet the challenges of the 21st century!
United States Federal Government

Hear The Latest Strategic Briefings From Your Agency Human Resources Leaders:
Angela Bailey Pamela Malam Toni Dawsey
Deputy Associate Director Deputy Assistant Secretary for Assistant Administrator
Center for Talent and Capacity Human Capital and Diversity for Human Capital
Policy US Department of the Management
US Office of Personnel Interior Chief Human Capital
Management Officer (CHCO)
Michael Kane NASA
Jim Trinka Chief Human Capital Officer
Director, Technical Training and US Department Denise Wells
Development of Energy Deputy Assistant Secretary
Federal Aviation for Human Resources,
Administration (FAA) Craig Hooks Chief Human Capital
Chief Human Capital Officer Officer
Kathryn Medina Environmental Protection US Department of
Executive Director, CHCO Council Agency Health and Human
US Office of Personnel Services
Management Sallyanne Harper
Chief Administrative Officer Jackie Ward
Robert Buggs and Chief Financial Officer Director, IRS Recruitment
Chief Human Capital Officer US Government Office, HCO
US Department of Education Accountability Office Internal Revenue Service

“First time attending but information provided was very helpful in understanding challenges and
ways to respond. Every HR and HCM Practitioner should attend HCMF to ensure that our needs as
change agents are met to address challenges for 21st century workforce.”
– Attendee, US Department of Veterans Affairs

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Register Call: 1-888-482-6012 or 1-646-200-7530 Fax: 1-646-200-7535

Now: Email: hcmf@wbresearch.com Web: www.hcmfederal.com
DAY1: HIRING THE BEST Monday, November 15, 2010
7:30 Continental Breakfast And Conference Registration The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) utilizes a wide variety of strategic recruitment
initiatives to attract outstanding, diverse, qualified candidates for IRS positions
8:15 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks and further efforts to make the IRS the best place to work in government.
Recruitment efforts and activities promote the IRS as the employer of choice to a
Nick Cucinella diversified population through participation in diversity-related career events and
Director, Government Solutions recruiter outreach activities, standardized marketing materials with tailored
CareerBuilder Government Solutions messaging to candidate segments; leveraged partnerships with external
organizations and internal affinity groups; targeted internet and print media
8:30 Preparing For Hiring Reform And Ensuring Successful advertising and providing realistic job perspectives to candidates.
Angela Bailey 11:55 Government HR Hiring- Getting From No To Yes
Deputy Associate Director Recruitment and Diversity Dr. Jeff Pon
US Office of Personnel Management Principal
Booz Allen Hamilton
The OPM’s goal is to provide agencies a full range of support to help meet the
President’s recruitment and hiring reform objectives. Key deliverables have been Proven ways to work within the rules and to transform the way in which we
laid out to help guide agencies diagnose problems and increase awareness and perform Federal Hiring. We will talk about what works, what matters, and what
education about the hiring process. Hear important updates and progress from gets done...and how we each play an important role in our federal hiring
Angela Bailey, Deputy Associate Director for Recruitment and Diversity, as she process.
leads the reform initiatives, student programs, and awareness training programs
to help the federal government move towards a better and more effective hiring 12:35 Lunch For All Attendees
9:10 Panel Session: Getting The Best From Hiring Flexibilities - Sit down with your peers, agency leaders, and HR solutions experts to discuss
Innovative Ways To Make The Federal Hiring Process More your challenges in developing strategies and implementing your HR initiatives.
Efficient And Effective With the many important developments in hiring reform, you want to flesh out
Irma Blanchett the key priorities and next steps in improving your agency’s recruitment and
Chief Administrative Officer hiring strategies. Each table and topic will be moderated by a subject matter
US Department of Education expert. The moderator will sit down with you and rotate every thirty minutes to
help uncover solutions and provide you with action-oriented answers to your
James McDermott most pressing challenges. You will have the opportunity to hear from each
Chief Human Capital Office moderator and discuss each topic as follows:
Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Table Moderators:
Susan Barker Senior Executive from Plateau
Chief Human Capital Officer
US Department of Labor Senior Executive from Booz Allen Hamilton
Senior Executive From Lisa Johnson
Booz Allen Hamilton Senior Executive
President Obama has issued a memorandum dated May 11, 2010 – Improving
The Federal Recruitment And Hiring Process - instructing federal agencies to For the complete list of round table topics and speakers, please visit
address the issues and obstacles in hiring the best and the brightest into the www.hcmfederal.com.
Federal government. The change is expected to cut in half the time it takes to fill
Interested in moderating a round table? Please contact Paul Massoud
vacancies and allow the government to better compete with the private sector
at 646-200-7490 or email pmassoud@wbresearch.com.
for top talent. With President Obama giving direct instructions to implement a
new hiring plan by November 1, 2010, find out how agencies, with the
strategic guidance of their HR leaders, are preparing to adopt a new process to
3:40 Afternoon Refreshment Break
increase the opportunities of hiring the best and brightest talent to serve in the
Federal government.
4:10 Making Job Search Easy: Improving USAJobs And
Integrating Online Hiring Strategies
9:55 Driving Hiring Reform – Outlining The Opportunities For Kim Bauhs
Bringing In Top Talent To The Federal Government Assistant Director, Recruitment and Diversity, Employee Services
US Office of Personnel Management
Steve Cooker
Senior Vice President and GM • Enabling applicants to better search jobs and fulfill agency needs
Monster Government Solutions • Sharing job search information on social networking sites to attract talent
• Why USAJobs is not just for college grads: Promoting inclusion and diversity in
• Evaluating the impact of hiring reform on agency recruitment strategies
the federal hiring process
• Balancing innovation and efficiency in recruitment and hiring • Eliminating the burden, frustration and rigidness of the hiring process through
• Avoiding hiring pitfalls
a more streamlined recruitment strategy
• Increasing manager engagement to improve the hiring process
• Adapting technological change in improving HR recruitment
4:50 Recruiting In The Wide World Of Social Media
10:35 Morning Refreshment Break Eric Erickson
Communications Program Manager, IRS Recruitment Office
11:15 Differentiating Your Recruitment Strategy: Students, Internal Revenue Service
Experienced Hires, Veterans, And Retirees - Best Practices Shawn Gogas
From The Internal Revenue Service On Promoting Management and Program Analyst, IRS Recruitment Office
Employment Geared To Specific Demographic Groups Of Internal Revenue Service
Jackie Ward Learn how the IRS Recruitment Office uses a wide array of Social Media tools -
Director IRS Recruitment Office, HCO from social networking sites to virtual worlds. They will share tips and lessons
Internal Revenue Services learned on how to increase the reach of your messages and communicate
employment information to potential applicants.

