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1st Terminal Examination-2017

Class- VII.
Time: - 1hr 15 min F.M: 50

1. Fill in the blanks with an appropriate words taken from the brackets:-
i. The human brain lies in the cranium.it floats in the _______ fluid. The
cranium and the fluid protect the brain from injury.
ii. __________ are brain cells , These are million of such cells in the human
brain. They carry information in the form of electrical impulses.
iii. The _________ is responsible for balance.
iv. The _________ controls involuntary muscles.
v. The _________ controls all aspects of behavior like eating, drinking,
aggression and pleasure.
2. Match the column 1 with column 2:- 5X1=5
Column 1 Column 2
i. The traits in the living things which have 1. Gene
been handed down from their previous
ii. The thread like structures found in the cells. 2. Chromosomes
Humans have 2 to 3 pairs.
iii. This tiny structure is found in chromosomes. 3.heredity
It contains instructions for cells to perform
their functions.
iv. Genes and Chromosomes are made of this 4. Nature vs nurture
v. This debate is about which influences a living 5. DNA
thing more strongly in the Environments.
3. Describe about the plants and Flowers:- 3X5=15
i. Sunflower
ii. Tulip
iii. Poirsettia
iv. Marigold
v. Waterlily
4. State briefly of the following terms are found of the following terms are
Found within our solar system. 5X2=10
i) Black hole
ii) Galaxy
iii) Pulsar
iv) Nebula
v) Asteroids
5. Describe any two disasters:- 5X2=10
i) Bhopal ( India )
ii) Kuwait
iii) Prince William Somd ( Alaska, USA )
iv) Chernobyl ( Then Soviet Union )
6. Choose the correct answers:- 5X1=5
i) This technology allows a person to connect to the internet ->____
( Bluetooth/MP3/wifi).
ii) ___________, it is the brain of a computer on a single chip ->
( Velcro/microprocessor/MP3).
iii) These allows electricity to travel through them without loss of
energy___________ -> ( Bluetooth/ super conductors/ optical
iv) ___________ this , transparent fibres usually made of glass that can
transmit light. ( Nelcro / optical fibres / nanotechnology ).
v) __________ it was invented by Georges de Mestral who took his
dog for a walk but both returned covered with burrs, its hook and
loop design to make this fastener. ( wifi / Velcro / optical fibres ).