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1. The term New Systematics was 9. The term phylum was given by
introduced by (a) Cuvier
(a) Bentham and Hooker (b) Haeckel
(b) Linnaeus (c) Theophrastus
(c) Julian Huxley (d) Linnaeus.
(d) A.P. de Candolle. 10. Sequence of taxonomic categories is
2. Classification given by Bentham and (a) Class-phylum-tribe-order family- genus
Hooker is species
(a) Artificial (b) Division-class-family-tribe-order-genus-
(b) Natural system of classification species
(c) Phylogenetic (c) Division-class-order-family-tribe-genus-
(d) Numerical. species
3. System of classification used by Linnaeus (d) Phylum-order-class-tribe-family-genus-
was species
(a) Natural system 11. Linnaeus is credited with
(b) Artificial system (a) Binomial nomenclature
(c) Phylogenetic system (b) Theory of biogenesis
(d) Asexual system (c) Discovery of microscope
4. Linnaeus evolved a system of nomenclature (d) Discovery of blood circulation.
called 12. Phylogenetic classification is one which is
(a) Mononomial based on
(b) Vernacular (a) Overall similarities
(c) Binomial (b) Utilitarian system
(d) Polynomial (c) Habits of plants
5. Basic unit or smallest taxon of taxonomy/ (d) Common evolutionary descent.
classification is 13. Taxon is the unit of a group of
(a) Species (a) Order
(b) Kingdom (b) Taxonomy
(c) Family (c) Species
(d) Variety (d) Genes.
6. A taxon is 14. In the five kingdom system of classification,
(a) A group of related families which single kingdom out of the following can
(b) A group of related species include blue-green algae, nitrogen fixing
(c) A type of living organisms bacteria and methanogenic archaebacteria?
(d) A taxonomic group of any ranking. (a) Plantae
7. A group of plants or animals with similar (b) Protista
traits of any rank is (c) Monera
(a) Species (d) Fungi.
(b) Genera 15. The book Genera Plant arum was written
(c) Order by
(d) Taxon (a) Engler & Prantl
8. An important criterion for modern day (b) Bentham & Hooker
classification is (c) Bessey
(a) Resemblances in morphology (d) Hutchinson.
(b) Anatomical and physiological traits 16. A system of classification, in which a large
(c) Breeding habits number of traits are considered, is
(d) Presence or absence of notochord. (a) Natural system

By. Dr. Atin Kumar Srivastava