5:30 End Of Hiring The Best Presentations

2 Call: 1-888-482-6012 or 1-646-200-7530 Fax: 1-646-200-7535 Email: hcmf@wbresearch.com Web: www.hcmfederal.com

DAY2: EXPECT THE BEST Tuesday, November 16, 2010
7:30 Continental Breakfast And Conference Registration agencies successful. Attendees will be able to:
• Build the skills necessary to lead across organizational boundaries in

8:15 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks their agency

• Use a methodology for developing boundary-spanning leadership
William Trahant
Senior Executive Advisor 10:35 Refreshment Break And Networking Opportunity In
Booz Allen Hamilton The Solutions Zone
8:30 Opening Keynote: Transforming Civil Service – The 11:15 ePerformance Management (ePM) Solution
Federal Government As America’s Model Employer
For The 21st Century PK Gundepudi, MHCS
Business Development, Enterprise Process Solutions
Keynote Guest Speaker: Northrop Grumman
John Berry
Director of the OPM Jeff Midili
Chief People Person of the US Federal Government Business Development, Enterprise Process Solutions
Northrop Grumman
John Berry is the Federal Government’s Chief People Person. As the
Director of the United States Office of Personnel Management, he is How many paper copies of your performance plan / review were printed
responsible for recruiting, hiring, and setting benefits policies for 1.9 or distributed? Is your agency on eOPF and still paying to have hard
million Federal civilian employees. Calling this a new day for the civil copy performance plans scanned? Did you ever lose your performance
service, he is reinvigorating the Federal workforce to meet the review especially after it was signed? Ask any agency and they all dread
challenges of the 21st century. the performance management process. Our ePM solution takes away
the mundane administrative aspect of the performance management
John Berry is working closely with partners both inside and outside of process. This frees up time for managers and employees to focus on
government to fulfill President Obama’s charge to “make govern- discussions to align goals, metrics and performance measures and
ment cool again” by developing flexible, results-oriented HR policies become a more efficient organization. Please come and join to explore a
and working to change how Americans view their public servants. His “must-see” integrated ePM solution by Northrop Grumman.
goal: build a workforce of dynamic innovators who put serving the
American people at the heart of everything they do. 11:55 Panel Session: Identifying And Developing Leaders To
Effectively Drive Agency Performance And Progress
9:15 The Business Of Human Resources: Breaking Down Toni Dawsey
And Examining The Model HR Professional Assistant Administrator for Human Capital Management,
Kathryn Medina Chief Human Capital Officer (CHCO)
Executive Director NASA
CHCO Council OPM Robert Buggs
US Office of Personnel Management Chief Human Capital Officer
US Department of Education
• What are today’s Federal HR competencies and how have they
evolve? Kristi Waschull
• What does the talent landscape look like across Federal HR? Deputy Director for Human Capital
• What are agencies doing to ensure the most effective HR workforce? Defense Intelligence Agency
• How is the CHCO Council taking the lead on “Training the Business Paula Roberts
of HR” Chief Human Capital Officer
Office of the Director of National Intelligence
Kathryn Medina serves as the Executive Director of the Chief Human
Capital Officers Council at OPM. The Council is charged with advising Steve Goodrich
and coordinating the activities of members’ agencies on such matters President and CEO
as the modernization of human resources systems, improved quality Center For Organizational Excellence
of human resources information, and legislation affecting human
resources operations and organizations. As Executive Director, Ms. • Developing HR roadmaps and clearly identifying agency milestones
Medina oversees the activities of the Council, and works with its and roadblocks in developing leaders
members and other stake-holders throughout government, to support • Training leaders to be committed to agency’s progress and
its mission and implementa-tion of its objectives. accountable to performance results
• Initiating diversity management to attain and maintain high
9:55 Boundary Spanning Leadership: Leading The Agency performance
