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Titre ISSN E-ISSN Publisher Country
1 2D Materials 20531583 IOP United Kingdom
2 3D Research 20926731 Springer Nature United States

3 A + U-Architecture and Urbanism 03899160 Japan Architects Co., Ltd. Japan

A|Z ITU Journal of Faculty of Orhan Hacihasanoglu ITU Faculty of

4 13028324 Turkey
Architecture Architecture
A B B Corporate Management Services
5 ABB Review 10133119 Switzerland
6 ABU Technical Review 01266209 Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union Malaysia
Academic Journal of Manufacturing
7 15837904 Editura Politehnica Romania

8 Accident Analysis and Prevention 00014575 Elsevier United Kingdom

9 Accreditation and Quality Assurance 09491775 14320517 Springer Nature Germany

10 ACI Materials Journal 0889325X American Concrete Institute United States

11 ACI Structural Journal 08893241 American Concrete Institute United States

ACM Journal on Emerging Association for Computing Machinary,

12 15504832 United States
Technologies in Computing Systems Inc.

ACM Transactions on Autonomous Association for Computing Machinary,

13 15564665 United States
and Adaptive Systems Inc.

ACM Transactions on Design Association for Computing Machinary,

14 10844309 United States
Automation of Electronic Systems Inc.

ACM Transactions on Information and Association for Computing Machinary,

15 10949224 United States
System Security Inc.

16 ACS Nano 19360851 1936086X ACS United States

17 ACS Photonics 23304022 ACS United States
18 ACS Synthetic Biology 21615063 ACS United States
19 Acta Astronautica 00945765 Elsevier United Kingdom
20 Acta Biomaterialia 17427061 Elsevier Netherlands
21 Acta Geodaetica et Geophysica 22135812 22135820 Springer Nature United States
International Measurement
22 Acta IMEKO 2221870X Hungary
Confederation (IMECO)
23 Acta Mechanica 00015970 16196937 Springer Nature Germany

24 Acta Mechanica et Automatica 18984088 Bialystok University of Technology Poland

25 Acta Mechanica Sinica/Lixue Xuebao 05677718 Science Press China

Huazhong University of Science and

26 Acta Mechanica Solida Sinica 08949166 18602134 China
Acta Metallurgica Sinica (English
27 10067191 Science Press China
28 Acta Meteorologica Sinica 08940525 China Meteorological Press China
Acta of Bioengineering and
29 1509409X Oficyna Wydawnicza Poland
30 Acta Ophthalmologica 1755375X 17553768 Wiley-Blackwell United States
31 Acta Periodica Technologica 14507188 Univerzitet u Novom Sadu Serbia
Czech Technical University, Publishing
32 Acta Polytechnica 12102709 18052363 Czech Republic
33 Acta Polytechnica Hungarica 17858860 Obuda University Hungary
34 Acta Scientiarum - Technology 18062563 18078664 Universidade Estadual de Maringa Brazil
Acta Technica CSAV (Ceskoslovensk
35 00017043 Akademie Ved Ceske Republiky Czech Republic
Akademie Ved)
Active and Passive Electronic
36 08827516 15635031 Hindawi Egypt
37 Additive Manufacturing 22148604 Elsevier Netherlands

38 Ad-Hoc and Sensor Wireless Networks 15519899 15520633 Old City Publishing, Inc. United States

39 Advanced Composite Materials 09243046 15685519 Taylor & Francis United Kingdom
40 Advanced Composites Bulletin 0951953X International Newsletters United Kingdom
41 Advanced Electromagnetics 21190275 Advance Electromagnetics France
42 Advanced healthcare materials 21922640 21922659 Wiley-Blackwell United Kingdom
United Nations Industrial Developement
43 Advanced Materials 09359648 Austria

44 Advanced Materials and Processes 08827958 ASME United States

45 Advanced Materials Interfaces 21967350 Wiley-Blackwell United Kingdom

46 Advanced Powder Technology 09218831 15685527 Elsevier Netherlands
47 Advanced Robotics 01691864 Taylor & Francis United Kingdom
48 Advanced Science Letters 19366612 19367317 American Scientific Publishers United States
Hong Kong Institute of Steel
49 Advanced Steel Construction 1816112X China
Advances and Applications in Fluid
50 09734686 Pushpa Publishing House India

51 Advances in Acoustics and Vibration 16876261 1687627X Hindawi Egypt

52 Advances in Applied Ceramics 17436753 Maney Publishing United Kingdom

Advances in Applied Mathematics and
53 20700733 20751354 Global Science Press China
54 Advances in Bioinformatics 16878027 16878035 Hindawi Egypt
Advances in Building Energy
55 17512549 17562201 Earthscan Publications Ltd United Kingdom
56 Advances in Cement Research 09517197 ICE Publishing United Kingdom
57 Advances in Civil Engineering 16878086 16878094 Hindawi Egypt
Advances in Civil Engineering American Society for Testing and
58 21653984 United States
Materials Materials
59 Advances in Complex Systems 02195259 World Scientific Singapore
Advances in Electrical and Computer
60 15827445 18447600 University of Suceava Romania
Advances in Electrical and Electronic
61 13361376 18043119 Vysoka Skola Banska Czech Republic
American Society for Engineering
62 Advances in Engineering Education 19411766 United States

63 Advances in Engineering Software 09659978 Elsevier United Kingdom

64 Advances in Fuzzy Systems 16877101 1687711X Hindawi Egypt

65 Advances in Manufacturing 20953127 21953597 Springer Nature United States
Advances in Materials Science and
66 16878434 16878442 Hindawi Egypt

67 Advances in Mechanical Engineering 16878132 16878140 Hindawi Egypt

68 Advances in Mechanics 10000992 li xue jin zhan bian ji bu China

69 Advances in Military Technology 18022308 University of Defence Czech Republic

Advances in Natural Sciences:

70 20436262 IoP United Kingdom
Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

71 Advances in OptoElectronics 1687563X 16875648 Hindawi Egypt

72 Advances in Power Electronics 2090181X 20901828 Hindawi Egypt
Advances in Production Engineering Production Engineering Institute (PEI),
73 18546250 18556531 Slovenia
and Management University of Maribor
74 Advances in Radio Science 16849965 Copernicus Germany
75 Advances in Space Research 02731177 Elsevier United Kingdom

76 Advances in Structural Engineering 13694332 Multi-Science Publishing Co Ltd. United Kingdom

Advances in Systems Science and International Institute for General

77 10786236 United States
Applications Systems Studies

78 Advances in Transportation Studies 18245463 Aracne Editrice Italy

79 Advances in Tribology 16875915 Hindawi Egypt

International Microelectronics And
80 Advancing Microelectronics United States
Packaging Society

81 AEJ - Alexandria Engineering Journal 11100168 Alexandria University Egypt

82 Aeronautical Journal 00019240 Royal Aeronautical Society United Kingdom

American Institute of Aeronautics and
83 Aerospace America 0740722X United States

84 Aerospace Science and Technology 12709638 Elsevier Netherlands

AES: Journal of the Audio

85 15494950 Audio Engineering Society United States
Engineering Society

AEU - International Journal of

86 14348411 Elsevier Netherlands
Electronics and Communications

87 Africa and Middle East Textiles 17446767 Alain Charles Publishing Ltd. United Kingdom
Association of Firearm and Tool Mark
88 AFTE Journal 10489959 United States
International Commission of
Agricultural Engineering International:
89 16821130 Agricultural and Biosystems Japan
CIGR Journal
90 Agro Food Industry Hi-Tech 17226996 Teknoscienze s.r.l. Italy
American Institute of Aeronautics and
91 AIAA Journal 00011452 1533385X United States

92 AIJ Journal of Technology and Design 13419463 Architectural Institute of Japan Japan

93 Ain Shams Engineering Journal 20904479 Ain Shams University Egypt

94 Air and Space Power Journal 08970823 AU Press United States
95 Air Force Magazine 07306784 Air Force Association United States
Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace
96 17488842 Emerald United Kingdom

National Institute of Advanced

97 AIST Today (International Edition) 1346602X Japan
Industrial Science and Technology

AMA, Agricultural Mechanization in

98 00845841 Shin-Norinsha Co. Japan
Asia, Africa and Latin America

Primedia Business Magazines & Media

99 American City and County 0149337X United States

American Journal of Engineering and

100 19417020 19417039 Neuroscience Publications United States
Applied Sciences

101 Analytical Methods 17599660 17599679 RSC United Kingdom

102 Annales des Telecommunications 00034347 Springer Nature Germany

Annals of "Dunarea de Jos" University

Dunarea de Jos University of Galati,
103 of Galati, Fascicle XII, Welding 12214639 Romania
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Equipment and Technology

104 Annals of Biomedical Engineering 00906964 15216047 Springer Nature Netherlands

Annals of Solid and Structural

105 18676936 Springer Nature Germany
Annals of the University Dunarea de
Universitatea "Dunarea de Jos" din
106 Jos of Galati, Fascicle VI: Food 18435157 2068259X Romania
Annual Review of Biomedical
107 15239829 15454274 Annual Reviews, Inc. United States
108 Annual Reviews in Control 13675788 Elsevier United Kingdom
109 APL Materials 2166532X AIP United States
110 Appita Journal 10386807 Appita, Inc. Australia

111 Applied Bionics and Biomechanics 11762322 IOS Press Netherlands

Applied Computational Applied Computational

112 10544887 United States
Electromagnetics Society Journal Electromagnetics Society

113 Applied Energy 03062619 Elsevier United Kingdom

American Society of Agricultural
114 Applied Engineering in Agriculture 08838542 United States

115 Applied Geomatics 18669298 1866928X Springer Nature Germany
Applied Mathematics and Mechanics
116 02534827 Springer Nature Netherlands
(English Edition)
117 Applied Mechanics Reviews 00036900 10888535 ASME United States
118 Applied Ocean Research 01411187 Elsevier United Kingdom
119 Applied Physics Express 18820778 Japan Soc of Applied Physics Japan
120 Applied Thermal Engineering 13594311 Elsevier United Kingdom
121 Appropriate Technology 03050920 Research Information Ltd. United Kingdom
122 Architect 19357001 American Institute of Architects United States
123 Architectural Design 00038504 A. Papadakis United Kingdom
Architectural Engineering and Design
124 17452007 17527589 Earthscan Publications Ltd United Kingdom
Society of Architectural Historians of
125 Architectural History 0066622X United Kingdom
Great Britain
126 Architectural Record 0003858X Mcgraw Hill United States

127 Architectural Research Quarterly 13591355 Cambridge University Press United Kingdom

128 Architectural Review 0003861X Architectural Press Ltd. United Kingdom

129 Architectural Science Review 00038628 University of Sydney Australia
130 Architecture d'Aujourd Hui 00038695 J.-M. Place France
131 Architektura a Urbanizmus 00448680 Slovak Academic Press Ltd. Slovakia
Archive for Rational Mechanics and
132 00039527 14320673 Springer Nature Germany
133 Archive of Applied Mechanics 09391533 14320681 Springer Nature Germany

134 Archive of Mechanical Engineering 00040738 Panstwowe Wydawnictwo Naukowe Poland

Archives of Civil and Mechanical

135 16449665 Elsevier Poland

136 Archives of Civil Engineering 12302945 Wydawnictwo Naukowe P W N SA Poland

137 Archives of Control Sciences 12302384 Polish Scientific Publishers PWN Poland

138 Archives of Electrical Engineering 14274221 Wydawnictwo Naukowe P W N SA Poland

139 Archives of Foundry Engineering 18973310 22992944 Walter de Gruyter Germany

Archives of Hydroengineering and

140 12313726 Polska Akademia Nauk Poland
Environmental Mechanics
141 Archives of Mechanics 03732029 Polish Scientific Publishers PWN Poland
142 Archnet-IJAR 19946961 19387806 ArchNet Quatar
ARPN Journal of Engineering and Asian Research Publishing Network
143 18196608 Pakistan
Applied Sciences (ARPN)

144 ARQ 07160852 07176996 Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile Chile

Instituto de Historia, Consejo Superior

145 Arqueologia de la Arquitectura 16952731 Spain
de Investigaciones Cientificas

Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos

146 Arquiteturarevista 18085741 Brazil
Artificial Cells, Nanomedicine and
147 21691401 2169141X Taylor & Francis United States
Artificial Intelligence for Engineering
148 Design, Analysis and Manufacturing: 08900604 14691760 Cambridge University Press United Kingdom
149 Artificial Organs 0160564X 15251594 Wiley-Blackwell United Kingdom
American Society For Artificial Internal
150 ASAIO Journal 10582916 United States
American Society of Heating,
151 ASHRAE Journal 00012491 03649962 Refrigerating and Air Conditioning United States
American Society of Heating,
152 ASHRAE Standard 10412336 Refrigerating and Air Conditioning United States

153 Asian Journal of Civil Engineering 15630854 Building abd Housing Research Center Iran, Islamic Republic of

154 Asian Journal of Control 15618625 Chinese Automatic Control Society Japan

155 Asian-Pacific Economic Literature 08189935 14678411 Wiley-Blackwell United Kingdom

156 Assembly 10508171 Business News Publishing Co. United States

157 Assembly Automation 01445154 Emerald United Kingdom
158 ATA Journal 10158138 Adsale Publishing Company Hong Kong
ATIP. Association Technique de Association Technique de l'Industrie
159 09977554 France
L'Industrie Papetiere Papetiere
160 0004783X Bauverlag BV Gmbh Germany
161 AUS 0718204X 07187262 Universidad Austral de Chile Chile
Australasian Institute of Mining and
162 AusIMM Bulletin 10346775 Australia
Australian Journal of Civil
163 14488353 RMIT Publishing Australia
Australian Journal of Electrical and
164 1448837X Institution of Engineers Australia Australia
Electronics Engineering
Australian Journal of Mechanical Engineers Media for Engineers
165 14484846 Australia
Engineering Australia
Australian Journal of Structural
166 13287982 Institution of Engineers Australia Australia
167 Australian Mining 0004976X Elsevier United States
Automatic Control and Computer
168 01464116 Springer Nature United States
169 Automatica 00051098 Elsevier United Kingdom
170 Automatika 00051144 Kompensatorenwerk Rhein-Main Croatia

171 Automation and Remote Control 00051179 16083032 Maik Nauka/Interperiodica Publishing Russian Federation

172 Automation in Construction 09265805 Elsevier Netherlands

173 Automatisierungstechnik 01782312 Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag GmbH Germany

174 Automotive Industries AI 08864675 Diesel & Gas Turbine Publications United States
175 Aviation 16487788 Taylor & Francis Lithuania
Aviation Week and Space Technology
176 00052175 Mcgraw Hill United States
(New York)
Avicenna Journal of Medical
177 20082835 20084625 Iranian Academic Centre for Education Iran, Islamic Republic of
AVN Allgemeine Vermessungs-
178 00025968 VDE Verlag GmbH Germany
Baltic Journal of Road and Bridge
179 1822427X 18224288 Vilnius Gediminas Technical University Lithuania

Bandaoti Guangdian/Semiconductor
180 10015868 Chongqing Guangdian Jishu Yanjiusuo China

181 Bauphysik 01715445 14370980 Wiley-Blackwell United Kingdom

182 Bautechnik 09328351 14370999 W. Ernst Germany
Beijing Gongye Daxue Xuebao /
Beijing Ligong Daxue/Beijing Institute
183 Journal of Beijing University of 02540037 China
of Technology

Beijing Hangkong Hangtian Daxue Beijing Hangkongtian Daxue/Beijing

184 Xuebao/Journal of Beijing University 10015965 University of Aeronautics and China
of Aeronautics and Astronautics Astronautics

Beijing Jiaotong Daxue

185 Xuebao/Journal of Beijing Jiaotong 16730291 Journal Northern Jiaotong University China
Beijing Keji Daxue Xuebao/Journal of
Beijing Keji Daxue/Beijing University
186 University of Science and Technology 1001053X China
of Science and Technology
Beijing Ligong Daxue
Beijing Ligong Daxue/Beijing Institute
187 Xuebao/Transaction of Beijing 10010645 China
of Technology
Institute of Technology

Beijing Youdian Xueyuan

188 Xuebao/Journal of Beijing University 10005145 Beijing University Press China
of Posts And Telecommunications

Beilstein-Institut Zur Forderung der
189 Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology 21904286 Germany
Chemischen Wissenschaften
190 Bell Labs Technical Journal 10897089 15387305 Lucent Technologies United States
191 Beton- und Stahlbetonbau 00059900 14371006 Ernst und Sohn Germany
Betonwerk und Fertigteil-
192 Technik/Concrete Precasting Plant and 03734331 Bauverlag BV Gmbh Germany
193 Better Roads 00060208 James Informational Media, Inc. United States

194 Binggong Xuebao/Acta Armamentarii 10001093 Zahongguo Binggong Xuehui China

195 Biochemical Engineering Journal 1369703X Elsevier Netherlands

196 Biochip Journal 19760280 20927843 Springer Nature Germany
197 Bioconjugate Chemistry 10431802 15204812 ACS United States
Biocybernetics and Biomedical
198 02085216 Polish Scientific Publishers PWN Poland
199 Biofabrication 17585082 17585090 IOS Press Netherlands
Bioinspired, Biomimetic and
200 20459858 20459866 ICE Publishing Ltd. United Kingdom

201 Biomarkers and Genomic Medicine 22140247 Elsevier Netherlands

202 Biomaterials 01429612 Elsevier United Kingdom

203 Biomaterials Science 20474830 20474849 RSC United Kingdom
204 Biomatter 21592527 21592535 Landes Bioscience United States
Biomechanics and Modeling in
205 16177959 Springer Nature Germany
206 Bio-Medical Engineering 00063398 15738256 Springer Nature Netherlands
Biomedical Engineering -
207 Applications, Basis and 10162372 National Taiwan University Taiwan
Biomedical Engineering (New York)
208 (English translation of Meditsinskaya 00258075 Izdatel'stvo Meditsina Publishers Russian Federation
209 Biomedical Engineering Letters 20939868 2093985X Springer Nature Germany
210 BioMedical Engineering Online 1475925X Springer Nature United Kingdom
Biomedical Imaging and Intervention
211 18235530 University of Malaya Malaysia
Biomedical Instrumentation and Association for the Advancement of
212 08998205 United States
Technology Medical Instrumentation
Biomedical materials (Bristol,
213 17486041 1748605X IoP United Kingdom
Bio-Medical Materials and
214 09592989 IOS Press Netherlands
215 Biomedical Microdevices 13872176 15728781 Springer Nature Netherlands
Biomedizinische Technik. Biomedical
216 00135585 Fachverlag Schiele and Schoen GmbH Germany
217 Biometric Technology Today 09694765 Elsevier Netherlands
218 BioNanoMaterials 2193066X Walter de Gruyter Germany
219 BioNanoScience 21911630 21911649 Springer Nature United States
220 Biosensors and Bioelectronics 09565663 Elsevier United Kingdom
221 Biosystems Engineering 15375110 15375129 Elsevier United States
Biotechnology and Applied
222 08854513 14708744 Wiley-Blackwell United States

Biotechnology and Bioprocess Korean Society for Biotechnology and

223 12268372 South Korea
Engineering Bioengineering

Boletin de la Sociedad Espanola de Sociedad Espanola de Ceramica y

224 03663175 Spain
Ceramica y Vidrio Vidrio
225 Bridge Construction 10034722 qiao liang jian she bian ji bu China
226 Bridge Structures 15732487 Taylor & Francis United Kingdom
227 Brodogradnja 0007215X Brodarski Institut Croatia
228 Building Acoustics 1351010X Multi-Science Publishing Co Ltd. United Kingdom
229 Building and Environment 03601323 Elsevier United Kingdom
230 Building Engineer 09698213 Association of Building Engineers United Kingdom

231 Building Research and Information 09613218 14664321 E. & F.N. Spon United Kingdom

Building Services Engineering

232 01436244 14770849 SAGE United States
Research and Technology
233 Building Simulation 19963599 19968744 Tsinghua University China
234 Buildings 00073725 Stamats Buildings Media, Inc. United States
235 Buildings & Landscapes 19360886 19346832 University of Minnesota Press United States
Built Environment Project and Asset
236 2044124X Emerald United Kingdom
237 Bulk Solids Handling 01739980 Trans Tech Publications Ltd. Germany
238 Bulletin Monumental 0007473X Societe Francaise d'Archeologie France

239 Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering 1570761X Springer Nature Netherlands

