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Africa can Survive without Foreign

A Prezi of the Nok Civilization of Africa.

Raveena Rabadia
le 4 dcembre 2012

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Transcription de Africa can Survive without Foreign Aid

Africa can Survive without Foreign Aid

By Yosef Woger How Africa can survive without Foreign Aid

1. Good government
2. Natural Resources
3. High Population
4. Strengthening Local farmers In a Conclusion I believe Africa not only survive but also
develop economically using the people, natural resources and strengthening local farmers.

From you Africa doesnt need money, Africa only needs your moral support and hope that
Africa can solve the problem without foreign aid. Foreign Aid is not helping Africa

Slowing down economy and growth

The government are NOT creating a job
Dependency Young generation African government responsibility Natural resources
Population Public services
Creating Jobs
People will work in the country Africa can use this natural resources to grow the economy
Wild life
Tourism Industry UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, One fifth of the world
population lives in Africa.
Human power
China and India
Fastest growing market 59% of African population age between 18-25 Accession
International Sources
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One fifth of the worlds population already lives in Africa. UN department of Economic
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The most important tool to change one country's economical development is
A. Amount of foreign aid
B. People willingness to work hard
C. The type of government
D. Natural resources of the country
E. All of the above except A
F. All of the above Foreign Aid to Africa Therefore, we can conclude Africa will survive
without a foreign aid. AFRICA Strengthening local farmers Dr. Moyo discussed how
stopping foreign aid helps local farmers in Africa.

Local farmers will strive to produce their food Thank you :)