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Grade 1 Weekly Newsletter October 15-19

Story: Lins fish
Phonics: short i/ final x
Vocabulary: Descriptive words Sunday,
Words of the week: she, take, up, what, Math: Practice addition using objects.
Grammar/ Writing: Identify the parts of a sentences. L.A: Review the sounds that kids learned: a, ck ,g, o, u, l, f, b.
Math Monday,
Chapter 1: Solving addition and subtraction problems up to 10 Math: Practice subtraction using objects.
Math envision Lesson 1.5-Lsson1.9 pp. 33-68 L.A: practicing blending 3-4 letters words (off, dog, stop, sock, back, big, fun, flag,
Vocabulary: add to, subtract from, difference, take away, sum, equations. more, cup, sum, truck)
fewer. Tuesday,
Math: write numbers up to 100
L.A: practice reading sentences (Same can nap on my lap. /Dan can come in that way.)
Part 1 -Handbook skills -Lesson 2: What skills do scientists use? pp 158-162
Vocabulary: 5 senses (touch, taste, sight, smell, hear)
Math: Practice addition when one of the addends are missing
Social Studies L.A: practicing the spelling no.1 and no. 2
Lesson 1: Describe how people live in different environments. Thursday.
Objectives: Identify the types of homes. Math: Practice subtraction using pictures.
Arabic L.A: revision of the sounds students learned so far (s, a, t, i, n, p, e, m, h, r, d, ck ,g,
o, u, l, f, b.)
Intoduction and probation book Section ( 6 \ 7 \ 8 \ 9 \ 10 )
Islamic Studies
Knowing the greatness of Quran. What we should know about Islam.Surah An-Nas.
Classroom News:
Spelling Test will be from the Spelling List No. 3 on Sunday, Oct. 15, 2017. You
can find the list in your childs folder/attached to the mail/my website.
Lesson 2 : les chiffres de 0-10
Objectives: Recognize and write the numbers from 0 to 10 The Phonics List No. 3 will not be included in the test but it is meant to help you
practice phonics with your child.
Art:Students learn about colors.
Dear parents,
PE: Learn different dancing activities.
Please check Daily Planner and sign next to the spelling test grade.
If you did not receive any emails from me please send me your new /correct mail at
Spelling Test List No.2 : /10
Parent Signiture: http://dhahranbudsgrade1mrsdaniela.weebly.com/gallery.html

It is very important that you send all the books back to

Please send the daily planner and the books back to school on Sunday,
Oct.15, 2017.
school so that the kids can use it on Sunday!
Kindly asking you to fill the weekly reading log from the Daily Planner.