240 Bulletin of Materials Science 02504707 Indian Academy of Sciences India

Bulletin of the New Zealand Society New Zealand National Society for
241 11749857 New Zealand
for Earthquake Engineering Earthquake Engineering

Bulletin of the Polish Academy of

242 02397528 Polska Akademia Nauk Poland
Sciences. Technical Sciences
243 CAD Computer Aided Design 00104485 Elsevier United Kingdom
Caikuang yu Anquan Gongcheng
China University of Mining and
244 Xuebao/Journal of Mining and Safety 16733363 China
Beijing Hangkong Cailian
Cailiao Gongcheng/Journal of
245 10014381 Yanjiuyuan/Beijing Institute of China
Materials Engineering
Aeronautical Meterials

246 Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering 03151468 12086029 NRC Research Press Canada

Canadian Journal of Electrical and

247 08408688 IEEE Canada
Computer Engineering

248 Canadian Metallurgical Quarterly 00084433 Maney Publishing United Kingdom

249 Canadian Mining Journal 00084492 Business Information Group Canada

250 Canadian Packaging 00084654 Rogers Media Publishing Ltd. Canada
251 Cancer Nanotechnology 18686958 18686966 Springer Nature United States
Cardiovascular Engineering and
252 1869408X 18694098 Springer Nature United States

Association Espanola de la
253 Carreteras 02126389 Spain
Carretera/Spanish Road Association

254 Cartilage 19476035 19476043 SAGE United States

Cartography and Geographic American Congress on Surveying and
255 15230406 United States
Information Science Mapping
Case Studies in Engineering Failure
256 22132902 Elsevier United Kingdom
257 Case Studies in Fire Safety 2214398X Elsevier Netherlands
Case Studies in Mechanical Systems
258 23519886 Elsevier Netherlands
and Signal Processing
Case Studies in Nondestructive
259 22146571 Elsevier Netherlands
Testing and Evaluation

260 Case Studies in Structural Engineering 22143998 Elsevier Netherlands

261 Case Studies in Thermal Engineering 2214157X Elsevier Netherlands

262 CEAS Aeronautical Journal 18695582 18695590 Springer Nature United States
263 CEAS Space Journal 18682502 18682510 Springer Nature Germany
264 Cell and Tissue Banking 13899333 15736814 Springer Nature Netherlands
265 Cell Transplantation 09636897 Cognizant Communication Corp. United States

266 Cement and Concrete Composites 09589465 Elsevier United Kingdom

267 Cement and Concrete Research 00088846 Elsevier United Kingdom

268 Cement International 16106199 Bauverlag BV Gmbh Germany

269 Cement, Wapno, Beton 14258129 Stowarzyszenie Producentow Cementu Poland

270 Central Asia and the Caucasus 14046091 14037068 CA and CC Press AB Sweden

Oud-Studentenbonden van de Belgische
271 Cerevisia 13737163 Belgium

Chang'an Daxue Xuebao (Ziran Kexue

272 Ban)/Journal of Chang'an University 16718879 Changan University China
(Natural Science Edition)

273 Chemical Engineering and Processing 02552701 Elsevier Netherlands

274 Chemical Engineering and Technology 09307516 15214125 Wiley-Blackwell Germany

275 Chemical Engineering Journal 13858947 Elsevier Netherlands

American Institute of Chemical
276 Chemical Engineering Progress 03607275 United States
277 Chemical Engineering Sciences 00092509 Elsevier United Kingdom
278 Chemical Engineering World 00092517 Scientific Publishers India
279 Chemical Fibers International 14343584 Deutscher Fachverlag GmbH Germany
280 Chemical Papers 03666352 Slovak Academic Press Ltd. Slovakia
281 Chemie-Ingenieur-Technik 0009286X 15222640 Wiley-Blackwell Germany

282 China Communications 16735447 China Institute of Communication China

283 China Ocean Engineering 08905487 Elsevier United Kingdom

China Petroleum Processing and China Petroleum Processing and
284 10086234 China
Petrochemical Technology Petrochemical Tecnology Press

285 China Welding (English Edition) 10045341 Herbin Research Institute of Welding China

Press of Acta Aeronautica et

286 Chinese Journal of Aeronautics 10009361 China
Astronautica Sinica
287 Chinese Journal of Electronics 10224653 Zhongguo Dianzi Xuehui China
Chinese Journal of Mechanical
288 10009345 China Machine Press China
Engineering (English Edition)
Chinese Journal of Sensors and Guojia Jiaowei Quanguo Gaoxiao
289 10041699 China
Actuators Chuangan Jishu Yanjiuhui
Zhongguo Kexue Zazhishe/Science in
290 Chinese Optics Letters 16717694 China
China Press
Chinese Space Science and
291 1000758X Chinese Academy of Space Technology China

Chongqing Daxue Xuebao/Journal of

292 1000582X Chinese Electronic Periodical Services China
Chongqing University

Chuan Bo Li Xue/Journal of Ship

293 10077294 Chuan bo li xue" bian ji bu China
Chung-kuo Kung Ch'eng Hsueh
294 K'an/Journal of the Chinese Institute 02533839 Chung-kuo kung ch'eng shih hsueh hui China
of Engineers
Zhongguo Zaozhi Xuehui/China
Chung-kuo Tsao Chih/China Pulp and
295 0254508X Technical Association of the Paper China
Ciencia and Engenharia/ Science and
296 0103944X Univ Feder Uberlandia Brazil
Engineering Journal

297 Ciencia e Tecnologia dos Materiais 08708312 Elsevier Spain

298 Circuit World 03056120 Emerald United Kingdom

CIRP Annals - Manufacturing
299 00078506 Hallwag AG Switzerland
CIRP Journal of Manufacturing
300 17555817 18780016 Elsevier Netherlands
Science and Technology
301 CIS Iron and Steel Review 20720815 Ore and Metals Publishing House Russian Federation
302 Civil Engineering 08857024 ASCE United States
Civil Engineering and Environmental
303 10286608 Taylor & Francis United Kingdom
304 Coal Age 10910646 Mining Media Inc. United States
305 Coal International 13576941 Tradelink Publication Ltd. United Kingdom
306 Coastal Engineering 03783839 Elsevier Netherlands
307 Coastal Engineering Journal 05785634 World Scientific United States
308 Coating 05908450 Verlag Coating Thomas & Co. Switzerland
309 CoDesign 15710882 17453755 Taylor & Francis United Kingdom

310 Colourage 00101826 Colour Publication Pvt. Ltd. India

COMPEL - The International Journal

311 for Computation and Mathematics in 03321649 Emerald United Kingdom
Electrical and Electronic Engineering

312 Complex Systems 08912513 Complex Systems Publications, inc. United States

Complex Systems and Complexity fu za xi tong yu fu za xing ke xue bian ji

313 16723813 China
Science bu
314 Composite Structures 02638223 Elsevier Netherlands
Composites Part A: Applied Science
315 1359835X Elsevier United Kingdom
and Manufacturing
316 Composites Part B: Engineering 13598368 Elsevier United Kingdom

317 Composites Science and Technology 02663538 Elsevier United Kingdom

Composites: Mechanics,
318 21522057 21522073 Begell House United States
Computations, Applications
319 Comptes Rendus - Mecanique 16310721 Elsevier France

320 Computational Materials Science 09270256 Elsevier Netherlands

321 Computational Mechanics 01787675 14320924 Springer Nature Germany

322 Computer Aided Geometric Design 01678396 Elsevier Netherlands

Computer Applications in Engineering

323 10613773 10990542 Wiley-Blackwell United States
Computer Methods in Applied
324 00457825 Elsevier Netherlands
Mechanics and Engineering

Computer Methods in Biomechanics

325 10255842 Taylor & Francis United Kingdom
and Biomedical Engineering

Institution of Russian Academy of

326 Computer Optics 01342452 Sciences, Image Processing Systems Russian Federation
Institute of RAS
Computer Systems Science and
327 02676192 C R L Publishing Ltd. United Kingdom
Computer-Aided Civil and
328 10939687 14678667 Wiley-Blackwell United Kingdom
Infrastructure Engineering
Computer-Aided Design and
329 16864360 Computer Aided Design Solutions United States
330 Computers and Concrete 15988198 1598818X Techno Press South Korea

331 Computers and Electrical Engineering 00457906 Elsevier United Kingdom

332 Computers and Fluids 00457930 Elsevier United Kingdom

333 Computers and Graphics 00978493 Elsevier United Kingdom

334 Computers and Industrial Engineering 03608352 Elsevier United Kingdom

335 Computers and Structures 00457949 Elsevier United Kingdom

336 Computers in Industry 01663615 Elsevier Netherlands

337 Computers, Materials and Continua 15462218 15462226 Tech Science Press United States

Computing and Visualization in

338 14329360 Springer Nature Germany
Computing in Science and
339 15219615 AIP United States
Oil Companies European Organisation
340 CONCAWE Reports 01660810 for Environmental and Health Netherlands
341 CONCAWE Review 10277358 CONCAWE Belgium
342 Concrete (London) 00105317 The Concrete Society United Kingdom
Concrete Construction - World of
343 00105333 Hanley-Wood United States
Concurrent Engineering Research and
344 1063293X SAGE United States
345 Connection Science 09540091 13600494 Taylor & Francis United Kingdom

346 Construction and Building Materials 09500618 Elsevier Netherlands

347 Construction History 02677768 Chartered Institute of Building United Kingdom

348 Construction Innovation 14714175 14770857 Arnold United Kingdom
Construction Management and
349 01446193 1466433X E. & F.N. Spon United Kingdom
350 Consulting-Specifying Engineer 08925046 Elsevier United States

351 Contemporary Engineering Sciences 13136569 13147641 Hikari Ltd. Bulgaria

Continuum Mechanics and

352 09351175 14320959 Springer Nature Germany
353 Control (Chicago, Ill) 10495541 Putman Media United States
354 Control and Intelligent Systems 14801752 ACTA Press Canada
355 Control Engineering 00108049 Technical Publications Co. United States

Control Engineering and Applied Romanian Society of Control

356 14548658 Romania
Informatics Engineering and Technical Informatics

357 Control Engineering Practice 09670661 Elsevier United Kingdom

358 Control Theory and Technology 20956983 21980942 Springer Nature United States

359 Converter 00108189 Faversham House Group Ltd. United Kingdom

360 Converting Today 0264715X Polygon Media Ltd. United Kingdom

361 Corrosion and Protection 1005748X Shanghai Research Institute of Materials China

362 Corrosion Management 13555243 Impact Company Publications United Kingdom

Cosmic Research (English translation

363 00109525 16083075 Maik Nauka/Interperiodica Publishing Russian Federation
of Kosimicheskie Issledovaniya)

Health and Beauty Business Media

364 COSSMA 14397676 Germany
GmbH and Co
365 Crafts 0306610X Crafts Council United Kingdom
Critical Reviews in Biomedical
366 0278940X Begell House United States
Critical Reviews in Food Science and
367 10408398 15497852 Taylor & Francis United Kingdom
Critical Reviews in Solid State and
368 10408436 Taylor & Francis United Kingdom
Materials Sciences
Council on Tall Buildings and Urban
369 CTBUH Journal 19461186 United States
370 Current Nanoscience 15734137 Bentham United Arab Emirates

371 Current Opinion in Biotechnology 09581669 Elsevier Netherlands

372 Cutting Tool Engineering 00114189 C T E Pulications Inc. United States

373 CYTA - Journal of Food 19476337 19476345 Taylor & Francis United Kingdom
374 Cytotechnology 09209069 15730778 Springer Nature Netherlands

Dalian Haishi Daxue Xuebao/Journal

375 10067736 Dalian Haishi Daxue Chubanshe China
of Dalian Maritime University

Dalian Ligong Daxue Xuebao/Journal Dalian Ligong Daxue/Dalian University

376 10008608 China
of Dalian University of Technology of Technology

377 Dams and Reservoirs 13681494 17568404 ICE Publishing United Kingdom

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760 and Cybernetics Part A: Systems and 10834427 IEEE United States

IEEE Transactions on Terahertz

761 2156342X IEEE United States
Science and Technology

IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics,

762 08853010 IEEE United States
Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control

IEEE Transactions on Vehicular

763 00189545 IEEE United States

IEEE Transactions on Very Large

764 10638210 IEEE United States
Scale Integration (VLSI) Systems

IEEE Transactions on Wireless

765 15361276 IEEE United States

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767 IEEE Wireless Communications 15361284 IEEE United States

IEEE Wireless Communications
768 21622337 IEEE United States
IEEE/ACM Transactions on
769 10636692 IEEE United States
IEEE/ACM Transactions on Speech
770 23299290 23299304 IEEE United States
and Language Processing
IEEE/ASME Transactions on
771 10834435 IEEE United States
IEEE/CAA Journal of Automatica
772 23299274 IEEE United States
IEEE/OSA Journal of Display
773 1551319X IEEE United States
IEEJ Transactions on Electrical and
774 19314973 Wiley-Blackwell United States
Electronic Engineering

IEEJ Transactions on Electronics, The Institute of Electrical Engineers of

775 03854221 Japan
Information and Systems Japan

IEEJ Transactions on Fundamentals The Institute of Electrical Engineers of

776 03854205 13475533 Japan
and Materials Japan
IEEJ Transactions on Industry The Institute of Electrical Engineers of
777 09136339 13488163 Japan
Applications Japan
IEEJ Transactions on Power and The Institute of Electrical Engineers of
778 03854213 13488147 Japan
Energy Japan
IEEJ Transactions on Sensors and The Institute of Electrical Engineers of
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Micromachines Japan

The Institute of Electronics, Information

780 IEICE Electronics Express 13492543 Japan
and Communication Engineers (IEICE)

IEICE Transactions on
781 09168516 OUP United Kingdom

782 IEICE Transactions on Electronics 09168524 OUP United Kingdom

IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals

783 of Electronics, Communications and 09168508 OUP United Kingdom
Computer Sciences

IEICE Transactions on Information
784 09168532 OUP United Kingdom
and Systems
IES Journal Part A: Civil and
785 19373260 19373279 Taylor & Francis United Kingdom
Structural Engineering
Institution of Engineering and
786 IET Circuits, Devices and Systems 1751858X 17518598 United Kingdom
Institution of Engineering and
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IET Computers and Digital Institution of Engineering and
788 17518601 1751861X United Kingdom
Techniques Technology
Institution of Engineering and
789 IET Control Theory and Applications 17518644 United Kingdom
Institution of Engineering and
790 IET Electric Power Applications 17518660 United Kingdom
IET Electrical Systems in The Institution of Engineering and
791 20429738 20429746 United Kingdom
Transportation Technology
IET Generation, Transmission and Institution of Engineering and
792 17518687 17518695 United Kingdom
Distribution Technology
793 IET Image Processing 17519659 IEE United Kingdom
Institution of Engineering and
794 IET Intelligent Transport Systems 1751956X 17519578 United Kingdom
IET Microwaves, Antennas and Institution of Engineering and
795 17518725 United Kingdom
Propagation Technology
Institution of Engineering and
796 IET Nanobiotechnology 17518741 United Kingdom
Institution of Engineering and
797 IET Optoelectronics 17518768 United Kingdom
Institution of Engineering and
798 IET Power Electronics 17554535 17554543 United Kingdom
Institution of Engineering and
799 IET Radar, Sonar and Navigation 17518784 17518792 United Kingdom
IET Science, Measurement and Institution of Engineering and
800 17518822 17518830 United Kingdom
Technology Technology
Institution of Engineering and
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Institution of Engineering and
802 IET Wireless Sensor Systems 20436386 20436394 United Kingdom
803 IETE Journal of Research 03772063 0974780X Wolters Kluwer Health India

IETE Technical Review (Institution of

804 Electronics and Telecommunication 02564602 09745971 Wolters Kluwer Health India
Engineers, India)

Industrial Fabrics Association

805 IFAI's Marine Fabricator 10798250 United States
IIE Transactions (Institute of Industrial
806 0740817X Taylor & Francis United Kingdom
IMA Journal of Mathematical Control
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and Information
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810 Indian Concrete Journal 00194565 Scientific Publishers India
Indian Journal of Engineering and
811 09714588 Scientific Publishers India
Materials Sciences
812 Indian Silk 00196355 Ministry of Textiles India
813 Indoor Air 09056947 16000668 Wiley-Blackwell Denmark
Industrial and Engineering Chemistry
814 08885885 15205045 ACS United States
815 Industrial Engineer 1542894X Institute of Industrial Engineers United States

816 Industrial Lubrication and Tribology 00368792 Emerald United Kingdom

Industrial Management and Data

817 02635577 Emerald United Kingdom
818 Industrial Robot 0143991X Emerald United Kingdom
819 Industrie Alimentari 0019901X Chiriotti Editori SpA Italy
820 Industry Week 00390895 Penton Media, Inc. United States
Scientific Association for
821 Infocommunications Journal 20612079 20612125 Hungary

822 Informacije MIDEM 03529045 Strokovno Drustvo za Mikroelektroniko Slovenia

823 Informacion Tecnologica 07168756 Centro de Informacion Tecnologica Chile

824 Information and Control 10020411 xin xi yu kong zhi bian ji bu China
825 Information Display 03620972 Society of Information Display United States
Information Processing and
826 03064573 Elsevier United Kingdom
827 Information Sciences 00200255 Elsevier Netherlands

828 Information Technology and Control 1392124X Kaunas University of Technology Lithuania

Consejo Superior de Investigaciones

829 Informes de la Construccion 00200883 19883234 Spain

830 Ingegneria Ferroviaria 00200956 Collegio Ingegneri Ferroviari Italiani Italy

831 Ingegneria Sismica 03931420 Patron Editore Italy

832 Ingeniare 07183291 07183305 Universidad de Tarapaca Chile

833 Ingenieria e Investigacion 01205609 22488723 Universidad Nacional De Colombia Colombia

834 Ingenieria y Universidad 01232126 Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Colombia

835 Ink World 1093328X Rodman Publications, Inc. United States

836 INMATEH - Agricultural Engineering 20684215 20682239 INMA BUCHAREST Romania

Innovative Food Science and

837 14668564 Elsevier Netherlands
Emerging Technologies

838 Inorganic Materials: Applied Research 20751133 2075115X Springer Nature Germany

Insight: Non-Destructive Testing and British Institute of Non-Destructive

839 13542575 United Kingdom
Condition Monitoring Testing

840 InTech 0192303X Instrument Society of America United States

841 Integrated Ferroelectrics 10584587 Taylor & Francis Switzerland
842 Integration, the VLSI Journal 01679260 Elsevier Netherlands

843 Intelligent Buildings International 17508975 17566932 Taylor & Francis United Kingdom

844 Intelligent Service Robotics 18612776 Springer Nature Germany

845 Interaction Design and Architecture(s) 18269745 22832998 Scuola IaD Italy

846 Interface Focus 20428898 Royal Society Publishing United Kingdom

Interiors: Design, Architecture,
847 20419112 20419120 Berg Publishers United Kingdom
848 Intermetallics 09669795 Elsevier Netherlands
International Agricultural Engineering Asian Association For Agricultural
849 08582114 Thailand
Journal Engineering

850 International Applied Mechanics 10637095 15738582 Springer Nature Netherlands

851 International Bulk Journal 02601087 Taylor & Francis United Kingdom
852 International Dyer 0020658X World Textile Publications Ltd. United Kingdom
International Journal for Engineering
853 13301365 University of Split Croatia

International Journal for Housing

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Science and Its Applications

International Journal for Multiscale

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Computational Engineering

International Journal for Numerical

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International Journal for Numerical

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Methods in Biomedical Engineering

International Journal for Numerical

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Methods in Engineering

International Journal for Numerical
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Methods in Fluids

International Journal for the History of

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Engineering and Technology

International Journal of Bio-Science Science and Engineering Research

861 22337849 South Korea
and Bio-Technology Support Society
International Journal of Abrasive
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International Journal of Acoustics and
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International Journal of Adaptive

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Control and Signal Processing

International Journal of Advanced

865 17550386 17550394 Inderscience United Kingdom
Intelligence Paradigms

International Journal of Advanced

866 02683768 14333015 Springer Nature Germany
Manufacturing Technology

International Journal of Advanced

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Mechatronic Systems

868 International Journal of Aeroacoustics 1475472X Multi-Science Publishing Co. Ltd United Kingdom

International Journal of Aeronautical The Korean Society for Aeronautical &

869 2093274X 20932480 South Korea
and Space Sciences Space Sciences
International Journal of Aerospace
870 16875966 16875974 Hindawi Egypt

International Journal of Agricultural International Journal of Agricultural and

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and Biological Engineering Biological Engineering (IJABE)

International Journal of Air-

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Conditioning and Refrigeration
International Journal of Ambient
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International Journal of Antennas and
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International Journal of Applied
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Electromagnetics and Mechanics
International Journal of Applied
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Engineering Research

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Linguistics and English Literature Centre PTY. LTD.

