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Student Name: Xheni Lila Date: Age Group: Kindergarten Room (4-5 years old)

Purpose: Purpose:

Reason for developing learning With this activity I wanted to enhance their learning and expand
experience. This could be in their thoughts. I wanted to focus on getting the students to
response to an observation, connect what they see to text (11.7) by using pictures to match
discussion with the site their first letter.
supervisor, Ontario Curriculum
Objective, etc.


- Document what you saw and

- Document non-verbal
communication (i.e., body
language, facial expressions
and voice tone)
- Document in detail: who,
what, where, and when
- Documentation should be
written in past tense,
objective, and in anecdotal


Document the discussion

between you and your site
supervisor that led to the


Curriculum Objective

Describe the curriculum

objective youre aiming to
meet/enhance through this
Learning Experience Alphabet Picture Matching

What are you planning in 3 Objectives

response to your purpose?
- According the FDK curriculum the children should be
- Label your experience able to use pictures to support what they understand in
(e.g. Painting with cars). text, with this activity the students will be able to match
- What are your 3 letters and pictures (11.7)
objectives for this
- They will also be able to use their language to
experience? (i.e. What
interests are you communicate and reflect with the pictures they see (1.6)
extending? What strengths - They will also be able to connect pictures to words (9.1)
and opportunities for
growth are you Who will be involved in the experience?
I will be doing this activity with the SKs.
Please Note: You should
refer to appropriate Where will the experience take place?
pedagogy to support your
discussion around I will be implementing this activity indoors, on a round table.
strengths and
Materials Used
opportunities for growth
(e.g. ELECT, How Does - 26 letters in a shape of a cone
Learning Happen, Ontario - 52 pictures with corresponding letter in shape of a cone
FDK Curriculum, etc). (Letter K cone Picture of a Kite and Key in scoops)

Describe the experience: How will the activity be implemented?

- Who will be involved in I will start by getting the children to sing the ABCs. I then will be
the experience? putting out the pictures scattered on the table while holding the
- Where will the experience cone I will ask the students what letter I am holding and can they
take place? (e.g. Indoors find a picture that starts with that same letter. One by one they
or outdoors? In the will be able to do this and then they will let me know what
dramatic centre, the picture they are holding. This will continue until all the letters
creative table, etc). and pictures have been matched.
- List the materials and
resources you will use Teaching Strategies
- Describe the 1. Do it signals The students will be able to tell me what
implementation of the they know about the picture and I will be able to get a
experience, with a step by clear understanding of what the children do and do not
step description know
- List and describe 2 2. Questions I will be asking them basic question to get
teaching strategies. How them to understand the activity better and expand their
will you use them? Why thinking.
have you chosen these