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Quality Inspection

This section deals with the implementation of quality inspection procedures.

SAP QM supports diverse variants for quality inspections. The basic variants among these control options can work alongside one another
and are:

Basic inspection lot processing; partial functions:

o Inspection lot creation, inspection lot processing, sample calculation

o Defects recording for inspection lot

o Inspection lot completion, usage decision with quality score, follow-up actions, data update in QM information system

Inspection lot processing with inspection plan; supplementary functions:

o Inspection plan selection

o Sample calculation with lot-based dynamic modification based on usage decision

o Printing of shop papers (inspection instruction, sample-drawing instruction, physical-sample labels)

o Defects recording for inspection operation and inspection characteristic

Inspection lot processing with results recording; full functionality:

o Recording characteristic results

o Transfer of inspection results to batch valuation

o Sample calculation with dynamic modification based on characteristic valuation

Inspection with inspection points and the following additional functions:

o Freely-defined inspection points for an operation

o Recording characteristic results and defects for an inspection point

o Creation of partial lots and batches, based on the results for inspection points

A standardized interface supports the processing of the inspection operations in subsystems.


If you only want to use the basic variant "simple inspection lot processing", you must have performed the necessary steps
described in the Quality Planning section Catalog so you can maintain the usage decision catalog.
To set up the Defects recording function, you must process the corresponding section in "Quality Notifications".

If you want to use a basic variant with an inspection plan, you must have performed all of the steps described in the Quality
Planning section under Basic Data and Inspection Planning.

If you want to use the basic variant "inspection lot processing with results recording", you must have maintained inspection plans
or material specifications

SAP Recommendation
Since SAP QM functions support several modular basic variants, you can implement inspection processing in stages. Use this to your
advantage, so you can coordinate the implementation of the module with the project capacities you have available.


1. First, determine:
a) The areas in your company where inspections are to be planned and implemented.
b) The inspection lot origins that are to be used
c) Which basic variants are relevant for your inspection lot processing
2. Then decide on the stages in which inspection processing with SAP QM is to be implemeted
(Bear in mind that you can also expand the inspection plan and inspection characteristic functions in stages.)
3. Process the detailed steps in the Inspection Lot Processing section and the remaining sections. Create prototypes in your
test system for the various types of quality inspections, to find out about the range of control options.

Inspection lot processing

This section serves as a guide for implementing the functions for inspection lot processing.

SAP QM can create inspection lots in different situations. The inspection lots are differentiated using the inspection lot origin.

SAP QM supports a range of inspection processing variants that are differentiated using the inspection type. The control functions
required for this are contained in the following tables and master data:

Inspection lot origin

Inspection type

Material master, inspection setup

Defines the inspection type at plant level. The controls proposed in the inspection type can be modified and supplemeted in the
inspection data for the material.

Info record for the supply relationship.

o In procurement
Controls the creation of the inspection lot and the inspection type in an acceptance inspection.

o In sales and distribution

Controls the creation of the inspection lot for inspections on goods delivered to customers.

Inspection plan and other task lists

o Task list header

Controls the creation of

Inspection points and the dynamic modification of sample sizes.

o Operation
Controls the results recording processes and several aspects of inspection point processing.

o Inspection characteristic
Contains the inspection specifications and controls results recording. Recommendation

Familiarize yourself with the different options for controlling inspections. To do this, use the F1-Help.

Note: The scope of the control options in the inspection setup for the material depends on the inspection lot origin that is assigned to the
relevant inspection type.