International Journal of Applied

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Mathematics and Computer Science

International Journal of Applied

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International Journal of Applied
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Systemic Studies
International Journal of Applied International Centre for Applied
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Thermodynamics Thermodynamics

International Journal of Architectonic,

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Spatial, and Environmental Design

International Journal of Architectural

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International Journal of Architectural
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International Journal of Artificial
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International Journal of Automation
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and Computing
International Journal of Automation
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and Control

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and Smart Technology Engineers (CIAE)

International Journal of Automation

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Engineering Japan Inc
International Journal of Automotive
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International Journal of Automotive

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Technology and Management

International Journal of Autonomous

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International Journal of Aviation
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International Journal of Bifurcation

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International Journal of Biology and

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International Journal of Biomedical

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Engineering and Technology

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International Journal of Cast Metals

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International Journal of Circuit Theory
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and Applications
International Journal of Circuits,
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Systems and Signal Processing
International Journal of Civil
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International Journal of Coal
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Preparation and Utilization

907 International Journal of COMADEM 13637681 COMADEM International United Kingdom

International Journal of
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Communication Systems
International Journal of Computational
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Fluid Dynamics
International Journal of Computational
910 Materials Science and Surface 17533465 17533473 Inderscience United Kingdom

International Journal of Computational

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International Journal of Computer

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Aided Engineering and Technology

International Journal of Computer

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Applications in Technology

International Journal of Computer

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Integrated Manufacturing

International Journal of Computer International Association of Computer

915 16844769 Austria
Science in Sport Science in Sport

International Journal of Concrete

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Structures and Materials

International Journal of Construction

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Education and Research

International Journal of Construction Chinese Research Institute of
918 15623599 China
Management Construction Management

International Journal of Continuing

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International Journal of Control and Science and Engineering Research
921 20054297 South Korea
Automation Support Society

International Journal of Control,

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Automation and Systems

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International Journal of Critical
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Infrastructure Protection
International Journal of Critical
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National Taiwan University of Science
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and Technology
International Journal of Design and
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Nature and Ecodynamics

International Journal of Design

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Management and Professional Practice

International Journal of Designed

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International Journal of Digital
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Multimedia Broadcasting

International Journal of Disaster

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Resilience in the Built Environment

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Sensor Networks

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Systems and Differential Equations

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and Engineering
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Hybrid Vehicles

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Computer Engineering Science (IAES)

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International Journal of Electrical
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Power and Energy Systems

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Security and Digital Forensics

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International Journal of Electronics

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and Telecommunications

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Technologies in Learning

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Clean Environment
International Journal of Engine
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and Technology

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Education Publications

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Engineering and Communications

International Journal of Engineering

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Research in Africa
International Journal of Engineering
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International Journal of Engineering

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Systems Modelling and Simulation

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Transactions A: Basics

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and Science Education

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International Journal of Fluid

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Machinery and Systems
International Journal of Fluid
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Mechanics Research

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International Journal of Food
963 01681605 Elsevier Netherlands
International Journal of Food Science
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and Technology
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International Journal of Gas Turbine,

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Propulsion and Power Systems

International Journal of General

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968 International Journal of GEOMATE 21862982 21862990 GEOMATE International Society Japan

International Journal of Green

969 19430892 19430906 Taylor & Francis United Kingdom
International Journal of Greenhouse
970 17505836 Elsevier Netherlands
Gas Control
International Journal of Heat and Fluid Institution of Mechanical Engineering
971 0142727X United Kingdom
Flow Publications
International Journal of Heat and Mass
972 00179310 Elsevier United Kingdom
International Journal of Heavy Vehicle
973 1744232X 17415152 Inderscience United Kingdom
International Journal of High Speed
974 01291564 World Scientific Singapore
Electronics and Systems
International Journal of Human
975 10715819 10959300 Elsevier United States
Computer Studies
International Journal of Humanoid
976 02198436 World Scientific Singapore
International Journal of Imaging
977 08999457 10981098 Wiley-Blackwell United States
Systems and Technology
International Journal of Impact
978 0734743X Elsevier United Kingdom

International Journal of Industrial and

979 17485037 17485045 Inderscience United Kingdom
Systems Engineering

International Journal of Industrial
980 Engineering : Theory Applications and 10724761 University of Texas at El Paso United States

International Journal of Industrial University of Novi Sad, Faculty of

981 22172661 Serbia
Engineering and Management Technical Sciences

International Journal of Industrial

982 19232926 19232934 Growing Science Canada
Engineering Computations

International Journal of Industrial

983 01677187 Elsevier Netherlands

International Journal of Information

984 17441765 17441773 Inderscience United Kingdom
and Computer Security

International Journal of Information

985 10171819 Tamkang University Taiwan
and Management Sciences

International Journal of Information

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International Journal of Innovation
987 17572223 Multi Science Publishing United Kingdom

International Journal of Intelligent Intelligent Networks and Systems

988 2185310X 21853118 Japan
Engineering and Systems Society

International Journal of Intelligent

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Unmanned Systems
International Journal of Internet
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Manufacturing and Services
International Journal of Knowledge-
991 Based and Intelligent Engineering 13272314 18758827 IOS Press Netherlands

International Journal of Logistics

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Research and Applications

International Journal of Low Carbon

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International Journal of Machine Tools
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and Manufacture

International Journal of Machining

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and Machinability of Materials

International Journal of Manufacturing

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International Journal of Manufacturing

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Technology and Management

International Journal of
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Mechanical Engineering

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International Journal of Materials and

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Product Technology

International Journal of Materials and

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Structural Integrity

International Journal of Mechanical

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and Materials Engineering

International Journal of Mechanical

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and Mechatronics Engineering

International Journal of Mechanical

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Engineering Education

International Journal of Mechanical

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1006 International Journal of Mechanics 19984448 North Atlantic University Union United States

International Journal of Mechanics
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and Control

International Journal of Mechanics

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and Materials in Design

International Journal of Mechatronics

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and Automation

International Journal of Mechatronics

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and Manufacturing Systems

International Journal of Medical

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Engineering and Informatics

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International Journal of Metrology and

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Quality Engineering

International Journal of Micro Air

1014 17568293 Multi-Science Publishing Co. Ltd United Kingdom

International Journal of Microwave Electrical Engineering Department,

1015 15530396 United States
and Optical Technology University of Nevada

International Journal of Microwave

1016 17590787 Cambridge University Press United States
and Wireless Technologies

International Journal of Microwave

1017 16875826 16875834 Hindawi Egypt
Science and Technology

International Journal of Minerals, University of Science and Technology

1018 16744799 China
Metallurgy and Materials Beijing

International Journal of Mining and

1019 1754890X 17548918 Inderscience Switzerland
Mineral Engineering
International Journal of Mobile
1020 1470949X 17415217 Inderscience United Kingdom
International Journal of Modelling and
1021 02286203 ACTA Press Canada
International Journal of Modern
1022 20673604 ModTech Publishing House Romania
Manufacturing Technologies
International Journal of Multiphase
1023 03019322 Elsevier United Kingdom
International Journal of Nano and
1024 17528933 17528941 Inderscience United Kingdom
International Journal of
1025 19855761 22321535 Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) Malaysia
Nanoelectronics and Materials
International Journal of
1026 17469392 17469406 Inderscience United Kingdom
International Journal of
1027 Nanomechanics Science and 19475748 19475756 Begell House United States

1028 International Journal of Nanoparticles 17532507 Inderscience United Kingdom

1029 International Journal of Nanoscience 0219581X World Scientific Singapore

International Journal of
1030 14757435 Inderscience United Kingdom

International Journal of Naval

1031 20926782 20926790 Elsevier Netherlands
Architecture and Ocean Engineering

International Journal of Navigation

1032 16875990 16876008 Hindawi Egypt
and Observation
International Journal of Non-Linear
1033 00207462 Elsevier United Kingdom

International Journal of Nonlinear

1034 15651339 Freund Publishing House Ltd. Israel
Sciences and Numerical Simulation

International Journal of Numerical

1035 09615539 Emerald United Kingdom
Methods for Heat and Fluid Flow

International Journal of Numerical
1036 Modelling: Electronic Networks, 08943370 10991204 Wiley-Blackwell United States
Devices and Fields
Centranly Instytut Ochrony
International Journal of Occupational
1037 10803548 Pracy/Central Institute for Labour Poland
Safety and Ergonomics
International Journal of Oceans and
1038 09732667 Research India Publications India
International Journal of Offshore and International Society of Offshore and
1039 10535381 United States
Polar Engineering Polar Engineers
International Journal of Online
1040 18681646 18612121 Kassel University Press GmbH Germany
International Journal of
1041 15599612 Taylor & Francis United States
International Journal of Pavement
1042 10298436 1477268X E. & F.N. Spon United Kingdom

International Journal of Pavement Chinese Society of Pavement

1043 19966814 19971400 Taiwan
Research and Technology Engineering

International Journal of Performability

1044 09731318 RAMS Consultants India
International Journal of Pharmacy and International Journal of Pharmacy and
1045 0975766X India
Technology Technology(IJPT)

1046 International Journal of Plasticity 07496419 Elsevier United Kingdom

International Journal of Powder American Powder Metallurgy Institute

1047 08887462 United States
Metallurgy (Princeton, New Jersey) International

International Journal of Power

1048 1756638X 17566398 Inderscience Switzerland
International Journal of Power Institute of Advanced Engineering and
1049 20888694 Indonesia
Electronics and Drive Systems Science (IAES)

International Journal of Precision The Korean Society of Precision

1050 12298557 South Korea
Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering

International Journal of Precision

1051 Engineering and Manufacturing - 22886206 21980810 Springer Nature United States
Green Technology

International Journal of Pressure

1052 03080161 Elsevier Netherlands
Vessels and Piping
International Journal of Product
1053 17435110 17435129 Inderscience United Kingdom
Lifecycle Management
International Journal of Production
1054 09255273 Elsevier Netherlands
International Journal of Production
1055 00207543 1366588X Taylor & Francis United Kingdom

International Journal of Prognostics

1056 21532648 PHM Society United States
and Health Management

International Journal of Protective

1057 20414196 Multi-Science Publishing Co. Ltd United Kingdom
International Journal of Quality
1058 17572177 17572185 Inderscience Switzerland
Engineering and Technology
International Journal of Radio
1059 Frequency Identification Technology 17453216 17453224 Inderscience United Kingdom
and Applications

International Journal of Reasoning-

1060 17550556 17550564 Inderscience Switzerland
based Intelligent Systems

International Journal of Refractory

1061 09580611 Elsevier Netherlands
Metals and Hard Materials

1062 International Journal of Refrigeration 01407007 Elsevier Netherlands

International Journal of Reliability and

1063 1479389X 14793903 Inderscience United Kingdom

International Journal of Reliability,

1064 02185393 World Scientific Singapore
Quality and Safety Engineering

International Journal of RF and
1065 Microwave Computer-Aided 10964290 1099047X Wiley-Blackwell United States
International Journal of RF
1066 Technologies: Research and 17545730 IOS Press Netherlands
International Journal of Robotics and
1067 08268185 ACTA Press Canada
International Journal of Robotics
1068 02783649 SAGE United States
International Journal of Robust and
1069 10498923 10991239 Wiley-Blackwell United States
Nonlinear Control
International Journal of Rotating
1070 1023621X 15423034 Hindawi Egypt

International Journal of Satellite

1071 15420973 15420981 Wiley-Blackwell United States
Communications and Networking

International Journal of Science,

1072 Mathematics and Technology 23277971 2327915X Common Ground Publishing United States
International Journal of Security and
1073 17478405 17478413 Inderscience United Kingdom
International Journal of Sensor
1074 17481279 17481287 Inderscience United Kingdom
International Journal of Services and
1075 17442370 17442389 Inderscience United Kingdom
Operations Management

International Journal of Services,

1076 14606720 1741525X Inderscience United Kingdom
Technology and Management

International Journal of Signal and

1077 17480698 17480701 Inderscience United Kingdom
Imaging Systems Engineering

International Journal of Six Sigma and

1078 14792494 14792753 Inderscience United Kingdom
Competitive Advantage

International Journal of Solids and

1079 00207683 Elsevier United Kingdom
International Journal of Space
1080 09560599 Multi-Science Publishing Co Ltd. United Kingdom
International Journal of Spray and
1081 17568277 17568285 Multi-Science Publishing Co Ltd. United Kingdom
Combustion Dynamics
International Journal of Steel
1082 15982351 20936311 Korean Society of Steel Construction South Korea
International Journal of Structural
1083 17587328 17587336 Inderscience United Kingdom
International Journal of Structural
1084 17579864 Emerald United Kingdom

International Journal of Structural

1085 02194554 World Scientific Singapore
Stability and Dynamics

International Journal of Surface

1086 1749785X Inderscience United Kingdom
Science and Engineering
International Journal of Sustainable
1087 Building Technology and Urban 2093761X 20937628 Taylor & Francis United Kingdom
International Journal of Sustainable
1088 19397038 Taylor & Francis United Kingdom
International Journal of Sustainable
1089 17427223 17427231 Inderscience Switzerland
International Journal of Sustainable
1090 15568318 15568334 Taylor & Francis United States
International Journal of Systems
1091 Assurance Engineering and 09756809 09764348 Springer Nature India
International Journal of Systems
1092 00207721 14645319 Taylor & Francis United Kingdom
International Journal of Systems
1093 Signal Control and Engineering 19975422 Medwell Pakistan

International Journal of Systems,
1094 17559340 17559359 Inderscience Switzerland
Control and Communications

1095 International Journal of Technoethics 19473451 1947346X IGI Global United States

Faculty of Engineering Universitas

1096 International Journal of Technology 20869614 Indonesia

International Journal of Technology

1097 09577572 15731804 Springer Nature Netherlands
and Design Education

International Journal of Technology

1098 02675730 17415276 Interscience Publishers United Kingdom

International Journal of Technology,

1099 14684322 17415292 Inderscience United Kingdom
Policy and Management

International Journal of the Society of Society of Materials Engineering for

1100 13479725 Japan
Materials Engineering for Resources Resources for Japan

International Journal of Thermal

1101 12900729 Elsevier Netherlands
International Journal of Turbo and Jet
1102 03340082 Freund Publishing House Ltd. Israel
International Journal of Ultra
1103 Wideband Communications and 1758728X 17587298 Inderscience Switzerland
International Journal of Uncertainty,
1104 Fuzziness and Knowlege-Based 02184885 World Scientific Singapore
International Journal of Vehicle
1105 14710226 17415306 Inderscience United Kingdom
Autonomous Systems
International Journal of Vehicle
1106 01433369 Inderscience United Kingdom
International Journal of Vehicle Noise
1107 14791471 1479148X Inderscience United Kingdom
and Vibration

1108 International Journal of Vehicle Safety 14793105 14793113 Inderscience United Kingdom

MechAero Foundation for Technical

International Journal of Vehicle
1109 09753060 09753540 Research & Education Excellence India
Structures and Systems
International Journal of Vehicle
1110 17456436 17456444 Inderscience United Kingdom
Systems Modelling and Testing
International Journal of Vehicular
1111 16875702 16875710 Hindawi Egypt

1112 International Journal of Ventilation 14733315 Veetech Ltd. United Kingdom

1113 International Journal of Visual Design 23251581 Common Ground Publishing United States

International Journal of Wireless and

1114 17411084 17411092 Inderscience United Kingdom
Mobile Computing
International Journal of Wireless
1115 10689605 Springer Nature United States
Information Networks
International Journal on
1116 Communications Antenna and 20395086 Praise Worthy Prize Italy
The School of Electrical Engineering
International Journal on Electrical
1117 20856830 and Informatics, Institut Teknologi Indonesia
Engineering and Informatics
International Journal on Hydropower
1118 13522523 Aqua Media International Ltd. United Kingdom
and Dams

International Journal on Interactive

1119 19552513 Springer Nature Germany
Design and Manufacturing

International Journal on Smart Sensing

1120 11785608 Massey University New Zealand
and Intelligent Systems
1121 International Materials Reviews 09506608 Maney Publishing United Kingdom
1122 International Paperworld IPW 16151720 D P W Verlagsgesellschaft mbH Germany
International Review of Aerospace
1123 19737459 19737440 Praise Worthy Prize Italy
International Review of Automatic
1124 19746059 19746067 Praise Worthy Prize Italy

International Review of Electrical
1125 18276660 Praise Worthy Prize Italy
International Review of Mechanical
1126 19708734 Praise Worthy Prize Italy
International Review on Modelling
1127 19749821 Praise Worthy Prize Italy
and Simulations

1128 International Shipbuilding Progress 0020868X 15662829 Delft University Press Netherlands

International Transactions on
1129 20507038 Wiley-Blackwell United Kingdom
Electrical Energy Systems
International Water Power and Dam
1130 0306400X Wilmington Publishing Ltd. United Kingdom
Inverse Problems in Science and
1131 17415977 17415985 Taylor & Francis United Kingdom
1132 Ionics 09477047 Institute for Ionics Germany

IPPTA: Quarterly Journal of Indian Indian Pulp and Paper Technical

1133 03795462 India
Pulp and Paper Technical Association Association

IPSJ Transactions on System LSI

1134 18826687 Information Processing Society of Japan Japan
Design Methodology
Iranian Journal of Electrical and Iran University of Science and
1135 17352827 Iran, Islamic Republic of
Electronic Engineering Technology
Iranian Journal of Materials Science Iran University of Science and
1136 17350808 Iran, Islamic Republic of
and Engineering Technology
Iranian Journal of Science and
1137 Technology - Transactions of 22286187 Shiraz University Iran, Islamic Republic of
Mechanical Engineering

Iranian Journal of Science and

1138 10286276 Shiraz University Iran, Islamic Republic of
Technology, Transaction A: Science

1139 IRBM 19590318 Elsevier France

1140 IRBM News 19597568 Elsevier France

1141 Iron and Steel Technology 15470423 Association for Iron & Steel Technology United States

1142 Ironmaking and Steelmaking 03019233 Maney Publishing United Kingdom

1143 ISA Transactions 00190578 Instrument Society of America United States

1144 ISH Journal of Hydraulic Engineering 09715010 21643040 Taylor & Francis United Kingdom

Nippon Tekko Kyokai/Iron and Steel

1145 ISIJ International 09151559 Japan
Institute of Japan

ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and

1146 09242716 Elsevier Netherlands
Remote Sensing

1147 ISRN Civil Engineering 20905114 Hindawi United States

1148 ISRN Mechanical Engineering 20905122 20905130 Hindawi Egypt
Issues in Science and Technology Association of College and Research
1149 10921206 United States
Librarianship Libraies

Istanbul University - Journal of

1150 13030914 Istanbul Universitesi Eczacilik Fakultesi Turkey
Electrical and Electronics Engineering

ITE Journal (Institute of

1151 01628178 Institute of Transportation Engineers United States
Transportation Engineers)
ITE Transactions on Media Institute of Image Information and
1152 21867364 Japan
Technology and Applications Television Engineers

1153 ITU News 10204148 International Telecommunication Union Switzerland

Izvestiya Vysshikh Uchebnykh

Ivanovskaya Gosudarstvennaya Tekstil '
1154 Zavedenii, Seriya Teknologiya 00213497 Russian Federation
naya Akademiya
Tekstil'noi Promyshlennosti

1155 Japan Journal of Food Engineering 13457942 Japan Society for Food Engineering Japan

Japan Journal of Industrial and

1156 09167005 Kinokuniya Co., Ltd. Japan
Applied Mathematics

1157 Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 00214922 Institute of Pure and Applied Physics Japan

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics,

1158 00214922 Institute of Pure and Applied Physics Japan
Part 1: Regular Papers & Short Notes

1159 Japanese Railway Engineering 04488938 Japan Railway Engineers' Association Japan

JBIS. Journal of the British

1160 0007084X British Interplanetary Society United Kingdom
Interplanetary Society
1161 JFE Technical Report 13480677 JFE Holdings, Inc Japan