Of Tomorrow • Effective workforce planning and succession management
• Establishing performance measurement to track individual and
Clemson Turregano
agency progress
Director, Government Sector
Center for Creative Leadership
12:40 Lunch For All Attendees
Bill Adams
Senior Faculty, Government Sector 1:40 Managing For Results: Performance And Leadership
Center for Creative Leadership Transformation At The US Government
Accountability Office
What skills will leaders need for tomorrow’s government agency?
This future period of change will yield agencies who have the same Sallyanne Harper
mission of today, but may accomplish this mission in a far different Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Financial Officer
manner. Will agencies be compelled by social media and US Government Accountability Office
demographics to be more transparent, collaborative, responsive and
client-oriented? Despite the importance of working collaboratively, Sallyanne Harper, Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Financial Officer
few leaders are trained to do so. CCL research finds that 90% of of the U.S. Government Accountability Office, will discuss GAO's
executives surveyed admit they lack the skills to work collaboratively innovative approach to leadership in a high-performance government
across organizational boundaries. This session will provide insight and agency. She will share what works, and what doesn't -- as well as how
discussion in the boundary spanning research, trends, generational agencies can develop and grow leadership capacity at all levels of the
issues, and leadership competencies needed to make tomorrow’s organization to deliver results in a challenging fiscal environment.

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2:20 Advancing HR Management Through Shared Services describe current work on system integration, provider assessment and
migration planning; and discuss future challenges.
Elizabeth Mautner
Program Manager, Human Resources Line of Business, HRIT 3:00 Panel Session: Increasing Efficiencies In Workforce
Transformation, Office of the Chief Information Officer Forecasting And Retirement Processing
U.S. Office of Personnel Management • Using analytical and forecasting tools to better understand your
workforce gaps and opportunities
The Human Resources Line of Business (HR LOB) is leading the • Providing statistics on retirement eligibility to gain better insight to
government-wide transformation of HR information technology by talent management needs crucial to retaining knowledge
focusing on modernization, integration and performance assessment. As • Developing a more efficient way of forecasting retirement – evaluating
the managing partner, OPM, in collaboration with its 24 partner potential solutions
agencies is providing direction and oversight to achieve the initiative’s - Automated forecasting tools
goals. The HR LOB has established public and private shared service - Effective succession planning process
centers (SSCs), promulgated guidance to agencies for migration to SSCs, • Implementing initiatives to enable transfer of institutional knowledge
developed the government-wide HR business, technical and data
requirements, and designed the full set of HR enterprise architecture 3:40 Refreshment Break And Networking In The Solution
models. This session will showcase the initiative’s achievements, Zone

Choose Workshop A or B
4:10 Human Capital Analytics Succession Planning And Leadership Development
Moderator: • Recognizing and sustaining individuals with potential for leadership
Jeffrey Berk • Designing training programs to support the development of knowledge
Chief Operating Officer and skills for future agency leaders
Knowledge Advisors • Developing and implementing performance management systems to
provide adequate feedback and evaluation of employee performance
This session will highlight the case for talent measurement. It will and progress
summarize research on the current state of analytics, present models and • Providing the proper direction for potential leaders in your agency
tools to measure human capital and talent effectively and present a series through effective coaching and mentoring
of case studies where organizations have leveraged human capital metrics • Leadership development across all levels, integrating leadership
to create a high performing workforce. competencies, and developing competency models

