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29. Which of the following is less general 35.

Which of the following sets of animals

in characters as compared to genus? belong same group:-
a). Species a). Bombyx Locusta, Nereis, Squid
b). Division b). Doliolum, Branchiostoma, clarias,
c). Class Magur
d). Family c). Bufo, scoliodon, Torpedo, Trygon
30. In five kingdom system, the main basis d). Labeo, clarias, catla, pterophyllum
of classification is 36. Which of the following pair is correct:-
a). Structure of nucleus a). Branchiostoma-Hemichordata
b). Mode of nutrition b). Pristis-Bony fish
c). Structure of cell wall c). Obelia-platy helminthes
d). A sexual reproduction d). Icthyophis-Amphibia
31. Biosystematics aims at 38. Taxonomist have developed a variety of
a). The classification of organisms based taxonomic aids to facilitate:-
on broad morphological characters a). Identification of organism
b). Delimiting various taxa of organisms b). Naming of organism
and establishing their relationship c). Classification of organism
c). The classification of organisms based d). All of the above
on their evolutionary history and 39. Match the column:-
establishing their phylogeny on the Column -A Column - B
totality of various parameters from all (A) Pennatula (i) Portuguese man
fields of studies of war
d). Identification and arrangement of (B) Gorgonia (ii) Bath sponge
organisms on the basis of their (C) Meandrina (iii) Seapen
cytological characteristics. (D) Euspongia (iv) Sea fan
32. Phenetic classification is based on (E) Physalia (v) Brain coral
a). The ancestral lineage of existing a). A-iii, B-iv, C-v, D-i, E-ii
organisms b). A-iv, B-iii, C-ii, D-v, E-i
b). Observable characteristics of existing c). A-iii, B-iv, C-v, D-ii, E-i
organisms d). A-iii, B-iv, C-ii, D-v, E-i
c). Dendograms based on DNA 40. Metagenesis is present in:-
characteristics a). Corals
d). Sexual characteristics b). Anemones
33. Species are considered as c). Hydra
a). Real basis units of classification d). None
b). The lowest units of classification 41. New organisms can be identified from:-
c). Artificial concept of human mind which a). Newly explored areas
cannot be determined in absolute terms b). Old already explored areas
d). Real units of classification devised by c). Both (1) and (2)
taxonomists d). Only oceans
34. The classification of Linnaeus was 42. What is nomenclature?
mainly based on a). Naming of living organisms in latin
a). Sepals language
b). Carpels b). Naming of particular organism by the
c). Petals same name all over the world
d). Stamens