Jiangsu Daxue Xuebao (Ziran Kexue

1162 Ban) / Journal of Jiangsu University 16717775 Jiangsu University China
(Natural Science Edition)

Jianzhu Cailiao Xuebao/Journal of

1163 10079629 Tongji Daxue/Tongji University China
Building Materials
China International Book Trading
Jianzhu Jiegou Xuebao/Journal of
1164 10006869 Corp./Zhongguo Guoji Tushu Maoyi China
Building Structures

Jiaotong Yunshu Xitong Gongcheng

Jiaotong Yunshu Xitong Gongcheng yu
Yu Xinxi/ Journal of Transportation
1165 10096744 Xinxi (Transportation Systems China
Systems Engineering and Information
Engineering and Information Editorial)

Jiefangjun Ligong Daxue

Jiefangjun Ligong Daxue Xuebao/P L
Xuebao/Journal of PLA University of
1166 10093443 A, University of Science and China
Science and Technology (Natural
Science Edition)

Jiliang Xuebao/Acta Metrologica

1167 10001158 China Metrological Measuring Institute China
Jingangshi yu Moliao Moju
1168 Gongcheng/Diamond and Abrasives 1006852X Science Publishing House China
Jinshu Rechuli/Heat Treatment of Zhongguo Jixie Gongcheng Xuehui
1169 02546051 China
Metals Zhuzao
Jinshu Xuebao/Acta Metallurgica
1170 04121961 Science Press China
1171 Jiqiren/Robot 10020446 Zhongguo Kexueyuan China

Jisuan Lixue Xuebao/Chinese Journal Dalian Ligong Daxue/Dalian University

1172 10074708 China
of Computational Mechanics of Technology

Jisuanji Jicheng Zhizao

Beijing Advanced Manufacturing
1173 Xitong/Computer Integrated 10065911 China
Technology Consultation Center
Manufacturing Systems, CIMS

Jixie Gongcheng Xuebao/Chinese

1174 05776686 China Machine Press China
Journal of Mechanical Engineering

Jixie Qiandu/Journal of Mechanical

1175 10019669 Jixie Kexue Yanjiuyuan China

Johns Hopkins APL Technical Digest

1176 02705214 Johns Hopkins University Press United States
(Applied Physics Laboratory)

1177 JOM 10474838 J O M Institute Denmark

Jordan University of Science and
1178 Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering 19930461 2225157X Jordan
Jordan Journal of Mechanical and
1179 19956665 Hashemite University Jordan
Industrial Engineering

1180 JOT, Journal fuer Oberflaechentechnik 09408789 Springer Nature Germany

Journal Europeen des Systemes

1181 12696935 Lavoisier France
1182 Journal of Adhesion 00218464 1563518X Taylor & Francis United Kingdom
Journal of Adhesion Science and
1183 01694243 15685616 Taylor & Francis United Kingdom
Journal of Advanced Concrete Japan Concrete Institute/Nihon
1184 13468014 Japan
Technology Konkurito Kogaku Kyokai
Journal of Advanced Manufacturing
1185 02196867 World Scientific Singapore

Journal of Advanced Mechanical

1186 18813054 Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Japan
Design, Systems and Manufacturing

Journal of Advanced Research in Institute of Advanced Scientific

1187 1943023X United States
Dynamical and Control Systems Research

1188 Journal of Advanced Transportation 01976729 Institute for Transportation, Inc. Canada

Journal of Aeronautics, Astronautics

1189 19907710 National Cheng Kung University Taiwan
and Aviation, Series A

1190 Journal of Aerospace Engineering 08931321 ASCE United States

Journal of Aerospace Information American Institute of Aeronautics and

1191 23273097 United States
Systems Astronautics
Journal of Aerospace Technology and
1192 19849648 21759146 Instituto de Aeronautica e Espaco-IAE Brazil

1193 Journal of Agricultural Engineering 19747071 22396268 PagePress Italy

Journal of Agricultural Safety and American Society of Agricultural

1194 10747583 United States
Health Engineers
American Institute of Aeronautics and
1195 Journal of Aircraft 00218669 United States

1196 Journal of Alloys and Compounds 09258388 Elsevier Netherlands

Journal of Applied and Industrial

1197 19904789 19904797 Maik Nauka/Interperiodica Publishing Russian Federation
Journal of Applied Biomaterials and
1198 22808000 Wichtig Publishing s.r.l. Italy
Fundamental Materials
Regional Information Center for Science
1199 Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics 17353572 17353645 Iran, Islamic Republic of
and Technology
1200 Journal of Applied Geodesy 18629016 18629024 Walter de Gruyter Germany

Journal of Applied Mathematics and

1201 Mechanics (English translation of 00218928 Elsevier United Kingdom
Prikladnaya Matematika i Mekhanika)

1202 Journal of Applied Measurement 15297713 Journal of Applied Measurement, Press United States

Journal of Applied Mechanics and

1203 00218944 15738620 Maik Nauka/Interperiodica Publishing Russian Federation
Technical Physics
Journal of Applied Mechanics,
1204 00218936 ASME United States
Transactions ASME

Centro de Ciencias Aplicadas y

Journal of Applied Research and
1205 16656423 Desarrollo Tecnologico, Universidad Mexico
Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

1206 Journal of Applied Security Research 19361610 19361629 Taylor & Francis United Kingdom

Journal of Architectural and Planning Locke Science Publishing Company,

1207 07380895 United States
Research Inc.

1208 Journal of Architectural Conservation 13556207 Donhead United Kingdom

1209 Journal of Architectural Education 10464883 1531314X Wiley-Blackwell United Kingdom

1210 Journal of Architectural Engineering 10760431 ASCE United States

1211 Journal of Architecture 13602365 14664410 Taylor & Francis United Kingdom
College of Architecture and Planning,
1212 Journal of Architecture and Planning 16068238 China
Chung Hua University

1213 Journal of Architecture and Urbanism 20297955 20297947 Taylor & Francis United Kingdom

1214 Journal of Artificial Organs 14347229 16190904 Springer Nature Germany

Journal of Asian Architecture and
1215 13467581 Architectural Institute of Japan Japan
Building Engineering

Journal of Astronomical Telescopes,

1216 23294124 23294221 SPIE United States
Instruments, and Systems

Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic

1217 07390572 15200426 American Meteorological Society United States
Journal of Automation and
1218 10642315 Begell House United States
Information Sciences
Journal of Beijing Institute of Beijing Ligong Daxue/Beijing Institute
1219 10040579 China
Technology (English Edition) of Technology

1220 Journal of Biological Engineering 17541611 Springer Nature United Kingdom

Journal of Biomaterials and Tissue
1221 21579083 21579091 American Scientific Publishers United States

1222 Journal of Biomaterials Applications 08853282 SAGE United States

Journal of Biomaterials Science,

1223 09205063 15685624 Taylor & Francis United Kingdom
Polymer Edition

1224 Journal of Biomechanical Engineering 01480731 15288951 ASME United States

Journal of Biomechanical Science and Japan Society of Mechanical

1225 18809863 Japan
Engineering Engineers/Nihon Kikai Gakkai
1226 Journal of Biomechanics 00219290 Elsevier Netherlands
Journal of Biomedical
1227 15507033 American Scientific Publishers United States
S P I E - International Society for
1228 Journal of Biomedical Optics 10833668 United States
Optical Engineering

Journal of Biomimetics, Biomaterials

1229 1662100X Trans Tech Publications Germany
and Biomedical Engineering

1230 Journal of Bionanoscience 15577910 15577929 American Scientific Publishers United States
1231 Journal of Biophotonics 1864063X Wiley-Blackwell Germany
1232 Journal of Biophysics 16878000 16878019 Hindawi Egypt
1233 Journal of Bridge Engineering 10840702 ASCE United States
Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic
1234 08838151 15506878 Broadcast Education Association United States
1235 Journal of Building Engineering 23527102 Elsevier Netherlands
Journal of Building Performance
1236 19401493 Taylor & Francis United Kingdom
1237 Journal of Building Physics 17442591 SAGE United States
1238 Journal of Cellular Automata 15575969 15575997 Old City Publishing United States

1239 Journal of Central South University 20952899 22275223 Springer Nature United States

Journal of Chemical Technology and University of Chemical Technology and

1240 13147471 13143859 Bulgaria
Metallurgy Metallurgy
Journal of Circuits, Systems and
1241 02181266 World Scientific Singapore
Journal of Civil Engineering and
1242 13923730 Taylor & Francis Lithuania
Journal of Civil Structural Health
1243 21905452 21905479 Springer Nature United States
1244 Journal of Cleaner Production 09596526 Elsevier Netherlands
1245 Journal of Clinical Engineering 03638855 15503275 Wolters Kluwer Health United States
Journal of Clinical Rehabilitative Journal of Clinical Rehabilitative Tissue
1246 16738225 China
Tissue Engineering Research Engineering Research

Journal of Cognitive Engineering and

1247 15553434 SAGE United States
Decision Making

Journal of Cold Regions Engineering -

1248 0887381X ASCE United States

1249 Journal of Communications 17962021 Engineering and Technology Publishing United States

Journal of Communications Software

1250 18456421 University of Split Croatia
and Systems
Journal of Communications
1251 10642269 Maik Nauka/Interperiodica Publishing Russian Federation
Technology and Electronics
1252 Journal of Composite Materials 00219983 1530793X SAGE United States
Journal of Composites for
1253 10900268 ASCE United States

Journal of Computational and Applied Shahid Rajaee Teacher Training

1254 22287922 22516549 Iran, Islamic Republic of
Research in Mechanical Engineering University

Journal of Computational and

1255 15551423 ASME United States
Nonlinear Dynamics
Journal of Computational and
1256 15461955 15461963 American Scientific Publishers United States
Theoretical Nanoscience

1257 Journal of Computational Electronics 15698025 Springer Nature Netherlands

Journal of Computational Methods in
1258 14727978 IOS Press Netherlands
Sciences and Engineering

Journal of Computational Multiphase

1259 1757482X Multi-Science Publishing Co Ltd. United Kingdom
Journal of Computer and Systems
1260 10642307 Maik Nauka/Interperiodica Publishing Russian Federation
Sciences International
1261 Journal of Computer Security 0926227X IOS Press Netherlands

Journal of Computing and Information

1262 15309827 ASME United States
Science in Engineering

Journal of Computing in Civil

1263 08873801 ASCE United States

1264 Journal of Conflict and Security Law 14677954 OUP United Kingdom

Journal of Construction Engineering

1265 07339364 ASCE United States
and Management - ASCE

Journal of Construction in Developing

1266 18236499 21804222 Universiti Sains Malaysia Malaysia
Journal of Constructional Steel
1267 0143974X Elsevier Netherlands
Journal of Control Science and
1268 16875249 16875257 Hindawi Egypt
Journal of Control, Automation and
1269 21953880 21953899 Springer Nature United States
Electrical Systems
Journal of Defense Modeling and The Society for Modeling and
1270 15485129 United States
Simulation Simulation International
Journal of Design and Built
1271 22321500 University of Malaya Malaysia
1272 Journal of Design Research 17483050 15691551 Inderscience Enterprises Ltd. United Kingdom
Journal of diabetes science and
1273 19322968 Diabetes Technology Society United States
1274 Journal of Disaster Research 18812473 18838030 Fuji Japan
Journal of Dong Hua University
1275 10001484 Dong Hua University China
(English Edition)
Journal of Dynamic Systems,
1276 Measurement and Control, 00220434 ASME United States
Transactions of the ASME
Journal of Dynamical and Control
1277 10792724 Springer Nature United States

1278 Journal of Earthquake Engineering 13632469 Imperial College Press United Kingdom

1279 Journal of Elasticity 03743535 15732681 Springer Nature Netherlands

Journal of Electrical and Computer
1280 20900147 20900155 Hindawi Egypt
Journal of Electrical and Electronics
1281 18446035 20672128 Editura Universitati din Oradea Romania

Oslo Bioimpedance Group, Department

1282 Journal of Electrical Bioimpedance 18915469 Norway
of Physics, University of Oslo

1283 Journal of Electrical Engineering 13353632 Slovenska Technika Univerzita Slovakia

1284 Journal of Electrical Engineering 15824594 Politehnica Publishing House Romania
Journal of Electrical Engineering and
1285 19750102 Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers South Korea
Engineering and Scientific Research
1286 Journal of Electrical Systems 11125209 France
Groups (ESR Groups)
1287 Journal of Electroceramics 13853449 15738663 Springer Nature Netherlands
Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and
1288 09205071 15693937 Taylor & Francis United Kingdom
S P I E - International Society for
1289 Journal of Electronic Imaging 10179909 United States
Optical Engineering
1290 Journal of Electronic Materials 03615235 IEEE United States
Journal of Electronic Packaging,
1291 10437398 15289044 ASME United States
Transactions of the ASME
Journal of Electronic Science and University of Electronic Science and
1292 1674862X China
Technology Technology of China

Journal of Electronic Testing: Theory
1293 09238174 15730727 Springer Nature Netherlands
and Applications (JETTA)

1294 Journal of Electronics 02179822 Science Press China

1295 Journal of Electrostatics 03043886 Elsevier Netherlands

1296 Journal of Emergency Management 15435865 Prime National Publishing Corp. United States

1297 Journal of Energy Engineering - ASCE 07339402 ASCE United States

1298 Journal of Energy in Southern Africa 1021447X University of Cape Town South Africa

Journal of Energy Resources

1299 Technology, Transactions of the 01950738 15288994 ASME United States
1300 Journal of Energy Storage 2352152X Elsevier Netherlands
Journal of Engineering and Applied
1301 11101903 Cairo University Egypt
Journal of Engineering and Applied
1302 1816949X 18187803 Medwell Pakistan
Journal of Engineering and
1303 23375779 Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) Indonesia
Technological Sciences

Journal of Engineering and

1304 09234748 Elsevier Netherlands
Technology Management - JET-M

1305 Journal of Engineering Design 09544828 14661837 Taylor & Francis United Kingdom
American Society for Engineering
1306 Journal of Engineering Education 10694730 21689830 United States
Journal of Engineering for Gas
1307 07424795 15288919 ASME United States
Turbines and Power
Journal of Engineering Materials and
1308 Technology, Transactions of the 00944289 15288889 ASME United States

1309 Journal of Engineering Mathematics 00220833 15732703 Springer Nature Netherlands

Journal of Engineering Mechanics -

1310 07339399 ASCE United States
Journal of Engineering Physics and
1311 10620125 Consultants Bureau United States
1312 Journal of Engineering Research 23071877 23071885 Kuwait University Kuwait
Sultan Qaboos University, College of
1313 Journal of Engineering Research 17266009 Oman
Journal of Engineering Science and
1314 18234690 Taylor's University College Malaysia
Journal of Engineering Science and
1315 17919320 Kavala Institute of Technology Greece
Technology Review
Journal of Engineering, Design and
1316 17260531 Emerald United Kingdom

1317 Journal of Enhanced Heat Transfer 10655131 10265511 Begell House United States

Journal of Environmental Engineering,

1318 07339372 ASCE United States

1319 Journal of Experimental Nanoscience 17458080 17458099 Taylor & Francis United Kingdom

Journal of Failure Analysis and

1320 15477029 ASME United States
1321 Journal of Field Robotics 15564959 15564967 Wiley-Blackwell United Kingdom
1322 Journal of Fire Sciences 07349041 SAGE United States

1323 Journal of Flood Risk Management 1753318X Wiley-Blackwell Denmark

1324 Journal of Fluid Mechanics 00221120 14697645 Cambridge University Press United Kingdom
1325 Journal of Fluids and Structures 08899746 10958622 Elsevier United States
Journal of Fluids Engineering,
1326 00982202 ASME United States
Transactions of the ASME
Journal of Food Measurement and
1327 21934126 21934134 Springer Nature United States
1328 Journal of Food Quality 01469428 17454557 Wiley-Blackwell United Kingdom
1329 Journal of Friction and Wear 10683666 Allerton Press Inc. United States

Journal of Fuel Cell Science and
1330 1550624X ASME United States
Journal of Functional Materials and
1331 10074252 Chinese Academy of Science China
American Institute of Mathematical
1332 Journal of Geometric Mechanics 19414889 United States
Journal of Geophysics and
1333 17422132 17422140 IoP United Kingdom
Journal of Guidance, Control, and American Institute of Aeronautics and
1334 07315090 15333884 United States
Dynamics Astronautics
Journal of Harbin Institute of Harbin Gongye Daxue/Harbin Institute
1335 10059113 China
Technology (New Series) of Technology

1336 Journal of Healthcare Engineering 20402295 Multi Science Publishing United Kingdom

1337 Journal of Heat Transfer 00221481 ASME United States

1338 Journal of High Speed Networks 09266801 IOS Press Netherlands
Journal of Homeland Security and
1339 15477355 Walter de Gruyter United States
Emergency Management
Journal of Huazhong University of
Huazhong University of Science and
1340 Science and Technology - Medical 16720733 China
1341 Journal of Hydraulic Engineering 07339429 ASCE United States

Journal of Hydraulic Research/De International Association Of Hydraulic

1342 00221686 Spain
Recherches Hydrauliques Engineering and Research

1343 Journal of Hydrodynamics 10016058 10004874 Chinese Ocean Press China

Journal of Hydro-Environment
1344 15706443 Elsevier Netherlands
Journal of Hydrologic Engineering -
1345 10840699 ASCE United States
Journal of ICT Research and
1346 23375787 Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) Indonesia
Journal of Industrial and Production
1347 21681015 21681023 Taylor & Francis United Kingdom
Journal of Industrial Engineering and
1348 20138423 20130953 OmniaScience Spain

1349 Journal of Industrial Pollution Control 09702083 Enviro Media India

1350 Journal of Industrial Textiles 15280837 SAGE United States

1351 Journal of Information Display 15980316 21581606 Korean Information Display Society South Korea

Journal of Infrared, Millimeter, and

1352 18666892 Springer Nature Germany
Terahertz Waves

1353 Journal of Infrastructure Systems 10760342 ASCE United States

Journal of Innovative Optical Health

1354 17935458 17937205 World Scientific Singapore
Journal of Insect Biotechnology and
1355 13468073 Japanese Society of Sericultural Science Japan
Journal of Institute of Control, Institute of Control, Robotics and
1356 19765622 South Korea
Robotics and Systems Systems
Journal of Integrated Circuits and
1357 18071953 Springer Nature Germany
Journal of Integrated Design and
1358 10920617 IOS Press Netherlands
Process Science
Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy
1359 10641246 IOS Press Netherlands

Journal of Intelligent and Robotic

1360 09210296 15730409 Springer Nature Netherlands
Systems: Theory and Applications

1361 Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing 09565515 15728145 Springer Nature Netherlands

Journal of Intelligent Material Systems

1362 1045389X SAGE United States
and Structures
Journal of Intelligent Transportation
1363 15472450 Taylor & Francis United Kingdom

1364 Journal of Iron and Steel Research 10010963 Maney Publishing United Kingdom

Journal of Iron and Steel Research

1365 1006706X Ganglie Yanjiu Xuebao China

Journal of Irrigation and Drainage
1366 07339437 ASCE United States
Engineering - ASCE
Journal of Japan Industrial
1367 03864812 13422618 Nihon Keikei Kogakkai Japan
Management Association
Journal of Japan Institute of The Japan Institute of Electronics
1368 13439677 Japan
Electronics Packaging Packaging
Wydawnictwo Instytutu Technicznego
1369 Journal of Konbin 18958281 Poland
Wojsk Lotniczych
1370 Journal of Laser Applications 1042346X Laser Institute of America United States
Journal of Laser Micro
1371 18800688 Japan Laser Processing Japan
Journal of Light and Visual Illuminating Engineering Institute of
1372 03878805 Japan
Environment Japan

1373 Journal of Location Based Services 17489725 Taylor & Francis United Kingdom

Journal of Long-Term Effects of

1374 10506934 Begell House United States
Medical Implants
Journal of Loss Prevention in the
1375 09504230 Elsevier Netherlands
Process Industries
Journal of Low Frequency Noise
1376 14613484 Multi-Science Publishing Co Ltd. United Kingdom
Vibration and Active Control

1377 Journal of Low Power Electronics 15461998 15462005 American Scientific Publishers United States

Journal of Low Power Electronics and Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing

1378 20799268 Switzerland
Applications Institute (MDPI)

1379 Journal of Machine Learning Research 15324435 15337928 MIT Press United States

Journal of Machinery Manufacture

1380 10526188 Allerton Press Inc. United States
and Reliability
1381 Journal of Magnetics 12261750 The Korean Magnestics Society South Korea
Journal of Management in Engineering
1382 0742597X ASCE United States

