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Qubbet el-Hawa

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Coordinates 2406'06.37?N 3253'20.97?E

For other uses, see Hawa (disambiguation).

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Tomb of Sarenput II.

Qubbet el-Hawa is a site of a big dune on the western bank of the Nile, opposite

Qubbet el-Hawa Tomb.

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1 Ancient Egyptian site - so called Tombs of Nobles
2 Coptic site
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Ancient Egyptian site - so called Tombs of Nobles[edit]
The elite Tombs date mainly from the Old Kingdom which provide an insight into the
burial traditions of Upper Egyptian Nome 1 during the later Old Kingdom. The tombs
include the famous tomb of Harkhuf. Others belong to Sabni, Ishemai or Heqaib.
There are later tombs, from the Middle Kingdom and New Kingdom. Excavation work

Coptic site[edit]
The hill is also the site of a Coptic monastery and some of the tombs were reused
as a Coptic church.

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