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c). Naming of living organism in such a c).

As we go towards the species, the

manner that it cannot cause any number of similar characters goes on
confusion decreasing
d). Naming of living organisms in such a d). As we go towards the kingdom, the
manner that it becomes easy to number of similar characters goes on
pronunciation increasing
43. Find the correct statements from the 46. Match the following columns.
followings Column I Column II
(A) Each rank or taxon, in fact represents a A Planaria 1. Binary fission
unit of classification B. Fungi 2. Asexual spores
(B) Every step in taxonomic hierarchy C. Yeast 3. Budding
represents a rank or category D. Hydra 4. True regeneration
(C) A taxonomic category is a part of E. Amoeba 5. Fragmentation
overall taxonomic hierarchy Codes
(D) Taxonomic categories are not distinct A B C D E
biological entities, they are only a). (1) 1 2 4 5 3
morphological aggregates b). (2) 4 2 3 3 1
a). A, B & D are correct c). (3) 3 2 3 1 4
b). A, C & D are correct d). (4) 4 2 1 3 2
c). A, B & C are correct 47. New systematics introduced by Sir Julian
d). A and B are correct Huxley is also called as
44. Taxonomical studies of all known a). Phonetics
organsims have led to the development of b). Cladistics
common categories c). Biosystematics
such as kingdom, phylum (....(a)....) or d). Chemotaxonomy
division (for palnts), class,.....(b)......family, 48. Connecting link between Annelida and
genus and Mollusca is
species. In both plant and animal a). Neopilina
kingdoms the.....(c)......is a lowest category:- b). nautilus
a). afor plants , b species, corder c). glochidium larva
b). afor animals , b sub species, corder d). veliger larva
c). afor plants , b sub species, cspecies 49. Protista differs from monera in having
d). afor animals , b order, cspecies a). Mesosome
45. "As we go lower from kingdom to species b). Heterotrophic nutrition
the number of common characters goes on c). Mitochondria
decreasing" d). Cell wall
According to fundamental concepts of 50. Which of the following have porous body
taxonomy the above lines are not correct, so and are diploblastic?
they can be corrected as:- a). Aurelia and Obelia
a). As we go higher from species to b). Adamsia and Euplectella
kingdom, the number of common c). Leucosolenia and Spongilla
characters goes on increasing. d). Sycon and Hydra
b). As we go higher from species to
kingdom, the number of common
characters goes on decreasing