1383 Journal of Manufacturing Processes 15266125 Elsevier Netherlands

Journal of Manufacturing Science and

1384 Engineering, Transactions of the 10871357 ASME United States

1385 Journal of Manufacturing Systems 02786125 Elsevier Netherlands

Journal of Manufacturing Technology

1386 1741038X Emerald United Kingdom
Journal of Manufacturing Technology
1387 19438095 Nova Science Publishers Inc United States
Journal of Marine Environmental
1388 1061026X 10290427 Old City Publishing, Inc. United States
Journal of Marine Science and Haerbin Gongcheng Daxue/Harbin
1389 16719433 19935048 China
Application Engineering University
Journal of Marine Science and
1390 09484280 14378213 Springer Nature Germany
Journal of Marine Science and
1391 10232796 National Taiwan Ocean University Taiwan
Journal of Material Cycles and Waste
1392 14384957 16118227 Springer Nature Germany

1393 Journal of Materials Chemistry B 20507518 RSC United Kingdom

Journal of Materials Engineering and

1394 10599495 15441024 ASME United States
Journal of Materials in Civil
1395 08991561 ASCE United States
Journal of Materials Processing
1396 09240136 Elsevier Netherlands
1397 Journal of Materials Research 08842914 Materials Research Society United States
1398 Journal of Materials Science 00222461 15734803 Springer Nature Netherlands
Journal of Materials Science and
1399 10050302 Allerton Press Inc. United States
Journal of Materials Science:
1400 09574522 1573482X Springer Nature Netherlands
Materials in Electronics
Journal of Mechanical Design -
1401 10500472 ASME United States
Transactions of the ASME

Institut Pengurusan Penyelidikan (RMI),
1402 Journal of Mechanical Engineering 18235514 Malaysia
Universiti Teknologi MARA

Journal of Mechanical Engineering Faculty of Mechanical Engineering,

1403 22894659 22318380 Malaysia
and Sciences Universiti Malaysia Pahang

Journal of Mechanical Engineering Bangladesh University of Engineering

1404 10241752 Bangladesh
Research and Developments and Technology

Journal of Mechanical Science and Korean Society of Mechanical

1405 1738494X South Korea
Technology Engineers
Society of Theoretical and Applied
1406 Journal of Mechanics 17277191 Taiwan
Journal of Mechanics in Medicine and
1407 02195194 World Scientific United States
Journal of Mechanics of Materials and
1408 15593959 Mathematical Sciences Publishers United States

1409 Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics 19424302 19424310 ASME United States

Journal of Medical and Biological Biomedical Engineering Society of the

1410 16090985 Taiwan
Engineering R.O.C.
Journal of Medical Devices,
1411 19326181 1932619X ASME United States
Transactions of the ASME
Journal of Medical Engineering and
1412 03091902 Taylor & Francis United Kingdom

Journal of Micro/ Nanolithography, S P I E - International Society for

1413 19325150 19325134 United States
MEMS, and MOEMS Optical Engineering

1414 Journal of Micro-Bio Robotics 21946418 21946426 Springer Nature United States

Journal of Microelectromechanical
1415 10577157 IEEE United States

Journal of Microelectronics and International Microelectronics And

1416 15514897 15558037 United States
Electronic Packaging Packaging Society
Journal of Micromechanics and
1417 09601317 IoP United Kingdom
Journal of Microwaves,
Brazilian Microwave and
1418 Optoelectronics and Electromagnetic 21791074 Brazil
Optoelectronics Society

Journal of Mining and Metallurgy, Institute of Chemistry, Technology and

1419 14505339 Serbia
Section B: Metallurgy Metallurgy

1420 Journal of Mobile Multimedia 15504646 Rinton Press, Inc. United States

1421 Journal of Modern Transportation 2095087X Southwest Jiaotong University China

1422 Journal of Nanobiotechnology 14773155 Springer Nature United Kingdom

Journal of Nanoelectronics and
1423 1555130X 15551318 American Scientific Publishers United States
Journal of Nanomechanics and
1424 21535434 21535477 ASCE United States
Journal of Nanopharmaceutics and
1425 21679312 21679320 American Scientific Publishers United States
Drug Delivery
Journal of Nanoscience and
1426 15334880 American Scientific Publishers United States
Journal of Nanotechnology in
1427 19492944 19492952 ASME United States
Engineering and Medicine
Journal of Naval Architecture and Bangladesh University of Engineering
1428 18138535 20708998 Bangladesh
Marine Engineering and Technology
1429 Journal of Navigation 03734633 14697785 Cambridge University Press United Kingdom
1430 Journal of Neural Engineering 17412560 IoP United Kingdom

1431 Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation 01959298 15734862 Springer Nature United States

1432 Journal of Nonlinear Science 09388974 14321467 Springer Nature Germany

Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid
1433 03770257 Elsevier Netherlands

Fisheries and Marine Institute of

1434 Journal of Ocean Technology 17183200 Canada
Memorial University of Newfoundland

1435 Journal of Ocean University of China 16725182 Ocean University of China China

Journal of Offshore Mechanics and

1436 08927219 ASME United States
Arctic Engineering

1437 Journal of Operations Management 02726963 Elsevier Netherlands

1438 Journal of Optical Communications 01734911 Fachverlag Schiele and Schoen GmbH Germany

Journal of Optical Technology (A

1439 10709762 Optical Society of America United States
Translation of Opticheskii Zhurnal)

Journal of Performance of Constructed

1440 08873828 ASCE United States
Journal of Pipeline Systems
1441 19491190 19491204 ASCE United States
Engineering and Practice
1442 Journal of Porous Materials 13802224 15734854 Springer Nature Netherlands
1443 Journal of Porous Media 1091028X Begell House United States

1444 Journal of Power Electronics 15982092 Korean Institute of Power Electronics South Korea

1445 Journal of Power Sources 03787753 Elsevier Netherlands

Journal of Pre-College Engineering
1446 21579288 Purdue University Press United States
Education Research
Journal of Pressure Vessel
1447 Technology, Transactions of the 00949930 15288978 ASME United States
1448 Journal of Process Control 09591524 Elsevier United Kingdom
Journal of Product Innovation
1449 07376782 15405885 Wiley-Blackwell United Kingdom

Journal of Professional Issues in

1450 10523928 ASCE United States
Engineering Education and Practice

American Institute of Aeronautics and

1451 Journal of Propulsion and Power 07484658 15333876 United States
American Academy of Orthotists and
1452 Journal of Prosthetics and Orthotics 10408800 United States
Journal of Protective Coatings and
1453 87551985 Technology Publishing Co. United States
1454 Journal of Quality 10220690 Chinese Society for Quality Taiwan
Journal of Quality and Reliability
1455 23148055 23148047 Hindawi Egypt
Journal of Quality in Maintenance
1456 13552511 Emerald United Kingdom
1457 Journal of Quality Technology 00224065 American Society of Quality United States
Journal of Railway Engineering
1458 10062106 tie dao gong cheng xue bao bian ji bu China
Journal of Reinforced Plastics and
1459 07316844 SAGE United States
Journal of Reports in Pharmaceutical Kermanshah University of Medical
1460 23221232 23225106 Iran, Islamic Republic of
Sciences Sciences

Journal of Research of the National National Institute of Standards and

1461 1044677X United States
Institute of Standards and Technology Technology

1462 Journal of Rheology 01486055 Society of Rheology Japan

1463 Journal of Risk Research 13669877 14664461 Taylor & Francis United Kingdom
1464 Journal of Robotics 16879600 16879619 Hindawi Egypt

1465 Journal of Robotics and Mechatronics 09153942 18838049 Fuji Japan

1466 Journal of Russian Laser Research 10712836 Springer Nature United States

1467 Journal of Safety Research 00224375 Elsevier United Kingdom

Journal of Sandwich Structures and
1468 10996362 SAGE United States
1469 Journal of Scheduling 10946136 Springer Nature Netherlands
1470 Journal of Scholarly Publishing 11989742 University of Toronto Press Canada
1471 Journal of School Violence 15388220 15388239 Haworth Press United States
Journal of Science Education and
1472 10590145 Springer Nature United States

1473 Journal of Scientific Computing 08857474 15737691 Springer Nature United States
Journal of Semiconductor Technology The Institute of Electronics Engineers of
1474 15981657 South Korea
and Science Korea
1475 Journal of Semiconductors 16744926 IoP United Kingdom
1476 Journal of Sensors 1687725X 16877268 Hindawi Egypt
Society of Naval Architects and Marine
1477 Journal of Ship Production and Design 21582866 21582874 United States
Society of Naval Architects and Marine
1478 Journal of Ship Research 00224502 United States

1479 Journal of Signal Processing Systems 19398018 Springer Nature Germany

1480 Journal of Solid Mechanics 20083505 20087683 Islamic Azad University-Arak Branch Iran, Islamic Republic of

1481 Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry 14328488 Springer Nature Germany

1482 Journal of Sound and Vibration 0022460X 10958568 Elsevier United States
Journal of Southeast University
1483 10037985 Dongnan Daxue/Southeast University China
(English Edition)
American Institute of Aeronautics and
1484 Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets 00224650 15336794 United States
Indian Space Research Organisation
1485 Journal of Spacecraft Technology 09711600 India
Satellite Centre
Journal of Strain Analysis for Professional Engineering Publishing
1486 03093247 United Kingdom
Engineering Design Ltd.
Journal of Structural and Construction
1487 13404202 18818153 Architectural Institute of Japan Japan
1488 Journal of Structural Engineering 07339445 ASCE United States
Journal of Structural Engineering
1489 09700137 Structural Engineering Research Centre India

1490 Journal of Structural Fire Engineering 20402317 Multi-Science Publishing Co. Ltd United Kingdom

Journal of Surveying Engineering, -

1491 07339453 ASCE United States
Journal of Systems Engineering and
1492 16711793 Science Press China
Journal of Systems Science and
1493 10043756 International Academic Publishers China
Systems Engineering
Journal of Taiwan Agricultural Chinese Society of Agricultural
1494 02575744 China
Engineering Engineering

Journal of Taiwan Society of Naval Chinese shipbuilding and turbine

1495 10234535 Taiwan
Architects and Marine Engineers engineering publication

National Taiwan University of Science

1496 Journal of Technology 10123407 Taiwan
and Technology
Technology Education Program,
1497 Journal of Technology Education 10451064 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State United States
1498 Journal of Technology Transfer 08929912 Technology Transfer Society United States

Journal of Technology, Management, The Association of Technology,

1499 United States
and Applied Engineering Management, and Applied Engineering

Journal of Telecommunication,
1500 21801843 Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka Malaysia
Electronic and Computer Engineering

Journal of Telecommunications and National Institute of

1501 15094553 18998852 Poland
Information Technology Telecommunications
1502 Journal of Terramechanics 00224898 Elsevier United Kingdom
American Society for Testing and
1503 Journal of Testing and Evaluation 00903973 United States
Association for Computing Machinary,
1504 Journal of the ACM 00045411 United States
Journal of the American Helicopter
1505 00028711 American Helicopter Society United States

1506 Journal of the Astronautical Sciences 00219142 American Astronautical Society United States

Journal of the Balkan Tribological Bulgarian-English Academic Pub.

1507 13104772 Bulgaria
Association House

Journal of the Brazilian Society of Brazilian Society of Mechanical
1508 16785878 Brazil
Mechanical Sciences and Engineering Sciences and Engineering

Journal of the Chinese Institute of The Chinese Institute of Civil and

1509 10155856 Taiwan
Civil and Hydraulic Engineering Hydraulic Engineering

Journal of the Chinese Society of

1510 10054537 Zhongguo Kexueyuan China
Corrosion and Protection

Journal of the Chinese Society of

Mechanical Engineers, Transactions of
1511 the Chinese Institute of Engineers, 02579731 Chinese Institute of Engineers Taiwan
Series C/Chung-Kuo Chi Hsueh Kung
Ch'eng Hsuebo Pao

1512 Journal of the Energy Institute 17439671 Elsevier United Kingdom

Journal of the Faculty of Engineering

1513 13001884 Gazi Universitesi Turkey
and Architecture of Gazi University

1514 Journal of the Franklin Institute 00160032 Elsevier United Kingdom

1515 Journal of the Institute of Conservation 19455224 19455232 Taylor & Francis United States

Journal of the Institute of Electrical The Institute of Electrical Engineers of

1516 13405551 18814190 Japan
Engineers of Japan Japan
Journal of the Institute of Electronics,
Institute of Electronics, Information and
1517 Information and Communication 09135693 Japan
Communication Engineers

Journal of the Institute of Institute of Telecommunications

1518 17559278 United Kingdom
Telecommunications Professionals Professionals

Journal of the International

International Association for Shell and
1519 Association for Shell and Spatial 1028365X Spain
Spatial Structures
The Korean Society of Wood Science
Journal of the Korean Wood Science
1520 10170715 and Technology, Seoul National South Korea
and Technology

Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of

1521 17516161 Elsevier Netherlands
Biomedical Materials

Journal of the Mechanics and Physics

1522 00225096 Elsevier United Kingdom
of Solids
Journal of the National Institute of
National Institute of Information and
1523 Information and Communications 13493205 Japan
Communications Technology

1524 Journal of the Royal Society Interface 17425689 17425662 The Royal Society United Kingdom

Journal of the Serbian Society for The Serbian Society for Computational
1525 18206530 Serbia
Computational Mechanics Mechanics (SSCM)

Journal of the Society for Information

1526 10710922 Society for Information Display United States
Journal of the Society of Architectural
1527 00379808 Society of Architectural Historians United States

South African Institution of Civil

Journal of the South African
1528 10212019 Engineering/Suid-Afrikaanse Instituut South Africa
Institution of Civil Engineering
van Siviele Ingenieurswese

1529 Journal of the Textile Association 03684636 Textile Association (India) India

1530 Journal of the Textile Institute 00405000 Textile Institute United Kingdom

Journal of the Urban Planning and

1531 07339488 ASCE United States
Development Division, ASCE

Journal of Thermal Science and

1532 19485085 ASME United States
Engineering Applications
Journal of Thermal Science and Japan Society of Mechanical
1533 18805566 Japan
Technology Engineers/Nihon Kikai Gakkai
Journal of tissue engineering and
1534 19326254 Wiley-Blackwell United Kingdom
regenerative medicine
Journal of Traffic and Transportation
1535 16711637 Changan University China

1536 Journal of Transport and Health 22141405 Elsevier Netherlands

1537 Journal of Transportation Engineering 0733947X ASCE United States

Journal of Transportation Systems

1538 Engineering and Information 15706672 Elsevier Netherlands
1539 Journal of Tribology 07424787 ASME United States
1540 Journal of Turbomachinery 0889504X ASME United States
1541 Journal of Turbulence 14685248 IoP United Kingdom
Journal of University of Science and China University of Science and
1542 02532778 China
Technology of China Technology
Journal of Vacuum Science and
1543 Technology B: Nanotechnology and 21662754 AVS Science and Technology Society United States

Journal of Vibration and Acoustics,

1544 10489002 ASME United States
Transactions of the ASME

Journal of Vibrational Engineering

1545 23213558 Krishtel eMaging Solutions India
and Technologies
1546 Journal of Vibroengineering 13928716 Vibromechanika Lithuania

Journal of Visual Communication and

1547 10473203 Elsevier United States
Image Representation

1548 Journal of Visualization 13438875 13866478 IOS Press Netherlands

Journal of Water Resources Planning

1549 07339496 ASCE United States
and Management - ASCE

Journal of Waterway, Port, Coastal

1550 0733950X ASCE United States
and Ocean Engineering
Journal of Wind Engineering and
1551 01676105 Elsevier Netherlands
Industrial Aerodynamics

Journal of Women and Minorities in

1552 10728325 Begell House United States
Science and Engineering

Journal of X-Ray Science and

1553 08953996 10959114 IOS Press Netherlands
Journal of Zhejiang University:
1554 1673565X 18621775 Zhejiang University Press China
Science A
Jurnal Teknologi (Sciences and
1555 01279696 21803722 Penerbit Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Malaysia

1556 JVC/Journal of Vibration and Control 10775463 SAGE United States

1557 Kang T'ieh/Iron and Steel (Peking) 0449749X Yejin Gongye Chubanshe China

Keikinzoku Yosetsu/Journal of Light Keikinzoku Gakkai/Japan Institute of

1558 03685306 Japan
Metal Welding and Construction Light Metals

Keikinzoku/Journal of Japan Institute Keikinzoku Gakkai/Japan Institute of

1559 04515994 Japan
of Light Metals Light Metals
1560 Kerntechnik 09323902 Carl Hanser Verlag Germany
1561 Kettenwirk-Praxis 00473405 Karl Mayer GmbH Germany
1562 Key Engineering Materials 10139826 Trans Tech Publications Ltd. Switzerland

1563 KGK Kautschuk Gummi Kunststoffe 09483276 Hthig Germany

1564 Komunikacie 13354205 Zylinska Univerzita Slovakia

Hosokawa Powder Technology
1565 KONA Powder and Particle Journal 02884534 21875537 Japan
Kongqi Donglixue Xuebao/Acta
1566 02581825 China Aerodynamics R & D Center China
Aerodynamica Sinica

Kongzhi Lilun Yu Yinyong/Control

1567 10008152 Zhongguo Kexueyuan China
Theory and Applications

Kongzhi yu Juece/Control and

1568 10010920 Northeastern University China
1569 Kovove Materialy 0023432X Slovenska Akademia Vied Slovakia

1570 KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering 12267988 19763808 Springer Nature Germany

Kung Cheng Je Wu Li Hsueh
1571 Pao/Journal of Engineering 0253231X Science Press China
Westholsteinische Verlagsanstalt
1572 Kuste 04527739 Germany
Boyens und Co.
1573 Kybernetes 0368492X Emerald United Kingdom
1574 Kybernetika 00235954 Akademie Ved Ceske Republiky Czech Republic

Kyokai Joho Imeji Zasshi/Journal of

1575 the Institute of Image Information and 13426907 Eizo Joho Media Gakkai Japan
Television Engineers

1576 La Mer 05031540 Nichi-Futsu Kaiy Gakkai Japan

Lab on a Chip - Miniaturisation for
1577 14730197 14730189 RSC United Kingdom
Chemistry and Biology
1578 Lace 03083039 Lace Guild United Kingdom
American Society of Landscape
1579 Landscape Architecture 00238031 United States
1580 Landscapes 14929600 Maney Publishing United Kingdom
1581 Laser and Particle Beams 02630346 1469803X Cambridge University Press United Kingdom
1582 Laser Focus World 10438092 PennWell Corp. United States

1583 Laser Physics 1054660X 15556611 Maik Nauka/Interperiodica Publishing Russian Federation

1584 Laser Therapy 08985901 World Association for Laser Therapy United States

1585 Lasers in Engineering 08981507 1029029X Old City Publishing, Inc. United States
Latin American Journal of Solids and Argentinean Association of
1586 16797817 16797825 Argentina
Structures Computational Mechanics
Latvian Journal of Physics and Versita (Central European Science
1587 08688257 Poland
Technical Sciences Publishers)

1588 Learning, Media and Technology 17439884 Taylor & Francis United Kingdom

Institutional National de Cercetare-

1589 Leather and Footwear Journal 15834433 Romania
Dezvoltare Pentru Texttile Pielarie

1590 Leonardo 0024094X MIT Press United Kingdom

Leonardo Journal of Practices and
1591 15831078 AcademicDirect Romania
1592 Leonardo Music Journal 09611215 Elsevier Netherlands
1593 LIA Today Laser Institute of America United States
1594 Light Metal Age 00243345 Fellom Publishing United States
Lighting Design and Application: LD Illuminating Engineering Society of
1595 03606325 United States
and A North America

1596 Lighting Research and Technology 14771535 14770938 SAGE United States

1597 Lightwave 07415834 PennWell Corp. United States

Limnology and Oceanography: American Society of Limnology and
1598 15415856 United States
Methods Oceanography
1599 Lipid Technology 0956666X 18635377 P. J. Barnes & Associates Germany

Lixue Xuebao/Chinese Journal of

1600 04591879 Science Press China
Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft fur

