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Jorge Daz Cintas & Aline Remael Audiovisual Translation: Subtitling


ACTIVITY Exercise 5.6.1
TOPIC Check punctuation

The punctuation in the following subtitles could be done in a better way according to the
information contained in chapter 5. Change the subtitles punctuation whenever you consider
it appropriate, but do not condense or delete any words or information. You can change the
line breaks if you think it helps readability.

Remember that each line cannot contain more than 39 characters, including the spaces
between the words and the typographical symbols.

1 I always tell my friends

use a copper pan.

2 I was convinced that

Pedro was in
love with you.

Me ?

- Yes, why does it surprise you ?

- Give me a break !

3 How did I end up

with a maid like that ?!

4 O.K. But stop , worrying!

5 Two tablets as usual after the show, hm?

6 He told us:I shall not

Destroy the cities

for the sake of the righteous men.

7 Whats the time?

Its 933 in the morning.

8 I guess 10 000 is not that much

after all the work youve done.

9 We dont say ah here.

Jorge Daz Cintas & Aline Remael Audiovisual Translation: Subtitling

10 Laura,What are YOU doing?

11 Let us, for once, not follow

our outdated opinions.

By not being selfish,

may we know the truth, because. . .

. . . truth, like virtue,

contains its own rewards.

Discussing & revealing it,

bring out its shining splendour.

If restrictions are imposed on

speech, the soul will vegetate. . .

. . & the lies, the worries,

the bigotry & ignorance. . .

Will provoke division among people. . .

. . and cause their continued abasement,

misery & ruin.

12 A dream house photogra-

phed by Homes and Gardens.

13 Happy birthday to you

14 I raise a boy for 20 years - my son -

and a girl arrives and steals him away.

15 Hes nine. 9 years old.

And he was born gay, just like you.

16 What does this say Doctor?

-Ortholani sign. The luxation

of the hip she was born with.

17 And I did it for nothing -

not one word of encourage-

18 He does has seven dishes,

1 for each day of the week.

19 Good night. And dont worry,

Ill only charge until 2AM.

Jorge Daz Cintas & Aline Remael Audiovisual Translation: Subtitling

20 - How was your day?

- Fine. Gloria let me help her

- with the dolls.

21 Dr. Jaifer. Spelled with

an r at the end.

22 Poor Grandma.
She told me about a trip

she invented letters

For years I waited for them,

sitting there

in that rocking chair.

I thought

That Mom and Daddy had

abandoned me.

23 I told you we DONT have

the records from 2,001.

24 The thieves on T.V. arent

the only thieves, you know.

25 What are you doing, chrie?

26 Thats the secret of

a good cook, smelling.

27 Male -And this isnt the end

You people would like it to be.
-Bentez, who are you people?

Male -Nothing more touching than

a guilty bourgeois lady.

28 We used to call her heron legs

because her legs were so skinny.

29 Sure, since you couldnt.

But its 11,30 at night!



Jorge Daz Cintas & Aline Remael Audiovisual Translation: Subtitling

31 Well split the profits 50 50.

32 He dumps his wife and daughter

and becomes a guerrilla.

33 Why not wear a sign saying


34 My grandmother used to say:

To make god laugh,

tell him your plans.

35 There were 2.000 troops

In the bloody city

36 Injection occurred at 0847. -Are you

totally sure? -Positive.

37 Primary D.N.A. strands decaying on you ?

38 And then, he repeated it very


39 His principal was;

not to trust any one !