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the present system of education must assume some responsibilities of our failure(2007)

1.introduction (Write one to two lines in introduction)

Quaids view on education (No need to mention this in outline. Just write it , his quotation or else when
you write down the essay

concept of education....meaning and definition (Definition)

significance of education ...as pillar of success
spinal cord of the nation All of three have same meaning so be brief and write Meaning and Purpose of
Education or Importance of Education in Developing National Character.
P:S Put this paragraph before remedial measures

Where is thesis ? Write down Thesis statement leading to conclusion

For Example: Although It is an undeniable truth that education makes people easy to lead but difficult to
drive but the developing countries like Pakistan has not yet fully realized the importance of education in
terms of educating people for tomorrow . Education system in Pakistan has perpetually declined
because it is exam oriented education not education oriented. We have to reform the meaning and
purpose of education for the development of our society.

2. pakistan' education policy (1972-80) Critical Analysis of Pakistan Education Policy

According to topic, also write down an analysis of Present Education System of Pakistan and Its Pitfalls
and focus on it in the remaining essay despite examining education system in general.

3 factors leading to hurdle in way of education Factors contributing to the decline of education in

(different weak points in detail include here)

Mention those weak points in Outline

I would suggest to mention also the impacts on the Pakistani society, of Poor Education.

[U]4 remedial measures to plug the loop holes in the education system[/U]
(different points include in this sections)
Mention those points here

5 new challenges New challenges of ? Mention. New challenges for Pakistan or Whatever you want to
clarify the point and Future of education

6 conclusion
Write one to two lines in conclusion.
Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge,
skills, values, beliefs, and habits. The goal of education is not to increase the amount
of knowledge but to create the possibilities for a child to invent and discover, to create
men who are capable of doing new things. It is the most powerful weapon which we
can use to change the world. It is not to argue that present education system of Pakistan has not
contributed to perpetual decline of Pakistan as a nation but solely this is not the root cause of all
social evils, which contribute to our decay as a nation. National progress depends on having
an educated citizenry, however, all problems contributing to the decline of Pakistan as
a society cannot be solely attributed to education system.
Education is of prime importance for any nation to progress. Education
proposals to increase public spending on education ignore extensive theory and
endless examples of the failures of government provision of goods and services.
Consider Cuba and Zimbabwe, countries that are at the top of the charts when it
comes to literacy. Obviously, that is no guarantee of success.