1601 Logistics Journal 18607977 Germany
Technische Logistik
1602 Logistics Research 1865035X Springer Nature Germany
1603 Lotus International 11249064 Editoriale Lotus Italy
International Association of Lowland
1604 Lowland Technology International 13449656 Japan
1605 M et T2 16378962 Editions Vauclair France
1606 MacGregor News 14037785 MacGregor Group AB Sweden
1607 Machine Design 00249114 Penton Media, Inc. United States
Machinery and Production
1608 0024919X Machpress United Kingdom

1609 Machining Science and Technology 10910344 15322483 Taylor & Francis United States

1610 Maderas: Ciencia y Tecnologia 07173644 0718221X Universidad del Bio-Bio Chile

1611 Magazine of Concrete Research 00249831 ICE Publishing United Kingdom
1612 Magnetic Resonance Imaging 0730725X Elsevier Netherlands
1613 Magnetohydrodynamics 0024998X Consultants Bureau United States
Malaysian Construction Research Construction Research Institute of
1614 19853807 Malaysia
Journal Malaysia

1615 Manufacturing Engineering 03610853 Society of Manufacturing Engineers United States

1616 Manufacturing Letters 22138463 Society of Manufacturing Engineers United States

Institute of Technology and Production

1617 Manufacturing Technology 12132489 Czech Republic
Management University of J.E. Purkyne

Marine Georesources and

1618 1064119X Taylor & Francis United Kingdom
1619 Marine Structures 09518339 Elsevier Netherlands
Society of Naval Architects and Marine
1620 Marine Technology 00253316 United States

1621 Marine Technology Society Journal 00253324 Marine Technology Society, Inc. United States

1622 Maritime by Holland 22113444 Navingo BV Netherlands

1623 Maritime Policy and Management 03088839 Taylor & Francis United Kingdom

1624 Masonry International 09502289 International Masonry Society United Kingdom

1625 Mater Plast Elastomeri Fibre Sint 00255289 Syscom 18 s.r.l. Romania

Instituto de Ciencias de Ia Construccion

1626 Materiales de Construccion 04652746 Spain
Eduardo Torroja

1627 Materialpruefung/Materials Testing 00255300 Carl Hanser Verlag Germany

Materials and Corrosion - Werkstoffe

1628 00432822 15214176 Wiley-Blackwell United Kingdom
und Korrosion
1629 Materials and Design 02641275 Elsevier Netherlands
Materials and Manufacturing
1630 10426914 15322475 Taylor & Francis United States

Materials and Structures/Materiaux et

1631 13595997 R I L E M Publications S. A. R. L. France

1632 Materials at High Temperatures 09603409 Maney Publishing United Kingdom

1633 Materials Characterization 10445803 Elsevier Netherlands
1634 Materials China 16743962 Chemical Industry Press China
American Society of Nondestructive
1635 Materials Evaluation 00255327 United States
1636 Materials Horizons 20516355 RSC United Kingdom
1637 Materials Letters 0167577X Elsevier Netherlands
1638 Materials Performance 00941492 NACE International United States
Materials Performance and American Society for Testing and
1639 21653992 United States
Characterization Materials

1640 Materials Physics and Mechanics 16052730 16058119 Advanced Study Center Co. Russian Federation

1641 Materials Research 15161439 Universidade Federal de Sao Carlos Brazil

1642 Materials Research Bulletin 00255408 Elsevier United Kingdom

1643 Materials Research Innovations 14328917 1433075X Maney Publishing United Kingdom
1644 Materials Science 1068820X 1573885X Springer Nature United States
Oficyna Wydawnicza Politechniki
1645 Materials Science 01371339 Poland

Materials Science & Engineering A:

1646 Structural Materials: Properties, 09215093 Elsevier Netherlands
Microstructure and Processing

Materials Science & Engineering B:

1647 Solid-State Materials for Advanced 09215107 Elsevier Netherlands

1648 Materials Science and Engineering C 09284931 Elsevier Netherlands

Materials Science and Engineering: R:
1649 0927796X Elsevier Netherlands

1650 Materials Science and Technology 02670836 Maney Publishing United Kingdom

Materials Science in Semiconductor

1651 13698001 Elsevier United States
1652 Materials Today 13697021 Elsevier Netherlands

1653 Materials Today Communications 23524928 Elsevier Netherlands

1654 Materials Transactions 13459678 13475320 Japan Institute of Metals Japan

Materialwissenschaft und
1655 09335137 15214052 Wiley-Blackwell United Kingdom
Mathematical and Computational
1656 1300686X Celal Bayar Universitesi Turkey

Mathematical and Computer

1657 13873954 Taylor & Francis United Kingdom
Modelling of Dynamical Systems

Mathematical Biology and Institute of Mathematical Problems of

1658 19946538 Russian Federation
Bioinformatics Biology
Mathematical Methods in the Applied
1659 01704214 10991476 Wiley-Blackwell United States
Mathematical Problems in
1660 1024123X 15635147 Hindawi Egypt

1661 Mathematics and Mechanics of Solids 10812865 SAGE United States

Mathematics of Control, Signals, and

1662 09324194 1435568X Springer Nature Germany
1663 Measurement Science Review 13358871 Institute of Measurement Science Slovakia
1664 Meccanica 00256455 15729648 Springer Nature Netherlands
Mechanical Systems and Signal
1665 08883270 10961216 Elsevier United States
1666 Mechanics and Industry 22577777 22577750 Cambridge University Press United Kingdom
Mechanics and Mechanical
1667 14281511 Wydawnictwo Politechniki Lodzkiej Poland
Mechanics Based Design of Structures
1668 15397734 15397742 Taylor & Francis United States
and Machines
Mechanics of Advanced Materials and
1669 15376494 15376532 Taylor & Francis United Kingdom

1670 Mechanics of Composite Materials 01915665 15738922 Springer Nature United States

1671 Mechanics of Materials 01676636 Elsevier Netherlands

1672 Mechanics of Solids 00256544 Allerton Press Inc. United States
Mechanics of Time-Dependent
1673 13852000 Springer Nature Netherlands

1674 Mechanics Research Communications 00936413 Elsevier United States

1675 Mechanism and Machine Theory 0094114X Elsevier United Kingdom

1676 Mechatronics 09574158 Elsevier United Kingdom

1677 Mechatronik 18672590 Carl Hanser Verlag Germany
Medical and Biological Engineering
1678 01400118 IEE United Kingdom
and Computing
1679 Medical Engineering and Physics 13504533 Elsevier Netherlands
Mediterranean Journal of
1680 17439310 SoftMotor Ltd United Kingdom
Measurement and Control
Meitan Xuebao/Journal of the China
1681 02539993 China Coal Society China
Coal Society

1682 Melliand International 09479163 International Business Press Publishers United States

Melliand Textilberichte/International Internationalen Foderation der Wirkerei-

1683 09319735 Italy
Textile Reports und Strickereifachleute (IFWS)

1684 Membrane Technology 09582118 Elsevier Netherlands

Metabolic Engineering
1685 22140301 Elsevier Netherlands
1686 Metal Powder Report 00260657 Elsevier Netherlands

1687 Metal Science and Heat Treatment 00260673 15738973 Springer Nature United States

1688 Metall 00260746 Giesel Verlag GmbH Germany

1689 Metallurgia Italiana 00260843 Edimet SpA Italy

Metallurgical and Materials

1690 Transactions A: Physical Metallurgy 10735623 ASME United States
and Materials Science

1691 Metallurgical and Mining Industry 20760507 20788312 Ukrmetallurginform"STA" Ltd. Ukraine

Metallurgical Research and

1692 22713646 22713654 EDP Sciences France
Metallurgical Transactions B (Process
1693 03602141 ASME United States
1694 Metallurgist 00260894 15738892 Consultants Bureau United States

1695 Metals and Materials International 15989623 Korean Institute of Metals and Materials South Korea

Hrvatsko Metalursko Drustvo/Croatian

1696 Metalurgija 05435846 Croatia
Metallurgical Society

1697 Methods in Oceanography 22111220 Elsevier Netherlands

1698 Metrologia 00261394 IoP United Kingdom

1699 Metrology and Measuring Systems 08608229 Polish Academy of Sciences Poland

1700 Metszet 20612710 Artifex Kiado Kft Hungary

METU Journal of the Faculty of
1701 02585316 Orta Dogu Teknik Universitesi Turkey
Institution of Engineering and
1702 Micro and Nano Letters 17500443 United Kingdom
1703 Micro and Nanosystems 18764029 18764037 Bentham United Arab Emirates
1704 Microelectronic Engineering 01679317 Elsevier Netherlands
1705 Microelectronics and Reliability 00262714 Elsevier Netherlands
1706 Microelectronics International 13565362 Emerald United Kingdom
1707 Microelectronics Journal 09598324 Elsevier Netherlands

1708 Microgravity Science and Technology 09380108 C. Hanser Germany

1709 Micromachines 2072666X MDPI Open Access Publishing Switzerland

Microporous and Mesoporous
1710 13871811 Elsevier Netherlands
Microscale Thermophysical
1711 10893954 Taylor & Francis United Kingdom
1712 Microsystem Technologies 09467076 Springer Nature Germany
Microwave and Optical Technology
1713 08952477 10982760 Wiley-Blackwell United States
1714 Microwave Journal 01926225 Horizon House Publications United States

Society for Microwave Technique,

1715 Microwave Review 14505835 Technologies and Systems and Serbia Serbia
and Montenegro IEEE MTT-S Chapter

1716 Military Engineer 00263982 Society of American Military Engineers United States

1717 Military Operations Research 02755823 Military Operations Research Society United States

Mineral Processing and Extractive

1718 08827508 15477401 Taylor & Francis United Kingdom
Metallurgy Review

1719 Minerals and Metallurgical Processing 07479182 Society of Mining United States

1720 Minerals Engineering 08926875 Elsevier Netherlands

1721 Mining Magazine 03086631 Mining Journal Ltd. United Kingdom
1722 Mitsubishi Electric Advance 03865096 13453041 Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Japan
1723 MM Science Journal 18031269 18050476 MM Publishing Czech Republic
1724 Mocaxue Xuebao/Tribology 10040595 Science Press China

1725 Modeling, Identification and Control 03327353 The Research Council of Norway Norway

Modelling and Simulation in
1726 16875591 16875605 Hindawi Egypt

Modelling and Simulation in Materials

1727 09650393 1361651X IoP United Kingdom
Science and Engineering

1728 Modern Tunnelling Technology 10096582 xian dai sui dao ji shu bian ji bu China
1729 Molecular Imaging 15353508 15360121 MIT Press United States

Associazione Italiana per l'Informatica

1730 Mondo Digitale 1720898X Italy
ed il Calcolo Automatico

1731 Moscow Univ Mech Bull 00271330 Allerton Press Inc. United States

Moscow University Physics Bulletin

1732 (English Translation of Vestnik 00271349 Allerton Press Inc. United States
Moskovskogo Universiteta, Fizika)

1733 Motor Ship 00272000 Temple Press Ltd United Kingdom

MPT Metallurgical Plant and
1734 09357254 Verlag Stahleisen GmbH Germany
Technology International
1735 Multibody System Dynamics 13845640 1573272X Springer Nature Netherlands
Multidiscipline Modeling in Materials
1736 15736105 15736113 Emerald United Kingdom
and Structures
1737 Multimedia Systems 09424962 Springer Nature Germany

1738 Multimedia Tools and Applications 13807501 14321882 Springer Nature Netherlands

1739 Multiphase Science and Technology 02761459 Begell House United States

Nami Jishu yu Jingmi

1740 Gongcheng/Nanotechnology and 16726030 Tianjin Daxue/Tianjin University China
Precision Engineering

Nanjing Hangkong Hangtian Daxue Nanjing Hangkong Daxue/Najing

1741 Xuebao/Journal of Nanjing University 10052615 Unversity of Aeronautics and China
of Aeronautics and Astronautics Astronautics

Nanjing Li Gong Daxue

1742 Xuebao/Journal of Nanjing University 10059830 Huadong Gongxueyuan China
of Science and Technology

Nanjing Youdian Daxue Xuebao

(Ziran Kexue Ban)/Journal of Nanjing Nanjing University of Posts and
1743 16735439 China
University ofPosts and Telecommunications
Telecommunications (Natural Science)

1744 Nano Biomedicine 18835198 Nano Biomedical Society Japan

Open Access House of Science and
1745 Nano Biomedicine and Engineering 21505578 United States
Technology (OAHOST)
1746 Nano Communication Networks 18787789 Elsevier Netherlands
1747 Nano Energy 22112855 Elsevier Netherlands
1748 Nano Letters 15306984 15306992 ACS United States
1749 Nano LIFE 17939844 17939852 Wold Scientific Singapore
1750 Nano Research 19980124 19980000 Tsinghua Univ Press China
1751 Nano Today 17480132 Elsevier Netherlands

1752 Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology 18479804 InTech Croatia

1753 Nanomedicine 17435889 17486963 Future Medicine Ltd. United Kingdom

Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology,
1754 15499634 15499642 Elsevier Netherlands
Biology, and Medicine

1755 Nano-Micro Letters 21505551 Open Access Science Online United States
Nanoscience and Nanotechnology -
1756 22106812 22106820 Bentham United Arab Emirates
1757 Nanotechnologies in Russia 19950780 19950799 Springer Nature Germany
1758 Nanotechnology 09574484 13616528 IoP United Kingdom

1759 Nanotechnology Law and Business 15462080 1546203X Walter de Gruyter United States

1760 Nanotechnology Perceptions 16606795 Collegium Basilea Switzerland

1761 Nanotoxicology 17435390 17435404 Taylor & Francis United Kingdom
Veleuciliste u Dubrovniku Collegium
1762 Nase More 04696255 Croatia

Nat Counc Paper Ind Air Stream Impr National Council of the Paper Industry
1763 08860882 United States
Inc, Tech Bull 39 for Air and Steam Improvement, Inc.

1764 National Academy Science Letters 0250541X National Academic of Sciences India

1765 Natural Hazards Review 15276988 ASCE United States

1766 Nature Biotechnology 10870156 Springer Nature United Kingdom
1767 Nature Materials 14761122 14764660 Springer Nature United Kingdom
1768 Nature Nanotechnology 17483387 Springer Nature United Kingdom
Naukovyi Visnyk Natsionalnoho
1769 20712227 National Mining University of Ukraine Ukraine
Hirnychoho Universytetu

1770 Naval Architect 03060209 Royal Institution of Naval Architects United Kingdom

1771 Naval Research Logistics 0894069X Wiley-Blackwell United States

Navigation, Journal of the Institute of
1772 00281522 Institute of Navigation United States
1773 NDT and E International 09638695 Elsevier Netherlands
1774 NEC Technical Journal 18805884 NEC Media Products Ltd. Japan

Neiranji Gongcheng/Chinese Internal Shanghai International Combustion

1775 10000925 China
Combustion Engine Engineering Engine Research Institute

Neiranji Xuebao/Transactions of
1776 CSICE (Chinese Society for Internal 10000909 Gai-Kan Bianjibu China
Combustion Engines)
1777 Network Security 13534858 Elsevier Netherlands
American Institute of Mathematical
1778 Networks and Heterogeneous Media 15561801 1556181X United States
1779 New Design 14722674 Gillard Welch Ltd. United Kingdom
1780 New Electronics 00479624 Findlay Publications Ltd. United Kingdom
New Review of Hypermedia and
1781 13614568 17407842 Taylor & Francis United Kingdom
1782 News and Tech 21506884 Conley Magazine United States
1783 Nexus Network Journal 15224600 Kim Williams United States

1784 NGLI Spokesman 00276782 National Lubricating Grease Institute United States

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Nippon Kinzoku Gakkaishi/Journal of

1786 00214876 18806880 Nippon Kinzoku Gakkai Japan
the Japan Institute of Metals

1787 Noise and Vibration Worldwide 09574565 Multi-Science Publishing Co Ltd. United Kingdom

1788 Noise Control Engineering Journal 07362501 Institute of Noise Control Engineering United States

1789 Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation 10589759 Taylor & Francis United Kingdom

Nongye Gongcheng
Chinese Society of Agricultural
1790 Xuebao/Transactions of the Chinese 10026819 China
Society of Agricultural Engineering

Nongye Jixie Xuebao/Transactions of

Chinese Society of Agricultural
1791 the Chinese Society of Agricultural 10001298 China

Nonlinear Analysis: Real World

1792 14681218 Elsevier Netherlands
1793 Nonlinear Dynamics 0924090X Springer Nature Netherlands
1794 Nova Mehanizacija Sumarstva 18458815 Sveuciliste u Zagrebu Croatia
1795 NTT Technical Review 13483447 Telecommunications Association Japan

Odessa National Polytechnic Institute,

1796 Nuclear and Radiation Safety 20736231 Ukraine
Nuclear physics and energy

1797 Nuclear Engineering and Design 00295493 Elsevier Netherlands

1798 Nuclear Engineering International 00295507 Wilmington Publishing Ltd. United Kingdom

1799 Nuclear Plant Journal 08922055 E Q E S, Inc. United States

Nuclear Technology and Radiation
1800 14513994 VINCA Institute of Nuclear Sciences Serbia
Numerical Heat Transfer, Part B:
1801 10407790 15210626 Taylor & Francis United Kingdom
Associacao Brasileira Tecnica de
1802 O Papel (Brazil) 00311057 Brazil
Celulose e Papel
Korea Ocean Research and
1803 Ocean and Polar Research 1598141X South Korea
Development Institute
1804 Ocean Engineering 00298018 Elsevier United Kingdom

1805 Oceanologia 00783234 Zaklad Narodowy imienia Ossolinskich Poland

1806 Offshore 00300608 PennWell Corp. United States

Emap Business Communications Asia
1807 Offshore Engineering 0305876X Singapore
Pte. Ltd.
1808 Oilfield Review 09231730 Oilfield Reviews Services United Kingdom
1809 Olhydraulik und Penumatik 03412660 Vereinigte Fachverlage GmbH Germany
Ontario Health Technology
1810 19157398 Medical Advisory Secretariat Canada
Assessment Series
Open Automation and Control
1811 18744443 Bentham United Arab Emirates
Systems Journal
1812 Open Bioinformatics Journal 18750362 Bentham Netherlands

1813 Open Biomedical Engineering Journal 18741207 Bentham United Arab Emirates

1814 Open Biotechnology Journal 18740707 Bentham United Arab Emirates

1815 Open Civil Engineering Journal 18741495 Bentham United Arab Emirates
Open Construction and Building
1816 18748368 Bentham United Arab Emirates
Technology Journal
Open Cybernetics and Systemics
1817 1874110X Bentham Netherlands
Open Electrical and Electronic
1818 18741290 Bentham United Arab Emirates
Engineering Journal
1819 Open Engineering 23915439 Walter de Gruyter Germany
1820 Open House International 01682601 Stichting Architecten Research Netherlands

1821 Open Mechanical Engineering Journal 1874155X Bentham United Arab Emirates

Open Systems and Information

1822 12301612 15731324 World Scientific Singapore

1823 Operations Management Research 19369735 19369743 Springer Nature United States

1824 Operations Research Letters 01676377 Elsevier Netherlands

1825 Optical and Quantum Electronics 03068919 1572817X Springer Nature Netherlands

S P I E - International Society for

1826 Optical Engineering 00913286 United States
Optical Engineering
1827 Optical Fiber Technology 10685200 10959912 Elsevier United States
1828 Optical Materials 09253467 Elsevier Netherlands
Optical Memory and Neural Networks
1829 1060992X Allerton Press Inc. United States
(Information Optics)

1830 Optical Switching and Networking 15734277 Elsevier Netherlands

1831 Optics and Laser Technology 00303992 Elsevier Netherlands

1832 Optics and Lasers in Engineering 01438166 Elsevier Netherlands
1833 Optics and Photonics News 10476938 15413721 Optical Society of America United States
1834 Optics Communications 00304018 Elsevier Netherlands
1835 Optik 00304026 Elsevier Netherlands
Optimal Control Applications and
1836 01432087 10991514 Wiley-Blackwell United States
1837 Optimization and Engineering 13894420 Springer Nature Netherlands

Optoelectronics and Advanced Institutul National de Cercetare-

1838 18426573 Romania
Materials, Rapid Communications Dezvoltare pentru Optoelectronica

Tianjin Daxue Jidian Fenxiao/Tianjin
1839 Optoelectronics Letters 16731905 19935013 China
Innstitute of Technnology

