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Teachers name: Garbea Stefania Liliana

School: Sc. Gimnaziala Inginer Gh. Panculescu, Valenii de Munte
Date: March, 2015
Grade: 3rd D
Level: Beginner
Subject: He loves jelly
Time: 45 minutes

During the lesson all the students will be able to:
By the end of this lesson, the Ss will be able to:
1. Identify food
2. Use vocabulary related to food
3. Express own preference regarding food and the preference of others by
using the verb to like

SKILLS: listening, reading, speaking, writing.

AIDS: Textbook, laptop, audio material.
CLASSROOM INTERACTIONS: whole class, individual work, pair work

Anticipated problems
Students might have problem understanding the text they listen, read

I will play the audio material twice and I will correct their pronunciation where

Adriana Vizental, Strategies of teaching and Testing English as a Foreign
Language, Polirom, 2008

ACTIVITY 1: Warm up 5 min

Teacher greets the students, checks attendance and asks the students if they
had any homework.
The teacher asks students what is their favourite food. While students give
their answers the teacher writes down their answers on the board.
Teacher asks students to guess the theme of the lesson.
Teacher writes on the board the title of the story and asks students to open
their notebooks to write down the title of the lesson: He loves jelly.
Students write down the title into their notebooks.

ACTIVITY 2: Listening. 6 min

Teacher asks students to open their books at page 70.
Students listen to the recording to familiarize with the lesson and to sing
Teacher plays the recording once again and asks students to write down the
food items they hear.
Teacher checks their answers. If there are unknown answers teacher helps
them and gives the meaning of the words.

ACTIVITY 3: Speaking 7 min

Teacher asks students to look at exercise 2 and in pairs they ask and answer
questions about their favourite food following the images.
Teacher chooses a student and practice the example given and asks
students to pay attention.

ACTIVITY 3: Checking students comprehension 12 min

Teacher asks students to go through the pictures of the dialogue and sets
the scene by asking questions: 1) Where are the children? At school.
2) What are they? (pointing to burgers in picture 2) Burgers.
Teacher reads the instructions and explains the task. Teacher plays the
recording while students listen to the recording and complete the task.
They have to write if Maya likes burgers or no.
Teacher plays the recording again and checks students answers.
Using role-play students read the text and teacher helps them if there are
unknown words.

ACTIVITY 4: Practice grammar 15 min

Teacher writes on board the following incomplete sentences and asks
students to read the dialogue again and complete the sentences:
1..and like chips. (Lulu, Maya)
2..doesnt like burgers. (Maya)
3..loves jelly. (Chuckles)
Teacher asks students to close their books. Teacher says then write on the
board: I like pizza. The students repeat the sentence chorally and
individually. Teacher underlines I like and explains its meaning and
follows the same procedure to present all the other persons of the
affirmative, focusing students attention on the s in the third person
singular. Teacher asks Students to finish the sentences:
Teacher: I like pizza. John
Pupil 1: John likes pizza.
Teacher: Harry and William
Pupil 2: Harry and William like pizza.
At the interrogative and negative teacher points out that we need do to the
first and second person singular and does to the third person singular.
Teacher asks students to make sentences about their favourite food.
Students correct the mistakes if necessary.

ADDITIONAL POSSIBILITIES: Exercise 4 page 70- Find someone who

Write sentences about food that you dont like.