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Assalamualaikum and a very good day to my dear lecturer and fellow friends.

Today I’m gonna talk about ethics. For the start, the words ethics was taken from the
greek words ‘ethos’. The meaning of ethos is a lifestyle or custom. First, we gonna look
at the definition of ethics, ethics is a study about people behaviour in a community or we
can say that ethics is a study about behaviour of human either the behaviour is a good or
bad behaviour or that behaviour is right or wrong. To make it more easier for all of you to
understand, ethics is a rules that can be a guidance to human life. We will look at the
different ethics, that is malay community ethics, Chinese community ethics and Indian
community ethics.

First we gonna look at the ethics of malay community in Malaysia. Malay is the
largest community in Malaysia. It is said that malay is the first and the original
community in Malaysia. Malay are well known as the most kind and nice race in the
world. This community always try to make people happy. They really respect people. For
example, if people come to their house, they will welcome and celebrate them. They will
serve their guest with foods and drinks eventhough they do not have enough food at the
house, but their priority is to make sure their guest are happy and feel comfortable. In
economy field, malay community will work hard to get what they want. They are very
hardworking and rather work for a long time. They really appreciate time. Most of malay
are muslim, so they believe that if they go to work early in the morning, they can get a
better opportunity and better luck. One thing special about malay community is they have
‘gotong-royong’. Gotong royong mean they do something or working together. For
example, if one of the family in the community want to get married and the family want
to celebrate it and do a ‘kenduri’ so this malay community will do the gotong royong
cleaning the house area and for the women they will cook the dish for the ‘kenduri’
together. Malay also very sensitive about religion, they are very commited and obey their
religion. They will teach their children anything about their religion. For example, girls
are not encouraged to play with boys eventhough they are just kids because in Islam there
must be a gap between men and women especially those who are not mahram. But all
that happened long time ago, nowadays malay community are very different. We can say
that most of malay are change, only little who really act like ‘truly malay’. Malay
nowadays are more liberal. They are more open minded and do not really care about their
custom. Modern malay community are more individualistic. For them, what is important
is that they have to work to get money. The work from morning till night and do not care
or concern about people who live next to their house. If they have free time they just
relax at home. They do not go or visit their neighbour. The ‘gotong-royong’ spirit are
getting less and less nowadays. They prefer to take caterer service than do the ‘gotong-

Next, we look at the ethics of Chinese community. Chinese community came to

Malaysia since a very long time ago. The organization of the family is very important for
them. They believe that whatever they do will give effect to their family. If they do
something good, their family will receive a good effect and if they do something bad,
their family will receive bad effects. So Chinese community will make sure that they
always behave well so that their family will not get any bad effects. Chinese community
also believe in yin and yang concept. Yin and yang concept explain that there are
combination of passive and active things in our nature. For them, they believe that there
are some passive and active part in animals, all the plants and things that exist in the
universe that are not made by people. Then, they have Jen concept. In Jen concept,
Chinese community believe that every human has their own good side. Mean that human
can be good naturally because of the good side in their body. As we can see, most of
Chinese family are rich. This is because in Chinese community, success is the main
priority. They are more to materialistic. Sosio-eco mobility are very important in their
cultural. That is also the reason why we can see that Chinese community conquer
economy not just in Malaysia but all over the world.

The third one is Indian community. Indian community came to Malaysia since
1840’s. At first, Indian who came to Malaysia are prisoner and farm worker. Most of
them migrate to Malaysia because of poorness and too many people in their country.
Indian believe that there are many god such as Brahma, Vishnu, Siva, Indra, Lakshmi and
many more.