1840 Opto-electronics Review 12303402 Stowarzyszenie Elektrykow Polskich Poland

Optoelectronics, Instrumentation and

1841 Data Processing (English translation of 87566990 Allerton Press Inc. United States

1842 Orbis 00304387 18735282 Foreign Policy Research Institute United States
Organic Electronics: physics,
1843 15661199 Elsevier Netherlands
materials, applications
1844 Organogenesis 15476278 Landes Bioscience United States
1845 Osteoarthritis and Cartilage 10634584 15229653 Elsevier United Kingdom
1846 Pacific Economic Review 1361374X Wiley-Blackwell United Kingdom
1847 Package Printing 01639234 ABI/INFORM Global United States
1848 Packaging Digest 00309117 Elsevier United States

1849 Packaging Technology and Science 08943214 10991522 Wiley-Blackwell United States

Packaging, Transport, Storage and

1850 17465095 17465109 Maney Publishing United Kingdom
Security of Radioactive Material

Paiguan Jixie Gongcheng

1851 Xuebao/Journal of Drainage and 16748530 China
Irrigation Machinery Engineering

1852 Pakistan Textile Journal 00482757 National Technical Press Pakistan

Palpu Chongi Gisul/Journal of Korea
1853 Technical Association of the Pulp and 02533200 Hanguk Palpu Chongi Kisul Hyophoe South Korea
Paper Industry
1854 Paper Asia 02184540 Benn Publications United Kingdom

1855 Paper Technology 09586024 Paper Industry Technical Association United Kingdom

1856 Paperboard Packaging 00311227 Advanstar Communications Inc. United States

1857 PCI Journal 08879672 Precast - Prestressed Concrete Institute United States

1858 Peace and Conflict Studies 10827307 Network of Peace and Conflict Studies United States

1859 Peace Review 10402659 14699982 Peace Review Publications United States
Budapesti Muszaki es
Periodica Polytechnica Transportation Gazdasagtudomanyi Egyetem/Budapest
1860 03037800 Hungary
Engineering University of Technology and
Budapesti Muszaki es
Periodica Polytechnica, Electrical Gazdasagtudomanyi Egyetem/Budapest
1861 03246000 Hungary
Engineering University of Technology and
Budapesti Muszaki es
Periodica Polytechnica, Mechanical Gazdasagtudomanyi Egyetem/Budapest
1862 03246051 Hungary
Engineering University of Technology and
Budapesti Muszaki es
Periodica Polytechnica: Civil Gazdasagtudomanyi Egyetem/Budapest
1863 05536626 Hungary
Engineering University of Technology and

Philosophical Transactions of the

1864 Royal Society A: Mathematical, 1364503X 14712962 Royal Society of London United Kingdom
Physical and Engineering Sciences

1865 Photogrammetric Record 0031868X Wiley-Blackwell United Kingdom

1866 Photomedicine and Laser Surgery 15495418 Mary Ann Liebert United States

1867 Photonic Network Communications 1387974X Springer Nature Netherlands

Photonics and Nanostructures -

1868 15694410 15694429 Elsevier Netherlands
Fundamentals and Applications
1869 Physica B: Condensed Matter 09214526 Elsevier Netherlands

Physica C: Superconductivity and its
1870 09214534 Elsevier Netherlands
Physica Status Solidi (A) Applications
1871 18626300 18626319 Wiley-Blackwell Germany
and Materials
1872 Physical Mesomechanics 10299599 Springer Nature United States

1873 Pipeline and Gas Journal 00320188 Oildom Publishing Co. of Texas, Inc. United States

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1875 Plant Engineering 0032082X Cahners Pub. Co. United States
1876 Plasma Medicine 19475764 19475772 Begell House United States
1877 Plastics Technology 00321257 Gardner Publications, Inc. United States
Perm National Research Polytechnic
1878 PNRPU Mechanics Bulletin 22249893 22261869 Russian Federation
Versita (Central European Science
1879 Polish Maritime Research 12332585 Poland
1880 Pollack Periodica 17881994 Akademiai Kiado Hungary
1881 Pollution Engineering 00323640 Business News Publishing Co. United States
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1883 Polymer Degradation and Stability 01413910 Elsevier Netherlands

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1885 Powder Metallurgy 00325899 Maney Publishing United Kingdom
Powder Metallurgy and Metal
1886 10681302 15739066 Springer Nature United States
1887 Power Engineering 00325961 PennWell Corp. United States
Practice Periodical on Structural
1888 10840680 ASCE United States
Design and Construction

Praktische Metallographie/Practical
1889 0032678X Carl Hanser Verlag Germany

1890 Precision Engineering 01416359 Elsevier Netherlands

Presence: Teleoperators and Virtual
1891 10547460 15313263 MIT Press United States
1892 Printed Circuit Design and Fab 19395442 UP Media Group, Inc. United States
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1894 Printwear 15227898 National Business Media, Inc. United States

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Probability in the Engineering and

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Informational Sciences

Proceedings of Institution of Civil

1897 1747650X 17476518 ICE Publishing United Kingdom
Engineers: Construction Materials

Proceedings of Institution of Civil

1898 Engineers: Management, Procurement 17514304 17514312 ICE Publishing United Kingdom
and Law
Proceedings of Institution of Civil
1899 Engineers: Waste and Resource 17476526 17476534 ICE Publishing United Kingdom
Proceedings of the Combustion
1900 15407489 Combustion Institute United States
1901 Proceedings of the IEEE 00189219 IEEE United States

Proceedings of the Institution of Civil

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Engineers: Bridge Engineering

Proceedings of the Institution of Civil

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Engineers: Civil Engineering

Proceedings of the Institution of Civil

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Computational Mechanics

Proceedings of the Institution of Civil

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Engineers: Engineering Sustainability

Proceedings of the Institution of Civil
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Engineers: Ground Improvement

Proceedings of the Institution of Civil

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Engineers: Maritime Engineering

Proceedings of the Institution of Civil

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Engineers: Municipal Engineer

Proceedings of the Institution of Civil

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Engineers: Structures and Buildings

Proceedings of the Institution of Civil

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Engineers: Transport

Proceedings of the Institution of Civil

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Engineers: Urban Design and Planning

Proceedings of the Institution of

Mechanical Engineers Part M: Journal Professional Engineering Publishing
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of Engineering for the Maritime Ltd.
Proceedings of the Institution of
Professional Engineering Publishing
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of Power and Energy

Proceedings of the Institution of

Professional Engineering Publishing
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of Engineering Manufacture

Proceedings of the Institution of

Professional Engineering Publishing
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of Mechanical Engineering Science

Proceedings of the Institution of

Mechanical Engineering Publications
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of Automobile Engineering

Proceedings of the Institution of

Professional Engineering Publishing
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of Process Mechanical Engineering

Proceedings of the Institution of

Mechanical Engineering Publications
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Proceedings of the Institution of

Mechanical Engineering Publications
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of Aerospace Engineering

Proceedings of the Institution of

Professional Engineering Publishing
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of Engineering in Medicine

Proceedings of the Institution of

Professional Engineering Publishing
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Proceedings of the Institution of

Professional Engineering Publishing
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Proceedings of the Institution of

Professional Engineering Publishing
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Proceedings of the Institution of

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Proceedings of the Institution of

Professional Engineering Publishing
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of Risk and Reliability

Proceedings of the Institution of
Professional Engineering Publishing
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of Systems and Control Engineering

Proceedings of the Royal Society A:

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Engineering Sciences

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Process Safety and Environmental
Protection: Transactions of the
1929 09575820 17443598 Institution of Chemical Engineers United Kingdom
Institution of Chemical Engineers, Part
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Associacao Brasileira de Engenharia de
1931 Producao 01036513 Brazil
Production and Operations Production and Operations Management
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Management Society
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Professional Engineering Publishing
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Progress in Agricultural Engineering
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Progress in Electromagnetics Research

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Progress in Photovoltaics: Research
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and Applications
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Progress in Superconductivity and

Cryogenics (PSAC)/Journal of the Korea Institute of Applied
1945 12293008 South Korea
Korea Institute of Applied Superconductivity and Cryogenics
Superconductivity and Cryogenics

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Mitteilungsblatt der Physikalisch -
1950 0030834X Springer Nature Germany
Technischen Bundesanstalt
Braunschweig - Berlin

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Qiangjiguang Yu Lizishu/High Power
1955 10014322 Qiangjiguang Yu Lizishu China
Laser and Particle Beams
Qiche Gongcheng/Automotive Society of Automotive Engineers of
1956 1000680X China
Engineering China
Qinghua Daxue Xuebao/Journal of
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Tsinghua University
Quality and Reliability Engineering
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Applied Mathematics

Quarterly Report of RTRI (Railway

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Technical Research Institute) (Japan)

R and D: Research and Development

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Kobe Steel Engineering Reports

Radioelectronics and Communications Natsionl'nyi Tekhhichnyi Universiytet

1967 07352727 Ukraine
Systems Ukrainy
1968 Radioengineering 12102512 Brno University of Technology Czech Republic

Radiophysics and Quantum

Electronics (English Translation of
1969 00338443 15739120 Springer Nature United States
Izvestiya Vysshikh Uchebnykh
Zavedenii, Radiofizika)

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1972 Rapid Prototyping Journal 13552546 Emerald United Kingdom
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Recent Advances in Electrical and
1974 23520973 23520965 Bentham Netherlands
Electronic Engineering
Recent Patents on Drug Delivery and
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1976 Recent Patents on Engineering 18722121 Bentham United Arab Emirates
Recent Patents on Mechanical
1977 1874477X Bentham United Arab Emirates

1978 Recent Patents on Nanotechnology 18722105 Bentham United Arab Emirates

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Reliability Engineering and System
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Reneng Dongli Gongcheng/Journal of

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Research and Development

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(Barrington, Illinois)
Research in Engineering Design -
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Resource: Engineering and American Society of Agricultural

1992 10763333 United States
Technology for Sustainable World Engineers

1993 Restaurator 00345806 Walter de Gruyter Germany

Rev Roumaine des Sciences
Editions de l'Academie Republique
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Revista Brasileira de Engenharia Sociedade Brasileira de Engenharia
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Biomedica Biomedica
Revista de Direito, Estado e
1997 19849729 Universidade de Brasilia Brazil

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Centro de Estudios del Desarrollo de la

1999 Revista de la Facultad de Ingenieria 07984065 Venezuela
Universidad Central de Venezuela

Colegio de Ingenieros de Caminos

2000 Revista de Obras Publicas 00348619 Spain
Canales Y Puertos
2001 Revista Facultad de Ingenieria 01206230 Universidad de Antioquia Colombia
Revista Iberoamericana de
2002 19328540 IEEE United States
Tecnologias del Aprendizaje

Pontificia Universidad Catolica de

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Gestion de la Construccion

Revista Internacional de Metodos

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2005 Revista INVI 07181299 Universidad de Chile Chile
Revista Latinoamericana de
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Metalurgia y Materiales
Revista Mexicana de Ingenieria Sociedad Mexicana de Ingenieria
2007 01889532 Mexico
Biomedica Biomedica
Revista Proyecto, Progreso, University of Sevilla, School of
2008 21716897 21731616 Spain
Arquitectura Architecture

Revista Tecnica de la Facultad de

2009 02540770 Universidad del Zulia Venezuela
Ingenieria Universidad del Zulia

Revue Francaise de Photogrammetrie Societe Francaise de Photogrammetrie

2010 17689791 France
et de Teledetection et de Teledetection

RIAI - Revista Iberoamericana de

2011 16977912 16977920 Universidad Politecnica de Valencia Spain
Automatica e Informatica Industrial

2012 Risk Analysis 02724332 15396924 Wiley-Blackwell United Kingdom

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2014 Road and Transport Research 10375783 A R R B Transport Research Ltd. Australia

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2017 Robotica 02635747 14698668 Cambridge University Press United Kingdom

2018 Robotics and Autonomous Systems 09218890 Elsevier Netherlands

Robotics and Computer-Integrated

2019 07365845 Elsevier United Kingdom
Rock Mechanics and Rock
2020 07232632 Springer Nature Germany

Romanian Journal of Acoustics and Romanian Acoustic Society,

2021 15847284 Romania
Vibration Universitatea Politehnica Bucuresti

Institutul de Cercetara-Dezvoltare
Romanian Review Precision
2022 15845982 Pentru Mecatronica si Tehnical Romania
Mechanics, Optics and Mechatronics
Masurarii (INCDTM)
2023 Russian Aeronautics 10687998 Allerton Press Inc. United States
2024 Russian Electrical Engineering 10683712 Allerton Press Inc. United States
2025 Russian Engineering Research 1068798X Allerton Press Inc. United States
Russian Journal of Nondestructive
2026 10618309 16083385 Maik Nauka/Interperiodica Publishing Russian Federation
Russian Journal of Non-Ferrous
2027 10678212 1934970X Springer Nature United States

2028 Russian Microelectronics 10637397 16083415 Maik Nauka/Interperiodica Publishing Russian Federation

SAE International Journal of

2029 19463855 SAE United States

SAE International Journal of
2030 21674191 21674205 SAE United States
Alternative Powertrains
SAE International Journal of
2031 1946391X SAE United States
Commercial Vehicles

2032 SAE International Journal of Engines 19463936 SAE United States

SAE International Journal of Materials

2033 19463979 SAE United States
and Manufacturing
SAE International Journal of
2034 Passenger Cars - Electronic and 19464614 19464622 SAE United States
Electrical Systems

SAE International Journal of

2035 19463995 SAE United States
Passenger Cars - Mechanical Systems

SAE International Journal of

2036 23275626 23275634 SAE United States
Transportation Safety
2037 SAE Technical Papers 01487191 SAE United States
Occupational Safety and Health
2038 Safety and Health at Work 20937911 20937997 South Korea
Research Institute.(OSHRI)
2039 Safety Science 09257535 Elsevier Netherlands
Society for the Advancement of
2040 SAMPE Journal 00911062 United States
Material and Process Engineering

Scandinavian Economic History Syddansk Universitetsforlag/University

2041 03585522 Denmark
Review Press of Southern Denmark

2042 School Library Media Research 15234320 American Library Association United States
2043 Science and Global Security 08929882 15477800 Taylor & Francis United Kingdom
Science and Technology for the Built
2044 23744731 2374474X Taylor & Francis United Kingdom
Zhongguo Kexue Zazhishe/Science in
2045 Science China Technological Sciences 16747321 China
China Press
Science Technology and Human
2046 01622439 SAGE United States
2047 Scientia Iranica 10263098 Sharif University of Technology Iran, Islamic Republic of
2048 Scientific Drilling 18168957 18163459 IODP-MI United States
Scientific Review Engineering and Warsaw University of Life Sciences
2049 17329353 Poland
Environmental Sciences Press
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SDHM Structural Durability and
2051 19302983 19302991 Tech Science Press United States
Health Monitoring
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2053 Sealing Technology 13504789 Elsevier United Kingdom
2054 SEI Technical Review 13434349 Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd. Japan
Seimitsu Kogaku Kaishi/Journal of the
Seimitsu Kogakkai/The Japan Society
2055 Japan Society for Precision 09120289 Japan
for Precision Engineering
Semiconductor Science and
2056 02681242 13616641 IoP United Kingdom
Society of Fiber Science and
2057 Sen'i Gakkaishi 00379875 Japan
Technology/Sen'i Gakkai

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2059 Sensing and Imaging 15572064 Springer Nature Germany

2060 Sensor Letters 1546198X 15461971 American Scientific Publishers United States
2061 Sensor Review 02602288 Emerald United Kingdom
2062 Sensors 14248220 14243210 MDPI Open Access Publishing Switzerland

2063 Sensors and Actuators, A: Physical 09244247 Elsevier Netherlands

2064 Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical 09254005 Elsevier Netherlands

2065 Seybold Report 15339211 Seybold Publications United States

Shanghai Ligong Daxue

University of Shanghai for Science and
2066 Xuebao/Journal of University of 10076735 China
Shanghai for Science and Technology

2067 Shapu Giho/Sharp Technical Journal 02850362 Sharp Co. Ltd. Japan

Shenyang Gongye Daxue

2068 Xuebao/Journal of Shenyang 10001646 Shenyang University of Technology China
University of Technology

Shenzhen Daxue Xuebao (Ligong

2069 Ban)/Journal of Shenzhen University 10002618 Shenzhen University China
Science and Engineering

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2071 Ship Technology Research 09377255 Schiffahrts Verlag Hansa Germany
Shiprepair and Conversion
2072 09690174 Royal Institution of Naval Architects United Kingdom
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Shiyan Liuti Lixue/Journal of
2074 16729897 China Aerodynamics R & D Center China
Experiments in Fluid Mechanics
2075 Shock and Vibration 10709622 IOS Press Netherlands
2076 Shock Waves 09381287 14322153 Springer Nature Germany
Illuminating Engineering Institute of
2077 Shomei Gakkai Shi 00192341 1349838X Japan

Shuidonglixue Yanjiu yu Jinzhan /

2078 10004874 China Ocean Press China
Journal of Hydrodynamics Ser. A

Shuili Fadian Xuebao/Journal of

2079 10031243 Tsinghua Univ Press China
Hydroelectric Engineering
Shuili Xuebao/Journal of Hydraulic
2080 05599350 Chinese Hydraulic Engineering Society China
Sichuan Daxue Xuebao (Gongcheng
Kexue Ban)/Journal of Sichuan
2081 10093087 Sichuan Daxue China
University (Engineering Science
2082 Signal Processing 01651684 Elsevier Netherlands
Signal Processing: Image
2083 09235965 Elsevier Netherlands

2084 Signal, Image and Video Processing 18631703 18631711 Springer Nature Germany

Smart and Sustainable Built

2085 20466099 20466102 Emerald United Kingdom
2086 Smart Materials and Structures 09641726 1361665X IoP United Kingdom
2087 Smart Structures and Systems 17381584 17381991 Techno-Press South Korea
SMT Surface Mount Technology
2088 15298930 PennWell Corp. United States
2089 Software Quality Journal 09639314 15731367 Springer Nature Netherlands
Software Testing Verification and
2090 09600833 10991689 Wiley-Blackwell United States
Soil Dynamics and Earthquake
2091 02677261 Elsevier United Kingdom
Soil Mechanics and Foundation
2092 00380741 15739279 Springer Nature Netherlands
2093 Soils and Foundations 00380806 Japanese Geotechnical Society Japan
2094 Soldagem e Inspecao 01049224 Associacao Brasileira da Soldagem Brazil
Soldering and Surface Mount
2095 09540911 Emerald United Kingdom
2096 Solid State Technology 0038111X PennWell Corp. United States
2097 Solid-State Electronics 00381101 Elsevier United Kingdom
2098 Sound and Vibration 15410161 Acoustical Publications, Inc. United States
South African Journal of Industrial South African Institute of Industrial
2099 1012277X 22247890 South Africa
Engineering Engineers
2100 Space 12282472 Konggansa South Korea

Institute of Architecture and Urban &

2101 Spatium 1450569X 22178066 Serbia
Spatial Planning of Serbia (IAUS)

2102 SPE Drilling and Completion 10646671 SPE United States

Special Topics and Reviews in Porous
2103 21514798 2151562X Begell House United States

Industrial Fabrics Association
2104 Specialty Fabrics Review 00198307 United States
2105 Sports Engineering 13697072 14602687 Wiley-Blackwell United Kingdom
2106 Sports Technology 19346182 19346190 Taylor & Francis United Kingdom
2107 Stahlbau 00389145 14371049 Ernst und Sohn Germany
American Society for Testing and
2108 Standardization News 10944656 United States
2109 Steel and Composite Structures 12299367 Techno-Press South Korea
Stochastic Environmental Research
2110 14363240 14363259 Springer Nature Germany
and Risk Assessment
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Strojniski Vestnik/Journal of
2114 00392480 Univerza v Ljubljani Slovenia
Mechanical Engineering
Structural and Multidisciplinary
2115 1615147X 16151488 Springer Nature Germany
2116 Structural Concrete 14644177 Ernst und Sohn Germany
Structural Control and Health
2117 15452255 Wiley-Blackwell United States
Structural Design of Tall and Special
2118 15417794 15417808 Wiley-Blackwell United States
Structural Engineers Trading
2119 Structural Engineer 14665123 United Kingdom
Organisation Ltd.
Korea Advanced Institute of Science
2120 Structural Engineering and Mechanics 12254568 South Korea
and Technology

Structural Engineering International:

Journal of the International International Association for Bridge and
2121 10168664 Switzerland
Association for Bridge and Structural Structural Engineering
Engineering (IABSE)