Learning Objectives: *If you are interested in leading a workshop please contact, Paul
• Understand the current state of human capital measurement
Massoud at 646-200-7490 or email pmassoud@wbresearch.com.
• Explore methodologies, models and tools to conduct practical measurement

• Provide real-world examples of human capital measurement application

5:40 Networking Reception For All HCMF Attendees

After a full day of presentations and panel discussions, you deserve a time to relax and network with your peers. Plan your evening schedule to make sure
you can spend an hour to meet with your peers and colleagues across the federal government.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010
7:30 Continental Breakfast And Conference Registration 9:10 Leading In The 21st Century: From Exhausted To
8:15 Chairperson’s Opening Address Jim Trinka
Director, Technical Training and Development
8:30 Respect The Workforce And Honor Service: Sharing Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
Best Practices
Michael Kane Hear about an innovative, research-based approach designed to increase
Chief Human Capital Officer employee engagement by building and exercising 21st century
US Department of Energy leadership competencies. Managers still play an important and vital role
in employee performance and retention. Now, see how a long list of
Michael Kane, a member of the Senior Executive Service, currently serves possible managerial activities and competencies was reduced to the
as the Chief Human Capital Officer (CHCO) for the Department of “vital few accelerators” that have the most impact on improving both
Energy. He is responsible for strategically aligning the agency's employee engagement and leadership effectiveness. This approach
workforce to its missions through effective management of human ensures that managers remember fundamental activities that create
capital policies and programs. The CHCO advises and assists the positive energy by recognizing and appreciating what is working
Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Energy, and other agency officials, in successfully, which produces greater engagement and momentum for
selecting, developing, training, and managing a highly skilled, change; ultimately achieving “breakthrough” increases in organizational
productive, and diverse workforce in accordance with merit system results. Join Jim Trinka and learn:
principles and all applicable statutory requirements. • The “vital few accelerators” that drive outcomes of employee

engagement and leadership effectiveness

• How to apply the “vital few accelerators” on-the-job

• The value of using an appreciative inquiry based approach to leadership

4 Call: 1-888-482-6012 or 1-646-200-7530 Fax: 1-646-200-7535 Email: hcmf@wbresearch.com Web: www.hcmfederal.com

9:50 Panel Session: Encouraging Flexible Work Practices To 1:40 Modernizing The Federal Pay System – By
Attain A Healthier, Happier Workforce Implementing A Results Oriented Culture
Denise Wells Janet Murphy
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Human Resources, Chief Human Capital Officer
Chief Human Capital Officer Federal Housing Finance Agency
US Department of Health and Human Services
Engage in a lively discussion with Janet Murphy who will share lessons
Craig Hooks
learned in pay for performance systems. She will also share answers to
Chief Human Capital Officer
the difficult questions: How do you you --
US Environmental Protection Agency • Implement a true pay-for performance system?

Maureen O. Viall • Ensure pay equity in this environment?

Chief Human Capital Officer • Avoid pay compression?

Military Health System (MHS) • Introduce recognition programs for varying levels of contribution

Jeff Babcock 2:15 What's The Big Emergency? Understanding Safety In

Vice President and General Manager
The Role Of The Human Capital Leader
Kronos for Federal Government
Mark Washington
• Sharing best-in-class agency initiatives for improving flexible work Deputy Chief Administration Officer, Federal Student Aid
arrangement U.S. Department of Education
• Overcoming persistent challenges in deploying effective telework
programs Join Mark Washington for a discussion about the critical role human
• Investing in employee retention and satisfaction programs to achieve capital leaders play in setting the stage for organizational safety, staff
higher quality performance outcomes protection and emergency preparedness. This is a broad overview from
• Establishing health and wellness centers in federal locations to promote the planning perspective about workplace preparedness, major crisis
healthier onsite initiatives management, continuity of operations, and what you can do to assess
and respond to potential gaps before they become major issues.
10:35 Morning Refreshment Break And Networking • Ensuring the safety of the Federal workforce through emergency

Opportunity In The Solutions Zone preparedness

• Ensuring coordinated responses across the agencies and Federal leaders

11:15 Panel Session: Increasing The Diversity Of Our • Protecting the welfare of the Federal workforce through proper training