2122 Structural Health Monitoring 14759217 SAGE United Kingdom

2123 Structural Safety 01674730 Elsevier Netherlands
2124 Structural Survey 0263080X Emerald United Kingdom
Structure and Infrastructure
2125 15732479 17448980 Taylor & Francis United Kingdom
2126 Structures 23520124 Elsevier United Kingdom

2127 Studies in Conflict and Terrorism 1057610X Crane Russak United States

Studies in Health Technology and

2128 09269630 IOS Press
National Institute for R & D in
2129 Studies in Informatics and Control 12201766 1841429X Romania
2130 Sulzer Technical Review 14207559 Sulzer Management AG Switzerland
Superconductor Science and
2131 09532048 13616668 IoP United Kingdom

2132 Superlattices and Microstructures 07496036 10963677 Elsevier United States

Surface Engineering and Applied

2133 10683755 19348002 Allerton Press Inc. United States
2134 Survey Review 00396265 Maney Publishing United Kingdom
2135 Sustainable Cities and Society 22106707 Elsevier Netherlands
Sustainable Computing: Informatics
2136 22105379 Elsevier United States
and Systems
Sustainable Energy, Grids and
2137 23524677 Elsevier United Kingdom
Sustainable Materials and
2138 22149937 Elsevier Netherlands
Sustainable Production and
2139 23525509 Elsevier Netherlands
2140 SWE Magazine 10706232 Society of Women Engineers United States

National Institute of Advanced

2141 Synthesiology 18830978 18832318 Japan
Industrial Science and Technology

2142 Synthetic Metals 03796779 Elsevier Netherlands

2143 Systems and Control Letters 01676911 Elsevier Netherlands
Tamkang Journal of Science and
2144 15606686 Tamkang University Taiwan
National Academy of Sciences of
2145 Technical Electrodynamics 16077970 22181903 Ukraine
2146 Technical Textiles International 09645993 International Newsletters United Kingdom

Association generale des hygienistes et

2147 Techniques - Sciences - Methodes 02997258 France
techniciens municipaux

Magdeburger Verein fur Technische

2148 Technische Mechanik 02323869 Germany
Mechanik e.V.
2149 Technische Textilien 03233243 Deutscher Fachverlag GmbH Germany
2150 Technology and Culture 0040165X 10973729 Johns Hopkins University Press United States
2151 Technology and Health Care 09287329 IOS Press Netherlands
Technology Reports of Kansai
2152 04532198 Kansai University Japan

2153 Technology Review 1099274X Massachusetts Institute of Technology United States

2154 Technology, Knowledge and Learning 22111662 22111670 Springer Nature United States

2155 Technovation 01664972 Elsevier United Kingdom

Instituto Mexicano de Tecnologia del
2156 Tecnologia y Ciencias del Agua 01878336 Mexico
Sveuciliste Josipa Jurja Strossmayera u
2157 Tehnicki Vjesnik 13303651 Croatia

Teknik Dergi/Technical Journal of

2158 13003453 Turkish Chamber of Civil Engineers Turkey
Turkish Chamber of Civil Engineers

Croatian Association of Textile

2159 Tekstil 04925882 Croatia
2160 Tekstil ve Konfeksiyon 13003356 Ege University Press Turkey

2161 Tekstil ve Muhendis 13007599 21470510 TMMOB Chamber of Textile Engineers Turkey

2162 Tekstilec 03513386 Urednistvo Tekstilec Slovenia

2163 Telecommunication Systems 10184864 15729451 Springer Nature Netherlands

Telecommunications and Radio

2164 Engineering (English translation of 00402508 Begell House United States
Elektrosvyaz and Radiotekhnika)

2165 Telecommunications Policy 03085961 Elsevier United Kingdom

2166 Telematics and Informatics 07365853 Elsevier Netherlands
Institute of Advanced Engineering and
2167 Telkomnika 16936930 2087278X Indonesia
Science (IAES)
2168 Terrorism and Political Violence 09546553 Taylor & Francis United Kingdom

2169 Test Engineering and Management 01934120 Mattingley Publishing Co., Inc. United States

2170 Texas Transportation Researcher 00404748 Texas Transportation Institute United States

2171 Textile Asia 00493554 Business Press Ltd. Hong Kong

2172 Textile History 00404969 Maney Publishing United Kingdom
2173 Textile Magazine 00405078 Gopali & Co. India
2174 Textile Network 16125096 Meisenbach GmbH Germany
2175 Textile Progress 00405167 Textile Institute United Kingdom
2176 Textile World 00405213 Billian Publishing, Inc. United States
2177 Textiles Trends 00405205 Eastland Publications (Pvt.) Ltd. India
2178 Textil-Revue 00404861 St. Galler Tagblatt AG Switzerland
Theoretical and Applied Fracture
2179 01678442 Elsevier Netherlands
Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
2180 13480693 University of Tokyo Press Japan
Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
2181 20950349 Elsevier Netherlands
Theoretical and Computational Fluid
2182 09354964 14322250 Springer Nature Germany

2183 Thin-Walled Structures 02638231 Elsevier Netherlands
2184 ThyssenKrupp techforum 16122771 ThyssenKrupp AG Germany
Tiedao Xuebao/Journal of the China
2185 10018360 China Railway Society China
Railway Society
Tien Tzu Hsueh Pao/Acta Electronica
2186 03722112 Chinese Institute of Electronics China
2187 Timber Producer 08861242 Timber Producer United States
2188 Tissue Engineering - Part A 19373341 Mary Ann Liebert United States

2189 Tissue Engineering - Part B: Reviews 19373368 Mary Ann Liebert United States

2190 Tissue Engineering - Part C: Methods 19373384 Mary Ann Liebert United States

Tissue Engineering and Regenerative

2191 17382696 22125469 Springer Nature United States

2192 TM. Technisches Messen 01718096 Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag GmbH Germany

Toraibarojisuto/Journal of Japanese
2193 09151168 Japanese Society of Tribologists Japan
Society of Tribologists
2194 Total Telecom 17401267 Emap Media Ltd. United Kingdom
2195 TR News 07386826 US National Research Council United States
2196 Traffic Engineering and Control 00410683 Printerhall Ltd. United Kingdom

GRETSI (Groupement de Recherche en

2197 Traitement du Signal 07650019 19585608 France
Traitement du Signal et des Images)

Tramsportation Research, Part C:

2198 0968090X Elsevier United Kingdom
Emerging Technologies
Transactions - Society of Naval Society of Naval Architects and Marine
2199 00811661 United States
Architects and Marine Engineers Engineers
Transactions Hong Kong Institution of
2200 1023697X Hong Kong Institution of Engineers Hong Kong
2201 Transactions of Famena 13331124 Sveuciliste u Zagrebu Croatia

Transactions of Japanese Society for

2202 18814379 Shujunsha Japan
Medical and Biological Engineering

Transactions of Nanjing University of

2203 10051120 Nanjing Hangkong Hangtian Daxue China
Aeronautics and Astronautics

Transactions of the Ancient

2204 0951001X Ancient Monuments Society United Kingdom
Monuments Society
American Society of Agricultural and
2205 Transactions of the ASABE 21510040 21510032 United States
Biological Engineers
Transactions of the Atomic Energy Atomic Energy Society of Japan/Nihon
2206 13472879 Japan
Society of Japan Genshiroku Gakkai

Transactions of the Canadian Society Canadian Society for Mechanical

2207 03158977 Canada
for Mechanical Engineering Engineering

Transactions of the Institute of Indian

2208 09709851 Institute of Indian Geographers India
Transactions of the Institute of Metal
2209 00202967 Maney Publishing United Kingdom

Transactions of the Japan Society for

2210 05493811 Nihon Koku Uchu Gakkai Japan
Aeronautical and Space Sciences

Transactions of the Japan Society for

2211 Computational Engineering and 13478826 Nihon Keisan Kogakkai Japan
Transactions of the Korean Institute of
2212 19758359 Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers South Korea
Electrical Engineers

Transactions of the Korean Society of Korean Society of Mechanical

2213 12264873 South Korea
Mechanical Engineers, A Engineers

Transactions of the Korean Society of Korean Society of Mechanical

2214 12264881 South Korea
Mechanical Engineers, B Engineers

Transactions of the Royal Institution

of Naval Architects Part A:
2215 14798751 17400716 Royal Institution of Naval Architects United Kingdom
InternationalJournal of Maritime

Transactions of the Royal Institution
of Naval Architects Part B:
2216 17400694 United Kingdom
InternationalJournal of Small Craft

Transactions of the South African South African Institute of Electrical

2217 00382221 South Africa
Institute of Electrical Engineers Engineers

Transactions on Electrical and The Korean Institute of Electrical and

2218 12297607 20927592 South Korea
Electronic Materials Electronic Material Engineers

Electrical Engineering/Electronics,
Transactions on Electrical
Computer, Communications and
2219 Engineering, Electronics, and 16859545 Thailand
Information Technology Association

Transactions on Emerging
2220 21613915 Wiley-Blackwell United Kingdom
Telecommunications Technologies

2221 Transport 16484142 16483480 Taylor & Francis Lithuania

Transport and Telecommunication
2222 Transport and Telecommunication 14076160 Latvia

The Silesian University of Technology,

2223 Transport Problems 18960596 Poland
Faculty of Transport

2224 Transportation 00494488 15729435 Springer Nature Netherlands

Transportation Research Part A: Policy
2225 09658564 Elsevier United Kingdom
and Practice

Transportation Research Part F:

2226 13698478 Elsevier United Kingdom
Traffic Psychology and Behaviour

2227 Transportmetrica A: Transport Science 23249935 23249943 Taylor & Francis United States

2228 Trenchless World 17564093 Aspermont Media United Kingdom

2229 Tribologia 02087774 Oficyna Wydawnicza SIMP Press Ltd. Poland

2230 Tribologie und Schmierungstechnik 07243472 Expert Verlag GmbH Germany

Tribology - Materials, Surfaces and

2231 17515831 1751584X Maney Publishing United Kingdom
Society of Tribologists and Lubrication
2232 Tribology and Lubrication Technology 1545858X United States
2233 Tribology in Industry 03548996 University of Kragujevac Serbia
2234 Tribology International 0301679X Elsevier United Kingdom
2235 Tribology Letters 10238883 15732711 Springer Nature United States
Society of Tribologists and Lubrication
2236 Tribology Transactions 10402004 United States
Tuijin Jishu/Journal of Propulsion Zhongguo Hangtian Gongye
2237 10014055 China
Technology Zonggongsi
Tumu Gongcheng Xuebao/China Civil
2238 1000131X China Civil Engineering Society China
Engineering Journal
Tumu Jianzhu yu Huanjing
Gongcheng/Journal of Civil,
2239 16744764 Journal of Chongqing University Club China
Architectural and Environmental
Tunnelling and Underground Space
2240 08867798 Elsevier United Kingdom

2241 Tunnels and Tunnelling International 13693999 Morgan-Grampian United Kingdom

Scientific and Technical research

Turkish Journal of Electrical
2242 13000632 13036203 Council of Turkey - TUBITAK/Turkiye Turkey
Engineering and Computer Sciences
Bilimsel ve Teknik Arastirma Kurumu

Scientific and Technical research

Turkish Journal of Engineering and
2243 13000160 13036157 Council of Turkey - TUBITAK/Turkiye Turkey
Environmental Sciences
Bilimsel ve Teknik Arastirma Kurumu

2244 Twist 17590418 United States

2245 Underwater Technology 01410814 Society for Underwater Technology United Kingdom

UPB Scientific Bulletin, Series C:
2246 1454234X Universitatea Politehnica Bucuresti Romania
Electrical Engineering
UPB Scientific Bulletin, Series D:
2247 14542358 Universitatea Politehnica Bucuresti Romania
Mechanical Engineering
Urban and Regional Information
2248 URISA Journal 10458077 United States
Systems Association
2249 Vehicle System Dynamics 00423114 Swets & Zeitlinger Netherlands
2250 Vehicular Communications 22142096 Elsevier United States
2251 Vernacular Architecture 03055477 17496292 Maney Publishing United Kingdom
2252 Vertiflite 00424455 American Helicopter Society United States
Nauchnoe Obshchestvo Rentgenologov
2253 Vestnik Rentgenologii i Radiologii 00424676 Russian Federation
i Radiologov

2254 Vibrations in Physical Systems 08606897 Poznan University of Technology Poland

2255 Virtual and Physical Prototyping 17452759 17452767 Taylor & Francis United Kingdom

2256 VLSI Design 1065514X 15635171 Hindawi Egypt

Vodohospodarsky Casopis/Journal of
2257 0042790X Stovenska Akadernia Vied Slovakia
Hydrology & Hydromechanics

2258 Vytapeni, Vetrani, Instalace 12101389 Society of Environmental Engineering Czech Republic

2259 Water Resources Management 09204741 15731650 Springer Nature Netherlands

2260 Water Science and Engineering 16742370 Water Science and Engineering China
2261 Water Wheel 18167969 Water Research Commission South Africa
Waves in Random and Complex
2262 17455030 Taylor & Francis United Kingdom
2263 Wear 00431648 Elsevier Netherlands
2264 Welding and Cutting 16123433 D V S Verlag GmbH Germany
International Institute of
Welding in the World, Le Soudage
2265 00432288 Welding/Institute International de la France
Dans Le Monde
2266 Welding International 09507116 17542138 Welding Institute United Kingdom
2267 Welding Journal 00432296 American Welding Society United States

2268 Wiadomosci Lekarskie 00435147 Fundacja Lekarzy Polskich-Pro-Medica Poland

Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews:

2269 19395108 Wiley-Blackwell United States
Computational Statistics
Wind and Structures, An International
2270 12266116 Techno-Press South Korea

2271 Wire Journal International 02774275 Wire Association International Inc. United States

Wireless Communications and Mobile

2272 15308669 15308677 Wiley-Blackwell United States
2273 Wireless Networks 10220038 15728196 Springer Nature Netherlands

2274 Wireless Personal Communications 09296212 1572834X Springer Nature Netherlands

2275 Wochenblatt fuer Papierfabrikation 00437131 Deutscher Fachverlag GmbH Germany

2276 Wood Science and Technology 00437719 14325225 Springer Nature Germany
World Dredging, Mining and
2277 10450343 World Dredging Magazine United States
2278 World Journal of Engineering 17085284 Multi-Science Publishing Co. Ltd United Kingdom
World Journal of Modelling and
2279 17467233 World Academic Press United Kingdom

2280 World of Metallurgy - ERZMETALL 16132394 GDMB Informationsgesellschaft mbH Germany

2281 World Pumps 02621762 Elsevier Netherlands

World Transactions on Engineering World Institute for Engineering and

2282 14462257 Australia
and Technology Education Technology Education (WIETE)

2283 World Tunneling 17564107 Mining Communications United Kingdom

Wuhan Ligong Daxue Xuebao
(Jiaotong Kexue Yu Gongcheng
2284 Ban)/Journal of Wuhan University of 10062823 Wuhan University of Technology China
Technology (Transportation Science
and Engineering)

Xi Tong Gong Cheng Yu Dian Zi Ji China International Book Trading

2285 Shu/Systems Engineering and 1001506X Corp./Zhongguo Guoji Tushu Maoyi China
Electronics Zonggongsi

Xi'an Dianzi Keji Daxue

2286 10012400 Xi's an Dianzi Keji Daxue China
Xuebao/Journal of Xidian University

Xi'an Jianzhu Keji Daxue

Xi'an University of Architecture
2287 Xuebao/Journal of Xi'an University of 10067930 China
Architecture & Technology

Xibei Gongye Daxue Xuebao/Journal

2288 of Northwestern Polytechnical 10002758 Xibei Gongye Daxue China
Xitong Fangzhen Xuebao/Acta
2289 1004731X Zhongguo Xitong Fangzhen Xuehui China
Simulata Systematica Sinica
Xitong Gongcheng Lilun yu
2290 Shijian/System Engineering Theory 10006788 Zhongguo Xitong Gongcheng Xuehui China
and Practice
Xiyou Jinshu Cailiao Yu
2291 Gongcheng/Rare Metal Materials and 1002185X Xibei Youse Jinshu Yanjiuyuan China
Yanshilixue Yu Gongcheng
2292 Xuebao/Chinese Journal of Rock 10006915 Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics China
Mechanics and Engineering

2293 Yantu Lixue/Rock and Soil Mechanics 10007598 Zhongguo Kexueyuan China

Ying Yong Li Xue Xue Bao/Chinese

2294 10004939 Xinan Jiaotong Daxue China
Journal of Applied Mechanics

Yingxiang Kexue yu
2295 Guanghuaxue/Imaging Science and 16740475 Chinese Academy of Science China
Yingyong Jichu yu Gongcheng Kexue Zhongguo Guanli Kexue Yanjiuyuan,
2296 Xuebao/Journal of Basic Science and 10050930 Yingyong Jichu Yu Gongcheng Kexue China
Engineering Yanjiusuo
Yingyong Kexue Xuebao/Journal of
2297 02558297 Shanghai Science and Technology Press China
Applied Sciences
Yiyong Shengwu Lixue/Journal of
2298 10047220 Biomedical Engineering Bianji Bu China
Medical Biomechanics

Yosetsu Gakkai Ronbunshu/Quarterly

2299 02884771 Japan Welding Society/Yosetsu Gakkai Japan
Journal of the Japan Welding Society

Yugoslav Journal of Operations

2300 03540243 University of Belgrade Serbia
Yuhang Xuebao/Journal of
2301 10001328 Yuhang Xuebao Bianjibu China
Zairyo/Journal of the Society of
2302 05145163 Society of Materials Science Japan Japan
Materials Science, Japan

ZAMM Zeitschrift fr Angewandte

2303 00442267 15214001 Wiley-Blackwell United Kingdom
Mathematik und Mechanik

Zhejiang Daxue Xuebao (Gongxue

2304 Ban)/Journal of Zhejiang University 1008973X Zhejiang Daxue China
(Engineering Science Edition

Zhendong Ceshi Yu Zhenduan/Journal Nanjing Hangkong Daxue/Najing

2305 of Vibration, Measurement and 10046801 Unversity of Aeronautics and China
Diagnosis Astronautics
Nanjing Hangkong Daxue/Najing
Zhendong Gongcheng Xuebao/Journal
2306 10044523 Unversity of Aeronautics and China
of Vibration Engineering
Zhendong yu Chongji/Journal of Zhongguo Zhendong Gongcheng
2307 10003835 China
Vibration and Shock Xuehui

Zhongguo Dianji Gongcheng
2308 Xuebao/Proceedings of the Chinese 02588013 Zhongguo Dianji Gongcheng Xuehui China
Society of Electrical Engineering

Zhongguo Gonglu Xuebao/China China Highway and Transportation

2309 10017372 China
Journal of Highway and Transport Society

Zhongguo Guanxing Jishu

2310 Xuebao/Journal of Chinese Inertial 10056734 Zhongguo Chuanbo Zhonggong Jituan China
Zhongguo Jiguang/Chinese Journal of
2311 02587025 Science Press China

Zhongguo Jixie Gongcheng/China Zhongguo Jixie Gongcheng Xuehui

2312 1004132X China
Mechanical Engineering Zhuzao

Zhongguo Kuangye Daxue

2313 Xuebao/Journal of China University of 10001964 Zhongguo Kuangye Daxue China
Mining & Technology

Zhongguo Shengwu Yixue Gongcheng

Chinese Society of Biomedical
2314 Xuebao/Chinese Journal of 02588021 China
Biomedical Engineering

Zhongguo Shiyou Daxue Xuebao

(Ziran Kexue Ban)/Journal of China
2315 16735005 Petroleum university periodical society China
University of Petroleum (Edition of
Natural Science)
Zhongguo Tiedao Kexue/China
2316 10014632 Zhongguo Tiedao Kexue Bianjibu China
Railway Science
Zhongguo Zaozhi Zhongguo Zaozhi Xuehui/China
2317 Xuebao/Transactions of China Pulp 10006842 Technical Association of the Paper China
and Paper Industry
Zhongguo Jixie Gongcheng Xuehui
2318 Zhuzao/Foundry 10014977 China

ZI, Ziegelindustrie International/Brick

2319 03410552 Bauverlag BV Gmbh Germany
and Tile Industry International

Zidonghua Xuebao/Acta Automatica

2320 02544156 Science Press China
2321 ZKG International 09490205 Bauverlag BV Gmbh Germany
Zywnosc. Nauka. Technologia.
2322 Jakosc/Food. Science Technology. 14256959 Polish Society of Food Technologists Poland