Employees To Attain And Maintain High Performance and preparation

Reginald Wells 2:55 Afternoon Refreshment Break And Networking
Deputy Commissioner, Office of Human Resources
Opportunity In The Solutions Zone
US Social Security Administration
Georgia Coffey 3:35 No Walls: Gone National!
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Diversity and Inclusion Alice Muellerweiss
US Department of Veterans Affairs Dean, VA University
Kimberly Powell US Department of Veterans Affairs
Director, Office of Workforce Performance and Development Transformation starts with people and changing what and how we
US Library of Congress learn goes hand in hand. The Department of Veterans Affairs newly
established corporate university spans across the Nation connecting its
• Enhance awareness, training, and executive coaching to improve people through a rich learning environment. Concurrently establishing
diversity management core leadership competencies, the Department is training its leaders
• Creating a culture of engaged employees to maximize high using innovative techniques and methodologies. The Department’s
performance corporate university dashboard is lit similarly to air traffic control system
• Improving creativity and problem solving through an inclusive – training, coaching, mentoring, developmental experiences,
organizational culture collaborative learning platforms, and other tools are airborne or near
• Keeping them engaged and productive takeoff! Aggressively anchoring leader growth in knowing, being, and
• Helping them get promoted to and remain successful at the highest doing formula will increase the Department’s leadership capacity to
levels affect the transformation the Department of Veterans Affairs is charged
by President Obama – to better serve Veterans and their families.
12:00 Veterans’ Hiring And Transition, Inclusion And Re-
Integration This session demonstrates the intense need for core leadership
Pamela Malam competencies and demonstrates the use of tools and methodologies to
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Human Capital and Diversity increase leadership growth.
US Department of the Interior
4:05 Human Capital And The Decennial Census: Challenges
The Department of the Interior has a vision for becoming a top ten For 2010 And 2020
Federal employer of Veterans and leading the Federal government by Jonathan Basirico
integrating Veteran skills, leadership abilities, and public service Human Capital and Decennial Field Staff
dedication to achieve the mission of protecting America’s great outdoors Human Resources Division
and powering America’s future. This presentation will provide U.S. Census Bureau
information on the strategies, tactics, challenges, and success stories at
the Department of the Interior. 4:45 End Of HCMF 2010
12:40 Lunch For All Conference Attendees

“HCMF continues to lead the way in providing timely and relevant human capital discussions
in our rapidly changing environment.”
- Attendee, US Army

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6 Call: 1-888-482-6012 or 1-646-200-7530 Fax: 1-646-200-7535 Email: hcmf@wbresearch.com Web: www.hcmfederal.com

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HCMF 2010 attendee needs help on and would like to learn more about: Sheraton Premiere at Tysons Corner is just moments away from Washington, D.C.
• Hiring, recruitment and talent • HR IT management HCMF has procured a reduced conference rate of $207.00 per night (plus tax).
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• Workforce planning analysis 572.7666 and identify yourself as an HCMF attendee. Rooms are limited and are
• Strategic organizational development • Leadership training and development on a first come, first served basis, so make your reservations as soon as possible.
• Training evaluation • HR Business Process improvement The discounted rate expires October 22, 2010. After October 22, rooms may still
• Developing performance metrics • Change Management be available, so please inquire with the hotel if you have missed the cut off date.
• Succession planning

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November 15-17, 2010

sensitive information should be forwarded to the

Sheraton Premiere at
Tysons Corner, Vienna, VA
Director of Human Resources

Advancing The HR Strategic Plan 2010-2015

Improving The Quality Of Human Resources Management Practices
535 Fifth Avenue, 8th Floor

Keynote Speaker:
New York, NY 10017

John Berry
Director of the OPM, Chief People Person
United States Federal Government

Hear Government-Wide HR Initiatives Supporting

The Strategic Plan 2010-2015
Day 1: Day 2: Day 3:
November 15 November 16 November 17
Advancing The HR Strategic Plan 2010-2015:
Improving The Quality Of Human Resources

Developments and Transforming Civil WORKFORCE AND

Opportunities In Service Through HONOR SERVICE
Hiring Reform Leadership And Investing In Your
Turn to page 2. Accountability Employees’
Turn to page 3. Development

When registering please provide the code above.

Management Practices
Turn to page 4.
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“Got me out of the day to day operational mode and thinking from a global,
strategic perspective – I feel rejuvenated, inspired and motivated. I got ideas for
strategic planning. The event brought together people that have relevant HC
experience – they were thought provoking and insightful.”
- Attendee, US Geological Survey
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